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Ass Man and Ass Mom


Doctor has anal sex with a beauty queen.


She had the slim and trim figure of a dancer, the shapely legs of an ice skater, and the muscle tone of a gymnast. After kissing and kissing her, after fondling her ample breasts and feeling her round, firm ass through her clothes, he removed her bra and sucked her nipples, while she felt his cock through his pants. Wanting to excite her to where she needed to allow him to have anal sex with her, feeling for and hoping to find her G spot, he reached down the front of her panty to tease her clit and explore her deeper with his fingers.

Once she was as aroused as he was and once she wanted him as much as he wanted her, if that was even possible, he removed her panty and gently turned her to face the opposite direction. Not as easy as he thought this would be, figuring she was as ready for this as he was, his erection was denied entry by her reluctance in having anal sex. Obviously mistaking her passionate cooperation for ignorant innocence, when he turned her to face the other way, perhaps she thought he was going to seduce her doggie style.

When he tried to penetrate her anally, she was very tight and it was obvious to him, and unfortunately painfully obvious to her, that she never had anal sex before. Yet, that was okay. They were even. He had never had anal sex or any other type of sex with a beauty queen before.

He grabbed his special lubricant from the nightstand and as if she was his patient, penetrating her with his finger, he made her anus slippery enough for him to penetrate her with his penis without undo pain. After having had one too many, it was good that she was relaxed and not feeling much discomfort. The alcohol that raised her blood level was as if he had given her anesthesia in his office, before giving her a colonoscopy. Gently, slowly, but methodically, as he would penetrate a patient with his instrument, he penetrated his lover with his penis.

"Wait. What are you doing? I never had anal sex, before," she said in a voice that sounded frightened but still excited.

Adventurous and eager to fit in and to be accepted, from what he knew of her and from what he had seen of her on stage, he knew she was daring enough to go along with him compliantly and without much complaint.

"Just relax," he said. "Trust me. I'm a doctor."

Just the diversion he needed, they both laughed and, as he held onto her hips, with a gentle push, a bit of sustained pressure, and a deeper hump, he felt his penis slide inside. A soccer fan and after watching the World Cup matches, he had the urge to raise his hands in the air and shout...Goal!...but he didn't. Instead he enjoyed the moment.

"It feels weird," she said in a voice that dripped like honey helped along by the image he had of her beauty that was already permanently etched in his mind.

Thinking that he had gotten lucky, an understatement with this beauty, he had hit the love jackpot to be in bed with her. A lucky fluke, when fate allowed them to meet, he'd spend the rest of his life remembering this night, their first night together that happened three years ago.

"Do you like it?"

Not waiting for her reply, he increased his rhythm, while reaching around her to fondle her breasts and finger her nipples. His passion and desire for her swelled with the stiffness of his cock, the smell of her hair, and the feel of her body. The worst of it for her was over. He was humping her now, really fucking her, and the alcohol she had consumed did its job in relaxing her enough for him to delve deeper and hump her harder. Now, with her returning his humps and responding to his passion, they were as one. Literally and figuratively, he was the Ass Man, after all, a medical specialist in his profession.

A two for one experience that happened three years ago, that was the first time that Peter and Briana had sex and the first time that Briana had anal sex. Now that they're a couple in love, the summer season began when Peter and his girlfriend, Briana, opened their pool for the season and had their first barbeque bash, but, officially, the summer loving began when Briana allowed him to make sweet, passionate love to her anally. That was last night.

Maybe it was hormonal or something in the warm, summer air, but summertime was the only time she allowed him to take her anally. He could have used some hot, anal sex during one of those cold, winter nights in February, but she refused his advancements, giving him a slow fuck and a blowjob, instead. Finally, with the advent of summer, after a long, cold winter hiatus and after a troubled spring, the clouds that darkened their blue skies now parted showing them better days ahead.

Peter looked at Briana and smiled. He couldn't be happier and she was excited. After taking the pregnancy test and finding out that she was pregnant, she was going to be a Mommy and he a Daddy; they were thrilled. He had planned on asking her to marry him anyway. With her pregnant now, maybe she'd finally say yes.

He had asked her to marry him before, but she refused with the excuse that her Daddy wouldn't approve. Peter, nearly 40-years-old, was a dozen years older than she was. Briana was still Daddy's little girl, a baby, as far as her Daddy was concerned, and even though she was no longer a virgin, he still perceived her as virginal.

Daddy verbalized that he had hoped she would have married someone more her age and someone, at least, from Texas. He told her that he never figured she'd fall in love with a Jewish doctor from, of all places, New York. Yet, love is blind to age, religion, and location and, for sure, she could have done worse for herself. He was a wealthy doctor and a good catch by all measures of love, security, and marriage.

Now that she had finished her morning coffee and was more awake, she was ready for his surprise. Sometimes a little too excited and a bit rough in his passion for her, she had recovered somewhat from his ass play last night and, with the help of a cushion, could sit again and more comfortably enjoy her gift. She was such a sexy woman and he loved her, even more, when she allowed him to make love to her anally, his favorite sexual position.

Living life without anal sex for such a long time had made last night an unusually pleasurable anal kind of night. With the unbridled lust she showed him last night in returning his passion, it was as if she had rewarded him for his patience in waiting for her to accept anal sex as part of their lovemaking. Never had he wanted her ass as much and never had she submitted herself in such a willing way.

Rammed and slammed, last night, without doubt, was the best anal sex he had ever had with anyone, including those twin cheerleaders, so many years ago. He had never seen anyone do a full split like that during sex. While he ate out one, the other was impaled, rectally, on his cock. That had been amazing, a once-in-a-lifetime experience but, maybe because he loved Briana so much, last night was even better.

Last night was a turning point for them, as a couple. Averse to having anal sex before, if he was to judge her by last night's performance, Briana was a ten on a scale of one to ten. After so willingly surrendering her ass to him last night, he doubted she'd ever say no again to having anal sex with him. Maybe, at long last, she's starting to enjoy him making love to her rectum. Maybe her anus has stretched enough and grown accustomed to having his cock buried deep inside of it that the pain she briefly feels is worth the pleasure he loves giving her.

An expert in the anus, he is a Board Certified Proctologist, after all. He's the ASS MAN and had much knowledge with regard to the internal workings of the anus, the rectum, and the colon. It had been his love for anal sex that veered him into that specialized medical profession in the first place.

He looked at her with such sexual satisfaction, a feeling that he had never felt before. For sure, now that she was the final piece in his puzzle and anal sex was his last much needed ingredient, he couldn't be happier. Everything he had ever wanted, he had achieved, a flourishing career as a doctor, the big house, and the fancy cars. Everything he wanted in a woman, he now had with Briana, a loving sexual partner, a real beauty, and a woman of style and class. His life was complete. If he died and went to Heaven today, he couldn't be any happier.

She was beautiful. A Texas beauty queen, who didn't win Miss Texas, she had come in as the runner up. Peter had been so afraid that had she won, he'd lose her to another man, to the glitter of Hollywood, to a professional around the world beauty career, or to the fickle public. Even though, he voted for her to win, he was glad, relieved actually, that she had lost.

Now that she lost, now that her beauty career was over and she was free of the fawning public lusting over her from afar, how he attained the next step is where fate stepped in to help him meet her. This time, after he won her heart, he didn't mind getting sloppy seconds. If settling for second best was in winning her, he was the real winner here.

He met her three years ago, immediately after she lost the Miss Texas contest. Invited to attend a party with the other beauty queens in attendance, he had been one of the beauty pageant judges. He had voted for her to win, of course, but was happy when she lost. She had more to gain being with him, he thought, than living life as an ex-beauty queen and a B-movie Hollywood celebrity on her way to alcohol and drug addiction, Playboy pictorials, and detox and rehab. To him, she was the most beautiful woman on the stage, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he was dying to meet her.

Perhaps for safety sake, she stayed with the other beauty pageant contestants and didn't stray from the security of their protectiveness. He watched her from afar drinking too much champagne and not eating enough food. Politely, with a smile and a firm no thank you, she fought off the advances of all those young, well built, horny Texans, who only wanted her for one thing. Definitely, he thought, she wasn't as shallow as she looked.

Admitting to him later that she never wanted to live her life as arm candy to an older man, but as a lover in a loving love relationship, courageously, she fought off the advances of all those rich, dirty, old, oilmen, who only wanted to take advantage of her and show her off, as they would something priceless they bought at auction. Definitely, he thought, she wasn't a gold digger. Impressed by what he saw of her, thus far, he needed to know more about her.

Older than her and certainly rich, Peter wasn't a dirty, old man. He was a doctor, a healer, a gifted specialist of the medical profession. He didn't want Briana just for sex, he wanted her for everything. He didn't want to take advantage of her, he wanted to give her every advantage he could in life.

Watching her, as if she was a beautiful bird or a rare butterfly that might fly away and disappear at any moment, he studied her trying to figure how to get her to notice him. She was so stunningly beautiful and he was so profoundly average. Surrounded by younger men more handsome than he was, why would she want him? Then, as fate would have it, after finishing her third glass of champagne, beating her dropped glass to the floor, she fainted.

"Somebody help," screamed the woman, who had been standing next to her. "We need a doctor. Is there a doctor here?"

"I'm a doctor," said Peter stepping out from the crowd and he was, indeed, a doctor, a proctologist, a specialist in the anus, the rectum, and the colon. Yet, certainly, he could handle a beautiful maiden in distress, who's only injury was sipping too much champagne on an empty stomach, no doubt.

"Give them room," said someone.

"Step back and give her some air, please," he said squatting down to take her hand and feel her wrist for her pulse, before putting two fingers to her swan-like, beautiful neck that he imagined kissing, while making anal love to her.

His heart raced so fast and beat so loud with the delicate touch of her that he had difficulty discerning her pulse from his. Touching her was as if he was holding a valuable, one-of-a-kind, priceless diamond. Holding her was as if he had just won a contest and won the most beautiful woman in the world, as his reward. Even in her crumpled position, a lifeless flower separated from the bouquet, she was breathtaking.

"Is she okay," said one of the beauty contestants, who stood over them and watched with grave concern.

He looked up at the woman who spoke and, surrounded by so many beauty contestants that this could have been a fantasy dream he was having in bed, his gaze went from one beautiful woman to the other. With each woman more beautiful than the next, he felt as if he was a big, ugly bumble bee in a meadow trying to decide which beautiful flower to pollinate. Yet, the hand of the wilted rose that he still held was the most beautiful of the bunch. She was the only one with whom that he wanted to sexually reproduce.

He didn't belong here amid all this beauty. He wasn't like any of the other men in attendance, handsome models, talented actors, and famous celebrities. Yet, here he was and this his chance, his golden opportunity, that had been serendipitously presented to him by her fainting. As if she was a Lady and he a Gentleman, this could have happened back in the 18th century. She was, indeed, his perfect Princess.

"She just had a little too much to drink," he said smiling up at the crowd, wishing they'd all go back to partying and leave him alone with her. "Someone get me some water, please," he said to no one in particular. A waiter handed him a glass of water and he reached up and accepted it.

He dabbed some water on each of her wrists with a napkin, then dipped his fingers in the water and gently patted a few droplets on her face, her neck, and her forehead. As if awakening Sleeping Beauty with a drop of water, instead of a kiss, she stirred. When she opened her eyes, he lifted her head and gave her a slow sip of water.

"My hero," she said in a slurred voice, as she looked up at him with glassy eyes and a sexy, albeit inebriated smile.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the lips. Maybe it was that kiss that transformed him from ugly frog status to someone she'd be interested in dating. Unable to resist her charm, he returned her kiss, but when she parted his lips with her tongue, her public display of affection shocked him and he pulled away. Not here, not now, he hoped she'd save that passion and still have that infatuation for him for later, that is, if he was able to get her alone.

"C'mon, let's take a walk outside and get you some air," he said putting a strong arm around her slim waist, as he helped her to stand. On his way out the door, he grabbed a slice of bread from one of the many food trays at the party. "When did you last eat?"

"Yesterday, I think," she said with an embarrassed smile.

"Eat that slowly, but finish it all," he said handing her the bread. "It will soak up and negate some of the alcohol in stomach before it travels through your blood system and overwhelms your nervous system and brain."

With the bright lights of the mansion and the sounds of the party behind them, he disappeared in the night with her. Walking and chatting, as if they were already a couple, with his arm still around her slim waist and his hand resting at the very top of her shapely ass, he walked her out to his car and drove her to his house. They've been together ever since.

When he took her to his place, she was as drunk as he was excited. She was so beautiful. Never had he been with a woman so beautiful and he couldn't believe she was here with him now. On the way to his house, it was obvious she was impressed with his car, a Mercedes. Then, once they pulled up to his house, is when she realized that he was wealthy.

He invited her inside and gave her something to drink, but made sure she had something to eat with her wine, since this was why he was able to get her here in the first place. It only took him a minute to prepare a cheese, cracker, and veggie plate, while she walked around admiring his home and furnishings. They talked, as she ate and drank her wine. Between the fresh night air and the food, sobering up a bit, he watched the color return to her face and her speech was more controlled and understandable.

He doesn't remember if he kissed her or she kissed him but they started making out like horny teenagers. He knew by the way she was kissing him and in the way she was allowing him to touch her everywhere he needed and wanted to touch her that he was going to get lucky. He invited her upstairs to his bedroom and she accepted his invitation. He couldn't believe it.

He wasn't the best looking guy, but he was a nice man. Never had he gotten lucky with someone who looked like her. Once upstairs and on the bed, is when things really started to heat. She was wearing her gown that she wore at the pageant and once he was able to get her out of that and once she helped him to get naked, she allowed him to remove her bra and panty. Waiting for her to awaken from her drunken spell and to notice that he wasn't one of the young, horny Texans, she saw him for who he was, her soon-to-be boyfriend. Too late to reject him now that they were both naked, they were at the point where she accepted him as her lover.

There was something magical about that night. In the way that she looked at him, it was obvious to him that she felt the connection they instantly had, as much as he did. That night was the first time she had anal sex and the first time he had sex with a beauty queen. Before her, his most beautiful girlfriend had been his sexy hairstylist, Christine. Even though Christine was very attractive, even though Christine was a willing anal sex partner, there was no contest when comparing the good looks of Christine to the real beauty of Briana.

Tall, blonde, and strikingly beautiful, Briana told him that she thought she was going to be the next Miss Texas. She told him that she had hoped to be the next Miss America. Only, she came in second in the Miss Texas beauty contest and, with that, her hopes of winning Miss America were over. She retired from competing to take a job with him, as his office manager. Now, three years later, just having turned 27-years-old, she was too old to compete anyway. It was a contest for the very young 17-year-olds to 24-year-olds.

When walking together, they looked much as Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley did in Joel's music video, Uptown Girl. As short and balding as she was tall and beautiful, her beauty was a startling contrast to his, at best, average looks. Those who saw them would first think that she was only with him because of his money. Yet, with a second look, it was obvious to anyone who saw them together that they were in love. Genuinely, he was a nice man and, better than even her Daddy did, he treated her better than any man had ever treated her before.

Yet, in this economic recession, there were enough tough times to reach everyone, even them, that is, by their convoluted perception of a tough time.

"April was a bad month, honey," he said giving her a sad smile. "With me being audited by the Internal Revenue Service and you having to go through surgery to fix a botched boob job, well, we've been through some tough times," he said looking around his multi-million dollar mansion with a renewed satisfaction, as if glad he still had the house.

Realistically, he should have a problem. Not ever having experienced tough times, never cold, he never felt the chill of winter to make him wonder if he was going to die from exposure. Never hungry and with a private chef in their posh kitchen, he always knew where his next meal was coming from and would never perish from starvation. Never homeless, he always had a place to put his head on a soft 2,000 thread count pillow case that covered a goose down pillow that cost more than some people's mattresses.

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