tagFirst TimeAskook Becomes a Man

Askook Becomes a Man


Askook had left his village and for the next two moons he would live off the land to prove his worthiness to become a warrior in his tribe. His 18 year old body rippled with muscles from his hard work and natural strength. He was armed with a bow and arrows, a tomahawk and a knife. He would return to his tribe a man or he would fail and die in the wilderness. He had been away from the village for five days when he spotted two covered wagons in a clearing.

"Settlers," he thought to himself as he hid himself in the brush.

He observed them for hours from his concealed position and they never knew he was there. There were two men and two women with the wagons. The women were pretty for white women. One was dark haired and the other was a yellow hair. Askook was fascinated with the yellow haired woman as he had never seen one before. The men were packing saddle bags and saddling their horses in preparation for a journey. Askook thought it strange that both men would leave the women alone. He remained hidden as he watched the men ride off.

Askook waited until dusk to leave his position and being curious he approached the wagons. As he got closer he heard voices and moans coming from the one wagon. He quietly moved closer and peeked inside. He nearly gasped aloud giving his presence away. The two women were naked from the waist up. Their dresses and bodice were lowered to their waists and their lovely breasts were bare. The two women were kissing each other and rubbing each other's breasts.

The Indian boy had never seen anything like it and it was certainly something that did not go on with the women in his village. He watched as the women broke their kiss and moved their mouths to the other's breasts. "Were they going to drink milk from each other?' he wondered. Then the dark haired one lifted the yellow hair's dress and pulled down the pantaloons. Askook watched as dark haired one rubbed the yellow hair where the babies come out. Yellow hair moaned and called out the dark haired one's name, "Oh Laura, yes, yes!"

"You like that Bridget, don't you? Just wait until I get my mouth on you," Laura whispered harshly. Now Askook knew their names and he continued to watch this unheard of behavior. The women worked each other over and little by little the clothes came off until they were both completely naked. They were beautiful sensuous women and their actions got to Askook. His buckskin cloth was pushed away from his hips by his erect shaft.

Askook had had many erections but he had not been with a women. Once he proved himself to be a man and a worthy warrior, he would get to select a woman in his tribe. The two women moved into a position where their mouths were at each other's vagina with the blonde on top. Askook admired the yellow haired woman and he was taken with her lovely bottom. Laure caressed Bridget's lovely buttocks as she ran her tongue over the sensitive clit. Askook was not sure what they were doing but it was obviously bringing them pleasure.

Askook moved slightly and his motion was sensed by Laura. She tilted her head back away from Bridget's vulva and looked backwards toward the opening in the wagon. She spotted the muscular handsome Indian boy and spoke to Bridget, "We have company." Bridget quickly rolled off of Laura and sat up looking at the back of the wagon. She panicked when she saw the Indian as she thought they were doomed. Laura was not as nervous but still cautious.

"Come in here, come in our wagon and tell us your name," Laura offered.

Askook had learned some English from one of the elders and he understood. He climbed in the wagon and as he did the buckskin moved to the side and his impressive erection poked out. Bridget gasped and Laura smiled when they saw the ominous penis. "My name is Askook, the snake," he told them.

"Well that is certainly some snake," Laura giggled and then asked, "Are you alone Askook?"

"Yes, I am on a journey that will prove me a worthy warrior and then I will become a man."

"I see, well I think that we can help with that. Why don't you put down those silly weapons," Laura told him.

Askook was not worried about the women as he was bigger and stronger but he kept the weapons nearby in case the men returned. He placed his weapons down close to the opening in the back of the wagon. Now he was unarmed and in the presence of two naked white women. "Let's see what we have behind here," Laura said as she moved his buckskin to the side. Askook was still erect and his massive phallus stood proudly away from his body.

"Oh my," Laura exclaimed as she reached for the impressive uncut penis.

Askook moaned when she touched it. It was the first hand other than his own to touch him there. She placed her hand around the shaft and slowly stroked him. Askook closed his eyes as her hand felt wonderful. "Come Bridget and feel his manhood," Laura urged.

Bridget had overcome her initial fears by now and she took the impressive shaft in her delicate hand. The woman's hands were so soft compared to his hand and they felt wonderful on him. They continued to stroke him and then Laura tickled his sac holding his testicles. The sac was taut and she ran her fingernails over it lightly. He flinched and groaned at the touch. "I have to taste him," Laura announced.

Askook looked on in shock as the dark haired woman leaned over and took his throbbing shaft in her mouth. He had never felt anything like it and chills ran trough him. Her mouth was warm and moist and she did things with her tongue that he would never have imagined. Bridget ran her hands all over his chiseled chest and tweaked his stiff nipples. Askook felt like he would explode at any moment. Bridget then moved her head down next to Laura's and they took turns sucking on his hard shaft. They used their tongues to tickle the little slit and they sucked gently on the sensitive head. Both women liked the uncut penis and the tapered feel of it in their mouths.

"I am going to do it," Askook announced as his way of saying he was close to cumming.

Bridget and Laura backed off and Laura stroked the hot throbbing penis. "Aggh," Askook screamed when he ejaculated. Laura continued stroking him and stream after stream of semen shot from his shaft across the inside of the wagon. Bridget counted eight voluminous ropes of his seed and she was thankful that she had not received such a load in her mouth. Askook was shaking slightly as his ejaculation subsided. Laura then took his phallus in her mouth and sucked out the remaining seed. Askook trembled as she drained him dry.

He was still hard when Laura had him lie on his back. Next she mounted his and slowly descended on his mighty shaft. She gasped as it filled her womb and touched new areas within her. She moved slowly at first and then rode him in search of her orgasm. Laura took Askook's hands and placed them on her breasts as she pleasured herself. Askook like the feel of her breasts and they way her nipples hardened in the palms of his hands. Laura felt her loins tingle and she knew she was close. A few more thrusts and then she lost it. "Oh God, hold me," she cried out as she fell forward onto Askook's chest.

He felt the warm moisture surround his shaft and his hands instinctively moved to her buttocks. He caressed her lovely bottom as her body shivered with the intensity of her climax. Laura remained on him for several minutes before she rolled to the side and let out an enormous sigh. Bridget stared at the still erect penis and decided to take her turn. She too mounted Askook and began her gradual descent on his shaft. She placed one hand on the base so that she didn't take it all right away.

Bridget could feel her vagina stretch gradually as she worked her way down the shaft. Eventually she removed her hand and allowed the entire length to enter her. She gasped loudly when it filled her and remained still for nearly a minute as her body adjusted to the intrusion. She began to move slowly and relished the full feeling in her womb. The shaft rubbed against the sensitive hard flesh in her vagina and stimulated her clitoris at the same time. Bridget knew she was going to have a massive orgasm.

Bridget threw her head back, grasped her breasts and cried out as she climaxed. Askook felt that every animal in the wilderness heard her cries of passion. Once again he felt his shaft swimming in warm moisture. Bridget stayed on him until her crescendo subsided and then she rolled off of him and collapsed in the wagon. Laura moved over to Bridget and cuddled with her. The two women kissed and caressed each other as Askook watched. His buckskin was off now and his imposing manhood stood out from his muscular body.

Laura moved between Bridget's legs and began licking her again. She told Askook to put his shaft back in her from behind. Anxious to ejaculate again he moved behind the dark haired beauty and entered her. Askook found that he liked being in this position as he could look at the woman's lovely bottom and watch his shaft slide in and out of her womb. He also liked seeing Laura lick the yellow hair and make her squirm. Laura used her hand to stimulate her clitoris while the massive phallus rubbed the hard flesh. She was close to simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Laure cried out as another intense orgasm rocked her sensuous body. Her cries were muffled in Bridget's womb but they were heard inside the wagon. Exhausted Laura fell forward and collapsed on Bridget. Askook's penis slipped from the woman and was wet with her juices.

His need overtook him and he rolled Laura out of the way and entered Bridget who was still on her back. Bridget groaned as the rock hard rod entered her for a second time. She had been so close to cumming with Laura that she orgasmed within seconds of Askook entering her. Bridget wrapped her legs around the Indian's torso and thrust up at him several times before she collapsed under him. He kept moving in her but she begged him to stop and let her rest.

Laura took over and directed Bridget to all fours with Askook behind her. He expected to enter the yellow hair from behind as he had done with Laura but Laura had other ideas. She reached into a box and produced some lard and with it she began to place it in Bridget's behind. Askook looked on in Amazement as Laura penetrated Bridget's nether hole. It was the place where things came out not where something went in. Laura put one the two fingers in the taboo hole and moved them around loosening Bridget's aperture. She removed her fingers and then she covered Askook's shaft with the greasy substance.

Laura guided the well greased shaft toward the forbidden territory and when Askook hesitated she spoke to him, "Its okay she loves it there." With that said Laura held the shaft and pressed the head against the tiny aperture. Askook did not believe that there was any way possible that his manhood would fit in such a tiny space. Laura pushed and Askook watched in disbelief as the hole spread to accept the head. Bridget was thankful that Askook was uncut and tapered. As much as she liked it in her bottom he was huge. Laura continued to hold onto the shaft as more of it entered Bridget's anus and cleared the sphincter.

Askook began to move slowly but he was mesmerized with the sight before him. Laura held to the base of his shaft so that he would not shove the entire length into the anal passage. Bridget was adjusting to the size but she was grateful that Laura was controlling the penetration. Askook was very excited and the sight of his manhood sliding in and out of the nether hole was too much for him. He had been close before when he was in Laura and now he knew he would ejaculate at any moment. He pressed forward crushing Laura's hand against Bridget's bottom and he unleashed a torrent of semen into the yellow hair's rectum.

"Oh God, it's too much. Pull it out," Bridget screamed.

Laura pulled the spurting shaft from Bridget's bottom and watched as it sprayed semen all over the blonde's buttocks. Laura stroked the pulsating shaft coaxing the man seed from it and she noticed more of it running out of Bridget's anus. It was like a milky river there was so much of it. Laura stroked the rock hard shaft until every drop had been squeezed out of it.

"I think that tonight you became a man Askook," Laura whispered.

Askook nodded his agreement. He would have never thought it would happen with two beautiful white women. Laura invited him to stay in the wagon with them and he accepted. She told him that their husbands were not due to return for two days. That night when they bedded down Askook had a surprise for both women. He made love to both of them again and this time he released his seed in their wombs. Laura and Bridget could only hope it wasn't their time and that they may be fertile.

The next morning Askook awoke with a throbbing erection so he mounted both women. They had multiple orgasms and had to beg him to stop. He had not ejaculated and he was a bit confused as to why he didn't. His bladder was ready to burst so he left the wagon and relieved himself. When he returned the women made breakfast and the three of them ate naked in the wagon. Askook needed desperately to cum that morning so the women satisfied him with their mouths.

Later that day he had sex with both of them again and once more dumped sizeable loads in their wombs. The women douched the best they could and hoped they cleansed themselves thoroughly. Askook asked if he could have Bridget's bottom again and Laura controlled the action at the beginning. At one point Laura moved around in front of Bridget so that the blonde could lick her vagina. Askook got carried away watching the female sex and subconsciously drove his shaft deeper into Bridget's rectum. Bridget squealed at first but then adjusted to the increased thickness.

This time when Askook ejaculated he pulled out and aimed his discharge at the pretty blonde's buttocks. Looking at her curvy bottom he was tempted to put it back in. He re-entered her and let the remaining seed ooze from his shaft into her passage. Bridget clenched her sphincter around the shaft several times milking it dry. Bridget finished off Laura and the three of them relaxed in the wagon until dinner time and the woman prepared a simple meal. After dinner and cleanup, Askook was back at the two beauties and once more he ejaculated in their wombs. Both Laura and Bridget douched again before they returned and collapsed exhausted in the wagon.

They women had never had sex like they had the past two days and they were sated, sore and exhausted. Askook had learned so much in such a short time form these white women and he was still anxious for more. The following morning he was back at them. They had sex missionary style, with the women on all fours and then in Bridget's back door. Laura told him that he needed to leave before their husbands returned. Askook put on his buckskin and gathered his weapons and headed for the wilderness a new man.

Laura sighed, "Wasn't he something?"

"I'll say, my bottom will never be the same," Bridget offered.

"I hope that we don't get pregnant. He shot so much seed in me, I hope that I douched it all out," Laura stated.

"Me too, we better play it safe tonight and have sex with our husbands as soon as they get back," Bridget added.

"Well that might work if we are pregnant but there will be hell to pay if we deliver little Indians in nine months."

"I know. Let's just pray and hope for the best."

As it turned out the women were fortunate that they did not become pregnant. They realized that they were very lucky and that they could never take a chance like that again. It had been impromptu sex and it had been great and they were please that they had introduced the young virile Indian to manhood. Askook had returned to his village and took a wife. She was a virgin but she was pleased that he knew so many to pleasure her.

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