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Greetings to all my guys and gals, readers and friends out there in cyberspace –

I have a few tips and techniques to share with those of you who are ready to add a little ass fucking to your sexual repertoire, if you and your partner so desire. There are several things that are crucial in order for you to gain the most pleasure and enjoyment from this particular sex act, as well as keeping it safe and healthy for you.

The first and most important point regarding any ass play is CLEANLINESS. After all, we all know that the asshole is the least sanitary part of the human anatomy, being it is, literally, the avenue where all the waste from our bodies passes on to its final dumping ground!!! So use your simple common sense in being clean about your technique, or it can easily lead to the spreading of harmful germs and bacteria to other parts of the body. I highly recommend that both partners are squeaky clean before you begin, by bathing or showering prior to engaging in this activity. The use of a condom is absolutely necessary, unless you are the one and only exclusive sex partner with your lover -- even then it is not a bad idea to use one. Complete washing and bathing of the genitals of both people AFTER the act is completed is even more important. NEVER NEVER NEVER engage in any other sex acts, after having anal sex, without having completely cleansed your sex organs first!!! I cannot stress how very easy it is for you to get some kind of infection if you don't do so, particularly for you gals, OK???

Once you are spanking clean and ready to begin your ass play session, there are two elements that, when combined, will highly contribute to your comfort, enjoyment and pleasure of this act. They are RELAXATION and LUBRICATION. To me, those are the secrets that will make engaging in anal sex a near-euphoric experience for the two of you! If either one of those elements is missing here, BOTH partners will be missing out on sharing what can be one of the most intensely erotic and exciting ways of making love to one another. Therefore, more than just a little bit of your standard sex foreplay is essential.

I find that starting out your session by giving your lady a lovely, long erotic massage is a fabulous way to accomplish both a state of being totally relaxed and being well lubricated at the same time. The guy should use gentle touching, kissing, licking, sucking and even a little bit of nibbling to stimulate his gal in any and all of her erogenous zones, focusing on the general area of her pussy mound and ass.

I strongly suggest keeping a tube of good, old-fashioned KY Jelly handy, and do not hesitate to use it liberally, if your lady is not prone to natural lubrication. There are many types of anal lubricants on the market specifically made for ass play. But I do not recommend them, since they contain a desensitizer called lidocaine, which dulls the nerve endings a bit for both partners --and feeling all of the fully pleasurable sensations that come from having a hard cock up my ass is what is it all about, as far as I am concerned!!!

One technique that worked well for me is when my lover actually "scooped" my wetness from my love hole with his finger, spreading it and smearing it all around my snatch and down my crack, and fingering my asshole with it slowly but thoroughly. This completely soaked and saturated me with my own juices, while his gentle finger massaging easily relaxed all of my ass-area muscles. He took his time and continued touching me in that manner for thirty minutes or more. Indeed, I was so relaxed and ready for him to fuck my ass, I was even unaware that he had stopped finger-fucking me there and already inserted his hard-as-steel rod!!! I had been lying there in a state of bliss with my eyes shut for quite some time when -- to my amazement – I looked up at him to find he was already fucking my ass with his cock, and I had no clue how long he had actually been inside of me!

Another important factor for the best kind of anal sex experience is, of course, BODY POSITIONS. And just like any sex act, there are a multitude of those, many of which are simply a matter of personal preference and choice. With most people, the good, old-fashioned doggy style position probably comes to mind first, when thinking about anal sex. My feeling is that you should experiment and try a lot of different positions until you find one or more that suit you both for comfort and in gaining the most sexual gratification you can garner from it.

Here is one that my lover and I found to be a wonderful way to make love when we are engaging in – what I affectionately call – our ASS PLAY:

I lay on my bed on my back with my legs spread wide apart and my knees comfortably raised. My lover sits on his knees between my legs, playing with my pussy, as I described above, in preparing to fuck my ass. Using slow, smooth strides, he takes each one of my feet in his hands, one at a time, and after massaging and kissing my toes a bit, he lifts my legs higher, placing one foot over each one of his shoulders, until my ass has actually been hoisted up off the bed, making me look somewhat like a wheelbarrow!!! This puts my ass in a great position for him to insert his hardness into my asshole ever so slowly and ever so gently -- in a downward motion – at an absolutely perfect angle.

After his stiff-as-steel cock has worked itself all the way inside my asshole, he will begin fucking me just a hair harder and deeper with each thrust. But extremely heavy and hard pumping away -- as is sometimes enjoyable for pussy fucking -- is not recommended for fucking up the ass, nor is it required to achieve an orgasm. Since the average asshole is generally much tighter than the standard snatch, a man will usually climax faster and more easily when he is fucking in this manner. And that kind of hard, heavy pressure could prove to be painful for the lady, as well as being damaging to that ever-so-sensitive area of her body. Just take it slow and easy the whole way thru, without ever hesitating to speak up upon feeling any discomfort.

So my guys, if you want to fuck your lady in this unique and often- thought-of-as-forbidden way; and my gals, if you are ready to experience a surprisingly erotic and enjoyable way of making love to your man – keep these words in your mind before you begin: CLEAN, COMFORTABLE, RELAXED, and WET!!! And above all else, remember to enjoy yourselves to the utmost, and have a lot of fun in doing it!!!

Love and kisses, Leslie

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