Chapter 1: The Extraction

It stood opposite him, across a stone table with a dip in the center where a scene had been conjured in some sort of silver liquid. Two monks were traveling along the road together, one older, grizzled... a veteran of many years. The other was younger, just eighteen winters with a soft creamy complexion and light brown curly hair. He waved his hand over the pool of silver liquid and the image focused on the boy.

"Look at him closely," he commanded the succubus standing across the pool from him.

"Yesss, Massster," it replied in a sibilant hiss. The voice grated on him but the form was a pleasure to behold.

He looked at the creature as it stared into the scrying pool. It had taken the form he required of it, a beautiful peasant woman; dark limpid eyes, dark brown hair flowing to her waist, an olive complexion and a ripe body under the white blouse and long dark skirt. He felt his body stir at the sight but he was not so foolish as to ever pleasure himself with the succubus. It would most certainly be dangerous and could well mean his death. He looked back down at the pool.

"Memorize his features. His name is Nicolo. He has not yet taken his full vows but he is with the Brother Michael in the Italian town of Rinaldi. There will be a festival tonight with much drink. The good brother is known to imbibe freely and you should have no problem luring Nicolo away from him. Take him, collect his seed and return here for further orders."

"Yesss, Massster. It will be asss you command." The figure of the succubus shimmered and was gone.

The wizard watched the scrying pool for another minute before ending the spell that wrought it. It was a long-range plan but one that he was sure would pay well at fruition.


Nicolo stumbled away from the heat of the bonfire and the loud noise of the crowd's merriment; people talking and laughing as musicians played. It was the annual festival of the founding of Rinaldi and he had enjoyed the ale that had flowed into his cup all day, every time he turned around. Now, he stumbled into the woods to relieve his aching bladder.

Nicolo found a spot, pulled up his robe and relieved himself with a groan. As he finished, he realized with a shock that he was being watched. A woman stood in the half light only twenty feet away, openly watching him. He quickly shook himself off and dropped his robe.

"I.... I beg your pardon, I did not see you there." He felt himself flush red in the receding light.

She stared at him directly then gave a half smile and gestured for him to come with her. She turned and Nicolo caught his breath as the remaining light showed him the outline of her luscious curves.

What could she want with him? She started to move away but looked over her shoulder at him and smiled again. Should he follow her or should he get Brother Michael? But Brother Michael had seemed even more out of it than Nicolo last he'd seen of him. What if someone needed help?

Nicolo stood there for a minute, undecided. He concluded that Christian charity required he see if there was trouble. He stumbled through the undergrowth after her and found that she had been standing on a path where it was easier to walk. He picked up the pace and caught up to her just as they reached a little clearing with a stable in it.

She turned and looked up at him. He felt himself drawn into the dark pools of her eyes that seemed to shimmer in the twilight. She reached out and took his right hand, lifting it to her breast. Nicolo found himself cupping the soft weight and felt his mouth go dry. He had never been with a woman, let alone touched one in such a way. He couldn't seem to think to pull his hand away though. The thought crossed his mind that this must be a drink-induced dream. He had probably passed out back at the fire.

The woman before him smiled and nodded her head as if in agreement with his thoughts. It must be a dream. She slid a hand up around the back of his neck and pulled him down to receive her kiss. Her lips were soft on his and he felt wetness as she licked his bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. He parted his lips and her tongue flickered into his mouth, stroking against his and the roof of his mouth. It felt so luscious. Nicolo felt a haze descend on his brain. He couldn't think. She moaned softly and he felt a jolt of electricity course through his body at the intimate sound.

She broke the kiss and stared up into his eyes with a little smile as she put her arm around Nicolo's waist to draw him with her as she stepped back into the stable. He went like a tired burden of beast at the end of the workday, willingly to the stable.

The stable appeared to be used as a place to store hay and the sweet smell filled his nostrils as they entered the small enclosure. The woman drew away from him and lit a lantern hanging nearby. The light shone on her dark hair, an almost blue gleam. She reached down and pulled the white blouse up over her head and dropped on to the mound of hay next to her. Nicolo stared stupidly at the revelation. He could only feel the blood rushing to his groin at the sight.

She cupped her breasts and lifted them, as if offering them to Nicolo. When he didn't move, unsure of what to do, she came forward. Again, she slid a hand behind his neck and pulled him down until his mouth touched the nipple of the breast she proffered.

Nicolo opened his mouth and took the offering into his mouth and began to suckle like a babe. The texture of her smooth soft skin on his tongue and against his lips was a revelation. He sucked harder and she groaned. He was unaware of anything except her; the arousing sounds she made, the soft feel of her skin, the sweet taste of her flesh in his mouth and the spicy musk of her body. He didn't realize that her hands now worked loose the rope at his waist and then pushed the skirt off her own hips.

Her fingers caressed his cheek and she gently pushed him away from her breast. Nicolo did not want to let go but now he took in her completely naked body and felt the arousal of his body complete itself. She reached down and helped him pull his robe up and off then laid it over the hay. She pressed her naked flesh to his body, letting his rampant cock nudge her stomach as she pushed to move him onto the robe.

She reached up and pushed down on his shoulders until he sat down on the robe-covered hay, his face now even with the curly thatch of her womanly mound. He leaned forward and pushed his face into the moist warmth there, inhaling her spicy fragrance, and feeling the soft curls against his face. She let him do so for only a moment before pushing him down.

She dropped to her knees, straddling his legs and leaned down to engulf his erect cock in her hot mouth. She sucked it right into her throat and massaged it with her tongue. Nicolo moaned in surprise and felt his hips buck involuntarily. She held his balls in one hand, massaging them as she tightened her grip around the base of his cock. Her grip slowly passed over the line into pain but it so mixed with pleasure that the noise issuing from Nicolo became an ecstatic moan of pain.

She released his cock from her mouth and dropped her hand from his balls but continued to hold his cock as she moved up and straddled him. Nicolo watched in anticipation as she slid her body down on to his now painfully erect cock. What should have soothed instead bit and burned with cold as she engulfed his cock. He screamed out in pain. He tried to push her away but her hands pinned his shoulders and he found himself immobilized as she moved on his body.

Nicolo looked up at her face in dread and now saw what she was. Her eyes were glowed and were slit like a cat's. Small horns jutted from the hair on top of her head. Her features were still human but her eyes were clearly not. He opened his mouth to scream again but her right hand shot out and gripped his throat, stopping him. He began to feel lightheaded as she rode his body, rocking and squeezing his cock. Her body sucked and pulled at his cock.

Through the haze now invading his mind, Nicolo realized with horror that she was milking his body for his seed and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Even through the pain, he felt his body as it tensed and spurted his come deep into her. Nicolo felt weaker with every shallow breath she allowed him and each load of come his body gave her.

Finally, she released his throat and allowed him to take a full breath then lifted up, releasing the biting cold from around his cock. She stood over him, looking down. Nicolo watched in shock as her form changed, shifting as it grew taller and the breasts spread to form a wide chest tapering down to narrow hips which formed a resting place for the large cock that now jutted out, fully erect, filled with his own seed. Nicolo's eyes closed and he knew no more.


Asmodai, for that was the demon's true name, stared down at the young man. An evil grin passed over its' lips. It dressed him and took his body back where it had found him. Nicolo would think he had passed out from drink and dreamed the evening's events. The wizard would get a nasty shock when he found out; but he had given no specific instructions about what was to be done with the boy.


It stood once more before its' master in the scrying room, now in its' incubus state.

"You disposed of the body?"

"Yesss, Massster."

"Very good. Now, look into the scrying pool and I will show you the woman you will place his seed into."

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