By now, however, her need for something - she was unable to relieve herself by masturbating, for some reason she did not question - was becoming urgent. She just knew that she leaked fluid, which she felt thickening as she became more and more receptive to the idea of a male's "penetrating" her, as she now knew it was called here. She could also smell a strange scent, becoming stronger the longer she waited.

Haubi slipped in a door and hastily walked over to her.

"Quiet, Mal. Listen, this is your first breeding. The males are...different from us...they have that they breed from the back, not the front like...humans. You and I, we are not...exactly human anymore, Mal. Do not worry, it does not hurt. The liable to be tender." Haubi kissed her and was gone rapidly.

Then a figure bounced into the room, his leaps reminding Mal for a second of some strange animal she had once seen...where? No matter, this one smelled male, the scent in her nostrils was rich, raw, yummy. Her mouth watered and puckered a bit as she thought of someone suckling on her nipples.

As "he" faced her, she realised that the penis on this being was protruding a good ten inches from a sheath which curved upward along his lower belly. Her mind flashed back to the male who had brought her here, and that ridge along his belly. But she had not been smelly then. This male's penis was startling but very, very pleasing, thick, pinkish, the tip leaking. She could not help herself, she was on her knees holding the male's belly against her chest as she tried to get her lips around the head.

It tasted very salty, but good. Her increasing interest and licking was interrupted by the male, who yanked her mouth loose. She feared she had hurt him somehow, but instead he indicated that she was not to do that - he could not speak, apparently - with emphatic gestures. Instead he sank to his hands and feet, his legs bending backwards at the knee! That way, his back was almost parallel to the softly padded floor. He humped his hips at her, his long, thick penis slapping against his belly, until she remembered what Haubi had said, about "from the back," and she got hurriedly down on her hands and knees.

"Like this?" she asked, patting her ass cheeks, wondering if he could understand her.

"Urh, wa!" he said, emphatically, his smile making that sound comprehensible. Moreover, his sudden application of a long and equally emphatic tongue to her pulsing quim assured her that she had done the right thing - for her, certainly, and from his enthusiastic attack on her fluids and the occasional flick of that knowledgeable tongue on her clit, for him as well. The assault on her quim made her jerk her hips just as he had.

The tonguing continued for some time, until Mal was so ready for the next stage that she was backing into the male's face and he was slowly getting her point. By now her flanks, her thighs and his face were covered with drying and still flowing juices, and her vagina was on fire with her want.

The male reared and flopped forward onto her back, which placed the end of his penis against her dripping labia. He was surprisingly light for his size. She bowed her belly downward as he shoved forward, and she felt the long organ slide slowly in, bringing her to an immediate orgasm. One of his fingers slipped over her clit, and she gave a long moan of pleasure.

"Oh, oh! Do that, more, more!" she cried, first in Galactic, then Kosti and finally in desperately voiced Aurata.. Her quim snugged on his penis, relaxed, tightened again and again as she spasmed. The male withdrew very slowly, then slid into her even more slowly, causing her to scream as she came again. He continued to fuck her slowly and thoroughly to her great enjoyment until as she climaxed for the fourth - or fifth, she couldn't remember - time, he began shoving into her really forcefully and Mal felt something huge slip between her slippery labia and into her very receptive quim. Her muscles clamped hard on the object.

"A-a-h, so-o good. Uh, uh, uh." It felt to her as though his penis had penetrated all the way to her breasts, they felt so wonderful, pulsing and tickling as she squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed her vaginal muscles. She moved forward in reaction to his backward movement, another orgasm hit, and she realised that the male and she were locked together!

The intercourse got better, if possible, after that. Although they could only move in short jerks in and out, she squirmed inwardly as her vagina clenched over and over. Mal felt itches scratched, urges satisfied, needs met, that she had never known she had and therefor had never expected to be satisfied. The sensation was breathtaking, she and the male were panting, trying to get oxygen into their struggling lungs.

She knelt there, the male stuck to her by his penis, both pulsing, his member very slowly and tantalizingly becoming softer. The knots which had entered her shrank last as she realised that he had injected something within her belly. She could feel a difference in her uterus and she supposed, although it had not happened before, that it was a female thing to know if one were pregnant. At that moment of revelation, the male's penis slipped from her and he rose.

Mal watched from her kneeling position, for she was unable to rise as yet,. Her body was still recovering from the fervor of the mating. The male's penis was slowly retracting into the sheath as he turned away and hopped slowly and tiredly toward the door. Now she understood, perhaps, the reason for the hops. His balls were monstrous. Mal thought that if he tried to walk his hairy thighs would rub them raw, for they were so huge that they lay against his inner thighs and half of them curved up and forward around his shaft from a normal scrotum's location, joining into the skin of those now slack knots without interval. They seemed to her, in her last glimpse of the male, firm despite their size.

Finally Mal was able to stagger to her feet, and she looked around to see which way she had entered the "breeding room." My, she thought, that is the right word!

"This way," came the voice of her master. Mal had not expected that, she was thinking that Haubi or one of the other slave women would help her. She was still leaking fluids and she had nothing with which to clean up.

"Come, Haubi will help. You were very good." Mal blushed at this praise.

Haubi appeared and placed an arm around her waist, guiding her to the bath once again. There she wallowed in the hot water, feeling her body rejuvenating itself. She could not stop grinning, it was all she could do to keep from breaking into joyful laughter.

Haubi was smiling, as she helped Mal scrub her back.

"It takes us all like that when we've been bred. The male's penis is big, and when the knot goes in..."

Mal couldn't help but laugh and smile."Yes, and when that knot came into me..."

She suddenly crossed her legs, for she felt as though she were about to climax again, just from the memory, but Haubi swiftly massaged her and gave her a pill to swallow. She was soon calm and felt no further sexual urge.

"Now, you carry for dvadentiksdvadai. You will have to walk carefully for the first two days, then you can do as you like, but you will be out of season in a few hours because the male's semen took - it doesn't always, the first time, and the female remains in season for another male..

"You might be one of the master's special breeders," she babbled on, and Mal wondered what that meant. At the moment she was enjoying the relaxing effect of the pill, and she became sleepy quite soon after rising refreshed from the bath. There was a question Mal wanted to ask about something Haubi had said...?

Haubi led her to her room, where once again she collapsed on her bed, sound asleep. Haubi laid a light covering over the nude body, sighed, raised the cover to look again at Mal's body as she rubbed her crotch, sighed again, then walked quietly out, closing the door.

Mal awoke knowing there was something important she had to ask Haubi. While she ate breakfast with the other female slaves, she did not see Haubi, and Mal did not want to ask anything of these working females whom she hardly knew. After breakfast Mal was heading back to her room to get a duster she'd forgotten when a male slave - now she understood that bent-legged gait - gave her the order to report at once to the master.

She entered his room timorously, afraid that she might have incurred his wrath.

"Ah, Mal. Do you remember before you came here?"

", master."

"That is probably as well, then. I have found the slave who was discovered with you on the raft. I thought he might have been your mate."

" not remember a..a mate, master."

"If a slave was, er...shaped like me, and still was male, would that look like anyone you remember?"

"No, master. I...I do not think so."

"Well, it is troublesome, but we will try taking you off kushra and see if your memory returns for a little while. I am curious as to your origins. Kostanz is very unlikely, although the sailor who was kourat said you came from a provenka, which is a ship every smuggler uses. The Kostanzi use bricki, as do we, and we leave them alone. He also said you spoke Masmas and another tongue which he did not understand.

"Mal slave, I can see you have questions. Ask Haubi about anything but your past - she would know nothing about that, anyway.. I will order that you be kept off kushra until your memory returns. You will be guarded, do not try to run!"

"No, master, I will not."

The master, Aroutko Nossa was head of a very powerful family, now that he had succeeded his father upon the latter's death. Nossa controlled thousands of hekti and many hundreds of slaves and free Aurmati. He wondered if the woman would really still be as subservient when she was free of kushra? The man certainly was not, and Nossa'd had to order him chained in the cells, where the man continued to rant about someone named Mal - in Kosti! If he did not soon behave Nossa would most reluctantly order him converted to calm him.

Nossa was fascinated by the demonstrable fact that the man still retained his human shape and his testicles. That was unheard of, and the person who had sold him this slave had no explanation for the failure of someone to convert or emasculate a slave as required by Aurmat law. Nossa suspected the seller knew more than he'd said, but left him alone, as he might need further help from that direction.

Of course, a male slave who remained unconverted could, unlikely as it was, impersonate an Aurmato, and thus more easily escape. The conversion required by Aurmat law was specifically to prevent such impersonation. Emasculation was performed on nine-tenths of the male slaves to calm them, while those male slaves destined for breeding were converted and had their vocal cords cauterized and their minds thoroughly dulled with kushra to all but their duties as studs.

The alteration, or conversion, of those who were chosen to be males was quite thorough, so much so that the male's semen contained infinitesimal, but quick-growing embryos in soft-skinned eggs. The females were no more than carriers during the three weeks the eggs matured sufficiently for parturition and subsequent rapid insertion into incubators. A chemical in the soft shells caused the womb to spontaneously "abort" the eggs at the end of three weeks, but without more blood than from normal slight menstruation. The growing eggs remained for their nine months' gestation in incubators, carefully monitored. Some of his slaves' only duty was to turn the eggs twice a day and make certain that the temperature in the incubators was correct.

To make the almost moronic males ready to copulate, it had proved necessary that a slight alteration of the female menstrual cycle take place, and this kushra also accomplished. Those female slaves chosen as carriers came in heat and emanated a distinctive scent which aroused themselves and the males three times a year, yet the females bled not at all during their former periods. Nossa silently thanked the kimisti of Aurmat who had discovered and perfected this system.

While Nossa pondered the ramifications of the Aurmat slave system, and the possible origins of Mal and the male captive, Mal was receiving approximately the same basic knowledge of the breeding cycle from Haubi. She thought very far back in her mind that she should be shocked, but found that she was not, accepting her lot calmly and remembering with joy the breeding. Her legs wanted to clamp as she thought of it, but Haubi saw and was about to give her another pill when she apparently had other thoughts and just asked Mal to be quiet and not make herself "ill."

As the next few days passed, Mal's heat had subsided, and she was able to partake quietly of meals with the other females and join more and more in their chatter.

Nossa sent for her on the fourth day. When she entered his room, there was a strange man standing near him in chains, a man who stirred something within Mal so that she cried out, but could not understand why she had done so.

The man raised his chained hands at her and cried in Galactic, "Mal, what have they done to you?"

Mal answered in Aurmata, although she was perplexed that she could understand his speech. "That is my you know me? Do"

"You're my wife, Mal, my wife. We are from Sulpane, working in Kostanz. We are prisoners here."

Nossa interrupted, asking Mal, "Do you understand what he is saying, Mal?"

"Yes, but...master, I do not know why I understand him." She was almost sobbing she was so confused.

Carl looked hard at her and Nossa, and made a desperate plea, "Mal, tell the man what I say! Sir, my wife...the woman standing there is my wife and we are scientists from Sulpane, investigating the governments of Kostanz for the League of Worlds, to see if we could bring you among us!"

Mal did her best, but she could not interpret exactly what the strange man said, making several mistakes when she tried to interpret "league," "government" and "wife." The best she could do was ask permission to use Masmas for some words, and then tried to equate "league" with the Kosti word marzad which came the closest. She also used that for "government, " but added the word paruot for "ruler" to convey what she thought the stranger meant. Nossa listened attentively, asking her to try again for several words, until she and he thought they understood the man.

"Mal slave, this thing offers what no Aurmo would want. Why would we join this marzad paruot, and what is sool pan eh?"

"I think the sulpane he says means a place far off in the sky, somewhere we cannot see."

"Are you getting your memory back, then, Mal slave?"

"I do not know, but he begins to make some sense to me, master. Some of what he says seems as though I should know it."

"Yes, I think I will chain you, too, Mal slave, away from this slave. Do not be afraid, I will release you when I shortly decide what to do with him."

Mal knew that meant that she would go back on kushra but that did not matter, her mind was in such a whirl. The concept of "space," the faint visualisation of a "planet" that the man had put into her mind, began to open vistas of knowledge not as yet accompanied by understanding.

Suddenly she did not want to be back on the kushra regime. But by then the chains were on her wrists, far lighter but as strong as the first time she had been bound, and she was being led away by a grimly sympathetic Haubi. Mal knew that Haubi would not, could not, disobey the master.

The remainder of the day Mal spent in a distant room, comfortable save for the manacles, padded as they might be, and fed at the normal intervals by other slaves.

The following morning she was taken back to Nossa's presence.

"The other slave has tried to escape, Mal slave! But he did not get far. We have him here, and if you have any more memory, tell me now, quickly!"

Mal did not understand why she should be so hurried about her very dim recollections of another life, and knelt to plead with the master to allow her more time to remember.

"No! The other somehow sent some message, and we will quickly convert him before anything worse befalls. You have...Haubi,. Has she?"

"Yes, master, we gave her a double dose with first meal."

"Very well, Haubi. You are dismissed."

Mal's heart sank, she had been so close to remembering! Now she would be happy, for she would know nothing else to be, but she had wanted those memories if only to know who she was and whence she came, for an instant.

"Mal, slave, when you have laid eggs, you will come to me. You and Haubi will be my personal slaves after that. Haubi will not be jealous, and you will be happy."

Mal was alone with her master at the moment, and Nossa stood, approaching her to lay his hands on her shoulders. Not before had an Aurmo laid hands on her, save to enclose her wrists in gyves.

"Mal, you will be returned to normal womanhood, so that you and I may have congress. You will like that, will you not?"

Mal realised that, yes, she would like that. It would not then matter whence she came, who she might have been, she would be human, not an animal. Her mind wondered briefly where that thought had come from, but dismissed it in her increasing lethargy as the kushra took effect. A double dose had powerful effect, and she might sleep for a day.

Mal, standing at Nossa's side, dully witnessed the conversion of Carl by Nossa's command. Carl yelled at Mal until the kushra began to take effect, then his head lowered to his chest

"Slave," said Nossa, frowning, "you have committed blasphemy which must be corrected. You will be calmed. Feel your sex while you can."

Carl had an enormous erection, and that remained as he was ordered to lie down and the kimisti slowly and painlessly removed his testicles. The flap of scrotum remaining was also excised, and an instrument wielded by a kimist made the skin smooth between his anus and his penis. That monster erection slowly deflated as the kushra took greater effect.

"Mal slave, the calmed slave will be set to work in the quarries. Do you wish to watch that?" he asked her. She replied negatively. "Now, how do you feel?"

"Master, I am ready to lay the eggs tomorrow, I think. You said after that I was to come to you."

"Yes, I will see that you are reconverted to womanhood. The maschi will rebuild your breasts to a better size for a woman. I like breasts, Mal slave."

Later, Mal was curious about something and asked Haubi. "Haubi, I feel wonderful, not like I am on kushra at all. Why do I want to know things? Like...why does master call me 'Mal slave' and you just Haubi?"

"Mal, I will never be jealous of you, do you know hat?"

"Yes, Haubi, the master said so."

"You must never tell anyone this, including the master."

"What if he asks me?"

"He will not."

"All right, I will never tell anyone."

Haubi leant close to Mal and whispered, barely audibly,

"I was Nossa's mate, and I transgressed against the law. I wanted women to have a better life here, even slaves. The krimin made me take kushra and made Nossa promise to keep me a slave as long as he or I live, instead of their drowning me, because Nossa pled for me in the krimin. The krimin drown people who are convicted of a crime in a very tall vat, Mal, so that they stand bound by heavy chains for several hours as the waters rise slowly. It is very cruel. Never tell, Mal!"

Mal was surprised, deeply affected, and felt increasing affection for Haubi from that time forward.

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