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Assistant To Mr. Depp


There was nothing too amazingly interesting being the assistant to celebrities. That is, of course, until I began working for Johnny Depp. He always seemed to land the best roles, give award-worthy performances, and he'd never once let the fame go to his head. But above all, he was achingly gorgeous with his long brown and blonde hair, big brown eyes, and toned tattooed body. He was perfect.

Everyday, though, was like an endurance contest. How long would I be able to keep myself from making a pass at him or touching him in an "inappropriate" way? Sometimes it was like he was tempting me to do so when he asked for shoulder massages or back rubs or rehearsing a scene where his character got considerably close to a female character. I didn't mind, of course, what sane woman would?

I entered the trailer where Johnny was getting his makeup and hair done for his next scene and I took a seat next to him. He said nothing to me and his face was long. He wasn't angry; he was sad. I didn't want to ask why while the woman who was doing his hair was still in the room, so I waited patiently for her to leave.

"Mr. Depp, what's wrong?" I asked. He looked at me.

"It's Vanessa..." he started. I cringed at the name of his girlfriend. "She and I... are... going through..."

"What?" I pressed.

"A dry spell." I raised my eyebrows and the first thought that came to mind was 'what the hell is wrong with this chick' assuming that dry spell meant they hadn't had sex in a while.

"Why's that?" I wondered.

"I don't know." He sounded angry now. "She's just never in the mood or she gives me some other lame excuse." I felt bad for him because every man (and woman) needs sex, without a doubt. I wasn't going to ask how long it had been, I could tell it was at least over a month for a man to be this depressed.

"What can I do?" I asked, smiling. He looked at me and tried to smile, but he failed, and he didn't answer. "How 'bout a massage?" He smiled a bit more and nodded his head. I stood from my chair and walked behind him, positioning my hands underneath the robe he was wearing. I rubbed his shoulders roughly (the way he liked it) and he moaned lowly. What happened next was probably as surprising to him as it was to me. His hand reached up and grasped mine.

"Thank you for putting up with me," he said. I laughed.

"It's my job," I said. I continued rubbing his shoulders for a few more minutes and his moans got louder. I couldn't help but glance downward at his now exposed chest, but something lower caught my eye; there was a slight bulge in his pants. Was this turning him on? Was I turning him on?

There was only one logical reaction to this and I hoped it was the right one. My right hand continued working on his shoulder as my left hand slowly slid down his soft chest and to his stomach. He didn't make any move to stop me, so my hand continued downward until it came in contact with his hardness. Johnny moaned roughly and I began to stroke his cock through his pants.

"I guess he needed some attention, too," I whispered in Johnny's ear as I kissed and licked his neck.

"Go lock the door," he commanded. I smiled and did as he said, walking over to the trailer door and locking it. I turned around to find Johnny discarding his robe as he looked at me with a lustful gaze. I sauntered over to him and he put his hand on the back of my head and yanked my lips against his. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and my hand went back to work on his cock. I felt his hands on my tits and my nipples were hard immediately.

I had to take this a step further before we both exploded. I pulled my mouth from his, smiled at him mischievously, and began to unbutton and unzip his jeans. I descended to my knees, pulling his jeans and boxers with me, and his hard cock became free. My mouth watered at the size (almost nine inches) and let that excess saliva fall onto the head. My hand wrapped around him and stroked quickly as my lips and tongue touched the head. I gave it a few kisses before licking the entire shaft. Johnny's hand found the back of my head again and he gently pushed his dick in my mouth, which I didn't mind.

My tongue swirled happily around and I took as much as of him down my throat as possible and I gagged slightly. He must have liked this because he thrust his cock even further down my throat, but thankfully I relaxed my muscles as best I could and I didn't gag much. I noticed now that my panties were soaked as my fingers played with my clit. I couldn't believe I was on my knees in front of Johnny Depp sucking his cock; the thought made me so horny and even more wet.

"Does your wife do this for you, Mr. Depp?" I asked as I was jerking his cock. He shook his head and I was even more proud of myself. I put his dick back in my mouth and continued sucking.

"Mmm..." I moaned even though it was muffled by the wonderfully hard cock in my mouth. My wet hand came up and played with his balls and I heard him groan a bit as he pushed into my mouth for a few more seconds. Suddenly he pulled me up from my knees, tore my top and bra off, and pushed me onto the small bed in the corner of the trailer. His mouth covered one of my nipples as his hand twisted and pulled the other.

"Mmm yeah," I sighed, putting my hand on the back of his head. He sucked on the other nipple and I felt the head of his cock pressing against my panties. I wanted him to fuck me so bad, I couldn't wait, but he was going to make me wait. He kissed down to my stomach and pulled off my skirt and panties to reveal my soaked, shaven pussy. He rubbed my inner thighs and kissed them, torturing me.

"Please Mr. Depp," I begged. "Hurry." He smiled up at me before burying his mouth and nose in my pussy. "OOohh fuck!!" I yelled, arching my back high off the bed and squeezing my tits. I pinched my nipples hard as I looked down at Mr. Depp eat my pussy. His tongue was moving in all directions; up and down, side to side, and in a circular motion. He lapped up all my juices as if he couldn't get enough and he nibbled at my clit.

"Fuck," I growled, putting my hands on the back of his head and jamming his face into my pussy. I held onto his head tight and started to hump his face. I was so close. "Shit, I'm fucking cumming..." I moaned. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" I howled as the most intense orgasm rippled throughout my body. He pulled away from my pussy and I could see my juices on his upper lip and chin and I hurried to my knees so that I could lick it off. There was nothing I loved more than tasting myself on someone else's mouth.

"Mmmm..." I mumbled against his mouth as my hand reached down and stroked his cock again. I looked into his eyes and they were screaming 'fuck me'. Before I could make the first move, he'd pushed me down onto the bed on my stomach. He pushed my legs apart and pulled my ass into the air. I didn't care where he planned on putting his cock because I needed it in me no matter what. I'd never been so horny and in the need of being fucked in my life. I felt the head of his cock rubbing my slit and I moaned painfully.

"God, fuck me..." I begged, clawing at the sheets and blankets. His hands grabbed my hips tightly and before I knew it his cock had been completely jammed inside my pussy. "Shit...!" I cried, my eyes closing and my fingers tightening on the blankets. I heard him moaning about how tight and slippery I was and I licked my lips because I knew if he kept talking like that and fucking me as hard as he was I would cum very soon. I suddenly felt his hand on my hair and he yanked me up on all fours. I loved the roughness; I wanted him to spank me, pull my hair, and fuck me as hard as he possibly could. His other hand grabbed one of my tits and pinched my nipple very hard and I cried out in both pain and pleasure.

"Harder," I demanded, "fuck me harder!" His cock was slamming into my pussy at a brutal rate and his balls slapped my clit in the same rhythm. "I want it so fucking hard," I growled this time, my hand covering his on my tit. He was still holding onto my hair and occasionally pulling it as he attempted to thrust harder. Each pull and each thrust pushed me closer to the edge.

"Fuck!" I screamed, not caring if anyone outside would hear me or not. "I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" He yanked my head back hard and his fingers were jammed into my mouth to keep me from screaming. I sucked hard on them and even bit them once or twice. "Mmmmmm!!" I grumbled as another orgasm jolted throughout my body. My pussy was on fire and I could feel the wetness on the insides of my thighs. I'd cum twice, but Mr. Depp hadn't yet and I wanted him to so bad.

"Come on, Mr. Depp," I moaned, my words slightly muffled by his fingers still in my mouth. "Cum in me." He thrust harder and pulled his fingers from my wet mouth and then placed them on my clit, rubbing me fiercely. If he wanted me to cum again, that was the way to do it. "Fucking... God!" I growled, slamming my ass back against him. I wanted us both to cum together, but it happened for me first. "Fuck...! Mmm... fuck..." I groaned, reaching up and grabbing onto the headboard. I wasn't sure how much longer I'd be able to hold myself up for him.

Mr. Depp suddenly pulled out of me and I was thrown onto my back, my legs spread wide. I watched as he jerked his cock and I knew he was cumming. He was moaning as one hand held up my ankle and the other pulled on his big cock.

"Cum for me," I begged, one hand rubbing my clit and the other pulling my tit, hoping that would help him along. "I want your cum so bad, Mr. Depp." I pushed my pussy lips open just as his hot cum shot out of his cock, landing right on my clit.

"Fuck," I heard him whisper. When he was done shooting, I rubbed his cum in my pussy with my juices and smiled up at him.

"You're so good," I breathed, idly massaging my pussy. Mr. Depp smiled.

"There's more where that came from," he said.

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