tagMatureAt Breanna's Insistence

At Breanna's Insistence


It has been a while...sorry about that. Sometimes life interferes. Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this story and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are imaginary, existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination. Enjoy!


It felt fairly strange to be back in college after nearly thirty years. Sitting amidst all those young graduate students made me feel a bit old, even though I was only fifty-one years old. Still, I was enjoying myself...feeling my love for history being recharged as I participated in the seminars...feeling renewed myself and why not -- in a sense I was starting over.

I'd been a history teacher in a small eastern Kentucky high school for twenty-nine years and had been married for all but the last two of those years. Lisa, my wife, I'd caught with her boss, the bank manager in our bed one morning when I'd come home early with the flu. It had been an ugly divorce as Lisa had contested everything even as her lover was being taken to the cleaners by his wife. In the end, I walked away with a rental property we'd bought as an investment years before and over one hundred thousand dollars for my share of the house and other property. I also walked away with a serious sense of futility and depression that seemed to carry over into my work.

I love teaching...or at least I had. That last school year had been a god-awful slog and at the end of it, I decided that I needed a change. I decided to pursue a long surrendered dream of getting my doctorate's degree in history and took a sabbatical to pursue it. With the settlement on the house -- I had the cash and decided that a year's change of scenery would do me good. So, I wound up attending the University of Kentucky in hot pursuit of my doctoral degree. I needed a few courses and of course my doctoral thesis which had been half finished when I'd stuck it in a drawer nearly twenty years before.

I began my "adventure" in pursuit of a long abandoned dream, but I had no idea that one of my own former students would redirect my adventure for a new life into an entirely new direction. Her name...Breanna -- one of my unforgettables.

"MISTER HELLER!" I was in a bookstore, perusing the mystery section when I heard my name shrieked into my ear. Before I could react, I found myself being hugged ferociously by a definitely womanly body. Although I hadn't been with a woman in a couple of years, I recognized breasts when they were mashed up against me. A sweet, spicy scent filled my nostrils as I heard, "MISTER HELLER, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S YOU!"

I felt someone's aggressive embrace loosen and managed to gracefully disengage myself to find a rather stunning woman standing in front of me. Young...early twenties, dark brown hair streaked with vivid red and cut short ending in points just below her chin. Tall...taller than me by maybe an inch and I stand an even six feet tall. A long, lush body -- not fat by any means, but curvy and full bodied...those aforementioned breasts prominently displayed in a low cut T-shirt. Her dark hair framed a pale-skinned face with brilliant blue eyes, a pert nose and full and luscious lips now parted in a tremendous smile.

I searched through the sizable index of students' faces accumulated in almost thirty years of teaching and quickly came up with a name. "Breanna...how are you?"

Her smile grew even larger as she replied, "Omigod! You remember me, Mister Heller? I can't believe it!" She seemed to almost vibrate with delight, bouncing on the heels of her feet which drew my eyes to her rather bountiful chest which bounced in such a way that betrayed that she wasn't wearing a bra.

I shrugged and said, "It's only been what...three years, Breanna and besides, I never forget my good students!"

She blushed slightly and said, "I wasn't that good a student...a bit of a trouble-maker maybe." I laughed and shook my head in disagreement. Yes, I remembered Breanna. A consistent 'A' student and yes, a bit of a troublemaker in that she loved to argue in class...something I actually encouraged. She had also run with the Goth crowd...or at least as Goth as kids from an eastern mountain community could get...in those days favoring a lot of black leather and lace, running into trouble with the principals for dress code violation. Breanna had in high school, delighted in seeing how much of her breasts she could get on display and how high she could wear the hems of her leather minis before getting violated on dress code.

The Goth look was gone, but it was obvious she was proud of her rather impressive breasts and I wondered if she still wore her dresses short when she wasn't wearing skin tight black jeans. Breanna could still remind an old man how it felt to be young. "Well, I hope you're still giving your teachers fits. Are you attending UK?"

Breanna nodded and said, "Oh yes...third year, studying for physician's assistant." She turned as someone approached and said, "Oh, you remember my boyfriend? Honey, look...its Mister Heller! Can you believe it?"

I turned to see a tall sallow faced young man wearing an army-surplus fatigue jacket, his hair shaggy to his shoulders and still sporting the same scraggly chin beard he'd had in high school. "Jesse, how are you?"

I held out my hand and after a moment's hesitation, he shook it with a weak effort. There was a bit of surprise in his voice and then in an unsure tone, "You remember me, Mister Heller?'

I nodded and replied, "Of course I do. So, you're attending UK too?"

He nodded and said in the same glum tone I recalled him using constantly in high school, "I suppose so." He didn't offer any details and I didn't press him. I imagined that he was doing just enough to plod through and pass, much as he had in the old days.

"What are you doing in Lexington, Mister Heller...on a school night?" asked Breanna, her body still bouncing as if seeing me was the next best thing to meeting Santa Claus.

I laughed and replied, "I'm back in college myself...doctoral program. Taking a year off to work on my PhD."

Jesse managed to smile weakly while Breanna seemed to think that it was the best news she'd heard all year and I got another hug, her arms pulling my neck down so that my face was nearly nuzzling the exposed upper portions of her breasts. "That's fucking awesome, Mister Heller!" she exclaimed. "I'm going to be looking for you on campus!" She laughed and glanced over at her boyfriend whose face appeared glummer than ever. "We can hang out sometime!"

That caught me by surprise and I was momentarily at a loss for words. Finally, I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "Well...you never know. School keeps me pretty busy and I'm sure it does you too!"

Breanna's eyes suddenly seemed to gleam with an odd fire and she said, "Oh...we'll make the time. You're my favorite teacher...ever! Right, Jesse?"

Jesse hesitated, his glum expression threatening to slip into a sourer look and he muttered, "I suppose so." He glanced at his arm and I'm not sure if he was wearing a wristwatch or not, but he said, "Bree...it's getting late. We got that thing..."

Breanna looked at him oddly and then slowly nodded. "Yeah, I guess." Her expression brightened as she stepped up to me for the third time and hugged me again, saying softly into my ear, "I'm so glad we saw you, Mister Heller! See you soon!" Then she surprised me again by giving me a kiss on the cheek and grinning mischievously over her shoulder as they left.

For my part, I couldn't take my eyes off them...or more precisely, Breanna as they walked away...not just because her jean clad butt looked so sexy, but because the whole episode left me in a state of wonder. I felt a little surprise that between my legs, my cock was actually on the rise...responding to having had a woman...a lovely, young woman pressing herself against my body several times. I imagined I was just clueless, but I felt as if she'd been flirting a little with me. I touched my cheek, still feeling her luscious lips pressed against them.

As I drove back to student housing -- graduate and post-graduate students were able to rent apartments on campus, I couldn't get the young woman off my mind. In the acrimonious storm of my divorce, I had given the female gender a general pass and hadn't quite worked up an urge to date again, but that didn't mean I didn't have desires like any normal male. In the last loveless years of my marriage, it would have been next to impossible to not notice the seemingly endless parade of nubile young women who passed through my classroom and yes...I had masturbated to fantasies of having many of them...Breanna included.

Still, that is all they were...fantasies of a late middle-aged man. Soon enough, meeting Breanna was lost against a tide of research on the history of the bourbon manufactures of Middle Kentucky...my thesis topic and on the heavy readings of my seminars. Still as I walked across the campus during the early days of October, I often found myself scanning passing students for Breanna.

In the end, she found me. It was nearly a month after I ran into her and Jesse at the bookstore and late in the evening, I found myself at a table in the university center cafeteria, drinking coffee and making some notes after a particular seminar. I was lost in thought and never sensed anyone approaching until I was both being hugged and heard, "Mister Heller, how are you?" again, finding my face nuzzling the breasts of my former student.

Then Breanna was sitting across from me -- her arms folded under her breasts as she leaned forward and allowed them to bunch up in an impressive display of cleavage. I took a deep breath and gathered my composure back together, dragging my eyes from my former student's bosom and back to her lovely face. "Breanna...how are you?"

She grinned and said, "I couldn't be finer now that I found you! How have you been?"

"Good, I reckon," I replied. "Classes are going well and my thesis is coming along." I glanced around and didn't see Jesse in the queue for coffee or food. "Where's Jesse?"

She rolled her eyes and said, "Home, probably killing things on the computer instead of studying...you know, the usual. Waiting for me to get off work."

"Work?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, I work here in the UC in university services -- answer the phone, type shit up...that sort of thing. It helps pay for what the scholarship doesn't cover." She reached out and squeezed my hand. "I can't tell you how much I'm glad to see you, Mister Heller!"

I chuckled and said, "Really? Feeling homesick for Jonasville High School?"

"Oh, hell no!" she replied. "I never want to go back to Hicksville. I'm just...well; you're just one of my favorite people in the whole world! I just love that I can actually sit down here with you and...I don't know...talk! You'd have never done that in high school."

"Well...there's a reason for that. You were a teenager and I'm an old teacher. I'm shocked that any of my old students would even want to pass a word with me!"

Breanna had a wounded look for a second and shook her head violently. "Oh, you're wrong, Mister Heller. Yeah, you were a cranky old bastard, but you had our best interests at heart...you made us learn stuff...important shit." She reached out and took my hand again. "I bet you have no idea that you were a lot of kids' favorite teacher! We...I loved you!"

I felt myself blush a little. As any teacher will tell you...compliments like that don't come across too often. "I don't know, Breanna." I replied. "Jesse didn't seem too thrilled to run into me that night at the bookstore."

It was Breanna's turn to blush a little and she bit her lip and then laughed. "Oh...I don't think it had anything to do with high school, Mister Heller."

"Oh yeah? What was it then?"

She was silent for a moment, looking down at the table, but then looking up at me with her eyes blazing with a devilish glee. "Well, not too shock you, but..."

"Yeah?" I said encouragingly.

"Well, Jesse and me, we've been an item forever and we rent a place down on the southern side of Lexington. About a year ago after fu...making love, we were talking about fantasy lovers...you know, who we'd like to fuck?"

My blush returned, this time making my face burn. It was difficult to remember that Breanna was an adult now...not one of my teenage students. This whole conversation felt...taboo. "Right," I replied a little hoarsely.

"Well, Jesse lists off Angelina Jolie and Kate Kardasian and Megan Fox and I..." she paused as an almost belligerent grin spread across her face. "I said my number one fantasy fuck was you, Mister Heller!"

I didn't feel my jaw hit the table, but I'm sure it did as I stared at her in shock. In my silence, Breanna pressed on. "It's true...I had the biggest crush on you, Mister Heller...still do, I suppose and well, Jesse always has had some self confidence issues."

"I...I don't know what to say, Breanna. I never imagined..." I let my voice trail off.

For her part, she looked back at me with amused skepticism. "Oh, I bet you did, Mister Heller. God knows I teased you enough in those days and I know you used to stare at my tits and legs and you can't deny you were admiring my ass the other night at the bookstore. Her hands suddenly were cupping her breasts through her blouse and she playfully lifted them up. "And you've been sneaking some peeks at my boobs tonight."

"Well...I..." I really didn't know what to say, so I shrugged my shoulders and confessed. "Guilty as charged. My apologies, Breanna."

My answer seemed to please her and she replied, "No need to apologize, Mister Heller. I wouldn't put them out there on display if I didn't want people looking at them." Then she looked at me slyly with her eyes slightly hooded and said, "I'm curious though. I wonder, Mister Heller, where I might rank on your list of fantasy fucks?"

Again, I was caught off guard by her words, suddenly recalling how fearless Breanna had been back in High School -- never afraid to speak her mind. After a moment, I again shrugged my shoulders and said, "I plead the Fifth, Breanna." I hesitated for a moment, trying to seek a way out of this strange conversation before I said, "You can reassure Jesse...he doesn't have to worry about me. I would never try to..."

Breanna licked her lips and said in a wicked voice, "Oh, I don't think Jesse's worried about you trying to seduce me, but he might be concerned about what I might do." She let that hang in the air for a moment. "You know, Mister Heller...even in high school, I had a reputation for being...rash and impulsive. I'm even worse now!"

I suddenly understood what a rabbit felt like when it sees the wildcat stalking it and was trying to figure out what to say next when Breanna suddenly shifted gears. "Shit, is it that late? I got an 8:00 class in the morning!" She stood up and studied me for a moment. "Mister Heller, would you mind walking me to my car? This late at night...well."

It took a moment, but her request finally sank in and I seized the opportunity to regain any sense of normalcy. The guise of the protective older male felt good and I quickly stuffed my notes into my book bag and walked out of the UC with the young woman. Outside in the cool air, I was momentarily startled when Breanna slipped her arm through mine and murmured, "This way," steering us out into the mostly empty lot.

As we made our way to the far end, neither one of us said anything nor for a moment it was strangely...nice having a lovely young lady on my arm, evoking romantic memories from a lifetime ago. Finally, we arrived next to a slightly beat up Honda and she said, "This is me," while reaching into her bag for the keys. She unlocked the door and I opened it while she looked on pleased and murmured, "Thank you, Mister Heller."

She started to climb in, but stopped...her on one side of the door and me on the other. "You know...Jesse should be worried, Mister Heller. You're still number one on the list of men I would love to fuck." She leaned forward and kissed me on the corner of my mouth. "Goodnight." She fired her car up and pulled away, leaving me thunderstruck in the middle of that parking lot and feeling more than a little bit lost.

It was a long night and I surprised myself by masturbating not once but twice. The first time, I stroked off imagining what Breanna looked like completely naked...and yes, I confess that it wasn't the first time I had fantasized about that. Afterwards, I found myself unable to sleep and after tossing and turning for a long time, I got up and dug through some unpacked boxes until I came up with a yearbook from Breanna's senior year.

I flipped through it until I found the photo I had vaguely recollected...a group of seniors at a class pool party and front and foremost in the picture was Breanna -- glorious at eighteen in a skimpy bikini, breasts nearly overwhelming the small top and those lovely, long legs. Her hair was soaking wet...her body glittering wetly in the camera's flash and that devil may care smile of hers as she smiled at the photographer. I masturbated to the thought of her smiling that way at me...having me, taking me as she murmured, "You're still number one on the list of men I would love to fuck." I fell asleep with thoughts of the sexy, flirty young woman filling my mind and then my dreams.

For the next few days, I was a bit distracted as I was constantly expecting Breanna to turn up at any moment as I made my way around campus, but I never saw her. I wondered if in a moment of sober reflection, she had come to regret flirting with a man thirty years older and the thought of that made me oddly sad. I cursed myself for acting like a teenager afflicted with a terminal case of puppy love after I talked myself in visiting the bookstore that following weekend where I'd run into Breanna and Jesse initially.

As the following week passed, my lewd thoughts of my former student slowly receded...never completely forgotten, but mostly below the surface as I devoted myself to classes and doing research in the archives of the UK library. At quiet, idle moments, Breanna's face and body would resurface, but I forced myself not to dwell on my adolescent fantasies. Still, a part of me wondered when, not if, she would resurface again.

It happened that following Friday evening. I had had a quiet evening...a simple dinner followed by work on my thesis which was spread out on the apartment's kitchenette table and as the late news came on, I was dozing in front of the television with a murder mystery novel open face down on my chest. I was jarred awake by the irritating door bell -- a bit surprised because in two months, no one had ever rang it before.

I swung it open warily and although I should have been expecting it, was still surprised to see Breanna standing there -- looking like sexy trouble in a leather jacket and jeans, a plastic bag hanging from one hand. She held it up and through the opaque plastic I could see the distinct markings of a popular beer. "Trick or treat, Mister Heller!" she said in a giggling voice.

"Um...about a week early, Breanna and I think I'm supposed to give you the treat...not the other way around?"

She winked slyly at me and said, "Well, we can work that out later. Interested in a beer?"

I felt my stomach do a nervous flip. "Well...I -- um, I don't know if I should." I suddenly felt very nervous.

"Now, Mister Heller," Breanna began in a serious voice. "I'm not seventeen and you're not my teacher now. We're just two legal adults..." a giggle almost slipped out. She paused and then resumed, "We're just two legal adults and this legal adult wants to buy you a beer." She looked up at actually batted her eyes at me mockingly. "Well, aren't you going to invite me in?"

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