tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAsians for Auction Ch. 06

Asians for Auction Ch. 06


Part 21

"Is my slut enjoying herself?" asked Nathan as he entered the room again. Sophie looked up at her former boyfriend through glazed, almost exhausted eyes. She groaned as she saw that he was not alone.

"I'd like to introduce my slut to Greg. Say hello slut."

Sophie looked at Nathan in a way that revealed just how much she hated him right now, but she knew that she had no option.

"H ... hello Greg," she mumbled.

"Greg is from the piercing centre too, slut. So Greg tell this little cunt what you have just done."

"Hey, slave," Greg said, "I have just pierced the tongue and lip of your slave friend Ev," he announced.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!" exclaimed Sophie, realising now why he was here.

"No please Nathan, you've pierced my nipples, surely that's enough. Oouuccchhh!!!" she yelled as Nathan slapped her face hard.

"Don't ever forget to call me Master, cunt!"

Greg also had a trolley on which his instruments were placed. Ev looked down at the tools of his trade.

"Greg, pierce her lip while I poke her." Sophie gasped as Nathan moved behind the bound slave and began to finger her pussy folds. Sophie writhed and squirmed. Greg took a small marker and marked slut sophie's lips on the outside and the inside and then he inserted a mouth clamp to force sophie's mouth open and still. She moaned unintelligibly as Nathan's fingers probed her cunt deeper. Greg approached her and with a very hot needle he forced the point through Sophie's lip. She squealed long and loud as the needle sunk into her skin. It took only seconds before the sharp point was retracted followed by a thin line of blood.

Tears ran down her cheeks. Sophie didn't know which emotion was greatest. As she felt Nathan's fingers deep inside her pussy her thighs began to tremble and her lust built up, but her body ached so much and now she had been pierced through the lip.

Greg took a small ring with a ball in it and threaded it through the hole. Sophie felt the steel pass through her skin and winced. Greg moved the ring to ensure that it fit okay and then daubed the piercing with an antiseptic swab.

"Good job, man," Nathan congratulated Greg on his work as he removed the mouth clamps.

"Please, Nathan," Sophie spoke but her mouth movements felt strange with the ring, "Don't do my tongue." Nathan just laughed as Greg forced the poor girl's mouth wide open once again and inserted a different clamp which held her mouth horizontally open via two wooden blocks and allowed him to capture her tongue between a pair of metal bars. This device was torture enough but it left Sophie's tongue hanging out like a panting dog, ready to be pierced. This time, despite Sophie's wide, staring, fear filled eyes Greg used a piercing gun which held the girl's tongue still and made it easier to pierce. It took a split second for a clean hole to be punched into Sophie's pink tongue and then just a minute or so for Greg to fit a bar and stud into it. This fitting left a stud showing on top of the stud, but as Greg explained to Nathan, this meant that the bar could be fitted with a small chain and used to connect the slut's tongue to her lip ring, effectively gagging her. Nathan was delighted but Sophie was horrified.

Nathan removed his fingers from within the deep folds of Sophie's pussy, thanked Greg for making a "cell call" and as he left the cell, attention was turned back to the naked, hanging slave.

"I wonder what you taste like, you naughty little slut."

Nathan moved his juice covered fingers to his mouth and licked their slippery length with his tongue. He reached down and unfastened Sophie's ankles from the spreader restraints.

Standing up again he faced his beautiful slave's bound body. His eyes roved over her flushed cheeks, fresh from her recent piercing ordeal, and focused on her juicing, wet slit.

"I'm gonna fuck my slut now and she's going to love me, love every minute. Hell, it's not as if my slave is a virgin, is it," he said, laughing.

Sophie sobbed quietly, accepting that words would now make no difference to her fate.

She had never dreamt that this would happen, not to her, not to Sophie Park. It wasn't happening it couldn't be happening. But there he was in front of her waiting and her heart pounded faster than she could ever remember. He was slowly pulling down his shorts and she locked her legs one over the other.

"Okay cunt, if that's the way it has to be then so be it. You asked for it."

She wanted to plead with him -- to beg him but she couldn't. She'd never before been debased in this way -- why her? But really she knew the answer to that question. Sophie tugged wildly at the chains holding her wrists and kicked her legs frantically as his fully erect, hard cock came into view.

He moved closer to her. She strained her body away from him as much as she could but reaching out he pulled her suspended body towards him and yanked hard on her pierced nipples.

"Slut has great tits," he commented lewdly. He cupped them in his fingers, one moving over each breast, kneading and massaging. Suddenly his hands were gone.

"Okay slut, now to get me a piece of slave ass!"

In a frenzied effort to resist him to the end she tried to kick out with her legs, but his large hands darted out and secured her thighs in a vice like grip, steadied them and in swift motion he spread her them wide apart with his own, gripped her buttocks and raised her body to him. His cock was positioned firmly against her pussy lips opening them to him.

Sophie groaned and tugged at the chains as he thrust his hips and guided himself into her. She was heaving with fear like a trapped doe. She screwed her eyes tight shut begging for a miracle. But none came. She felt him between her legs trying to enter her fully, forcing himself into her.

"Bitch," she heard him curse; "I'll sort this out."

She was drying up and he couldn't enter her. But then his finger was touching her, lubricating her, moistening her -- oh shit, no please!

Abruptly the finger was removed. She opened her eyes and caught one last terrifying glimpse of triumph on his face, and then suddenly he was inside her thrusting deeper and deeper, filling her, hurting her.

Exploding with horror and rage she bucked and shook and twisted, screaming and sobbing but she couldn't unlatch herself from him.

But she was tired and the initial resistance soon gave way to placid compliance as he pumped in and out of her like a madman with long driving thrusts. Twisting to shake him loose was impossible. He rode her harder and harder, no change of pace and no finesse, only raw animal like satisfaction.

He fucked Sophie hard.

It was like a piston implanted in her flesh, splitting her in half. She was being raped by a mindless, primitive animal.

And suddenly she was filled to bursting point with jet after jet of spurting seed as Nathan came. "Noooooooooooooooo," she yelled as she felt him go rigid in front of her and then heard him emit a deep sigh, contented and satisfied. Finally he was done. He pulled harshly out and let her aching legs drop down. But her legs were so weak, she just slumped. Her wrists now supported Sophie's full weight and she would have collapsed had it not been for the chains holding her body.

She hung, humiliated, fucked -- literally, hardly breathing, her body now possessed, defeated. She stared at the floor and bit hard on her newly pierced lips trying to stem her sobs of pain.

Her mouth and tongue were too dry for speech and so she watched in agonized silence as he replaced his shorts. With a shriek she broke down, bursting into tears, sobbing uncontrollably as he moved towards the door.

Chuckling he left the room encasing Sophie in darkness once more.

It was the sound of the heavy wooden door opening that awaked her. She had no way to tell night from day, but her great weariness told her she'd probably slept only a short while, a feat remarkable in itself given that she was still chained to the ceiling hook and in an upright position.

The light caused by the open door once more hurt her eyes.

"How is my slut? No complaints about my hospitality, I hope?"

She shook her head and then remembered to say, "No Master", a feeling of unease in her bladder was with her. She would need a pee soon.

Suddenly Sophie felt his hands on her again. He had come up behind her and was feeling her backside.

"Don't...", whimpered Sophie, craning round to try and see what he was doing. "Please". His hands felt coarse against the soft flesh of Sophie's bottom. Ignoring her pleas, Nathan's fingers continued their exploration, sliding down the open crack of Sophie's ass-cheeks and seeking out the puckered hole of her anus once again, which contracted slightly under his touch.

Then Sophie felt the hand move again, and she struggled with her bonds.

"You mustn't," she whimpered, "not like this. Master please!"

His fingers prised apart the cheeks of Sophie's ass, laying her open for his inspection. She groaned as she felt his fingers trace the dark crevice that split her cheeks, stroking the tight star before working lower to the hot pink slit that gaped so invitingly.

He slid two fingers inside her pussy, making her body start as the unwelcome feeling of pleasure overwhelmed her. Then he began to frig her, his fingers making a slight squelching sound as they moved in and out of her hole disturbing the drying sperm from his earlier rape of her body. Sophie remained passive biting her lower lip to prevent herself from crying aloud with pain.

"Please don't fuck me again," she begged quietly.

He smiled. "Ask me nicely and maybe I won't."

"P-please don't fuck me, Master."

"It's just beginning, slut," Nathan laughed and yanked Sophie's hips back in order to rub the head of his erect cock over her exposed ass. Her eyes widened and she shook her head wildly in denial. He moulded his chest to her back, making her writhe in pain. He nipped her shoulder between his teeth and asked in a menacing voice, "I'm gonna fuck my slave's ass now!"

"Please don't ... Master" she begged pitifully, knowing she had no way to stop him.

Finally, as her body and mind slipped into shock, she admitted the truth to herself in one final moment of clarity. She was about to be buggered, sodomised. It would kill her.

"Oh, I think I will" he cackled as he lifted Sophie off the floor and impaled her ass on his cock, making her scream anew.

"Not like this, no, please, noooooo!"

The pain was incredible. She felt like he was ripping her apart from the inside out. It was so much worse than the first rape she had received. Her back was almost numb now, but the pain in her bottom just kept growing.

Nathan thrust easily, at a fast pace, forcing her tight passage wider than it was naturally prepared to go. Her inner tissues rubbed raw from the lack of preparation and his size, all Sophie could do was whimper and shudder, silently praying for it to end soon. Tears of pain and horror leaked from her wide eyes.

Sophie groaned in pain as he leaned into her neck and whispered, "Can my slave feel me, does she feel me deep inside her ass, fucking her?"

Sophie's sphincter muscle gripped the root of Nathan's shaft and she winced at each painful thrust. Then, as he went brutally after his pleasure, buggering her mercilessly, her muscle gave way and he was fully embedded inside her ass. He panted in a series of quick, jerky movements. Finally, he grunted deep in his throat and then his sperm was pumping into the tight passage of her bottom.

He remained still within Sophie for a minute. The muscles of her violated passage contracted in occasional spasms round the impaling shaft. Then he slowly withdrew from her tortured bottom and sat down heavily on the cold floor, breathing hard and watched his seed drip from her no longer virgin ass-hole. Sophie did not make a sound. She could not. She was beaten, exhausted and so, so scared.

Part 22

The drive was agonizing. Ev could barely budge inside the cage and the sharp teeth that tugged at her pussy lips and clit throbbed without mercy. It was a nightmare come to life.

In the Malibu hills not far away, there were many large estates, and this is where Tarl drove. Money was never an issue with him; his parents were killed in an auto accident when he was in college, and as an only child, he inherited the estate and more than enough money to last two lifetimes.

The security gate opened and he drove straight through, up the long driveway and into the garage. The gate closed as he drove by. His property was vast and his privacy assured.

Once inside the garage he opened the hatch. "Welcome to your new home, slave. Let's get you out of there." Tarl unclipped one end of the thigh chain, so she could back up and get out of the cage more easily. She had to move slowly, however, because her pussy lips were still chained to the thigh restraints. It was agonizing, but she moved as quickly as she could. Finally, she was out and standing before him, her eyes focused on the bulge in his crotch, the leash from her clit hanging loosely on the ground.

"Does that feel better, slave?" Ev gave no indication that she had heard him. A sharp swat to her ass got her attention and she nodded and mewed into her gag.

"That is more like it. It has been awhile and I need some relief," he said, turning her back to face him. "Nadu," he ordered, and she moved promptly to the position he demanded. Again, those damn clips tugged at her sensitive lips and clit. "Spread your legs more. Stick out your breasts, as though you are offering them to me. More! Keep your hands on your thighs. Yes, that's better, eyes on my crotch. Back straighter."

At this point, he reached out and unstrapped the penis gag, pulling it gently from her mouth. Ev's jaws ached as she strained to open and close her mouth. The movement immediately reminded her that her tongue and lip were pierced. She saw him unzip and his large cock popped free from his pants. She knew what would come next. "Pleasure your Master, slave," and she moved her head forward to take his cock into her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, her lip ring gliding smoothly over his cock. She swirled her pierced tongue over and around, and his cock grew to fill her entire mouth. "If that is the best you can do, slut, then I will whip your ass until it bleeds." She realized that she had only been giving maybe 80% effort, and so she went after his cock with maximum energy, sucking and caressing and swirling and loving like it was the last cock on earth. "Yesssssss," he hissed, satisfied with his slut, and moments later emptied his seed into her mouth.

"Swallow it all, don't let anything escape," he whispered, lost in his own ecstasy and delight. Ev was pleased that she was satisfying her Master, that she would not be whipped this time. She swallowed every drop, gulping down his semen like it was nectar from the gods. "I am pleased, slave. Lick my dick clean." And she obeyed, eventually kneeling back in Nadu, small smears of cum at the corners of her mouth and hanging from her lip ring.

Tarl pulled his cock back into his pants and rezipped. "Get on all fours, slave." They were still in his garage, and she suddenly felt chilled and began to shiver, her teeth chattering, naked skin covered with goosebumps. She was on all fours like a dog, but quaking with cold and fear.

"You did well, slave, and you will now be rewarded." First he unclipped the other end of the thigh chain. Then he reached under her ass and released the alligator clip on her clit. The rush of blood to her tender clitty caused instant pain and she howled, nearly crumbling to the floor of the garage. "Stay on all fours!" he shouted, as he continued to release the clips from her pussy lips. More pain, horrible pain streaked across her ravaged pussy. "Aiiiiiiiiii, nooooooooooooooooo," she cried, begging for the pain to stop. In seconds, the pain eased and all that remained was a slight throb. Ev wondered if she had been damaged beyond repair.

"Enough, slave. Pain and pleasure are interchangeable for a slut. You will soon crave both. Enjoy the moment, your clit and cunt lips are alive and well. And besides," he said, running his finger along her slit, "you can see and smell how much you enjoy it." He held his fingers up to his nose, smelling her juices and then held it to her nose. Ev was embarrassed to think that her own body was betraying her, implying that at this lowest point of her life, she was somehow enjoying it.

Tarl attached the chain leash to her collar and they left the garage, Ev suddenly warmed by the pain and no longer shivering with cold.

Tarl walked his pet into the house, leaving the garage and entering a workroom. Finally free from the horrid clips and constricting thigh chains, she padded along behind him. She now wore only the humiliating collar, to which the leash was clipped, cuffs on ankles, thighs, and wrists, and of course, her own hoop earrings.

Ev was able to look around and notice the dark, rich wood that panelled the walls. If this was his house, she thought, then he had money and lots of it.

Passing through the workroom, they walked down a long hallway, many doors on both sides. Tarl opened a door halfway down on the right and said, "Welcome home, fucktoy."

Home! she thought. What did he mean by that? At the worst, he had said that she would be back in school on Monday. At the very worst, she had to endure 48 hours and hopefully no more modifications to her body. But now he called this her home! No! This was all one big mistake. She had offered herself at auction as a fundraiser, not for real! She hesitated, and could not resist. "No, please, this is a mistake..."

Again, Tarl's response was swift and decisive. With the leash in his left hand, he reached down with his right to grab her hair, and literally lifted Ev to her feet, albeit doubled over, and frog-marched her into the room.

"I thought you might have a brain, but you are just a dumb slut," he hissed, dragging her along. Ev yelped in pain and kept repeating, "No, please, no..."

He jerked her head up straight, then released the leash. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," he commanded, while reaching into his pocket. Ev was sobbing and did not immediately respond. Jerking her by the hair and pulling her head back, he repeated his order. "Open your damn mouth and stick out your fuckin' tongue, or I will rip out your hair by the roots!"

Wracked by sobs, Ev obeyed. He released her hair and with one swift move padlocked her tongue ring to her lip ring. He held the key up to her nose. "I have half a mind to make you swallow this and wait until it comes out your ass. It could take days or longer and there would be nothing you could do about it until it popped out in your shit. Out in the garage I was thinking of giving you the rest of the night off, as a reward for good behaviour, but not anymore. I told you, no talking unless I ask you a question. I am not interested in your opinion on any subject. You are a slave. Do you get that? Your will means nothing anymore. You live to obey and to pleasure me, and nothing else. Nothing!" The last words he nearly spit in her face, nose to nose, her eyes lowered, unable to confront the verbal and physical onslaught.

He grabbed the leash near her collar and pulled her along into the room. It was dark, and he reached behind him to flick on the lights. Though her head was twisted, Ev managed to take a quick look around. It looked like a normal sort of bedroom, only larger. She saw camera equipment, one bed, rings and chains hanging from the walls and ceiling in various locations, a couple of wooden chairs, and an unusual number of mirrors on the walls. She caught a glimpse of a small bathroom to the side. But he was moving her quickly to the side of the room, and everything was actually a blur.

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