tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAsians for Auction Ch. 04

Asians for Auction Ch. 04


Part 13

The pain in Ev's ass from the hook was dimming her ability to think straight. Despite this she watched the other girl being sold.

"Sophie Park sold for 520 dollars." Sophie Park – that was her name, Ev remembered now. She was only a second year student, 19 maybe 20 years old, and here she was naked except for her torn T shirt, spread-eagled and secured by thick, tight chains with her legs spread wide. Worst of all she had been dropped onto a large, vicious looking steel dildo. Now she had been sold.

Ev watched as poor Sophie was released from her wrist chains. Her arms fell limp to the sides of her body as she sobbed uncontrollably, unable to believe her predicament. Kyle brought a pair of 6 inch bondage heels for her to wear and slipped them onto her feet. The shoes could not be comfortable but they eased her body upwards and relieved her of a few inches of sore impalement. Sophie cried out through the ring gag as she was eased off the dildo.

"Now for the white silk, the virgin, how much will she bring?"

The wooden bid paddles were being raised already.

"Wait for it ladies and gentlemen. Matt bring Sophie's dildo over here."

Ev watched with horror as the glistening, juice covered dildo was brought towards her. Her ball gag was removed and she guessed what she was going to have to do."

"Suck it clean, Ev, for the audience."

"No, please, don't make me ..."

Matt placed a short stick under the tight rope connected to her hair and the ass-hook and twisted it so that the rope wrapped around it. Immediately Ev's neck became more stretched and her head was pulled upwards. At the same time the hook impaled Ev even more and she cried out.

"Suck it, cunt,"

"Okay, okay," Ev gasped breathless. The audience watched enthralled as the dildo, slick with juices, was held up to her mouth. Slowly and seductively, although Ev did not mean to be seductive, the Asian student wrapped her lips around Sophie's dildo and began to clean it. She moved up and down the long, thick shaft. If it had been real then surely she would have brought thick globs of sperm shooting out as a result of her attentions. Lewd shouts came forth from the watching audience as Ev's humiliation took on a new dimension. She cleaned it thoroughly, taking all of Sophie's juices into her moth, throat and stomach. Ev could taste her co-slave clearly.

"Ok people, what will you bid for this total slut? You have seen how she sucks cock, it could be yours! She is sucking on your cock or your pussy. She is licking! Do I hear 160?"

"180 down here, 200 yes, 220 come on Masters and Mistresses she's worth a lot more than this ..." he nodded at Matt who immediately twisted the wooden stick again tightening the rope and making Ev cry out as the hook invaded her pussy even more.

"240, 260 ... 280 ... more bids please, 300, 320 ... keep going Masters and Mistresses ..."

Ev cried out again as the rope was twisted and her ass was slapped.

"340, 360, 380 at the back ... come on please, she can be yours, to do with as you wish, a dream come true ..." Edgar reached down to Ev's small breasts and pinched her nipples hard between his finger and thumb. Ev yelled out, her words clear now that the gag had been removed.

"Nooooooooooo, pleeeeeeeease, leave me alone, let me go!"

This time Janet had been set up to win the bidding and so as the amount moved towards $600 – Ev was a virgin after all – Janet knew that Ev would soon be hers.

"420, 440 ..." The whip that had cajoled Sophie now fell across Ev's displayed ass cheeks.

"Count the lashes cunt."

Ev was beside her self with fear, humiliation and fear. The whip fell again across her bottom, only harder this time.

"Count, cunt!"

"One ..." she wailed.

For each count the bidding seem to go up so Edgar continued to lash Ev's ass, not cutting the skin but reddening her flesh.

"S ... s ... six," Ev sobbed feeling the whip more sensitively with each stroke..

"580 ... 600. 600. 600 going once, 600 twice, 600 sold!

Ev had been sold.

Part 14

Sold. SOLD! It was not registering on the two girls' minds. It made no sense, things like this just did not happen.

"You have been a great audience and now that the sluts have been sold, you will see their slave initiation," Edgar announced to the cheers of the audience. "And then, as you were promised upon entering, there will be a raffle. Let's begin."

"Slave sophie will now be taught the slave position called Nadu."

Sophie had heard her name, the word slave, but the rest of the sentence was nonsense to her. She had just seen Ev sold in a horrible manner and was trying to make sense of anything. Since being lifted from the dildo, she had been dumped on the ground and had barely moved since.

"Slave sophie, kneel back on your heels." Sophie just stared. "Kyle, she needs some help, please."

Kyle stepped forward immediately and with his small whip, lashed her bare back. "Kneel, back on your heels, you stupid slut!" Sophie scrambled to obey. "Turn to face the audience, slave!" and she obeyed. "Now pay attention to Master Edgar, slave!"

"Slave, this is called the Nadu slave position, so pay attention. Straighten your back. Fine. Hands on your thighs. Good, now the most important thing, spread your knees as wide as possible, showing your pitiful assets." Sophie just stared for a moment at Edgar, but another lash by Kyle got her attention. "More, spread them as far as you can. Yes, that's good. Back straight! Suck in your gut. Put your shoulders back, thrust out your breasts, keep your hands on your thighs. Lift your chin. Don't worry about the drool coming out of your hot mouth. Keep your chin lifted, unless you want to experience the ass hook the other slave experienced."

Sophie obeyed every command. The last thing she wanted was to be ass hooked! She could not believe she was obeying like a trained animal, but what else could she do?

"OK, Kyle, mask her." Sophie held her position as a mask was placed over her eyes, completely blocking out all light.

"Nod if you are listening, slave sophie." She quickly nodded her head. "Keep that chin up, I told you!" And she quickly lifted her chin even higher.

By now, Nathan had been escorted to the stage and he knew his first blow job from Sophie would be given before the entire audience.

"OK, slave, we hear you are totally untrained when it comes to servicing a man with your mouth, so you will learn now."

Sophie felt the presence of someone directly in front of her and heard him zip. She began to panic. If she would not suck Nathan, she would not suck anyone. She turned her head and made protesting noises through her ring gag. Kyle was on her instantly, swiping her back time and again with his whip. Sophie screamed as Kyle grabbed her by the hair, locking his hands near her scalp, and jerking her head back to position.

"When he enters your mouth, you will welcome him like a long lost lover. Use your tongue and...open your mouth wider so I can remove your gag. Good. Use your tongue and your lips, to caress and love your Master's cock. Your Master now enters your mouth hole." He nodded to Nathan, whose cock was rock hard, and Nathan directed it towards her sealed lips.

Sophie was horrified. She had stopped breathing and was frozen in fear. Kyle took care of that with three rapid lashes to her already striped back. This caused Sophie to gasp for breath and immediately Kyle ordered her to open her mouth for her Master. "Breathe through your nose, slut! Now I am going to release your hair and I want to see instant effort to please your Master. Use your head, tongue, lips, and throat to suck and love his cock. Do it!" he once again screamed and released her hair.

Nathan entered her mouth, slowly at first, and Sophie began to bob her head up and down, flicking her tongue back and forth, but doing nothing with her lips.

Kyle once again grabbed her hair and painfully pulled on it, causing her to gasp. "I said love his cock, slut! You will love it like the last cock on earth. You are starving for his seed. You beg him with your lips and tongue, invite him deeper, faster, faster, more love..." as Sophie gave everything she had to please her Master, to welcome his cock into her slave mouth.

Nathan shoved it deeper into her mouth, and Sophie nearly gagged. Nathan sensed this and pulled out slightly. "Breathe through your nose, slave!" Kyle screamed again. "Suck, love, faster, yes, beg him with your mouth to cum into your slave mouth. When he does, do not swallow it. It is nectar from your Master. Hold it in your mouth. DO NOT SWALLOW IT! Faster now, love, energy, faster, back and forth, surround his cock with your tongue, pull him deeper with your lips, yes, that's it, yes, yes..."

And with that Nathan emptied himself into her mouth, his semen spurting from his cock. Sophie struggled to breathe, seemingly an endless stream of sperm flooding her mouth. Rivulets of spit and semen dripped from the sides of her mouth. Finally the flood stopped and her mouth was filled to capacity, and he withdrew his cock.

"Now slave, it is time to share the treasure in your mouth. Matt?" While slave Sophie was being mouth fucked, slave Ev had been released from her strapedo bondage. She had been stripped of all clothes and her hair had been released from the hook thong. The leash had been rehooked onto her collar and Edgar and Matt had placed her on her hands and knees. She had watched with fascination and fear as Nathan had emptied his sperm into Sophie.

Matt tightened his grip on the leash and pulled Ev forward. "Move, slut. On all fours." He guided Ev towards the kneeling Sophie. He stopped Ev directly in front of Sophie and now she knew what would happen. It sickened her.

"Slave Ev will now place her mouth over slave Sophie's, forming a tight seal, and Sophie will then share about half of the cum she is holding with her sister in slavery. You may kiss the slave, Ev."

Ev looked at Edgar in disbelieve, not speaking, but saying it all with her eyes and expression. "You heard the man, slut," Matt said as he took the loose end of the leash and whacked her bare ass. Ev jumped, but quickly moved up to Sophie's face.

When Sophie felt Ev's lips, she slowly began to open her mouth to form a tight seal with lips. For Ev and Sophie, time stopped. They were unaware of the cheers from the crowd and the words of encouragement and humiliation from Edgar. Ev took the sperm that Sophie willingly gave up and when her mouth was filled with semen and saliva, she pulled back, shock registered on her face.

Both girls heard Edgar order them to swallow and they did so, nearly gagging on the gooey globs. The first act of their slave initiation was now complete, but their humiliation and degradation was far from over.

Part 15

The audience watched stunned. Two lovely Asian slaves, barely out of their teens, had just been forced into a 'cum kiss' where the male sperm in one girl's mouth was passed to the other. Both students now knelt before their audience degraded and humiliated, but with plenty more still to come.

Ev knelt totally naked and entirely at the mercy of the men on the stage who were running the auction. Sophie was also now naked, having had her T shirt ripped away by Nathan when he was fucking her mouth. The only difference was that Sophie was still blindfolded.

However, Matt moved to her and removed the covering from her eyes. Sophie blinked to readjust her sight and then saw Nathan staring down at her smirking like the cat that just got the cream.

"Thanks baby," he mocked Sophie, "it was well worth waiting for!"

Sophie sobbed her heart out, much to the delight of everyone watching, Nathan included.

"Okay, Masters and Mistresses, we now have another special treat for you all."

Both Sophie and Ev looked up at the speaker. Kyle was making another announcement. We have on stage today a lovely virgin ..."

Ev could sense where this was leading and spoke.

"No, please, don't do this ..." although in her heart she knew her virginity would, one way or another, soon be a thing of the past.

"When will this stupid cunt learn not to speak unless she is given permission," smiled Kyle. The whole audience laughed with him as he swiped his whip down on Ev's bare back flesh. She howled.

"Okay, so you all received a ticket when you entered right?"

Kyle watched as all members of the audience retrieved their tickets.

"Each ticket has a number on it and we will get slave Ev here to draw out a ticket and the winner will take her virgin cherry!"

The audience erupted into a round of loud applause and cheers. Ev groaned and shook her head. She was being asked to choose the person who would rape her and take her virginity. This was degrading in the extreme.

"If it is a Master then the method of him taking Ev is obvious, if it is a Mistress then we will provide a large, thick strap on dick for her to use."

Ev had collapsed on the stage, trying to become as docile as she could and avoid the inevitable. She felt her hair pulled as her body was dragged back into a kneeling position and her hand was forced into the red velvet bag being held in front of her. She had no choice but to select a ticket, which she did and was then 'asked' to read out the number.

In her delightful American-Asian voice Ev reluctantly said,

"218," she said quietly.

"Louder, slut!" Kyle demanded

"218," Ev obeyed.

A cheer went up, and a man jumped high into the air.

"Come onto the stage sir, it is indeed your lucky day."

Ev watched in total dismay as a large Master came towards the stage. He was dressed in jeans and a white t shirt that stretched across the wide expanse of his chest. Ev could see his chest hair growing out of the top of his T and noticed how his long, straight hair fell onto his shoulders. She thought how much like a bondage Master he looked from the images she had in her imagination.

"What's your name sir?"

"Master Tarl," he replied.

"Okay Master Tarl, today you get to take the virginity of this worthless slave."

"Excellent," replied Master Tarl, "she is indeed a beauty worth taking."

Ev was scared by his attitude. It seemed so clinical and natural for him to be talking about her like this.

"Hoist her up!" Ev heard this order issued and before she could object she found her ankles secured inside tight fitting, wide ankle cuffs.

"Nooooooooooooooo!" she yelled, as the cuffs were connected together by a chain which was in turn fixed to a lowered ceiling pulley. A switch was pressed and, to the cheers of the audience and the horror of the watching Sophie, Ev was raised upwards feet first until she was stopped, arms flailing and dangling, about 3 feet from the floor.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee let me dooooooowwwnnnnnnn!"

Master Tarl laughed, "Can you position her better for me."

"Don't worry, we intend to."

The beautiful Ev then found her arms taken and raised to the level of her ankles and her wrists were connected to new cuffs which were in turn connected to the ankle cuffs. This left Ev hanging in a new position with her back now parallel to the floor and her head tilted backwards making her head and mouth accessible and her hair falling down to the floor. With her legs spread as they were in a large 'V' shape her other 2 holes were equally accessible. It was an ingenious position and meant that Ev could now be taken in each and every way.

The audience gasped as Ev's new position showed her in such an exposed and vulnerable way, and Ev cried out, still begging for mercy which would not be forthcoming. Master Tarl was already taking out his erect cock and it was so clear to Ev what was about to be done to her.

"I'd like to take her mouth first," said Master Tarl.

"Certainly," replied Kyle, "would Master like a ring gag to be fitted?"

"No, no it's ok; I want to give her the teeth test!" Kyle smiled knowingly.

"So slut," continued Master Tarl, "I will first fuck gyrl's mouth and if I so much as feel her teeth for a second I will cane her pussy slit until it bleeds, understand!"

Ev was too shocked to speak. This was all too much for her. She was still stunned to find herself in this position, and so could not begin to contemplate what this Master guy was saying. The blood was rushing to her head and making her feel dizzy.

"Lost your tongue slave?" questioned Kyle, and with that he moved to between her legs and slashed a biting cane down directly only Ev's pussy slit. She cried out and jumped more than she ought to have been able in her bonds.

"That is what will happen if slut touches Master with her teeth. Now does this stupid cunt understand?"

"Y ... yes ... I do!"

"Do not use the first person slut, and always address men as Master."

He raised the cane again and Ev quickly responded, "Y ... yes Master, slave understands," Kyle and Master Tarl smiled at one another.

"She is all yours, Master," said Kyle.

Master Tarl moved to Ev and touched his erection to her lips. Ev was not used to this and kept her lips clamped.

"Open up, slave," taunted master Tarl, "or slave will feel the cane on her pussy once more."

Ev knew that she had no choice and so she parted her lips. As soon as he saw the slightest opening Master Tarl pushed forwards and opened Ev up. Being upside down added considerably to her discomfort, as did the fact that he soon had her mouth pressed against his stomach, which meant of course that the entire length of his cock was filling her throat. He moved slowly at first, making Ev gag and drip saliva, but he soon warmed to his task and began to fuck Ev's mouth as if he was embedded deep in her pussy, which of course he soon would be.

He fucked her mouth hard removing any control from Ev, not that she would have known how to control him anyway.

"You want me to cum in your mouth, slave?" Master Tarl asked. Ev's eyes opened wide in fear that he might just do that.

"Tell you what slut, I'm gonna pull out and slave can tell me if she wants me to cum in her mouth or in her pussy, okay?"

Ev nodded. He pulled out and saliva oozed from the sides of the slave's mouth.

"So what'll it be slut?"

"... outh, Master,"

"Sorry slave we didn't hear you!"

Ev was struggling to get her mouth working properly again.

"slave would like Master to cum in her mouth." Ev could not believe she had said this, but actually she was thinking it might stop him from taking her virginity.

"Nice to know, but what you want does not matter, slave." Master paused, teasing Ev, "I will still fuck slut's pussy."

The audience cheered and Ev groaned as Master Tarl moved to between Ev's V shaped legs positioned at a perfect height for him to fuck this beautiful Asian slave.

"Please Master, if slave must lose her virginity then not here, not like this ... yeeeeoooooooooooowww!"

Master Tarl sliced the cane along the full length of Ev's slit once more.

"Slave's virginity is mine to do as I please with cunt, now silence, in fact would you mind gagging her?" Master Tarl made the polite request to the stage hands and Matt obliged by easily forcing a large red ball gag into Ev's mouth before fastening it around the back of her head.

Sophie meanwhile still watched the proceedings with absolute disbelief.

Master Tarl positioned his hard cock at the entrance of Ev's wet but smarting pussy slit. He edged forward and just nestled his head against her pink labial folds. Ev bucked when she felt his touch, yelling in a very muted way under the gag.

"Oh, gyrl writhes so much, does slave want me so badly?" Master Tarl taunted her and Ev found the strength from somewhere to pull her head up so that she could stare him in the face for a few seconds before her lack of strength beat her and her head flopped back to its hanging position.

Master Tarl shoved himself inside her a little further.

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