tagAnalAss Chronicles 05

Ass Chronicles 05


The last mile of our journey was over rough country track. Helen's car was struggling with the enormous pot-holes and its steering wheel was taking on a life of its own as she drove at a pace that would have been quick even for a 4x4 over this kind of terrain.

The sun was beating down, unusually strong for an early spring day. It was summer-like, the sky a deep blue with a few wisps of cloud and bright green sprouting from the buds of the bushes either side of the track. It was warm enough for the need to have the windows open in Helen's car, as there was no air-con, and the dust from the track billowed around the car, finding its way inside. Helen coughed.

"Honestly, it'll be worth it!" She looked across at me with a reassuring smile. The car was bucking violently, causing her breasts to jiggle up and down in spectacular fashion. Either she was wearing a bra that was not at all fulfilling its task, or her breasts were bare underneath.

"Oh, I know it's going to be worth it!" I winked at her, raising my eyebrows. "How much of a walk is there to your favoured spot?" I asked.

"About twenty minutes good walk." She slowed the car, leaning forward in her seat. "Here we are."

Ahead of us was a break in the bushes to our right. A gate was open and as we approached the view opened out to a large grassy car park. I was disappointed to see a large number of cars already parked there, as well as five mini-buses.

"Oh," I said dejectedly. "Are we going to have problems finding somewhere private?" I had been building up to this day. After our time together a few days before, I had had a permanent erection thinking of uninterrupted outdoor fun with Helen.

"No, no. Don't worry!" Helen waved a hand, and pulled her car up in between two others. She cut the engine and looked across to me, fixing me with a smile full of promise. "This is going to be one heck of a day my boy!"

She jumped out of the car and opened the boot. "Come on, let's get going!" she called.

I undid my seatbelt and clambered out of the car, suddenly realising how quiet it was. The ticking of the cooling engine seemed loud. I stretched and looked around, taking in the beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings. Over, and well beyond the bushes that had lined the pot-holed country track, loomed a ridge of hills bathed in sunlight. They were close enough for me to make out herds of animals grazing on the steep pastures of the foothills. In the opposite direction was natural forest. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I turned to see Helen bending over a large rucksack. The light material of her dress clung to the cleft of her bottom. Another breath-taking site, I thought.

I crept up behind her and put my hands on her buttocks, playfully squeezing her shapely globes.

"Oi!" she yelped, bolting upright and playfully slapping my hands away. "Save it for later!" She gestured at the rucksack. "You take this, and I'll take the food and drink bag." She retrieved another smaller back-pack and hefted it onto her shoulder.

"Blimey! What've you got in here?" My rucksack was heavy and packed with items that seemed to be all corners. I slung it over my shoulder, dipping my knees to weigh it up.

"Things!" Helen said with a gleam in her eye. She winked at me. "You'll see later."

We made sure the car was locked and started off on our little hike. We made our way through the gate of the car park and crossed the country track, which seemed to end a few hundred meters to our left. Helen led the way down a small pathway between the wooden fences of two large fields that had recently been ploughed. The air smelt clean and earthy.

"It's lovely around here isn't it?" Helen called over her shoulder.

"It certainly is. We're going to get plenty of fresh air." I replied with a smirk. Helen didn't catch my meaning.

We came to a crossroads on our path, and Helen took the path off to the right, walking towards the sun bathed hills. It was getting warm and I could feel my t-shirt dampening on my back as the heavy rucksack weighed heavily on my shoulders.

Either side of us grew densely packed trees, effectively shielding us from what breeze there was. I already felt like I was wilting. But Helen kept the pace up, which pleased me as I took it as her eagerness to get to her 'special place' in plenty of time for us to have fun for the rest of the day.

We then came to the first of many stiles. It was at the first of these that I realised Helen was wearing no knickers. As she climbed over she swung her leg high over the top before gracefully dropping down on the other side.

"Wow, you naughty woman!" I laughed after I caught a glimpse of pink. "No knickers!"

"Well, what's the point in wearing any?!" she laughed. "They'd only get in the way!"

By the time we reached the fifth stile, Helen was blatantly flashing her wares. She sat atop the stile and pulled her skirt up, poking her pear-shaped bottom at me. I stared at her backside, longing to push my face between her buttocks and sample her wonderful scent. I figured too that her cleft would be perfectly slippery and warm. I made to goose her buttocks.

"Nope," she giggled and jumped down from the stile. "You have to wait, my boy!"

"Awwwww. Ok then." I grudgingly climbed over the stile, lips pouted in mock petulance.

Helen chuckled and walked on. "Not far now," she called, striding purposefully ahead.

The path turned sharply to the left and we were presented with a fantastic view down a narrow valley that cut through the hills at ninety degrees. Up on the right side of the valley I spied three stone buildings just below a sparse forest that extended up to the top of the hill.

Helen was heading towards the stone buildings, picking her pace up. As we approached, it became apparent that the stone buildings were merely shells, abandoned and unused for probably a century, or more.

"Almost there," called Helen. She left the path that followed the valley floor, and started the steep climb up towards the disused buildings, a hundred or so metres away. There was a single large tree that stood off from and behind the trio of abandoned stone hulks.

We reached the derelict stone buildings and walked between the two smallest towards the tree. The buildings were mere husks and the ancient mortar was crumbling from between the huge cut stone blocks that made up the walls. The fact that these monuments were still standing at all was testament to the building practices of the time.

After the steep walk up the hill approaching the buildings, my legs were aching and my back was soaked with perspiration. I wiped a forearm over my dripping brow. I could only imagine what state Helen's beautiful bottom cleft was in after our climb.

"Here we are." Helen peered over her shoulder, flashing me a wide grin. She reached the tree and took her backpack off. Somehow, she still had the energy to appear spritely and energetic. She rummaged around and pulled out a large and heavy woollen blanket, dark red in colour, laying it out on the soft grassy ground near the tree.

The tree was a bulky beast, its trunk thick with gnarled bark. It was also very tall with its branches extending far out from its trunk, forming a natural pagoda for us to sit under. I gratefully stood in the cool shade under its canopy and took the heavy rucksack from my shoulders.

Helen had straightened out the blanket and was now sat down retrieving two large bottles of water and two big Tupperware boxes full of food from her backpack.

She looked up and patted the blanket next to her. "Come and sit down then. So, what do you think?" She peered at me expectantly.

I sat down next to her. "It's lovely. Peaceful. So quiet." The ground was very comfy, the grass under the blanket springy like firm foam. "We're quite close to the path though. Are you sure we won't get seen?"

"We'll be fine," Helen reassured. "Stop worrying! You can't see the path from here, so anyone on the path won't see us. Anyway, it's not that close!" She glanced over her shoulder. "And no-one walks up there on the mountain."

I could see her point. Only the bravest of ramblers would take that forested slope on. "So," I looked all around, double-checking the privacy of Helen's special spot. "You've come up here before and....."

"Made myself come. Fingered myself. Yes," she smirked. She leaned closer, bent her head to one side and kissed me, her tongue diving in to my mouth.

Her eagerness took me a little by surprise. I felt flattered. I returned her enthusiastic kiss and slipped my hand along her soft inner thigh until my fingers stroked the warm hirsute lips of her pussy.

She pulled away, placing her palm on my chest. "Remember, we've got the rest of the morning and the afternoon. There's no rush," she whispered.

"Ok." I was a little breathless. "Yes. It's probably best to pace ourselves a little."

Helen giggled at my lopsided grin. "I think it's best. After last time, I couldn't walk. I came loads of times!"

I peered down at her crotch. Her full and fleshy pussy lips were already blossoming with a moist, shiny pinkness. I cleared my throat and swallowed hard.

"So, what's in the bag I was carrying? Weighed a tonne!"

"Have a look." Helen said. The corners of her mouth curled up in to a cheeky grin.

I frowned, reached over and hefted the rucksack in between my legs. I undid the straps and pulled the string-tie outwards, opening up the top of the rucksack.

First up was a white box, and I had to use two hands to pull it out. I turned the box to look at the picture on its side.

"A Sony digital camcorder." I read. I glanced sideways at Helen who hunched her shoulders and giggled.

"You know," she whispered. "We can video things." She pursed her lips and blushed.

It took me a while, but I cottoned on. "Oooohhhhh. Wow. Good idea."

Helen nodded, hunched her shoulders and giggled.

With a rapidly growing sense of excitement I placed the box on the floor in between myself and Helen, and turned my attention back to the rucksack. Next up was another box, smaller than the last.

"A Canon DSLR." I turned to Helen with a wide grin. "I see what you mean about a heck of an afternoon!"

"I want some mementoes, you know." She nodded at the rucksack, eager for me to discover what else it contained.

Next, there were two more big bottles of water, the main source of the weight I had hefted for twenty minutes. Then, at the bottom of the bag was a black shoe box. I lifted it out and took the lid off.

Neatly arranged in the shoe-box was an assortment of sex toys. My jaw dropped. Helen giggled uncontrollably as I looked between her and the contents.

"How long have you had these?" I asked, breathless with my sudden and extreme arousal.

"Oh, ages," she said, suddenly serious. Primly, she continued. "When your husband shows absolutely no interest in anything bedroom related, one turns to other methods of gratification."

I stared wide eyed at the assortment of toys. A large dildo occupied much of the shoebox, pink and rubbery to the touch with an abnormally large head at the end. A slightly smaller black dildo lay next to it, complete with a rubbery ball sack that looked very realistic. There was a smaller white dildo that tapered to a blunt formless end. A set of three plastic balls rolled around the bottom of the shoebox, each a different colour and connected by thick string. And finally, stuffed in to a corner of the shoe box was a shiny black butt plug.

"Bloody hell!" My jaw was still lolling around somewhere on floor. "Are you going to be using all of these?"

"Well, maybe we could use them." She nudged me and winked. She pointed at the pink dildo. "How do you fancy that one up your bottom, eh?"

"Ouch!" I frowned as if in pain. "No way, that would kill me! Your finger was big enough!"

"Hmm. Well, I have to say, I've managed to get the white one up my bottom."

"Really?" I looked at her in disbelief.

"Yeah," she nodded gravely. "After you put your finger up my bum, I wanted to try and push something a bit bigger up. To see if I could manage it, you know?"

"Really?" My jaw was obviously quite happy resting on the floor.

"Mhmm. Took me a while to get used to it, but I did it. Several times!" Her face lit up and she giggled. "It was easier when I crouched over it, if you see what I mean."

I was stunned. A few days ago, when I had my finger up her bum, it had felt so incredibly tight; far too tight for anything other than a very well lubricated digit.

"So," Helen continued. "I want try your cock up there. See if I can get it in. It's not like you're hung like a donkey!" She immediately put her hand on my arm as her grin faded. "I didn't mean it to come out like that. Sorry. Sorry."

I didn't care what Helen meant. She wanted my manhood up her bottom, and wanted to use her toys, maybe all of them. And, she wanted pictures and video. I stared at Helen in utter disbelief, dimly aware that my penis was throbbing painfully.

"So," Helen said as she patted down the blanket behind her. "Let's enjoy ourselves." She reclined down on to the soft ground, letting her light skirt ride all the way up, and held her arms out to me.

I eagerly fell in to her embrace and kissed her soft lips, pressing myself against her hips. I unbuttoned the front of her dress down to her belly button, slipped my hand under the silky material, and cupped a warm breast, gently kneading it. I pulled away from our kiss and gazed at her full breast as it easily filled my groping hand.

"You know what?" I said, looking from my hand and into Helen's eyes. "Even though I have always classed myself as an 'ass-man', your boobs are slowly turning me to the dark side." I grinned.

Helen frowned, a quizzical smirk on her lips. "How do you mean?"

"Like, I'm becoming a 'boob-man'. Your breasts are truly beautiful."

Helen blushed. "Thank you!" She closed her eyes.

I moved down and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it gently and flicking my tongue over the delicate nub. As it quickly hardened, Helen sighed and pulled a knee up, letting her leg fall to the side. I kept her firmed nipple in my mouth and reached down between her legs to cup her crotch with my hand. Her fur felt delightfully delicate as I pressed my fingers against the heat of her pussy.

Gently, I parted her outer lips with my first and ring fingers, and then slowly pushed my middle finger inside. I groaned appreciatively as my finger easily made its slippery way up her well lubed tunnel.

"Mmmm, that's nice." Helen cooed.

I raised my head from her breast and gazed at Helen's face whilst I slowly stroked my finger in and out of her sumptuous pussy. Her eyes were closed and lips parted as her tongue lightly flicked over her top lip. She took a breast in her hand and tweaked the firm nipple between thumb and forefinger.

I slid down and in between Helen's legs and palmed her inner thighs. As she parted her legs wide, her outer pussy lips slicked apart to reveal her soft inner lips. She was very wet, a large drip of her creamy juice already collecting at the bottom of her tube, just above her glistening brown bumhole.

Helen reached down to her pussy with both hands and used her middle fingers to pull her inner lips apart, and first fingers to expose her clitoris from under its sweet fleshy hood. I moved close and lightly ran my tongue from the bitter tasting glob of juice to her clitoris and back down, pushing my tongue in to her as far as possible until my face was jammed to her sex.

Her scent was wonderfully strong, a faint smell of the sweet staleness from her bush brushing and tickling my nose, mixed with the glorious and funky aroma of hot pussy. I ground myself against the blanket as I thought of the pleasures of her bottom cleft after our long and hot walk.

"Take some pictures, if you like." Helen murmured, looking down at me between her legs. "For our use and enjoyment only though, ok!"

"Wow. Ok. Um, video or photo?"

"Photos to start with. Remember, we've got all day." Helen let her head back down to the blanket. She circled her clitoris with her fingers whilst rhythmically rocking her hips.

I jumped up and opened the camera box, retrieved the bulky device and turned it around in my hand, trying to find the power button. Helen chuckled and held out her hand, waving it impatiently.

"Give it here," she chortled. With one hand still working her pussy, she grabbed the camera. She flicked a circular switch and waited for the tell-tale beep of the power-up. Then, she thumbed a few of the fiddly buttons whilst peering at the LCD screen of the camera, squinting against the sunlight. "There! Auto-focus and auto-light. Just zoom in or out and press the button. Ok?"

I nodded and took the camera. Helen closed her eyes and resumed her play. I moved around and knelt down in front of her. I lifted the camera and peered at the LCD display whilst pointing the lens towards Helen.

"Woooow! Fantastic!" With a shaking hand I twisted the lens collar, zooming in a little to fill the viewfinder with Helen's glistening crotch. I clicked the button. The camera chirped as the image was captured. I zoomed in more until Helen's soaking tube was in perfect close-up view. I clicked again.

Helen pulled her legs up to her chest and moved her hands around to her bottom, obscenely parting her pussy lips and buttocks with wide spread fingers. I backed off the zoom until I had her pussy and ass in shot. I clicked the button. Then I zoomed in on her bum hole, moving myself closer until her pouting anus was all I could see on the LCD screen. I stared for a moment, appreciating the picture, her asshole gaping a little pink in the centre. I clicked and clicked, getting a little trigger happy as I realised the camera was picking out a little dirt on her hole.

Helen laughed joyously, throwing her head back in abandon. "This is so horny!"

For a moment I forgot the camera, and gazed at Helen, legs akimbo and spreading herself wide. I unzipped my shorts and rummaged until my member was standing proud in the sunlight. Helen lowered her legs and lifted her head.

"Did you get some good shots?" she asked excitedly as she sat up, shifting to sit on her knees.

"Oh yes." I said breathlessly. My stomach felt bunched up from the excitement. "Mostly close-ups, I'm afraid."

"Ok. Cool!" She fidgeted with the hem of her skirt. "Shall we do it? So that I can film it?" she pointed to the video camera, still in its box.

"Sure. I've got no problem with that." I blurted, swallowing hard. I looked around checking we were still private.

"Don't worry, it's fine where we are," she said softly. She leant forward and gently took hold of my cock, curling her fingers around the shaft from underneath. "If you lie on your back and I can sit on you." She slowly milked my shaft. "Take your shorts off." She kissed me briefly on the lips and then shuffled over on her knees to retrieve the video camera.

I stood up and removed my shorts and boxers, checking all around, just to make sure. Naked from the waist down, I laid myself flat on my back on the soft blanket. My dick throbbed, pulsing up and down on my stomach in time with my heavy heart beat. For someone who didn't want to rush things, Helen was surely eager.

Helen knelt at my feet and positioned the video camera on the floor, spending time making sure it was level and stable. She flicked the view screen out and twisted it upwards. She peered in to it and made a few painstaking adjustments.

"Move your feet apart, that's it. Oh yes! Mm mm." She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself as she fastidiously set the camera at the exact angle she wanted. "Hold your cock so it's pointing up straight. That's it. Now slide yourself back a bit. Just there, that's it! Perfect."

I let my head fall back on to the soft blanket and heard the beep as she pressed the record button. She moved to kneel by my side, and took my manhood from me, easing my foreskin back until my purple glans was glistening in the sunlight. She bent down and slowly took half my length in her mouth.

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