tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAsians for Auction Ch. 05

Asians for Auction Ch. 05


Part 17

Sophie lifted her head slowly, trying to get some sense of where she was. The poor student slave had been taken from the auction stage after completing the most humiliating task of her young life, which was licking up the residue of sperm from the Master both off the floor and out of Evelyn's ass. Oh, where was her sister slave? Sophie did not know her very well from school but would have given anything for them to be together right now. On leaving the stage Sophie had been blindfolded and then thrown, still bare-ass naked, into a room, a dark, cold room, a cell of some sort!

She had been left untied, and although she had heard her captors leave the room, Sophie had waited before removing the blindfold. Now, having been given her sight back, Sophie tried to adjust to the dark as quickly as she could. She lifted her hand to her face and slowly began to make out her palm and then the full outline of her fingers.

The floor underneath her was rough and wooden, but it seemed clean. Her heart was pounding frantically, and her mind a jumble of crazed thoughts and fantasies about where she might be and what would happen to her now.

Sophie could hear nothing except for her own heavy, deep breathing. Then something or someone intruded. She turned her face towards the outline of the large wooden door. The sound was more distinct now, the floorboards outside the room creaking with the sound of footsteps. Someone moving over them, nearer and nearer they came. Her heart missed a beat as the door knob turned. Sophie instinctively ran to the corner of the room and waited.

Suddenly the door was opened and a tall figure, half lost in the edge of darkness, but still clearly a male figure, appeared in a shady silhouette. She gulped as he stepped inside. He reached up and switched on a light. A single yellow beam shone into the middle of the room lighting up the centre but leaving the periphery in darkness. She watched in frightened silence as he locked the door behind him and moved into the light.

Nathan ... it was her boyfriend. Thank goodness.

"Oh, Nathe," Sophie cried out and ran towards him with her arms open.

However, the Nathan facing her was not the Nathan she knew. His face looked different and as she drew near to him, Sophie could see that all was not right. Nathan took her wrists, twisted them and threw her forcibly back into a corner of the cell.

"Ouch, Nathe, what's going on?"

"Shut up and listen, slut."

Slut! He had called her slut. Now Sophie was really scared. The terrified student looked her 'boyfriend' over. He was bare-chested, hairy, wearing shorts and bear-foot. He was tall, lean and full of muscle. She could see him more clearly now than at anytime in the past, even though she had seen him naked many times before.

There was no disputing how handsome he was and his face was split as his lips curled into a tight smile when he saw the girl of his dreams huddling, frightened in the corner.

"You're my slave cunt ..."

Sophie hated being called the 'C' word. "... and from now on you will do all I say. In fact that's the last time I refer to my slave in the first person. From now on slut sophie is nothing, has nothing, and will do nothing unless I say. Understand?"

"Oh, but Nathe, I would be your slave anytime, willingly, you know that, honey." Sophie tried to talk her way out of this predicament.

"No slut, it is too late for that. I want to own this slave, and use her and mark her body as my own. I want to do so many things that slave would not agree to willingly. It has to be this way. But first," Nathan looked at the naked, scared girl cowering in the cell and smiled again, "I want to fuck her again."

"No, please Nathe ..."

"From now on slut, I will be called Master at all times. Understand?"

His voice was so severe that Sophie stuttered, "Y ... yes ... Master."

"Well baby, is slave ready for me yet?" he said with a mocking edge to his voice.

"No," she whispered. "No. Not now, not yet, please Na ... Master! Leave me alone," her voice began to rise, "Please ..."

But he kept on coming. Sophie could see his eyes roam from her tanned, bare legs to her face and down over her breasts -- he drank every inch of her into his soul.

The petrified student watched as he stood towering over her crouched, scared body when suddenly he raked his fingers into her long, dark hair and dragged her to her feet. Pulling her up to face him, he kissed her hard. The movement of his mouth onto hers surprised Sophie so much that she could not stop his tongue from snaking between her moist lips. The kiss should have been familiar, but it wasn't. It was harsher, harder, and more intrusive than any kiss they had shared in the past.

Eventually, when he had had his fill, the kiss ended, leaving her breathless and weak. As her knees buckled and she collapsed once more to the ground, Sophie tried to protest but she was in a darkened corner of the room and her plight was hopeless.

Nathan gazed down into his slave's big, brown, sad eyes.

"My slut really is stunning," he remarked, "now come with me."

He reached down once more and hauled her effortlessly to her feet, proof of his strength if proof were needed, and Sophie felt dwarfed by him. Resistance was futile, but she still struggled as he dragged her across to the centre of the sparsely filled room. In a moment he had her hands tied with thick, new white rope. Sophie swallowed hard, for she knew now that her fate was sealed.

"Please," she wailed, "don't do this. Please."

He laughed and pulled her wrists high above her head and slipped the knotted rope over a large hook hanging securely down from the ceiling, leaving her hanging with her feet just scraping the ground beneath her. This position was going to make her ache like she had never ached before but that might just be the least of her worries.

Sophie gasped. "No -- no, noooooooo!"

"Don't struggle, slave, I'm only going to do what slut has been asking for, week in week out."

'But slut hasn't, ... ' Sophie began, but stopped, realising the hopelessness of further argument. Clearly this was a different, deluded Nathan to the one of just a few hours ago. Here she was in the role of whomever and whatever Nathan wanted her to be, caught and about to be raped, she guessed, by her boyfriend or, as she thought somewhat bizarrely to herself, her former boyfriend.

Nathan chuckled, a deep, throaty sound without real humour "For as long as I decide my slut will do whatever I want her to do?"

Sophie watched in stunned silence as he turned and walked away from her towards the door. She saw him twist the knob and switch off the light.

"No please, leave me some light," she begged, abandoning all care about first person reference, as the door closed behind him leaving her hanging, naked, bound and uncertain as to the exact nature of her immediate fate.


The original plan had been this: Once Ev had been removed from the stage, she would be taken back to the holding room and showered. This would involve further humiliation, since she would be watched the entire time by one or more of the stage/kidnapping guys. They would certainly be generous with their comments and crude assessment of this hot Asian slave. She would then be positioned in nadu, her mouth filled with a penis gag, and blindfolded. At this point, The Vault would have completed their end of the contract. The well-stocked bondage cells would still be available until midnight, but Janet had not planned to use them.

Instead, Janet had planned to reveal herself and bask in Ev's horrified expression. After some initial statements in which Janet would explain the circumstances and weekend plans, she had planned to take Ev back to her apartment and spend the night humiliating her slave and establishing her willingness to inflict pain for lack of obedience. The idea of taking pictures with Ev's cell phone had been to insure the Asian slave's cooperation until her total submission was accomplished.

But that had all changed as a result of her agreement with Tarl. Janet would miss out on the initial training and modifications she had planned, but on the other hand, when Tarl presented her with the "new Ev" on Sunday night, the most difficult steps of her enslavement would be complete. Janet would still get Ev's horrified expression when it was revealed that Tarl was not her owner, but instead it was her long time rival. And then the fun would really begin.

Ev had been kneeling uncomfortably in the nadu position for at least 15 minutes. She was not sure if anyone was watching, ready to pounce and inflict further pain, so she had not moved. She had time to think. What the fuck had happened tonight? Was Janet behind this? Who else would do this to her? Was this all some practical joke? After all, they could have taken her virginity, but did not. How was she going to get out of this?

And not just in the nadu position, either. They were taking no chances that she might try to get away. After she finished showering, peeing, and blow drying her hair, Matt had strapped a penis gag in her mouth and when she tried to shy away and protest, he had grabbed her right titty, twisting it so hard that it brought her to her knees, begging through her gag for him to stop. After that, he had his way.

He then went to a side cabinet and returned with additional restraints. He tightened a black leather cuff high on each thigh, and then connected them with a short chain, padlocking the chain to the cuffs. He placed her in nadu, ordering her to spread her knees as wide as the chain would allow. Satisfied that her shaved pussy was well displayed, yet still restricted by the thigh restraints, he then blindfolded her and told her to stay, to not move an inch.

The door opened and she heard someone, no, two people enter the room. They paused, probably looking at the slave kneeling before them, and then walked over to the couch. She heard some rustling and some keys jangling. Then one left the room, closing the door as he or she left.

Janet and Tarl had entered the room, and paused a moment to gaze upon their newly-acquired slave. Naked and exposed, collared, gagged, blindfolded, thighs chained, Tarl immediately began to get hard again, while Janet felt her pussy tingle. They had walked over to the couch to get Ev's keys from her bag. Janet would make a visit to Ev's apartment over the weekend and remove a few of Ev's clothes and underwear that were no longer needed. Ev would dress as Janet commanded from now on.

Janet also planned to check Ev's size and purchase some new items for her slave. Janet's bank account could handle the initial purchases and she took about $40 from Ev's wallet. Long term, Ev would be ordered to pay for her own humiliation.

Ev knew that one person remained in the room. With her sight taken away, her other senses were enhanced. She felt her hoop earrings against the side of her neck. She smelled her own fear.

"I am going to remove your blindfold. Nod if you recognize my voice."

Ev nodded, immediately recognizing him from the traumatic events on the stage.

He reached down and released the blindfold, her almond eyes blinking in the light.

"Look me in the eyes and listen to my words. You will see in my eyes that I am telling you the truth.

"You are no longer the Evelyn Wang that awakened this morning. Then you were a student, a daughter, hot and sexy and untouchable. You are now a slave. From now on, you will address me as Master and refer to yourself as slave, slut, fucktoy, cunt, or some similar title. You will not refer to yourself as I, me, my or any other first person pronoun."

Ev stared at him, trying to take it all in, but it was overwhelming.

"I am your Master for the foreseeable future. I am your reality until I deem otherwise. You will be trained and decorated and instructed in the ways of a slave girl. You will be back in school and classes on Monday, but you will not be the same student who left class this afternoon. Do you see in my eyes that I am speaking the truth?" She nodded.

Tarl had been handed Ev's phone on the way to her holding room, and now he pulled it from his pocket. "You will obey everything I demand of you, not only to avoid punishment, but to avoid your parents seeing what you have become. The smile on your face tells it all. You are a slut. The pictures say it all, and I will send them. Do you believe me that I will send the pictures if you do not obey?" With tears in her eyes, Ev nodded again.

"Good, now lower your eyes to the level of my groin, as though focused on my cock. This is where you will always gaze. You will not look into my eyes again, or you will be punished." She lowered her eyes, staring at the bulge clearly evident in his pants, her eyes still teary.

"In a few minutes we will leave this room and move to another location to enhance your appearance. This auction house has excellent facilities, so we might as well take advantage of them. As he spoke, he had clipped a leash to her collar. A slight jerk indicated she should rise.

Tarl led his slave to another area of The Vault where he planned to decorate his slut. He had wound the leash around his fist and held it near her neck, as he led her along. Naked, collared, and now somewhat shivering in fear, she followed like a trained animal. Her movement was somewhat restricted by the thigh chain, but that was the least of her worries.

As they entered the new room, Ev thought it had the look of a salon, with many chairs and many workstations. Purple neon lighting along the ceiling gave it a dark and sinister appearance, however. There were several men and women in the room, employees of The Vault, some at work, some just talking, but all were experienced in piercing and tattooing. Erotic art of women in bondage hung around the room.

One of the men nodded to a chair on the right, and this is where Tarl took Ev. She had followed docilely, all the fight seemingly gone out of her. Tarl used a key to release her thigh cuffs, setting them aside, and commanded her to sit in the chair. Before she knew it, her arms and legs had been strapped tightly to the extensions of the chair, and a belt had been cinched around her waist. She had begun to panic, but by then it was too late to do anything about it.

"Hi, my name's Greg. Just relax," the one who had assisted Tarl said. Greg and Tarl walked a few feet away and whispered for a minute or two. Ev just stared with wide eyes, fear evident in her expression. Her breathing was rough and ragged.

Greg moved behind the chair as Tarl stood over his slave. "Just relax, slave. I'll be here the whole time." This gave Ev no comfort.

"Here, let me remove the gag from your mouth, so it will be more comfortable." As Tarl released the strap and began to pull the penis gag from her mouth, Greg timed it perfectly. Ev was still stretching her sore mouth muscles, when he inserted a rubber block to both side of her mouth. She screamed in fear and apprehension, but it was a feeble attempt and the men paid her no attention. Her mouth was opened and she could not close it.

Tarl spoke next. "When I fucked your slave mouth, it was obvious you were not highly experienced. A Master gets great satisfaction when his slave sucks his cock, and you will learn to be an expert at giving your Master this pleasure. While your teeth will not ever touch my cock, there is surely great pleasure when the softness of your tongue and lips is contrasted with a metal ring or stud, so that is what we will now do. Remember, this is so that you can better serve as the slave you are. Go ahead, Greg. I will be back in a few minutes." Tarl walked out of the room and Greg took over.

Ev was panting and gasping, as Greg tied an additional strap across her forehead. She was completely immobilized.

With no further ado, he grasped Ev's lower lip with a pair of forceps and pulled it tightly out. Ev tried to protest, tried to resist, but it was futile.

She watched as he took a marking tool, making a dot of ink on the front side of her lip and in the back. He than took a piercing needle and with a momentary pause for dramatic affect, a suggestion that she exhale, and a look into her terrified eyes, he plunged the needle through her lip, dead center. He reached over to the tray and picked up a silver ring, about a half inch in diameter. "This is a 20 gauge captive bead ring. It will give your Master great pleasure," and he slowly pulled the needle from her lip and replaced it with the ring. He moved the ring around and around in her lip, until finally pinching it shut, effectively locking the ring, with be bead outside her lip.

Ev screamed with pain and horror when the needle was driven through her lip. They were mutilating her and she could do nothing to stop them.

While she was still gasping, Greg reached inside her mouth and grasped her tongue with the forceps.

"...ooooooooooooooooooo..." she tried to scream in protest, but it was hopeless. Without fanfare, he drove a hot needle through her tongue and quickly replaced it with a metal bar stud.

She gagged and gasped with pain; it felt like her tongue was on fire. The small amount of blood on her lip had stopped, and though she could taste blood in her mouth, the hot needle had cauterized the wound and kept the amount of bleeding to a minimum.

"And this, just so you know, is a 16 gauge doorknocker straight barbell. For most, it is easily removed, but for you, of course, that will not be an option."

Tarl had returned and stood over his sobbing slave. "Notice, Master Tarl, the so-called doorknocker, which can be used if you wish to leash her by the tongue. And,..." Greg paused, walked over to a drawer and returned with a small padlock.

"And you might like this." Greg took the padlock, and connected Ev's lip ring with the doorknocker on her tongue stud. With a click, her tongue was locked to her lip, effectively gagging her. Ev moaned with discomfort and anguish. "If you like it, here is the key."

Tarl smiled with pleasure. "Oh, yes, perfect, another reason for her to obey my commands, or she will go to school on Monday with her tongue hanging out like a dog bitch. Thanks for the idea!" Tarl took the key, unlocked the lock, and put it and the key in his pocket.

Greg explained as he took an ice cube and pushed it into Ev's mouth, "Just suck it. There will be some swelling and be sure to use an antibiotic on the outside of her lip. Her saliva has a natural antibiotic for the metal inside her mouth. Slave, if you will open your mouth just a little, I will take out the blocks."

Though still sobbing and in considerable pain, her jaw muscles to the point of cramping from the strain, her tongue feeling twice its normal size, she opened slightly and Greg removed the rubber blocks. Tears continued to stream down her face, as she swirled the ice cube over her tongue and inside lip. They had pierced her face, not once but twice! How could this be happening to her! She had done nothing to deserve this treatment!

Greg and Tarl undid the straps, freeing the naked slave from the chair. Tarl tugged on her leash and as she rose, Greg commented, "Tarl, check this out. The girl is a pain slut. She has juiced all over the chair!"

Ev was horrified. How could her body betray her like this? She had unintentionally brought more joy to her tormenters. She groaned, as Tarl pushed her head down to the chair. "Smell yourself, slave. You are a natural."

He decided not to risk any infection from germs on the chair, so he did not order her to lick her own juices from the vinyl. Instead he took his pointer finger, swiped the juices from the chair, and swabbed her upper lip with them. "Do you smell your cunt juices, slut? Yeah, you are a natural and I will love bringing out your natural instincts."

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