tagBDSMAsymmetry Ch. 03

Asymmetry Ch. 03


My body felt so full of pent-up arousal that only as the door thudded closed behind Suzanne did I realise Conrad and I were finally alone. Almost immediately, I shook uncontrollably. This did nothing to deter Conrad though; if he even noticed, that is. The fingers that had explored my pussy with so much curiosity just moments earlier, now wrapped around my wrist, pulling me to my feet.

"You still want this, don't you, Miss James?"

Even with fear overwhelming me, I nodded.

"Good," he said. "Your safe word is 'red'. Remember that. If you use it, then everything stops. Does that make sense?"

My bottom lip trembled as I spoke. "Yes."

"You are being very, very brave, Miss James, and I will not abuse that trust." He ran his hands over my sides as if he was inspecting a fine antique, before kissing my forehead. "God, your body is divine. I can't wait to see what you look like naked."

Excitement affected his actions. His hands fidgeted as he fumbled with the zip that held my dress up, and his eyes held the wild look of someone quickly losing self-control.

"Oh, yes, just as I thought," he said as he pulled the dress down from my shoulders. It lay in a crumpled pile around my ankles, leaving me in just my bra and panties. "Some girls have to dress up to make themselves look beautiful, but not you, Miss James. You'd look good in anything."

I closed my eyes, allowing a soft gasp to escape my lips as he showered hungry kisses over my neck and collarbone. His compliments fuelled my desire, relieving any earlier anxieties.

"But I really want to get a look at these tits." He broke away and unclasped my bra. As he pulled on the strap, I sensed an unbridled passion. Like a child unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, he couldn't wait to come to grips with his treasure.

"These are perfect, so perfect. Not too big, not too small." I gasped as his hands rolled over the flesh of my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples.

In turn, he took each of my nipples in his mouth. I bit down hard on my bottom lip as he sucked and nipped his teeth on them until they were as hard as little bullets. All the while, his hands rolled over the soft skin of my abdomen, reaching lower and lower until his thumbs instinctively found their way under the waistband of my panties.

"I can tell how much you want it, Miss James," he hissed as he peeled my underwear down my thighs. "I'm not going to give it to you until you beg me for it, though." He rubbed his hand fiercely over my drenched mound. "That usually doesn't take very long."

"Oh my G-God!" My words stuttered as Conrad squeezed my pussy lips together between his fingers.

"Even though there's more hair on this pussy than I'd like, I can tell you're dripping wet. Nobody else has any idea you get like this, do they, Miss James?" He moved his slick fingers away from my pussy and caressed my cheek, leaving a trail of aromatic lust.

It was impossible to concentrate on words as Conrad moved his hands to my bottom, his fingers clasping and squeezing my ass cheeks like a treasured possession. "I'm- I'm not nor..."

"Oh, you're not normally like this are you, Miss James?" His caressing stopped and he gave me an incredulous look. "Well, that's even better. I much prefer a girl who keeps her inner slut locked away from the world. That just makes it even more fun for me to play with."

Even if my brain had been able to form coherent sentences at this stage, there was no way I could respond to that. Was I really a slut? I stared desperately at Conrad, feeling a lot more exposed in my naked state than I felt a minute earlier.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't make you admit it,'" he smiled. "The ones who keep that side of them locked in the closet are normally a lot more fun anyway." His eyes locked onto mine. "As I said before, Miss James, I know what you need. All you have to do is ask for it."

He grabbed me like a lion pouncing on its prey and wrapped his arms around me. I loved the brutal savagery of his kiss. I felt as if he was trying to suck my soul out of my mouth as our tongues wrestled.

"The way your body's shaking," he said breathlessly as he broke away from me. "That's not due to any trauma. It's because there's so much lust locked up inside you, you're desperate for release."

He kissed me again, only this time he grabbed hold of my hand as he did so. I felt the ridges in his stomach beneath his shirt as he guided my fingers downwards. I knew exactly where he was heading. When my palm reached his groin he pushed it down, forcing me to savour his bulge.

"And as you can see," he said with a sinister glint in his eye, "you're certainly not alone in your desperation for release, Miss James."

His emerald eyes stared straight into my own as he held my hand in place. Just by touch, I knew his cock was larger than any I'd experienced before, and I felt it hardening beneath my fragile grip.

"What do you think, Miss James?"

"I need your cock." The words came out before I could think. They were easily the most depraved, vulgar and downright lustful words I'd ever uttered. They sounded so strange. Was that my voice? I covered my mouth with my free hand after I spoke.

Conrad smiled at my bashfulness. "Rephrase that as a question, Miss James."

No backing out now. "Please may I have your cock?"

Conrad nodded. "Better, Miss James, much better." He moved his head close to mine, so close our foreheads touched. "But how do you think I like to be addressed?"

My bottom lip quivered. I knew exactly how he'd like to be addressed. I didn't want to say it, but my need for gratification was taking over my brain.

"Please, Sir, may I have your cock?"

"Better still, Miss James," he said. "You still don't sound particularly desperate, though."

It took all the strength within me to summon the words that left my vocal chords next. "Please, Sir," I groaned. "I don't think I've ever been so aroused. I need to feel your cock inside me so badly."

"Very good, Miss James," he let go of my hand. "As it happens, you're in luck. Ever since I first saw you crumpled in a pile on the living room floor, I've quite wanted to have my cock inside you."

He pulled me in for another deep kiss. Every time our lips touched, it felt as if he injected me with his drug; a drug that warped my mind to the point that my sexual obsession for him was mind blowing. When he broke away from me this time, the menace in his eyes told me he was through messing around.

"It's time for you to show what you can do, Miss James," He shrugged his jacket from his shoulders and ripped off his tie. "Undress me."

My fingers shook so much, it made the process of undressing him nigh on impossible. I fumbled with every button of his shirt, until it hung loose over his shoulders. Peeling the soft cotton away from his body, I felt like I was lifting a curtain to reveal an exquisite piece of art.

As it turned out, exquisite didn't do his torso justice. If it had been a piece of art, it would've been carved from the finest marble. His shoulders and chest were broad, strong and perfectly defined, as if Michelangelo himself had been the sculptor. His abdominals were not shrouded by even the faintest trace of fat, and trying to take in the whole picture left one phrase running through my mind.

He is way too hot for me.

Truthfully, I could've stared for hours, and probably would've done so if Conrad hadn't snapped me out of my trance.

"You'll learn very quickly that I hate to be kept waiting, Miss James," he growled as he bent down to remove his shoes and socks. "You'll also learn in time that the repercussions for displeasing me are rarely to your benefit."

I fumbled even more as I reached for his belt buckle. I was so close to my prize; the prize he'd made me beg for. There was something humiliating about undressing the man I'd just begged to fuck me. But at the same time I wanted to please him, to show him I could be obedient.

I sank to my knees as I pulled his trousers down his sculpted thighs. I felt truly submissive to this man now, bowing before him as if worshipping a god. The only barrier between me and his bulge now was the fabric of his tight, dark boxer shorts. I'd reached a fork in the road. I had a choice to make. Either I continued on the depraved course I'd set myself on, or I turned back, and never utter a single word of what transpired tonight.

"Good girl," he ran his fingers delicately through my hair, like he was petting an obedient dog. "I can't wait to feel your lips around my cock."

For a moment I paused, like a novice diver with their toes on the edge of the board for the first time. Would I take the plunge?

Come on Carla. You've come this far. Live a little for once!

I peeled his boxer shorts away and his cock sprang up at me like a rabbit springing from its burrow. Though only at half mast, its delicious thickness and large, smooth ball sack hanging below irresistibly attracted my gaze.

I couldn't keep my fingers still as I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. It was so much bigger than anything I'd felt before, I felt intimidated by its presence. I couldn't begin to imagine how it would feel inside me.

"That feels so fucking good." Conrad's breathing stumbled as I ran my fingers inquisitively up his cock. "I want to feel it in your mouth though."

Cautiously I pressed the bulbous head of his cock to my lips. Conrad's reaction was instant. He let out a long sigh and his knees buckled beneath him. I swirled my tongue all around the tip of his cock, taking care to gently flick its underside with the end of my tongue.

"Oh god, you do that so well," he groaned.

Spurred on by his grunting, I wrapped my hand more firmly around the base of his cock and pushed more of it into my mouth. Bobbing my head back and forth, with each thrust of my neck I took a little bit more his hot rod into my mouth. I could feel it getting harder and harder as I slurped on it with the eagerness of a child sucking a lollipop.

With his cock still in my mouth, I looked up at him. His face reflected pure ecstasy. His mouth fell half open as his eyes blinked rapidly. He had stiffened so much now that it was impossible for me to keep the whole of his length in my mouth.

"Oh, yes," he gasped. "You really are an eager little cocksucker. One day I'll teach you exactly how I like to be pleased."

He pulled his dick from my mouth. Now fully erect and slick with my saliva, its magnificent length glistened in the well-lit bedroom.

"Look how hard you've made me." There was a sinister edge to Conrad's voice. "Do you like being my little cock sucking slut?"

The head of his cock waited just centimetres from my face. I nodded between deep pants as I tried to regain my breath.

"Good girl." He stepped out of the trousers and boxer shorts that had fallen to his ankles, leaving him completely naked. "As you can probably imagine though, I like to take control of a slut's mouth."

He pressed the head of his cock to my lips and instinctively I allowed it to pass. This time he didn't wait for my mouth to accept his length, though. Instead he pushed forward, forcing more of his shaft past my teeth. Just as I felt myself choke, he mercifully withdrew most of his hardness. However, I only had a second or so the catch my lost breath before he pushed his cock even further into my mouth.

"Oh, yes, your mouth feels so fucking good," he groaned.

I panicked as my breath shortened. Didn't he care how I felt? Again he pulled himself almost completely from my mouth, so that the end of his cock rested on the tip of my tongue. He paused for a few seconds while I panted deeply, before plunging his dick back inside me. As it hit the back of my throat, I wanted to pull away, but a calming, steadying hand on the back of my head kept me in place.

"You're panicking," he said with a composure in complete contrast to my hysteria. "Try to relax your throat. It will be a lot less stressful that way."

He pulled his cock completely from my mouth and I took in several deep, heavy breaths. I felt like he'd held my head in a pool of water. As I regained my composure, a thick layer of drool oozed down from my bottom lip and collided with my breasts.

Conrad ran his fingers through my hair again. "I know it's difficult, Miss James, but you have to trust me. There are so many things I want to teach you."

Again, he put his cock to my lips. I tried to relax, and this time my throat resisted a little less as his dick filled my mouth.

"Good girl," he groaned as the head of his cock touched the back of my throat. "Inhale through your nose. I'm going to fuck your mouth now."

He pulled his cock from my mouth before pushing it back in. With each thrust, his pace increased a little, and I felt myself gag each time. Soon tears ran my mascara down my cheeks.

"You're mouth feels fucking divine," he grunted, bunching up my blonde hair in his fist as he did. I'd never been taken like this before, and I revelled in the feeling of helplessness. Before tonight, I never imagined how liberating it could be to relinquish all power. As I allowed him to take control of my body, my insecurities and worries washed away like a sand castle under a high tide.

The longer he pounded my throat, the louder and more desperate his groans became. There was no longer any rhythm to his thrusts. He thrashed like a wounded animal as he tried to retain his composure.

Then he stopped. As quickly as he'd begun, he pulled his cock from my mouth. "Get up," he said. "I want your pussy."

Without waiting for a reply, he pulled me to my feet. Within seconds, his lips enveloped mine again as he forced his tongue into my mouth. When he finally relented, he traced his mouth all the way down my sternum, before sucking and biting on each of my nipples. I felt like a toffee, slowly melting under a hot sun.

I gasped with desperation as he released my nipple from between his teeth. "Over the bed. Do it now," he grunted. He didn't need to use much force to get me into position. I bent over the bed at the waist like a piece of paper being folded in half.

"I'm going to fuck you now. You still want this, don't you?"

I gasped as he squeezed my ass. "Yes, Sir."

Unbeknown to me, he had picked up his neck tie. He pulled my arms behind my back and wrapped it around my wrists.

"Good girl. Remember, you can always use your safe word." He pulled the end of the tie and I felt the knot tighten around my wrists. I tried to struggle but the smooth silk bit into my skin. Only then did I realise how effectively he'd restrained me.

I gasped as he ran a single finger over my mound. "I can't believe how wet you are." I inhaled sharply as he circled my clit. "And all this wetness, it's all for me isn't it? You're my little fuck slut tonight."

Without any warning, he drove his finger into my pussy and I reacted with a long shrill moan. I felt like his puppet, compelled to bow to his every whim. "Yes, Sir!" I shrieked as he curled his finger towards my g-spot.

"Good," he withdrew his finger and smeared my juices across the small of my back. "I'm going to enjoy this."

Next, I felt the head of his cock pushing against my opening. He ran it up and down my slit, teasing me, and let out a little snigger as he felt my hips involuntarily flexing towards his hardness.

My yelp as he finally entered me expressed as much anguish as pleasure. Even though I'd taken it in my mouth, nothing prepared me for just how his cock felt in my pussy. So much bigger than any cock I'd ever accepted before, the first few times he thrust it in and out of me I felt as if I was impaled on a large wooden stake. Once he settled into a rhythm, though, all my attention focused on the absolute bliss coursing through my veins.

"Your pussy's so damn tight," he said as he took hold of my hips to steady himself. He'd barely been inside me a minute, and already I sensed a further loss of control in his voice.

Showing more composure than I expected, he began slow and tender, but he didn't need to fuck hard for me to feel every inch of him inside me. He bent over and trailed his lips and tongue down my spine, and I whimpered with the sweet pleasure of it all. The ache in my restrained shoulders did nothing to diminish the overwhelming effect his body had on me.

"You love this, don't you?" he muttered. "You love being completely at my mercy, being my little bitch."

"I do, Sir."

"Good girl," he caressed my bottom as he slowly fucked me. "Just remember one thing though. Absolutely no coming without my permission. Your body belongs to me tonight, therefore so do your orgasms. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

He took hold of my hips and increased the pace of his thrusting, until he fucked me with wild abandon. Every time his hips slammed into my behind, I wailed and squirmed like I was subjected to some kind of electric shock treatment. The truth, though, was that his cock inside me felt heavenly, and the restraint only added to my arousal.

"Your pussy feels so fucking good," he groaned. His trembling voice told me that he'd lost control of his vocal chords. He fucked me harder and deeper than I'd ever been taken before; my pussy clenched around his huge member and sucked it in like a black hole.

"Remember what I said though." There remained a slight sinister edge to his voice despite his loss of focus. "Do not come without my permission."

It wouldn't have taken an expert in body language or psychology to tell him my climax was approaching fast. Everything, from the way I shrieked each time he forced his cock into me, to the way my arms rocked against their restraints, told him I was on the very edge. It was so unfair, I'd never had anything this blissful inside me before. How the hell was I supposed to resist it, to shut its pleasure from my mind? Instead of basking in orgasmic elation, I felt like a horny Tantalus. The very thing I wanted to enjoy more than anything else, I also desperately wanted to withhold. My need to come was on a crash course with my desire to obey.

Eventually though, I could obey no longer. Every thrust of his cock broke down my brittle barriers of resistance until none remained. I clenched around his cock even harder and let out one last agonizing cry as my orgasm rippled through me. It would've been the most incredible feeling in the world if it hadn't been forbidden, and worse, Conrad sensed it immediately.

He instantly withdrew his cock from my desperate pussy.. "What did I say?" His voice sounded so gentle, but it still cut me into pieces.

"Tha... That I wasn't to come without your permission, Sir." Still lying on my front on the bed, I breathed heavily as I recovered.

He walked round to the side of the bed and looked directly in my eyes. His cock, now slick with my juices, remained rock hard.

"That's right. I'm glad you didn't mishear me, Miss James," he replied. "So why then did you choose to disobey my instruction?"

My breathing was still heavy as he reached out and brushed his fingers down my side. For some reason I felt guilt, as if I'd let this man down whom I'd only met that evening. I wished I'd pleased him. "I'm sorry, Sir." I shivered as his fingers passed over the side of my breast.

"I'm glad you're sorry, Miss James. But I'd have so much preferred it if you'd been obedient. You do want to please me, don't you?"

I grimaced through my panting as he tweaked my nipple between his fingers. "I do, Sir."

"Good. Tonight you're discovering a side to you that you never knew existed. A submissive side that burns deep inside your heart. Isn't that right, Miss James?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I want to mould that side of you, Miss James, but that means you must be obedient for me. What do you think I need to do to get that obedience?"

The words caused a lump in my throat before they came out. I so wanted to hold them back, but at the same time I yearned to find out more.

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