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Asking The Tough Questions


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


In the arena where the WWE's SmackDown brand is doing a Television taping for Friday night, the current United States Champion Bobby Lashley, dressed in his black wrestling tights is standing next to SmackDown's backstage correspondent Kristal Marshall, waiting for her to interview him. The director behind the camera that is taping the segment gives Kristal the signal to begin the interview.

SmackDown's conservative interviewer, Kristal Marshall, removes her glasses as she holds up the microphone and smiles, as she's dressed in a tan colored button top and a black skirt. Kristal turns to Lashley a bit "Hey...Kristal again, standing here with the new WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!" Kristal says with a smile as she places her left hand on her slender hip "Bobby...how you are doing?"

Bobby smiles a bit as he holds his United States Championship belt over his right shoulder. "I am doing great Kristal, I'm on top at this very moment," Bobby says in his soft gentle voice that doesn't quite match his large muscular body.

Kristal nods her head and smiles "I can sure she you're on top of the world..." Kristal says as she casually glances down at the crotch of his wrestling trunks "But Bobby...you're set to face Finlay in a match, what are your thoughts?"

Lashley's mood slightly changes when Kristal mention's the fighting Irishman's name, "I have some unfinished business with Finlay... he's a tough guy, but he's not the real deal."

Kristal smiles and nods her head "Well I wish you luck tonight, Michael Cole and Tazz...back to you..."

The director behind the camera gives an all clear signal, and the camera crew walks off to set up for another segment elsewhere in the interview area. Lashley breaths a slight sigh of relief, "I hate doing interviews..." Lashley laughs a bit as he takes his US title belt off of his shoulder.

Kristal sets down the microphone on a piece of sound equipment and smiles "Why...you did great..."

"Speaking on camera isn't my strong point..." Lashley replies with a smile, "And I've heard just about every bit of advice possible about how to feel more comfortable doing them... but nothing's work so far..." Lashley adds with a soft laugh.

Kristal shrugs her shoulders a bit "You know what I think about..."

"No..." Lashley smiles a bit, "What do you think about?"

Kristal blushes a bit "Well...I think about sex..." Kristal the conservative correspondent replies.

Lashley pauses for a long moment before responding, "I don't think that'll be a good idea for me to think about that during an interview... might distract myself..." Lashley says as he tilts his head slightly to the right as he looks at Kristal, showing signs that he finds the beautiful backstage reporter rather attractive.

Kristal laughs a little "Maybe...I can ask you a tough question right now, Bobby Lashley..."

"All right..." Lashley nods his head, "What's your tough question?"

"How would you...like something...hard-hitting?" Kristal asks raising her eyebrow.

"Hard-hitting? What do you mean by that?" Lashley asks a bit confused over Kristal's question.

Kristal licks her lips "You like things hard-hitting..." Kristal shrugs with a sly smile "So do I...but in a different sense..."

"You're right about me liking hard-hitting things..." Lashley replies as he tries to see what Kristal is getting at without making any brash assumptions. "So... how what's the different sense of hard-hitting things that you like?"

"Well..." Kristal says as she takes a step towards Lashley and starts to casually unbutton her tan colored blouse "I like things hard-hitting...in the bedroom."

"Oh... I see..." Lashley nods his head slowly, totally understanding what the beautiful woman is saying now. "I like things hard-hitting in the bedroom too... there's nothing better than that..."

Kristal smirks a bit as she stops unbuttoning her blouse halfway through "How'd you like some hard-hitting action with this conservative correspondent?"

Lashley licks his lips slowly as he takes a moment to fully think about Kristal's sly seductive question. "I think I'd like that... a lot..." Lashley says as he puts his United States championship belt over his left shoulder.

Kristal smiles "Good...how about...we go to some place a bit more private... like that storage closet right over there.." Kristal replies as she motions her head to the storage closet, behind Lashley.

Lashley looks over his right shoulder at the nearby storage closet, smiles and then looks back at Kristal, "That sounds like a blast to me..." Lashley says as he starts to walk backwards towards the storage closet while keeping his eyes on the sexy conservative correspondent. Kristal smirks playfully at the Real Deal of SmackDown, Bobby Lashley as she casually pushes the door to the storage closet open and proceeds to enter. Lashley walks into the storage closet after Kristal does, but it's the beautiful backstage reporter that closes the door, and he can hear the lock of it click as she locks it. Lashley puts his United States title belt down on top of a large, red, metallic tool chest before he turns around to look at her, "Time for some hard-hitting action..." he says with a wide smile.

Kristal nods her head and laughs slightly "Yep!" Kristal replies as she proceeds to rip open her tan colored blouse to reveal her small, perky tits. Kristal removes the blouse from her body and steps towards Lashley as she starts to push down her black skirt.

"Damn... you're not as conservative as you say..." Lashley says with a bit of a laugh. He then lowers his black wrestling tights from his waist and slides them down his powerful legs to take them off. Once he steps out of them, Lashley stands straight up and he gives Kristal the perfect view of his thick fourteen-inch cock.

Kristal licks her lips as she glances down at Lashley's mouth-watering cock "Mmmmm...Everyone's has their secrets..." Kristal replies as she takes another step towards to the soft-taken, hard-hitting Superstar.

Lashley smirks after hearing Kristal's reply, "I won't tell anyone..." Lashley says in his usual soft-spoken tone while his huge fat cock becomes hard on its own. Soon, the thick long dick is pointing straight at Kristal like a mighty spear.

Kristal licks her lips again "Ohhh...I like what I see..." Kristal replies as she lowers herself down onto her knees and places both of her soft, small hands around Lashley's mighty cock and begins to gently stroke his cock.

"So do I..." Lashley says with a soft moan as he puts his strong hands on his hips. He looks down at Kristal as her soft smooth hands travel back and forth along the long length of his cock. Kristal looks up and smiles at Lashley as the only remaining article of clothing left on her, is her black skirt; despite that the conservative correspondent moves her hands gently against Lashley's cock, stroking the rough surface of his mighty dick. Kristal lowers her head and presses the tip of her tongue against the head of his cock before she opens her warm, small mouth and inserts his cock inside. Lashley moans softly as Kristal slowly takes as much as his cock into her hot small mouth as possible. "Ahhhhh... damn..." Lashley moans as Kristal gets more than half of his shaft past her lips.

The conservative SmackDown Correspondent begins to slowly bob her head up and down on Lashley's rather large and thick cock. Kristal softly moans on his cock as she laps her saliva around his cock with her tongue, while bobbing her head swiftly on his rough, rigid cock.

"Mmmm... ohhh damn..." Lashley moans as Kristal sucks and slurps on his thick cock, coating it with her warm saliva with every movement her head makes. Lashley flexes his arms a bit as he feels Kristal's saliva trickle down to the parts of his shaft that Kristal doesn't get past her lips. Kristal presses her lips tighter around his cock as she starts to grind her small, hot mouth against his cock while bobbing her head freely on his cock. The conservative correspondent removes her hands from around his shaft and proceeds to push down her black skirt once again.

"Ohhh... uhhhh.... fuck... yeah... suck it hard..." Lashley groans in pleasure as he puts both of his hands on Kristal's head and slightly digs his fingers through her hair. The large muscular black stud starts moving his hips back and forth, pushing his shaft towards her hot non-conservative mouth.

Kristal slowly lifts her head up from Lashley's cock and it's coated and dripping of her warm saliva. Kristal smiles up at Lashley "I'm ready to get hard-hitting."

"So am I..." Lashley answers before he reaches down, grabs Kristal's arms and stands her up. He turns her around and bends her over the large red metal tool chest where his US title belt is. "I'm gonna give you some hard-hitting action..." Lashley says as he stands behind Kristal, places one hand on her hip and uses the other to line up his cock with her tight warm pussy. After taking a breath, Lashley rams all fourteen inches of his thick shaft into Kristal's cunt, pushing her and the tool chest she's bent over forward instantly.

Kristal lifts her head up and grits her teeth "Ohhhhh fuck!" Kristal moans loudly Lashley grunts constantly as he thrusts his thick long shaft in and out of Kristal's tight pussy. With each one of his powerful thrusts, the tool chest move's forward and Lashley has to repeatedly pull Kristal back towards him, and with her clutching to the chest, it too gets pulled back. Kristal's small body jolts back and forth as the powerful Bobby Lashley fucks her sweet pussy "Ohhhhh awwww...Bobby" Kristal moans.

"Uhhh... ahhhh... you like that... hard-hitting action..." Lashley grunts as he repeatedly slams his cock in and out of Kristal's tight pussy. The powerful United States champion begins to sweat as he fucks Kristal with his raw natural strength behind every one of his thrusts.

Kristal grits her teeth tighter as her tight pussy is ripped apart by Lashley's hard-hitting, large cock "Ohhhh ahhh fuck Bobby!" The conservative Correspondent moans as she begins to sweat.

Lashley pulls out of Kristal's pussy so suddenly and unexpectedly that the beautiful SmackDown interviewer almost falls over. "Let's... do something else... that's hard-hitting..." Lashley says as he turns Kristal around, lifts her up and sits her on the metal tool chest. Lashley spreads her legs apart after thrusts his cock back into her hot soaking wet pussy. He puts his hands on the sides of the tool chest to hold it still as he resumes drilling her.

Kristal grits her teeth as she wraps her arms around his muscular neck and begins push her small framed body back against his tough cock "Ohhh awww... fuck yes!" Kristal moans as sweat drips off of her body.

Lashley grunts as sweat flies off of his body, "Fuck you're... a hard-hitting interviewer..." Lashley says as he wraps his powerful arms around Kristal's slender body and lifts her off the tool chest. The United States Champion begins bouncing her up and down on his shaft while he stands. Kristal tilts her head back as her petite body bounces quickly up and down on the massive cock of Bobby Lashley. Because Lashley overpowers the petite conservative all Kristal can do is enjoy the hard-hitting ride. Lashley turns around and leans back against the large metal tool chest. Even though he's almost sitting down on the tool chest, Lashley continues to bounce Kristal up and down on his massive cock, driving the sweaty, sexual conservative correspondent to a level of sexual pleasure she hasn't experienced before.

Kristal closes her eyes and moans "Ohhhh god damn it..." The conservative Kristal Marshall begins to cum on Lashley's cock and her petite body practically goes limp against his large and muscular body.

With Kristal leaning against him after her climax, Lashley smiles a bit as sweat rolls down rock hard muscular body. "Fuck Kristal... you all right?" He asks in between his grunts and moans as he continues to bounce her up and down on his massive cock. Lashley doesn't wait for Kristal's reply as he stands up completely, turns around and lays Kristal down flat on the tool chest. He continues to slam fuck the sexy interviewer with every ounce of his strength.

Kristal opens her eyes as she looks tiredly up at Lashley and bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhh Bobby...I'm great.." Kristal replies with a satisfied smile.

Lashley grins as he continues to pump his shaft in and out of Kristal's pussy, "You love... covering hard-hitting... action..." Lashley grunts. While he continues to fuck her, two of the wheels of the tool chest break and begins to shake wildly.

Kristal licks her lips "Ohh...you bet I do..." Kristal groans as she gently grinds her pussy against Lashley's cock every time he pumps his meaty cock into her tight, warm pussy.

"Guess... you are... a hardcore... and hard-hitting... correspondent..." Lashley groans as he feels his balls tighten when he starts to tighten. Knowing he's reaching to boiling point, Lashley pulls out of Kristal's pussy and cums right on the area above her pussy.

Kristal grits her teeth as she feels the warmth of Lashley cum splatter against her skin "Ohhh Bobby..." Kristal moans.

Lashley places his hands flat on Kristal's thighs as he catches his breath after the hard-hitting sex he just had with the beautiful SmackDown interviewer. "Uhhh... ahhh... fuck... that... was hard... hitting..."

Kristal sits up slightly and smiles at Lashley "So...do you like my hard-hitting, tough questions?"

Lashley nods his head, "Yeah... and you know... I don't think... I'm gonna have a problem with my interviews any more..."


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