Asta Futa


My wife is 36 weeks pregnant. She walks around free and naked today. Her water is going to break soon. I love her body. Full D-cup breasts, brown glowing skin. Large brown eyes and long, curly black hair. Her belly sticks out where our daughter lies. Beneath our baby lies something you wouldn't expect. I didn't when I first met her.


I was a senior in college. She was sitting across from me in the back of the bus. She was cute, petite. I was attracted to her. I smiled, and she smiled back. I didn't know yet that she was mine, but I would know soon enough.

I fell asleep for a few minutes. It was a long ride home. I dreamed of the girl across from me. We were still on the bus, but she was naked. Her tiny body was glowing, and her tits were perky and erect. I felt a stir in my pants and looked down. My penis poked out of my open fly. Its red tip was glowing.

"You are my one."

I heard her voice so clear, even though I'd never heard it before. When I looked up, I noticed something between her legs. She was stroking a small, brown and red glowing penis! My heart fluttered with shock, but my own penis grew and stiffened, pointing to hers. She closed her eyes.

A moan woke me. The girl was still there, with her clothes on. She looked like she had to pee, her hands pressed gently against her crotch as she pressed her knees together. She was focused on my lap, so I looked down. My jeans were bulging with my bent erection.

"Why do I feel like that wasn't all a dream?"

The girl's cheeks grew dark in the blue bus light. "I didn't think I'd meet you HERE."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, but..." She squirmed and pressed her hands deeper between her legs. "Dammit, stop!" she gasped.

I looked at her rubbing her legs together. Her desperation made my cock press and try to straighten out, like it was trying to point. "You said I am your one?" She nodded. "What's that mean?"

"You're my mate, the one who will love me and...and my..." She must have rubbed against the thing I knew was under her skirt, because she shuddered and whimpered, "Uhh...why now?"

"My dream...You really have a...?"

The girl looked up at me, then up the aisle. There were only a few sleeping people left. She nodded. "I've never been this..." Her nipples pressed against her thin shirt. "Gosh, I'm so hard."

She sounded ashamed, but I was leaking in my jeans thinking of her erection. "I'm Jake."

"Asta. I'm...not from here."

I figured. My cock pushed at my zipper. "So, what do we do?"

Asta bit her lip. "One of us has to get across the aisle."

With her hands still between her legs, I knew I'd have an easier time explaining why I had a bulge if the camera was working. So I stood, watched her eyes on my dick tenting my jeans. Her hips bucked. My dick pulled towards her as I crossed and sat beside her. The seat in front of us would block us. I unzipped my pants, and my cock tumbled out, hard and dark pink, the head slick with my precum. Asta's nipples got even harder, so I leaned down to kiss one, pinched the other. She let her head fall back and sighed.

She still covered her crotch, though, so I sat up and took her wrists. I pulled her hands up and away, but I think it was too much for her. She shuddered again and gasped as she started cumming. Her hips bucked with each jerk of the bulge tenting her skirt. I lifted the end of it so I could see for myself. Her panties rippled as the cum dribbled down her dick. It soaked them and made them press against her thick pussy lips. My cock spewed more precum.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered as her cock went limp.

I smiled. "Hey, I'm a guy. I've been there." She smiled then. I took my cock in my hand. It was rock hard and throbbing from the head to my sac. I would cum soon, too. As I stroked my shaft, Asta reached around my hand to unbutton me. She dug my sac out to sit comfortably and stroked it as I went to town. I was already breathing hard, and looking at her look at me made me moan. I took one of her breasts and squeezed it. Asta closed her eyes and hummed. Her tit was firm, about a B, and I kneaded it. Then, I leaned down to kiss her. When our lips touched, I got harder than I thought I could get. It hurt but felt so good. Our tongues rolled around as I pumped more precum out of me. Her scent filled our space, and I broke away to look at her cock, newly hard in her soaked panties. How had I not cum yet?!

"I wanna see it," I breathed into her ear before I licked it.

Asta didn't wait. She pulled her panties to the side. Her lady dick was stiff and held the cotton in place. Her pussy dripped. Her dick was shaped like a long, less fleshy clit. It was a penis, but it was a girl's penis.

"You get off on both?" I asked.

Asta nodded. "At the same time."

"Lie down."

Asta turned, scooted back, and lay down. I got on top of her and propped her legs up onto my shoulders. I rubbed her thighs as I pointed my head at her slit. They rubbed together, and her cock twitched. She lifted her top and squeezed her perky breasts. I needed to cum in her, so I pressed my head through. The deeper I went in, the more her little dick grew. She arched her back, and her mouth opened with a voiceless moan. I took her cock in one of my hands. It was as hard as mine and dribbling with clear, shimmering precum down my fingers. When I stroked up on her dick, I pulled mine out a little. When I stroked down, I thrust into her. Our dicks hardened, and her pussy walls clutched my shaft.

"This feels awesome," I whispered as I did it again. I felt my hand on her dick, like it was her hand on mine, but I still felt my dick pushing and pulling inside of her tight pussy. Asta played with her nipples and squeezed her tits. "Damn you're beautiful."

She looked up at me and smiled. I bent forward and kept bucking. Her legs hit her own shoulders when I kissed her. The jolt that squeezed my sac let me know I was about to cum.

"Fuck, I don't want this to end!" I thought.

"It won't end," Asta panted. "I am your one forever."

Her pussy clamped down on my cock and released, over and over. She panted and squeaked as her hips jerked. I ran my hand up and down her cock as her pussy clenched the way my sac did.

"Fuuuuck!" I gasped as our dicks both sprayed our cum, mine inside of her, hers onto her bare stomach, clear and shimmery. She strained to keep quiet as her pussy and my hand milked each other. Our dicks kept cumming, and her walls kept clamping for minutes, it felt like.

When they stopped, both of our dicks fell limp, and her pussy let mine slip out of her. I helped Asta get her legs down off my shoulders but stayed kneeling over her. I leaned down and licked up her girl cum. It tasted like semi-sweet corn syrup. I lapped it all up as she brused through my hair with her fingers. Then, I kissed the head and shaft of her sweet little prick.

"So nice to meet you."


"You're thinking of when we met," Asta's voice brings me back to now. She's looking at me with a loving smile, one hand rubbing her belly, the other stroking her leaking cock. She nods down at my hard-on, pushing towards her from the other side of my jeans.

I grab and squeeze my pointing bulge and nod. "How much time do we have?"

"An hour."

"Well, come here, then." Asta smiles wider and crosses the room.

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