tagBDSMAsshole in College

Asshole in College


He was passing by the aerobics hall of the college when he saw her inside.

He stayed back to watch through the windows, almost drooling at her ass in the skin tight attire. After the class ended, he made his way into the room and walked straight up to her.

"Aerobics? Isn't it fun?"

He thought his machismo would impress her. But she was not that kind of a girl.

"Excuse me?"

"Well, putting on the skin-tight pants, tank tops, looking good, 'exercising'!"

The way he said it, it was clear to her she would need to take care of this now.

"I'll see you in a bit!" She smiled toward her friend who then packed up and left. She then turned back to him once the hall was empty except for them both.

He smirked. At the privacy she had created for them.

"May I help you with something?" She looked straight at him.

"Since you have already gotten us the privacy, I think we both know you can." He smirked again and walked in to kiss her.

She, of course, had no idea that this is what he would try to do, and he pushed him away.

Surprised, he shot out - "Listen up babe. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Now which one will it be?".

She looked back at him, waiting for him to get her message. He did.

"You're a girl. You can't stop me. So just cooperate."

Realizing he wouldn't back off, she shot back - "Okay, give it a try and you'll be sorry for it later. REally sorry."

"Are you threatening me?" he let out a laugh.

"Just warning you 'coz I'm in no mood for your bullshit."

His ego poked, he lunged into her to grab her hair. She quickly stepped aside and twisted his right arm behind his back.

"Were you gonna use it to grab my hair?" There was an impatience in her tone.

"Yes, and I..."

Before he could say anymore, she gave his arm a sharp jerk and kneed him behind his knee joint as he fell to one knee.

"Well then your hand's in trouble!" She twisted it further before letting it go.

"You have a chance, 'babe'. Walk out, and I won't humiliate you."

He held his broken arm in the other one as he tried to hide his embarrassment. He quickly seemed to recover and to save his pride, continued - "Come here girl, one kiss and you're free to go."

She cocked an eyebrow.

"No baby, lemme just show you today that I'm not that kind of a chick."

He walked in towards her again and before he could blink, she yanked him toward her by his arm and kneed him in the gut. As he stood bent over in pain, she stepped to his side and casually kicked his shin. He crashed onto the floor on his knees. She slowly walked around and stood before him again.

"It took me five minutes to bring you down to this pathetic state."

She grabbed his hair and pulled his face up so he could see her.

"You wanted a kiss? Well, after this, you more than deserve it!" She smiled.

...and put her foot in front of his face.

"Kiss it, baby!"

He tried to get up but she pressed his head back down with her foot and her tone became more firm.

"Apologize and kiss it!"

Soon he realized he didn't have a choice.

"Sorry..." He pecked on top of her foot.

She immediately kicked him down again.

"KISS it I said." She pressed her foot into his face.

He obliged.


She turned to her bag.

"Oh, one last thing." She turned around.

"My keys have fallen, right there, beside you. Will you be a good boy and bring them to me?" She smiled.

He stretched his arm to pick up the keys when she spoke again.

"On you hands and knees. Put the keys between your teeth."

One arm dead, his gut still aching from her solid knee, he knew he didn't have an option. He quietly obeyed and crawled up to her with the keys hanging from his teeth.

"Now, wipe them clean and drop them on the mat."

He obeyed again.

She picked up the keys and turned around to walk away...before turning back again.

"...and try forcing me into a kiss again. I'm sure i'll love it..even more!"

She sauntered out of the hall while he watched her ass sway. The ass of the girl who had just beaten him.

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