tagMind ControlAsking to be Spanked

Asking to be Spanked


If your ex-boyfriend ever studies hypnosis, I am here to tell you DO NOT go anywhere near him ever again.

This was my mistake. Just chalk it up to me being young, pretty, female and stupid. At least I feel stupid at this moment.

Because at this moment I am at the big store, in the sexiest little miniskirt I could find and with my cute face made even cuter with heavy, bright color make-up to make myself which also makes me look slutty (powder bue eyeshadow, cherry red lips). I am and walking up to a perfect stranger, a stranger Todd (my ex) has hypnotically instructed me to approach. Right now everything Todd tells me to do I am compelled to do. Why? I used to think hypnosis couldn't make you do anything you didn't want to do. Is it the hypnosis or am I just dumb? Or a bit of both or maybe the hypnosis has made me dumb. Don't ask me how it works. I don't know. I wish I did.

"Hello." I smile cheerily and bat my big eyelashes. The stranger is taken aback. He is smiling but nervous. He's not bad looking, a little overweight maybe. The thing is, extremely cute and sexy girls like me don't often approach him. He is suspicious.

"Hi." he answers.

"Could you do me a little favor, Mister? Er, ah,...actually make that a BIG favor." I am acting so cute and coy, but inside I'm dying because I can't believe what I know I'm about to say. "Could you, ah, um,... give me a spanking?"

He swallows hard, his eyes get huge, then he babbles, "Wh-what? What did you say?"

Repeating it is somehow even more humiliating. "Please, could you spank me? Spank my bottom. Please,... I've been bad and deserve it."

This took him aback a bit. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head. I looked too good to be true, with my bubble-butt, my four shades of blonde streaked hair, my pert boobies that sprouted two nipples poking through my thin braless camisole, and my big bright pouty lips. He looked at me and couldn't think of a reason NOT to spank me.

"What did you do?"

"I flashed my titties to a truckdriver." It was the truth. On our way here at the 'suggestion' of Todd I had lifted my pink camisole and smiled and waved like a complete little fool from the passenger seat of Todd's convertible. " I was bad and now I need disciplined, don't you think?"

Here's where I sealed the deal. I put an arm around his neck and whisper in his ear. "If you spank me real good, I'll suck you. I'll suck your dick and you can cum in my mouth." His eyes got big and a little perverted smile crossed his face. I could tell part of him thought it was a joke, but most of him wanted it to be real. It was real alright.

What I don't know at this time was this was to be the first of many such encounters with strangers. Todd had it all planned out for the next six weeks. I was programmed to go out every day, find a complete stranger who looks straight and able, and seduce him into a usually brief spanking and cocksucking session. I was to never do anyone twice. You do the math. This is not a big city. Word would spread and my reputation was to be ruined. Todd had told me to always had me wear a short skirt without panties for easy access and maximum spanking pain.

The weirdest thing happened that first time, during my first stranger spanking. I started liking it. I started liking the whole strange scene. I liked being taken to a cheap motel on the interstate and then waiting in the car like a common prostitute. Sitting there as he got a room, watching the rain hit the windshield, the strange thought came to me that I wished I was a prostitute. At least then I would be getting money for this humiliation and pain.

I doubt the owner of the motel cared about what was going on, but that first stranger (whose name I never knew) was cautious and snuck me in, even though I'd shown him my ID proving I was 18. He probably thought the ID was fake. I've always looked younger than my age.

Once we were inside he got to down to business, so to speak. I was embarrassed to discover that I liked being in the position of my skirt up with my bare bottom exposed, and gawd help me, I found myself getting aroused by even the humiliation of it. The room smelled of stale smoke and booze. Looking at that dirty floor, my head down, my body slung over his knees and my soft vulnerable buttcheeks jutting upwards towards his grinning face, I was horrified to discover my vaginal walls had begun to secrete the sweet and tangent smell of estrogen-laced fluids, making my girlparts slippery when wet. He could smell it and I heard him chuckle.

He gave my ass a couple of trial slaps. Love taps, really. Then he began spanking me for real. He had a heavy hand. It really hurt. I cried, I whimpered, I begged, I moaned. He didn't stop. He really got into it. He told me to call him Daddy.

"Yes, Daddy!! Please Daddy, I'll be good. I'm sorry Daddy!"

And I started loving it.

I had to assume it was part of Todd's hypnosis, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it was me, maybe I was becoming some sort of sex freak. Or maybe I'd always been this way, with a sick spanking fetish laying dormant beneath my libido. Even this uncertainty of why I was getting turned on was turning me on. The idea of being controlled to this extent often brought a flush that rose above my breasts and made my face glow and my cheeks burn with passion and shame. Sometimes I would come close to having an orgasm and would stay on the edge for hours, my breathing reduced to small shallow gasps. What had I become?

He didn't stop until his hand was sore. My butt was bright red. He held my hand and guided me off his lap and onto my knees in front of him. He stood and lowered his trousers and boxers then sat back down on the bed. Guiding my head with the broad hamfisted hands that had just spanked me mercilessly, he put the fat knobhead of his cock against my lips and I took it into my mouth gratefully. I blew him like he was a long lost lover and I could tell he loved it when I looked up at him and batted my long fake eyelashes as my cherry red lips wrapped around his engourged member. He came. I swallowed.

The next thing I remember I was being pushed out of his car into the rainy night a couple blocks from my house. I cried out a cheery 'thank you' like a little fool as he sped away.

Five weeks later.

Most of the guys were gentle spankers when they started swatting my ass, but almost everyone was pretty hard by the end of the 25 slaps I begged for. I think it was the begging that encouraged them to get rougher. I learned one thing about most men; they tend to cum quicker with a blowjob after they've spanked a hot girl like me. Not that I gave alot of head before Todd did this to me, but these guys usually took three or four deep sucks and they were spurting big wads of jizz down my poor gullet, me wanting it but not really wanting it. I had only given oral sex to one boyfriend (actually it was Todd) before, and I didn't really enjoy it then. Actually the way he coerced me into doing oral, sex, which I really didn't want to do, was the main reason I broke up with him. Truth be told, Todd had pretty much date-raped me.

Now Todd has done something that makes me really get into it. While I'm blowing a stranger I get a surge of horniness that hits me so strong I moan and slurp all around his cock with incredible euphoria. The feeling of a hard cock in my mouth, on my tongue, carressing my inner cheeks, the head pushing its way down my throat, makes me feel so good and so right about sucking long and lovingly.

I've also learned to love the taste of jizz in all its variations. From each man I learned the taste is different yet the same, you know what I mean? Some a little salty, some a little bitter. Oh my gawd! Listen to me talking like I'm obsessed with men's sperm, like I love it! But I do. Gawd help me, I do.

During this time I was also having sex with Todd. I can't say I was his girlfriend because he went with other girls at the same time. I don't think he hypnotized them because I was his first project and he concentrated on my training. His other conquests weren't putting out much for him - yet. So I was just his sure thing.

Usually before going out on my 'expeditions' he would fuck me real good, then spank me. He always said I needed to be 'warmed up' for my strangers. Then out we would go, me dripping from my pussy with his jizz. I was not allowed to clean it off, so slowly through the next few hours a slow glob of sperm travel down my soft inner thighs and soaking my whorish stockings.

The other funny thing about being spanked like this is I've come to feel I deserve it. Maybe it's a sin to be cute and young and female, I don't know. But it feels like I've always been a tease, trying to turn the guys on. Even before Todd did this to me, I had a natural sense of how to drive guys nuts with desire, while acting like I didn't know what I was doing. I knew exactly how to pout and giggle and sashay around when it felt like teasing a guy would be fun. I laughed to myself thinking of these jerks pulling on their dicks that night thinking of me. The whole idea that thses guys couldn't get me out of their minds because I was so unforgettably hot made me feel powerful and horny. I never even used to think having sex was needed to get turned on, just being sexy seemed like enough. Between these encounters I tried mostly to just forget them, even though scenes seemed to replay themselves in my head throughout my days at school. Maybe it's partly because alot of the guys and girls at school call me by my new name, 'Sweetpea' instead of my old, birth certificate name, Julie. One of the commands Todd gave me after that first session was to tell all my friends and family that I wanted to be called Sweetpea, that I thought 'Julie' was boring. Helping things along is the tattoo I was made to pay for that has SWEETPEA written in girly script with little pea pods encircling hearts on my lower back. Since my new form of attire tends to show off my midriff, everyone who meets me can see it. Todd says he'll command me to go to the courthouse to have my name legally changed to Sweetpea Spanky-Swallows soon. So much for any hopes I ever had of having a serious career. That time has come and gone for me, I guess.

The tattoo artist Todd took me to spanked me first, then had me suck him off after he'd permanently defiled my lovely skin. I could have cried but instead I came.

The tattoo man's name was Jacoby, and he was part of a motorcycle gang that Todd wanted to join. They laughed together at my predicament, and I could tell Jacoby was really impressed by Todd's ability to command me hypnotically to do anything he wanted.

Jacoby said he was a 'tit man' told Todd he liked my small but cute boobies. If Todd would loan me out for a night, he would give me one free 'tittoo' as he called it, and would recommend him for membership in the bike gang. They shook hands on the deal, and I was told to call my parents to tell them I wanted to spend the night with a girlfriend. My Dad picked up the phone.

"Hi Dad, it's me."

"Oh, hi, Julie," he had yet to know that my new name was Sweetpea and that I had the tattoo to prove it. "Where are you?"

"I'm over at Mandy's house," I lied. "Could I stay over? We want to study together for tomorrow's English test. Can I stay, Daddy? Can I please?"

"It seems okay by me, but perhaps we'd better run it past your mother." He called to her and I could hear her voice coming from the kitchen. Part of me wished my mom would use her women's intuition and tell me to come home, but she must have been busy cause she just okayed it, effectively sealing my fate as a sex slave for the evening.

"Well see you tomorrow after school then, honey." My dad said as he hung up.

Todd left and Jakoby sat me on his couch and turned on the tv. He kissed me deeply, having me suck on his tongue as he started unbuttoning the white shirt of my school uniform. When he undid my bra my body started to respond.

..to be continued?

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Fuck that was hot!! Starting to hate Todd. Came three times.

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