tagSci-Fi & FantasyAsta Futa Ch. 03

Asta Futa Ch. 03


Asta's folds enveloped my fingers as I massaged her walls. Her juices rolled down my fingers as my other hand rubbed our dicks together. The sensation was twice as powerful. On her planet, a woman's penis was like a sensory antenna, sending their feelings into their mates to double the pleasure. We were about to double the fun.

I pulled my fingers from her tight folds and licked away some of her juices. Asta took my hand, and her sweet brown mouth sucked my fingers clean. My penis left a trail of precum down the length of her feminine shaft. I ran my hands up her pregnant belly, massaging it on my way up to her thick breasts, full of milk for our baby. I squeezed one and let the milk splash my face as I ran my thumb along the nipple of her other breast. Asta's head fell back, and her mouth fell open to moan. Shimmering, clear precum dripped from her dickhead and hit my stomach. Her pussy dripped onto the head of my shaft like a leaking faucet. My sac filled with more semen, and my cockhead throbbed with so much wonderful pain.

"Let me taste you," I breathed into Asta's breast, nibbling her nipple. I gripped her dick, then let my fingers slide beneath to her soaked folds. "Here."

"Yes," Asta gasped. She glazed my cock with our precum and kissed my lips. I got even harder as I tasted her on her own tongue. I grabbed her ass and kneaded my fingers along her cheeks while I turned on the couch. I lay back, and she stood up, turned, and climbed back onto me. Her pussy juices rolled down her cock, mixing with her precum before it dripped onto my lips. I licked them and took her lady dick into my hand as she took mine into hers.

Her lips were like velvet as they kissed my balls. She sucked each into her mouth and licked generously, letting her saliva moisten every inch. Her tongue flicked up my shaft, and she open mouth kissed me all the way up to the head of my dick, now purple with a need for her holes. I stroked her shaft as I kissed each of her lower lips, sucked them into my mouth and returned the favor. I felt my hand on her dick like it was her hand on mine, but it was her tongue now, her whole mouth sucking me into her throat. I moaned and writhed into her mouth as I probed deeper into her soaked pussy with my tongue, going from the base of her cock, around her pee hole, and then deep into her vagina. Asta cried out around my penis and pulled her tongue all the way up, swirled my head, then plunged back down. I grunted and thrust into her throat, feeling my head tickle the back. She swallowed, and I felt the walls of her throat massage me, begging me to cum.

But I wasn't done with her. I switched, pulled my tongue from her sweet juices and replaced them with my fingers as I kissed her shaft, palming the head of her girlcock before I replaced my hand with my mouth. Her cock was sweet and salty with our mixed juices, and she squatted down to lower her cock into my mouth. I hadn't known how to suck a dick—why would I have needed to?—until I met her. Now, I was a pro. I swirled my tongue around her head, felt my tongue and her tongue as though our bodies were one, and pushed her down further as I bobbed up and swallowed her shaft.

"Jaaake," Asta moaned around my cock, her breath hot on my dick. She dragged her tongue up and gripped my cock to stroke it. "That feels so...ohhhh!"

I had learned it from her. I swallowed over and over as I massaged her pussy walls. Her juices rolled down against my lip, and I dropped my head to suck them into my mouth. The sweet syrup that was her juices made my sac clench, and my hips buck in her hand. I bobbed back up her dick until her head slid down into my throat, and I swallowed it again.

"Ohhh! Jake!" Asta cried out. "Fuck, you're so good!"

Asta wasted no time returning the favor, returning her mouth to my dripping cock. Her tongue lashed the head violently before she swallowed me whole, letting her throat squeeze my head. She took my balls in both hands and started to knead them hard, massaging my seed up into my shaft.

"Uhhhh!" I could only get out around her dick as I erupted in her mouth. My hips fucked her face wildly, and I pumped my fingers into her g-spot hard as I concentrated on sucking her. She started thrusting down into my mouth, and her pussy started to twitch. I quickly pulled her out of my mouth. I slid from between her legs and got on my knees. I was still hard, and my dick jerked up as another load shot out and hit her back. I thrust into her pussy and rammed my hips against her ass.

"YES!" Asta screamed. She took her cock in her hand and started pumping it fast as I hammered into her. "I'm coming!" Asta's pussy jerked and gripped my cock full force. My sac stirred, and my cock felt like it was on fire.

"I'm coming again, baby! I-ahhh!"

I spilled more semen into her. I rubbed her hips and bucked into her pussy. Her semen sprayed my thighs as she milked herself, screaming with pleasure. Her pussy gripped and gripped, even as I was spent. It hurt so good to keep going. Her legs trembled as she came down from her orgasm. My dick fell limp from her sweet hole. I licked my cum from her back as she rested her head and panted hard.

"I love you," I said and kissed the small of her back.

"I love you, too," Asta sighed.

I joined my hand with hers on her cock, and we rubbed it up and down together. I hissed, feeling the sensation against my dick. I laid back and rubbed her thighs and mine, mixing our white and clear cum into our skin.

"Think we can go again before it's time?" she asked. She was already getting hard again in our hands.

My dick stirred between my legs, and I smiled. "I really love you."

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