tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAsians for Auction Ch. 01

Asians for Auction Ch. 01


"I just don't like the idea of being auctioned off for any reason."

"Come on, Ev, it's for a good cause," Janet exclaimed.

Janet was an officer of the UCLA chapter of ASA, Asian Service Association, a campus club that held various fundraisers so that they could assist needy groups and kids. After school tutoring, taking inner city students on weekend outings, visiting senior centers, and various other community activities gave the college students a sense of doing something for others.

"But what if he is a dork, or even worse, a boring nerd, or even worse, what if no one bids for me," replied Evelyn.

Janet and Ev had been friends since middle school, and through the first half of high school. They started to go their separate ways when Janet's boyfriend left her for Ev during their junior year. Janet thought Ev had plotted to take him away, though Ev vehemently denied it. And within months, Ev had dropped him, unwilling to let the jerk get into her pants.

In middle school, if truth be told, Evelyn was not the most attractive girl on campus. She was taller and shapeless, she had braces on her teeth, and she wore glasses. But she began to change in high school. Contact lenses, straight white teeth and legs that never seemed to end had boys that had previously ignored her suddenly staring and salivating when Ev walked by.

And to make matters worse, not only was she one of the most desirous girls on campus, but she was also an honors student.

Janet was always among the most popular girls in middle school and high school. Her body seemed to develop curves long before other girls and she had a bubbly personality. She was a cheerleader and boys flocked around her like bees to honey. She never had a problem getting a date to a dance or on a Saturday night. It was just the fact that a guy would leave her for Evelyn that irritated Janet.

Janet's and Ev's parents were good friends. And as Asian parents often do, they discussed their children's grades. Janet was always a few grade points beneath Ev, and that meant Janet's parents would pressure their daughter far more than was healthy to a positive relationship. Janet felt that she could never match Evelyn's grades, no matter how hard she tried. The more her parents took it out on Janet, the more she began to dislike Ev. And when her boyfriend left Janet for Ev, that was the last straw. Once best of friends, the two girls barely spoke to each other in their senior year.

It was somewhat awkward when they both chose to attend UCLA. For the first two years, they would just say "Hi" and remained politely distant. So when Janet called Evelyn out of the blue near the end of their third year to ask her to be involved in the auction, Ev was more than just surprised. She was suspicious and after much pleading by Janet asked for a few days to think about it.

That was three days ago. Ev had asked around and found that the auction was indeed for a good cause, that at least a dozen girls often "sold" themselves to guys, or girls, and the only expectation was dinner and a movie, or dancing, or clubbing and to be returned to the ASA club by 1 a.m. It cost the auctioned coed nothing but a few hours of her time and many who had done it in the past found it to be a fun night out. She had heard no complaints from anyone.

Nevertheless, Ev found it degrading to be auctioned like a slave, and potentially humiliating if the bidders did not offer more than a few dollars for her. Janet was convincing, however Ev did want their friendship revived and by offering herself to help out Janet, she hoped it would mend a fence or two.

"OK, I'll do it."

"That is fuck awesome," Janet replied and the smile on her face was a mile wide.

Part 2

Immediately after hanging up from talking with Ev, Janet called James, another friend from high school who attended UCLA. While James had been the quiet, almost shy guy on campus in high school, he fit the description of still waters run deep. Early on at UCLA, his roomie invited him to experience some of the big city and they made numerous trips to Hollywood. It was on one of these trips that James discovered the bdsm scene and he was hooked.

"Got her," was all Janet needed to say.

"Fuck hot," was his reply.

On the big university campus, it was lonely for many of the freshmen the first few months of their college experience. It was not uncommon to connect with people you knew in high school and so it was that Janet and James hung out for most of September and October in their first year. One Friday night, James invited Janet to Hollywood, "just to see a movie." They did in fact see a flick at the El Capitan, but then James guided her into one of several bdsm clubs that he had visited with his roomie.

Janet balked at the idea, but he assured her it was safe. When he pulled out a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket, she almost flipped. "Are you nuts!" she shouted, and people passing on the sidewalk smiled and giggled at the scene.

"These aren't real, look," and he showed her how they were play handcuffs and the she could get out of them whenever she wished. "The club has rules, you know, and just standing around and staring is a fast way to get kicked out. Come on, Janet, it's just for fun!"

So she allowed him to cuff her hands in front of her and they walked into the club. If it was eye candy to James, it was eye-opening to Janet. Stages all around the large mail floor, with pole dancing, strippers in latex, the hottest sluts she had ever seen in collars and leashes, kneeling, bent over, being handled like whores, it was sensory overkill. After letting her stand and absorb the scene for a few minutes, James urged her onward, and found an empty table near the side of the room.

"Since you have on more clothes than any other slut in the joint, you might want to kneel next to my chair so that we don't look too obvious."

He was right. She was wearing shorts, a cut off t, a hoodie, and sandals on a relatively warm fall night. She looked around at the other girls, those not performing on one of the stages, and realized all of them were in various stages of undress and she was the only one not showing at least one private part of her anatomy.

So she knelt and when James reached down and patted her head, saying "Good girl," as he would commend a dog, she cringed and gritted her teeth.

If James thought this would turn her on and inspire her to become his submissive pet, he was wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. Yes, she began to feel a wetness in her pussy, but by the end of the evening, as they walked from the club, she was not juicing in anticipation of behaving like on the sluts, but in the fantasy of having one or more of the gyrating and grovelling sluts serve her!

And she knew exactly which slut in her life she wanted to be her collared, leashed and obedient pet. Evelyn Wang.

Part 3

"So Nathan, tell me again why you're hanging round me?"

Nathan Jones was a final year student at UCLA and, officially, the boyfriend of a second year student called Sophie Park.

"Coz Janet, I heard your charity auction, you know, the one for the ASA, could be, well, humiliating for certain of the girls being sold."

"Mmmm," Janet pondered, "How do you mean ... humiliating?"

"I dunno Janet, I was hoping you could tell me."

"Oh were you?"

"Look, my girl Sophie is a hot, hot girl but the bitch will not touch me with her mouth. Fuck, Janet, imagine having full, moist, glistening lips trail all over your body but not touching your ... well not touching your groin?"

Janet laughed, "You mean she won't give you head?"

"Hell yeah, that's just what I mean and so I hoped 'we' could get her involved in your auction and take her down a peg or two."

"Look Nathan, it's only a charity auction, not a lot will happen other than hot, scantily clad girls will be auctioned off for a date."

"Oh come on Janet, I heard that you could organise more than that."

"Did you indeed? Well y'know Nathan you're a good looking guy and so if I agreed to help you show little Sophie her place what do I get in return?"

Janet let her hand stray down to Nathan's bursting erection and she gave it a light squeeze before pushing him away.

He groaned, aching for more of Janet's touch.

"I knew you'd help me Janet, and I can make it so worth your while," he said reaching for Janet's right breast. Janet backed away, not prepared to let him touch her ... yet.

"So, what you gonna do with her anyways?" Nathan asked, now searching for the details.

"Why honey, just auction her off to the highest bidder of course, and all in the name of a good cause." Her voice was full of innocence but Nathan knew that there was some malicious intent in there, and that made his erection harden even more.

Poor young Sophie.

Sophie Park had moved to the USA five years ago with her family when she was 15 years old. Her father was an engineer and they relocated to Boston where Sophie happily attended high school graduating both as a successful scholar and popular with both the boys and the girls, but the girls only in a platonic sense of course! She had signed up for the European History degree at UCLA and moved across to California, miles away from her family. At first she had found it hard to make new friends but her involvement as a cheerleader for the UCLA football team had soon raised her profile and with it came friends and sex!

Nathan had been with her just a few months but she thought the world of him and happily gave herself to him almost whenever he wanted. It wasn't as if she was a virgin, in fact she had lost her virginity when she was just 17, but she could not bring herself to use her mouth 'on' boys. Sophie had always held back from head action and she wasn't sure why. Maybe the thought of taking male sperm into her mouth or over her face turned her off, she wasn't sure. She knew it pissed Nathan off and so Sophie was trying to prepare herself mentally to make her current boyfriend her first blow job partner.

Sophie stared at the poster advertising the Asian club's auction.

"Hey babe," the voice shocked her, coming suddenly from so close behind. She turned and snaked her body tightly into her boyfriends winding her arms around his waist.

"Hey you," she replied and pressed her lips to his. They kissed for a passionate few seconds before Nathan pulled himself away.

"So you gonna sign up?" Nathan looked at the poster on the wall.

"What for an auction, to be sold, no way!"

"Aww go on babe, you'll look so good with your mix of Malaysian and Chinese you'll be the most exotic creature on show."

"Nope, sorry!"

"But I'll be so proud and don't worry I'll buy you anyway."


"Of course hon, do ya think I'd let some other sexed up boy get at ya?"

"Well ..." Sophie said, clearly giving the possibility more thought now, "It is for a good cause."

"Course it is Soph. So are you in?"

"But it's tomorrow and that's just no time to ... well to prepare"

"What preparation do you need? You're just beautiful the way you are. Go on babe, will you sign up?"

Sophie was surprised at Nathan's keenness for her to be involved, but nodded her head.

"Okay, I'll do it, just for you though," she said planting a kiss on his lips.

"Okay, I heard that," said Janet appearing from nowhere beaming broadly, "just fill in this form and you're in."

Part 4

It was Monday when Ev agreed to be auctioned that Friday night. Janet had sent her an email on Wednesday with the details.

Hey Ev,

thanks for doing this. you will have the time of your life, and its all for a good cause, remember.

one of the ASA members will pick you up at 7 this Friday night. you may want to bring your auction outfit in a separate carry-on. remember, we are trying to get a good price for you, so plan on something that will cause a few hard ons in the crowd, k? heels, fosur, the higher the better, boots if you have them. you know what they say, heels are the best aphrodisiac ever invented.

thanks, see you babez,


Ev did not care for the tone of the email, almost like a subtle way of giving orders, but after her last class on Friday, she decided that she might as well do it right, so she took the Westwood 1 bus to Victoria's Secret and decided to splurge. She had seen these drop-dead boots online at Secret Sirens, but there was not enough time to order them at this point. If anyone would have them, it would be Vic's Secret.

She loved shopping there. It made her feel feminine, sexy, and yes, hot. And they had just the boots she wanted, knee high, 6 buckles up the side, and heels of 4, 5, or 6 inches. She opted for the 5. Shiny, black, fuck they were hot.

Now for the rest, she thought, skimming through the store, really getting into it, wanting to fetch the highest price at the auction. She found just the right combo a few minutes later. She had thought about a lace up the sides skirt, but when she saw the lace up the sides hot pants, and matching leather tube top, lace up the front and back, she knew she would be the top price at the auction and bring mucho bucks to the charity. Ev still had much of her mocha tan from the summer along Malibu and this outfit would show plenty of skin. Purrfect, she mewed to herself.

It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when Ev arrived back at her apartment. She decided to get a few winks, since it would likely be a late night. Her imagination was already in full gear, thinking about who would buy her, which Prince Charming would arrive to take her out on the town.

But her active mind would not sleep. She lay there imagining what her parents would think, if they knew their daughter was being auctioned off tonight. They were so conservative, her mom from Taiwan, her dad from the mainland. They did not allow her to go out on a date until her junior year in high school, and even then enforced a strict curfew of 11. 11!! She was the butt of many jokes among her friends.

Actually, as she smiled to herself, 11 was about right. That first date with Jason had been awful. He had been Janet's bf since the summer between their sophomore and junior years, and then suddenly he started to come on to Evelyn. It was flattering at the time, but that first date was a nightmare. It was obvious from the first moments the lights went out in the movie theatre that he wanted to take advantage of her inexperience, that he wanted in her pants. She wondered if this was because he had his way with Janet and so assumed he could get his way with her. But he didn't his way that night, and that was her one and only date during her junior year. In fact, she went with two other girls to the junior-senior prom that spring, and danced only a couple of times, and no slow dances.

She lay there thinking what else she should wear and what makeup she should use. Her parents did not allow her to even pierce her ears in high school, so the first thing she did upon arriving at UCLA was go downtown and not only get her ears pierced, but also her bellybutton. She had always admired the hoop-look that many Hispanic girls preferred. Hoops looked sexy, and she had heard others refer to them as fuck-me hoops. Ev did not go for the 4-inch diameter, but usually wore the 2-inch silver hoops, the silver matching the piercing in her navel. In a pony tail and, as long as the weather was nice, cut-off t's or tie-off blouses her rings were always on display. One of her friends had commented that she had the belly of a slave. They laughed about the comment, but in the secrecy of her mind that is exactly the image Evelyn wanted to give. So while she had seemingly fought Janet about the auction, in fact it was part of her fantasy.

Just before dozing off, she decided to wear jeans, a tie-off blouse, black thong, hoops, and 3 inch heels. And no bra. She was really very excited about the night ahead.

(To be continued)

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