tagAnalAss is Now in Session

Ass is Now in Session


Part 1 of 3: The Professor's Bottom

Fall semester was starting next week and Professor Zara Ebadi was headed to the Dean's office for a private meeting.

The University was planning to hold the first "International Festival" on campus to highlight the diversity amongst its faculty and students. Students were encouraged to dress up and represent their heritage, but faculty were required to do so.

There were no exceptions for faculty members.

This meant the campus would have all sorts of fun activities going on. Festivities would range from parties, to gatherings, to food and special showcases and performances. It was expected to be a really big deal and local politicians had even commented about it. It was expected to be covered by the local media as well.

For Zara, it meant wearing a traditional Persian dress. She had plenty of those in her closet, which she'd wear for family functions.

It would be the first time she'd ever wear something like that in public. She considered herself to be an American woman, after all. She was a designer tshirt, jeans, and red lipstick kind of girl.

Maybe that was what this private meeting was about? She wondered. Especially since Zara was the only Persian woman on the faculty and perhaps the Dean wanted to confer with her on that.

She met Dean Keller in his office. Their relationship had always been cordial over the last 3 years since she landed the teaching job. She had always known him to be a fair-minded man who's had the school's best interest at heart.

For the first time, as they sat for their private meeting, she noticed something was off about him today. His confidence and enthusiasm seemed diminished. And he even seemed a bit hesitant, which was totally uncharacteristic of him.

"So, the International Festival," he said, forcing a smile and then pausing.

Zara politely smiled back. "Yes? What about it?"

"Any thoughts? Are you comfortable with it?"

"Everything I've heard about it sounds like a lot of fun, and it's something that will make our campus unique. I really love the idea of everyone dressing up and showing off their history."

Dean Keller nodded. "Excellent. Very good. I knew you'd see it that way."

"Was there anything else you had in mind?" she playfully questioned, knowing the Dean would never waste her time for such simple questions.

He gulped. "Do you have any idea what you'd be wearing?"

Zara's eyes lit up. "I have too many options, which is a good problem to have I suppose. Believe it or not, I have tons of traditional Persian garments and clothes from going to weddings and that sort of thing. I haven't made a final decision yet. I'll still have to rummage through my closet."

"I'm sure you'll find something that looks... well... appropriate, in a lovely way."

The Dean seemed embarrassed to say such a thing, and Zara wondered what the hell was going on. Was he flirting with her? Or was this the Dean's awkward way of trying to get his dick sucked?

"What do you mean?" Zara asked, wanting to clear up this misunderstanding.

"Professor Ebadi," he said in a more formal tone. "Universities across the country are going through a generational shift, in terms of age and race. In my opinion, you represent our future. Pardon my phrasing, but you're very intelligent, young, and the students really seem to connect with you."

She smiled, "Thank you. And I'm assuming you want me to wear something hip for the event. Something that'll make sure the faculty looks fun and enthusiastic, even though the theme is traditional cultures."

"I knew you'd understand," he said with a short sigh of relief.

That seemed like a reasonable enough request. Frankly, it did sound like a good idea. Even though she was slightly miffed by the implication and suggestive undertones, Zara was all about school spirit. She prided herself on being the youngest and 'coolest' teacher on campus.

But in this case, any traditional outfit she'd wear would unintentionally highlight her natural Persian backside, since the thin fabrics and materials were all form-fitting. All her adult life, she had tried to suppress her luscious bottom with a strict diet and lots of exercise. But genetics were genetics, and she was used to receiving plenty of ogles from passers-by.

"Anything for this institution," she proudly replied.

"Excellent. I'm assuming you'll wear something that will showcase what an amazing figure you have."

She lifted an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"I think that was pretty clear," he said, clearing his throat. "Our school has a rigorous nutrition and sports science program. I think faculty like you should set a good example of what a healthy figure should look like."

She looked at him even harder, but remained respectful. "What exactly are you saying?"

"Can you wear something more revealing?" he asked, forcing those words out of his own mouth.

She gasped audibly.

When she saw the Dean gulp, she knew that he was extremely uncomfortable asking this, but felt duty-bound somehow, for whatever bizarre reason.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a crack in the Dean's once powerful armor. For the first time since they had known each other, he looked like he was on the verge of tears. Tears!

"I'm so, so sorry for asking that," he said, fighting back a potential waterfall.

"Dean Keller, what's wrong?" she asked in shock.

He sucked it all up and re-composed himself. He was determined to be the strong leader of the school once again.

"Are you aware how much the school's athletic program brings in annually?"

"At least a hundred million," she replied, always knowing her stuff.

He sadly shook his head. "That figure has become grossly outdated."

"Since when?"

"Last year. The new figures haven't been fully compiled yet, but I'm giving you a heads up."

"Oh gosh," she whispered.

"We're struggling to get the best athletes. We're not competitive anymore, not like before. And with the massive student protests which happened last year, enrollment is down. Many parents don't want to send their kids here anymore, even though our academics is highly rated."

"Dean Keller, that sounds like the natural ebb and flow of any educational institution. I'm sure we'll bounce back."

He sighed. "I've been in academia longer than you've been alive. I know a serious downward trend when I see one. The only way we'll bounce back is if we take drastic measures."

Zara sat back and thought about this admission. "That sounds serious."

"We could be looking at staff layoffs and cuts to student services."

Now it was Zara's turn to feel deflated. They shared a dark moment together.

Suddenly, a revelation came to mind.

"What does any of this have to do with my outfit?" she questioned.

He sighed. "I'm sorry. Professor Ebadi, I apologize for saying anything inappropriate towards you. I hope you can forgive me, and if you can do me a favor, please don't repeat this conversation to anyone. I really shouldn't have said anything."

"Of course, this stays between us. But what exactly were you suggesting? I want to know."

"Forget it, please."

"Dean Keller, I'm not leaving until you tell me," she said firmly. "Why is my outfit linked to the University's success? It makes no sense to me."

He mustered his courage. "We're actively trying to recruit two star athletes for our swim team for the Spring semester. They'll be here for the Festival next week and they'll be sitting in on a few classes, including yours. They want a feel for the campus before making a decision."

"What does that have to do with my outfit?" she asked yet again, still in disbelief over where this was headed.

"If they decide to come here, they'll be English majors since -- let's be honest -- it's an easy major compared to other fields. Since you teach freshman and sophomore English courses, I thought it would be a good opportunity for you to make a good impression on them."

Zara briefly gritted her teeth. "You wanted me to wear a tight Persian dress and shake my ass for them?"

"Professor Ebadi, please, I never said that."

"That's what you were implying."

He gulped. "I wanted to show them the beauty of our campus, the stellar faculty we have, and our high academic standards."

"Which includes my ass, doesn't it?"

He shrugged. "You have a very fine posterior, I must admit."

"Oh goodness," she sighed smacking her palm to her forehead.

"Wait, wait, now let me defend myself here."

"It's your office, you can say whatever you want."

"Recruiting top talent is tough," he explained. "You know that. There are also a lot of things which go on behind the scenes. A few years ago there was a scandal where a coach paid for strippers and sex for potential recruits."

Zara's jaw dropped. "You must be joking. Are you suggesting that I..."

"No, no, no! I'd never ask you to do anything like that. All I'm saying is, there are other English professors who have tenure, and you don't. So if we're forced to cut our budget, then it's pretty clear what will happen."

The man had a good point. Being part of the younger generation of professors on campus had its perks, but also its drawbacks. The fact was, she lacked any sort of tenure and would be on the chopping block if things didn't turn around.

Surely her ass could make an exception for this.

"Suppose I was able to help," she said cautiously.


"You know how. Just suppose. Would it help with my status at this University?"

"I'll make sure you have tenure for three lifetimes," he said with confidence.

"You can do that?"

"Professor Ebadi, according to our recruiters, these two athletes are future superstars in the world of swimming. They want to attend this University because they have deep family roots here, but you never know. They're getting great offers everywhere."

"Hmm..." she pondered.

"I've already met with them, and I can say that they're interested in coming here. They just need a final push, a final bit of convincing before they agree to join our program."

"Anything in mind?"

"Maybe we should have a drink first," he said. "I know you don't drink alcohol, so it'll be a soda for us."

Dean Keller got up and poured two drinks. When he brought it to Zara, he whispered something in her ear. A plan.

Both of her eyebrows arched.

Part 2 of 3: The Ass in Motion

It was mid-August and the perfect day for the beach, which was only a short distance from the campus, and from the apartment she lived.

At around 9 am, the star swimmer was likely working his summer job as a lifeguard. Zara wasn't exactly thrilled about this scheme, but it was the least she could do for the future of the University.

Normally, she'd work on her golden brown tan in the private pool area of her apartment complex. Today, she spread her beach blanket across the sand and removed her tshirt and shorts before sitting.

Being in her bikini in front of any potential student was something she had always avoided, which is why she had never sunbathed or swam around this beach before. It was a hotbed of college students.

With everything set up near the lifeguard watchtower, Zara slathered sunscreen all over herself and laid face down on the blanket. Her bronze skin glistened under the sun and her ass was certain to grab its share of attention.

She put her time to good use and fiddled on her phone, checking email, texts, and browsing a few websites. Nearly 15 minutes had passed before the plan had achieved its first strategic objective.

"Excuse me, are you Professor Ebadi?" a young male voice asked.

Zara put her phone down and looked up to see Garrett in a lifeguard outfit, which consisted of red swimming trunks and a white tshirt. He was tall, clean cut, and appeared to be in amazing shape with his lean and toned physique.

"That's me," she said, laying on her side and feeling self-conscious that her bikini-covered boobs were now visible.

"I just wanted to say hello," Garrett said. "Part of my job is making sure everyone is safe and has a great time on this beach."

"I think I'm pretty safe laying on the sand, near the watchtower," she quipped.

"You also look ready for the new semester," he said, with his eyes brazenly looking over the professor's backside.

So, the spoiled little prick had a thing for plump asses. Zara knew she had an advantage here, and the Dean had better appreciate this favor.

"How did you manage to recognize me anyway?" she asked.

Of course, she already knew the answer to that. She was one of the few brown skinned adult women who lived in that area, and frankly, her ass was unforgettable. One look at her picture, and Zara was a woman you'd always remember.

Garrett thought fast. "I saw you coming down to the beach. I recognized your... ummm... face when I saw you. I saw your profile on the University's website."

"So that must mean you'll be a student of mine next semester," she said, sticking to the plan as if she didn't know him.

"Not exactly. I'm still thinking things over."

"Is that so?" she questioned. "What seems to be the hold up? I know I'm biased, but in my opinion, it's the best University in that price range, with a stellar reputation and great academics. The athletic program is fantastic as well."

"Trust me. I know all about the athletic program. I might join the swim team."

"Really? Wow."

"Mind if I sit next to you while we talk about this?"

Zara patted the beach blanket. "Please do. I could use the company."

She sat upright and Garrett sat next to her on the blanket.

"Yeah, so I'm being recruited by a few Universities and I'll make my decision soon."

So far so good. Zara felt mildly ashamed for even agreeing to this plan, but her loyalty to the University was unmatched. Plus, if she were honest with herself, this was kind of fun. Really fun, in a shameful, guilty pleasure kind of way.

"I'm assuming you live around here?" she asked.

"Yep. Just a few blocks away from this beach actually. I live with my parents."

A rich brat, she thought. Surely he could afford to move off into a dorm or rent a small place without having to worry about finances. Plus, for a guy like him, moving away would be an adventure.

This could be more challenging than she thought. It was time to take things to the next level.

"Why would you ever want to move?" she asked. "Your parents must have a nice home if you live around here. The University really is fantastic. What are you planning to major in, anyway?"

"I'd probably be an English major. And yeah, this area is awesome. But still, I might like to explore."

She smiled, "What a coincidence. I'm an English professor."

"Yeah, I know," he grinned. "The Dean told me all about you."

There was a deviance in his voice and Zara wondered just how much the Dean had said. She was slightly miffed, even though she was in a bikini doing the Dean's unholy bidding.

"You know Dean Keller?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yep. He's personally trying to get me to join the swim team, which is cool. He's also invited me to sit in during the first week of class. Which means I'll be in your class, I guess. I hear your lectures are informative."

There was another deviant grin from Garrett and Zara knew she needed another meeting with the Dean over this.

Just then, Zara's phone beeped. Deep down, she hoped it was a last minute message from the Dean, instructing her to abort this recruitment mission. Then she'd be able to get dressed, leave, and never talk to this swimmer again. He had already seen far too much of her body.

But that was unlikely. It was probably one of her friends wanting to meet up for a last minute lunch appointment.

A dirty thought came to mind. Instead of wasting her time flirting with a student, why not finish the mission in one fell swoop? She'd be able to leave right after and tell Dean Keller that she honestly did her best. And she'd be telling the truth, too. This is the farthest she could go without violating her own personal ethics with a student.

"Excuse me," she said politely. "I'm expecting an important message. School business, since classes are starting soon."

Zara dramatically turned her whole body to the side to check her phone, and in the process, she made sure to twist her hips in the most seductive way possible. With a body like hers, she was positive that Garrett was checking her out. The only question was, how much, and how obscenely was he looking?

The text message was from her cousin regarding a birthday party this coming weekend. But she stared at her phone, acting as though it were something important.

After allowing Garrett a good long moment of alone time with her backside, Zara put her phone down and rolled back towards the young man. While turning her body in exaggerated slow movements, she wondered to herself just where Garrett's eyes would be. As expected, his jaw was nearly in the sand. Garrett was all but drooling, and his eyes were down below her shapely waist. He was only caught for a split second and he expertly switched back to his normal self.

"Just as I thought," she said. "It was a faculty member. I'm needed at the University for a last minute meeting. The Department Chairman wants to go over some curriculum changes to meet the new guidelines."

"You're leaving now?"

"I'm afraid so. It was nice meeting you, Garrett. I look forward to the first week of class. Who knows, maybe I'll officially be your teacher someday? I teach several of the required courses for English majors, but you already knew that."

He nodded and smiled. "I'll definitely be seeing you, Professor Ebadi. I'm coming to the first week of class to check out... ehmm... the campus and how the courses are taught. I'm a very educationally minded guy."

"I can tell. See you then, Garrett."

They both stood, and naturally, she noticed the young man gazing over her bikini-clad body. It was a faint and subtle lookover, but like most women, she was able to detect it.

He insisted on making small talk as she got dressed. Zara gave him what he wanted, smiling and flirting with him as her oiled body gleamed under the sun. But when it was time to actually get dressed, she was surprised that he still lingered.

In a snap decision, she decided to get this over with. She turned around and picked up her tshirt, giving Garrett a bent-over view of her butt. She pulled on her tshirt and bent down again to get her shorts. It happened fast, but it was enough time for Garrett to have a good inspection.

She turned around and faced him. Garrett's eyes were faster this time in looking away, and he simply grinned.

"By the way," he said. "Isn't there an upcoming International Festival or something?"

Zara winked. "It's optional for students, but required for faculty. There'll be plenty of great international food, too. I really look forward to it."

"Sounds like something I should check out."

"I'll be wearing a traditional Persian outfit," she instinctively said when Garrett mentioned that he'll be 'checking it out.'

She realized her odd response and said her final 'bye' for that morning. She rolled up her beach blanket, got her things, and gave him a wave before heading straight to her car.


The first day of class always has its nerves. Generally, new students were all the same on the first day, especially in a freshman course like English 101. They were anxious and wide-eyed, stepping into a new world of academia.

It would be mildly strange for Zara to soon be standing in a lecture hall full of these new students, dressed in her Persian outfit, but she was proud nonetheless. It was thin, bright red, and clung to her well-endowed frame. At home, she checked herself in the mirror at least a dozen times, front and back, wondering what the students would think of it.

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