tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAsians for Auction Ch. 03

Asians for Auction Ch. 03


Part 9

Sophie stepped out of the front door to her apartment block and past Nathan who stood aside letting her go first.

"Where's the limo, Nathe?" she asked. "Listen Soph, I just had a text from Janet and she has had to go on to the Auction early so she has sent a car to pick us up. I guess that is it over there."

Nathan pointed not at a limo but at a parked white van. Sophie had an uneasy feeling which wasn't helped when she saw the two large men in long black coats get out of the vehicle.

"Go on, Soph," urged Nathan when he saw that his girlfriend had stopped walking. He pushed her gently and she started up again.

They reached the car whereupon one of the men greeted the anxious Asian student.

"Welcome, Miss Sophie Park, are you ready for our Auction."

Soph was a little scared now, but managed to utter "Y ... y ... yes." Fuck, they already knew her name.

"Yes, SIR!" said one of the men half seriously, half in an apparent jokey manner, and then quickly added, "Just getting you into the Auction spirit."

Sophie smiled nervously.

"You also need to put this on." The man produced a black, studded collar with a large silver D ring at the front.

Sophie shrunk back, "No way, thank you. I'm outta here."

Nathan stopped her escape with a gentle cajoling. "Come on Soph, it's an Auction, you've gotta play the game."

Sophie was not happy, but sighed and said, "Okay, but when you've put it on let me get straight inside the van, I don't want anyone to see me."

The man smiled and said, "Oh yes, Sophie don't worry that's exactly where you're going."

As Soph slipped off her coat, handed it to Nathan and moved her long hair to one side to allow access for the collar, she missed the assertive tone in the man's voice. The collar was secured around Sophie's sexi, tanned Asian neck before the man clipped a leash quickly to it.

"What the fuc ..." Sophie's complaint was cut short when the man moved to her right wrist and clipped a handcuff around it.

"No, what ... this is too much, let me go." But with clever movement and practiced speed another black coated man had now joined them and had secured Sophie's left wrist in the handcuffs.

"She's ours now boy", they said to Nathan, "You will see her next on the Auction block.

"Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe, helllllllllp," Sophie yelled as she was pushed into the open side door of the van. Nathan watched his scantily clad girlfriend disappear as the wide van doors slid shut.

Sophie lay sprawled on her back with her arms painfully trapped behind her. Looking round she saw that the back of the van, except for where the doors were, had leather seating all the way around the sides with a space about 3m by 3m in the middle. This was where Sophie now lay.

"She's got nice tits for an Asian cunt," one of them said. Sophie was stung by the crude nature of their remark.

"Let's see 'em, eh?"

"No, please," Sophie begged to no avail.

"She watched helplessly as her low cut yellow T was pulled down off her shoulders so that her breasts spilled free. Her nipples were hard as bullets.

"Okayyyyyyy, nice nips," said one of the men, of which Sophie could see there were now three with her in the back, and she presumed at least one more driving the van. The man who had originally collared her moved to kneel next to the poor captive girl. He fondled Sophie's erect nipples and then squeezed them hard making Sophie squeal and cry out. Then for no apparent reason he slapped her tits and face hard, several times. Sophie reeled and fell onto her side. She felt her collar taken and the leash fastened by its first chain link to a clip hook in the floor of the van. Sophie's head was rendered immobile.

The poor girl was then flipped onto her knees so that her head was fastened with her right cheek flat to the floor and her ass high in the air.

"Please, let me go," Sophie pleaded.

"Gag the cunt." Sophie felt her mouth filled with a rag of some sort and then a second strip of cloth was tied tightly between her lips and fastened at the back of her head. She was gagged and could now do no more than utter unintelligible grunts.

"Look at that pert ass, this one'll fetch a fortune, might even bid myself."

"You know we can't do that Kyle."

"Yeah I know, shame though," said Kyle as he moved Sophie's skirt up to bunch around her waist. Staring at the firm ass cheeks and tight thong, he stroked Sophie's flesh. The student girl squirmed and then she bucked as he moved the thong to one side.

"Shaved pussy boys, what did I tell you? And lookee here, she's wet as a melting ice cube!"

It was true that despite the terrible nature of what was been done to her, Sophie's natural reactive juices were betraying her. Then he dipped his finger inside her naked slit and she groaned loudly into the gag.

"Hey Kyle, leave her now, we're not allowed to touch her – yet, you know that." "Yeah, okay I know," Kyle bemoaned, and much to Sophie's relief withdrew his finger and replaced her thong.

As Sophie was left secured by her collar to the van floor, her tits hanging loose, her ass high and exposed and her hands cuffed behind her back, she wondered where she was really heading and what would happen to her.

It was with these thoughts in her head that she heard one of the men shout, "Okay bud, away we go ... to the Vault!" and the van pulled away.

Part 10

As they left the cell door, with Jeff pulling the completely obedient Ev, the leash attached to her collar, Edgar called out. "Hey, wait, let's do this right. He had picked up a short length of chain with cuffs from the bag and a ball gag. He stuck the gag into the pocket of his jacket and held the chain in his left hand.

"Put your hands behind your back, slut," he ordered and when Ev obeyed, he used the clips to lock her cuffs together. "Move your feet closer together," and when she did, he used the 24- inch chain with ankle cuffs to connect her ankles. The metal cuffs fit tightly around her boots and she was completely hobbled. If she had any idea of running away, that was no longer possible.

He stepped in front of Ev. "And just so you do not say something stupid, open your mouth."

Ev attempted to rebel at this point. While she didn't say anything, she just stood there with her jaws clamped shut, a defiant look on her face. "Open your slut mouth, bitch, or I will force it open!" "Hey, wait," Matt interjected, moving over from the side, playing with her cell phone. "Lemme see, yes, here it is. Mom. This should make quite an impression on your mom, seeing her lovely daughter posing as a complete fucktoy." He pressed the speed dial and showed it to the horrified Ev.

"Noooooo, please, noooooo!" she wailed, the abject horror etched on her face. Matt looked her in the eyes and said, "You better say Hi to your mom," and held the phone up to her ear and mouth.

"Hi, honey," Ev heard her mom's voice.

"Hi, mom," Ev replied quietly.

"How's my girl doing? Long time no hear!"

"Yes, mom, I know. It's been so busy, so I just wanted to call and say Hi." As she spoke she looked into Matt's smiling face, all innocent and boy-like, but she knew he held her future in his hands.

"That's sweet, dear. When will you be coming home?"

"Maybe next weekend, if daddy can come and pick me up." Jeff had stepped in front and whispered, "End it, now."

"Mom, gotta go, just wanted to say Hi and love you," and with those words she began to choke up.

"Love you, too, honey. Be good."

"Yes, mom, bye." She barely got those words out before the tears began to roll and the sobs started.

Matt took the phone as Jeff grabbed her face, his fingers digging into her cheeks. "Knock it off and open up, NOW, or we will send the pictures."

Still sobbing, Ev opened her mouth and Edgar inserted the red ball gag, and tightened the straps around the back of her head. She continued to sniffle and breathe in gasps through her nose. But the guys had no compassion on their suffering slut and Jeff pulled her along into the hallway, heading back in the direction from which they originally brought her.

As they walked down the hallway, the noise increased. It sounded like a crowd of people had gathered beyond the open door ahead, and Ev was totally freaked by the thought that anyone would see her like this. But instead of going out that door, they opened a door marked STAGE and walked from a carpeted floor to a wooden floor, surrounded by pulleys and ropes and curtains and stage lights A large black curtain blocked the stage from the view of the audience out in front.

Ev was shaking with frustration and fear that there might be friends from UCLA out there to add to her abject total humiliation!

Part 11

The van carrying Sophie pulled into the back parking lot of The Vault. Nathan had driven ahead and was already inside with Janet when the van arrived.

Sophie was in considerable discomfort. Her head had been chained and her cheek pressed to the floor of the van for more than 30 long minutes, her pert ass and erect nipples on display the entire time. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and she could do nothing to cushion her face when the van hit a bump. The gag had become more than just a nuisance; her stretched mouth was aching from being forced open.

"Ok, we're here. I see Edgar's van has already arrived, so let's hustle her inside quickly."

The side door of the van slid open and Sophie caught the glimpse of a neon sign and a dark parking lot. Kyle reached down to unlock her chained neck and immediately pulled her towards the entrance, her feet trying to find a foothold. She managed to step from the van, Kyle gripping her upper arm as he forced her towards the side entrance. She made a futile attempt to scream, but all that came out of her gagged mouth was a high pitched whimper.

Kyle let go of her arm and took the leash, wrapping it around his fist a few time until his clenched hand was just below her jaw. She had no choice but to follow quickly along as he pulled her into the door and a poorly lit hallway.

As she struggled to make sense of what was happening, a side door opened up ahead and a muscular guy headed towards them with a grin on your face.

"What took you so long?" he asked Kyle.

"Just enjoying the company. Is the other fuck already displayed?" Kyle responded.

"Nah, just got her back stage. We were havin' some fun with her, too. This one looks like she will fetch a fair price. Check out those knockers!" By now he stood in front of Kyle and Sophie, and had reached out to grab her left breast, still exposed. "Fuckin' hot," he grinned, looking her straight in the face.

Sophie moaned and tried to get away, but her leashed neck gave her little room to manoeuvre and then suddenly he let go of her breast and reached under her skirt to grab her pussy. Sophie yelped and tried to hop out of harm's way, but his grip was tight and she was trapped. She squealed, which just made both guys laugh.

"Edgar, you got your hands full! I checked the fuck's pussy on the way over. Wouldn't mind a piece of her myself. Well, better get her ready. Let's go, fucktoy," and began to move away as Edgar released his hold on her pussy.

"Hmmmm, she is juicing, Kyle," as Edgar held his wet hand up to his face and smelled her wetness. Sophie was mortified that her body was betraying her.

Kyle pulled her into a side door, and they were on a back stage. Outside, she could hear the murmurs of a crowd that was gathering. Sophie's brain was on overload, the smells, sounds, sights, and emotions blocking her ability to think clearly. She looked to the side and it appeared that two guys were working on another Asian girl, this one dressed like a common whore, with boots, laced hot pants, laced tube top, and a ball gag.

They stopped at a table, with a piece of paper and a pen. "Nod if you are right handed," he ordered Sophie. She was not making sense of this, like who would care, but when he painfully twisted her arms up behind her back and he repeated his question, she shook her head and tried to say "Nooooooooo".

He released the cuff on her left wrist, but still had her right arm cruelly locked behind her back. "Sign the bottom line, now," and when she hesitated, he further twisted her right arm and she quickly scribbled her name. "Good enough," and with that, relocked her wrists behind her back.

As Sophie was pulled to the opposite side of the stage, she had one more good look at the other captive. Her legs were separated by a bar at least 2 feet across, the ends of the bar chained to her ankles. There was no way for her to close her legs, even if she wanted to. Her hands were cuffed behind her and a chain had been lowered from the rafters to hook on to the cuffs. The chain was being raised and the poor girl was being forced to bend over, nearly at a right angle, to relieve the strain on her shoulders as the chain pulled higher and higher. She was moaning and seemingly pleading through her ball gag, but the two guys were paying no attention.

"Jeff, you can finish up, right? I'll help Kyle with the second one," as the guy named Matt left Ev and headed towards Sophie. "What's the plan, Kyle?"

"Hey, thanks. Yeah, orders are to spread her and impale her. She's not a virgin, so no worries."

"Love that display. Love to see 'em squirm. Let's do it!"

Matt approached Kyle who was already rubbing his hands over the delightful Sophie.

"We're gonna expose her pussy, spreader bar her ankles and then hoist her up, and drop her down on the dildo."

"Okayyyyyyyy, right man. So fucking hot. You'll like that slut, won't you?"

Matt grabbed Sophie's long hair and pulled her head back. She groaned into the ball gag, her lovely brown eyes wide with fear.

"Hold her ankles. Matt," requested Kyle, she's bound to kick, they always do." Sophie felt her ankles grabbed and held tightly just a few inches apart. She wanted to kick but couldn't and so her shorts and panties were pulled easily down her long, tanned legs. Kyle whistled as he saw her shaved pussy. "All the fucking same these horny, Asian sluts, but don't ya just love 'em?" The men laughed. Sophie's legs were now pulled wide and new ankle cuffs were fastened to her body. Looking down she saw a metal bar being attached to the cuffs holding her legs about 3 feet apart. The young student groaned as she felt her naked pussy opening slightly and to her embarrassment she could sense her juice beginning to flow. She would have fallen over, if they had not been gripping her arms

"Fuck, this one's hotter than a juicing whore!" Sophie wanted to die she was so embarrassed.

Kyle released her cuffed wrists and quickly Matt buckled on two leather cuffs, with multiple rings. She heard chains being lowered from above and one by one, her wrists were attached to the chains, which then began to rise. Soon she was completely spread eagled, and still the chains rose, lifting her off her feet, putting dreadful strain on her shoulders.

Matt had returned with a rather heavy stand of metal, a solid base with a pole sticking out vertically. Atop of the pole was a metal dildo.

"You wanna fill her bud?" he asked Kyle.

"Thanks pal," Kyle replied, and manipulated the stand below Sophie. He was able to raise and lower the dildo, using a series of notched buttons. "Lower the slut," and Sophie began to drop slowly.

She could half see and half sense this and began to struggle as best she could, twisting and swinging. The lovely student's eyes opened wide with fear as the dildo approached her slit, then, just as it was a hair's breadth away from her body Matt stopped her descent.

"Position her, Kyle." Kyle moved to Sophie's pussy and, to her horror, took her lips and held them wide making sure that when the motor was started again, it would be in a direct line and enter her juicing cunt with ease.

Matt started the device up again.

"Mmmmmmpphhhhhhhhh!" Sophie groaned into the gag and bucked her almost naked body against the dildo now fitted deep inside her. She could barely stand on her tip toes and she knew that the moment her calf muscles tired, she would further impale herself on the insidious device. It was already filling her completely, and she feared it would rip her vagina if it was driven in any further.

Sophie's ball gag was removed, but despite her desperate need to scream her mouth was dried up and before she could utter an intelligent sound she found her mouth opened in a wide O shape around a new metal frame gag. Her mouth was opened wide, she could not speak properly but, despite her relative innocence, Sophie knew just what could go inside the gag.

"Look at her fucking juice, Matt," remarked Kyle, "We're gonna have some fun selling this one!"

Part 12

In spite of her terrified state, Ev had seen them bring in the other girl that would be auctioned that night. Ev noticed she also wore a collar and was leashed. Ev thought she recognized the other girl from campus, but the glimpse was so fleeting that she was not sure. The other girl was Asian and clearly in distress, her t-shirt having been pulled down over her shoulders and her beautiful breasts fully exposed.

"I told you to keep your head up, slut!"

Ev's primary tormenter, Jeff, pinched her nose and pulled her head higher. The pain was agonizing and she moaned into her gag. Lifting her head caused the pain in her shoulders to increase dramatically. The moment he released her nose, she could not help lowering her head slightly and that was all it took for Jeff to react.

"Edgar, bring me the hook. This stupid fuck just won't listen when I tell her something."

Nooooooo, Ev wanted to say. She wanted to obey, she wanted to avoid any more anguish, but the way her arms were pulled up behind her back, the way her legs were locked to the bar made it impossible to hold her head high the way he demanded.

Edgar handed the silver-colored hook to Jeff, who walked in front of Ev to show her the implement. The hook had a small ball where the barbs would usually be, and at the top was a length of leather tied to an eyehole. Several lose lengths of leather hung over his wrist.

"When are you going to learn to obey, slut? When anyone orders you to obey, you do so immediately. Anyone. You are a slave. There is nothing lower than you.

"Guess where this hook is going, slut?" he laughed evilly, spitting on the ball at the base of the hook, and walking behind her. Ev's hot leather shorts did nothing to protect her. She screamed in shock and horror as she felt the hook being pushed into her virgin ass. "Relax, slave! Relax and it will go in more easily, because it is going in one way or the other."

Relax! she screamed in her mind! How could she relax! She was being impaled on a hook, being forced painfully into her ass. She had never felt such pain and though she tried to relax her sphincter muscles, her rapid and rasping breaths caused her nostrils to flare and she whimpered into her gag. Jeff was relentless, pushing harder and harder, giving her no chance to accept the intruder. Just when she thought she could take no more, the ball seemed to pass a barrier and the remaining several inches of the hook slid easily into her ass canal.

Having imbedded the hook in her ass, Jeff proceeded to braid five shorter lengths of leather into her brown hair. Ev's breathing had slowed and she had seemingly accepted the hook into her asshole. Jeff took all five pieces of leather now braided into her hair, gathered them into a bundle, and pulling on them all at once, he forced her head back beyond the horizontal. The cords in Ev's neck strained with pain, as he then connected the leather tied to the eyehook to the leather braids.

Nooooooooo, Ev wailed into her gag, as her head was forced backwards, and any attempt to lower it forced the hook deeper into her ass. Noooooooooooooooooooooo, she begged for mercy, but there was no one to save her.

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