At Last


So far the sex that afternoon had been fairly standard for us. She had stroked and sucked my cock for several minutes and I had eaten her pussy while sliding her favorite vibrator into her ass until she had three or four strong orgasms. After giving her time to revel in the afterglow of her cumming, she once again began rubbing my dick paying particular attention to my small slit with her thumb. She knew that drove me crazy and replaced her thumb with her tongue.

My cock was fully erect when I asked her, “How about a pony ride?”

Without hesitation she swung her leg over me and placed my hard, glistening cock at the opening of her pussy. I moaned as she lowered herself onto my shaft until her ass cheeks came in contact with my balls. Her canal gently squeezed my buried rod and she was a bit tighter than usual as was mostly the case after she’d gotten her rocks off. Moving in a much-practiced rhythm she began to ride me lifting nearly off my pole and then with the head just in her pussy, sliding back down again to the base.

This went on for several minutes but I knew there was no danger of me getting off in a hurry, I could go like this for about as long as I wanted. Reaching up, I took a tit in each hand and pulled her down until she was resting against my chest. With my lips next to her ear I whispered, “I want your hot rosebud.”

Dismounting me like a horse, my cock popped from her pussy. She reached across me scooping a glob from the jar of Vaseline I used previously on the vibe I had stuck up her ass. Taking her time she made sure my cock was covered in the grease sticking her fingers back in the jar to place more on the head and used the bit left on her fingers in her already slippery rear opening. Over me once again, she reached between her legs and positioned my quivering cock at the small brown opening of her virgin asshole. Twelve years of frustration was coming to an end as her backdoor relaxed as it had many times before for the seven inch vibrator and she lowered her hottest, tightest hole onto my cock. After slight resistance at the outer muscle ring, my dick slid in up to the hilt. She sat very still getting used to the larger dimensions until her inner muscles began rippling up and down the length of my dick.

Like I said, twelve years of frustration and fantasizing. This woman had driven my nearly crazy trying to find a way to get my cock in that incredible asshole. From the very start she had loved having her little shitter stimulated. It began with my finger sliding in as I ate her pussy. The first time she climaxed immediately and was embarrassed by the whole thing. She was twenty-five at the time and I’m sure it was her first orgasm.

I continued using my fingers on her and she kept cumming. I introduced her to a small vibrator and the woman about went nuts. She damn near drown me in pussy juice and almost broke my nose with her hips bouncing off the bed. She quickly graduated to the seven-inch vibe and just sucked the shiny, red plastic up her ass. I swear she has a clitoris up that hole. But never would she let me stick my cock in her most sensitive hole. I tried reason, begging, threats, alcohol, you name it, I probably tried it.

The answer to my dilemma came from an unexpected source—the Internet. While checking out one of my favorite porn sites I came across an ad for a site featuring erotic stories. Having always been a fan of the written word, I checked it out. Cruising through some stories about my favorite subject, ass fucking, I came across one about some nerd using hypnosis to fuck every babe on campus in the ass. I mulled the idea over for a couple of days thinking of the possibilities. Finding information on the subject was easy. Going to my favorite search engine I just entered hypnosis and got thousands of hits. After checking out some authors I chose one and downloaded an e-book.

I read through the material a couple of times and decided to start on myself first. I needed to lose about thirty pounds, stop smoking and wanted to gain better control over my sexual performance. Using the self- hypnosis techniques I was soon losing the weight and had met my initial goal of only four or five cigarettes a day. These developments made me feel much better and I began an exercise program. After three months I was in the best shape I had been in years. I’m not sure if it was the hypnosis or my improvement in general health but I was also fucking like a twenty year-old.

Now all I had to do was convince her to let me try to hypnotize her. Strangely enough it took no convincing at all. Naturally she had noticed the changes in me. I had spoken of getting in shape for the last couple of years but had failed miserably in the self-control department. Now she was asking me how I had done it. I explained how my newfound will power had come from a $30 e-book about hypnosis. Before I could try to sell her on the idea of trying it, she asked me if I could hypnotize her to help her lose ten pounds. I suggested we wait a few days until the weekend to give me a chance to study some more.

Saturday finally arrived and I planned the morning around her pleasures. It started with my bringing her to several intense orgasms with my tongue and the ever-trusty red vibe up her ass but this time I wouldn’t let her reciprocate by getting me off. I took her out to breakfast at her favorite restaurant and then out antique shopping, another of her favorite past-times. Early that afternoon we had our first hypnosis session. I followed the suggestions in the e-book. She sat in a comfortable chair with her eyes closed as I spoke to her in a gentle, calming voice telling her to relax and listen to nothing but my words. After a few minutes of this I instructed her to count slowly to one hundred in her head. With each number she was to become more and more relaxed.

She appeared to be sleeping after thirty seconds. I asked if she could hear me. She quietly responded she could. I then used a couple of tests to determine if she was indeed hypnotized. I explained her arm was very heavy and then asked her to raise it. Struggling for several seconds, she gave up saying she couldn’t do it. I next brought some glass cleaner from the kitchen. I told her she was unable to smell anything. Spraying the glass cleaner on my hand, I brought it near her nose and she showed no reaction. Convinced she was truly under, I suggested that she would no longer crave sweets but instead would want fresh fruit or a granola bar. I told her I was going to wake her on the count of three and she would feel relaxed and very invigorated. I also told she would reenter her state of hypnosis when I told her to sleep. Counting to three her eyes opened and she told me she felt great.

Before she could say anything more I told her to sleep. Instantly, she flopped back into the chair. It was now time to try my plan for anal ecstasy. Rather than just tell her she was going to let me fuck her in the ass I went for the problem behind her refusals. It was as I had figured all along. She was afraid it was going to be painful and deep down her religious upbringing had convinced her it was a dirty, unnatural act. Convincing her there would be no pain was easy. I suggested it would feel even better than the vibrator she so enjoyed. The other part was more troublesome. I could think of no way to undo all those years of conditioning and decided I would just order her that anything that felt so good couldn’t be sinful when it was happening between two people that loved each other. Before bringing her out of it again I told her that every time I made a clicking noise with my tongue she would become aroused. The more times I clicked, the more aroused she would become. She would hear this noise but not recognize it came from me. I also told her she would remember nothing but wake completely refreshed as if from a long nap.

On three she opened her eyes again and asked me if she had been hypnotized. When I told her yes she asked why she couldn’t recall anything. I clicked my tongue twice. Instantly, her nipples got hard and she began squirming in the chair. I clicked my tongue twice more and she stuck her hand down her pants and began rubbing her crotch. Two more clicks and her pants and panties were coming off and she was plunging three fingers into her own pussy. I removed her hand and replaced it with my tongue. She had three orgasms in the next five minutes and a fourth huge one that shook her entire body when I slid two of my fingers up her ass.

This got us to the point of her sliding her asshole up and down my cock. It had been years since my prick had been enveloped in the hot, slick sheath of a rectum. To make the moment last I placed myself almost in a state of suspension. I could still feel every detail but now my cock was under control. She settled into an easy pace for several minutes until she began to build to an incredible orgasm. The closer she got, the harder she ass fucked my cock. Reaching the peak, she placed her fingers on her clitoris and began rubbing hard. Her orgasm was the strongest of her life and damn near squeezed my dick off. As she lay on top of me and her rectal muscles relaxed a bit, those muscles literally milked what felt like a quart of cum from my cock.

Since that Saturday, I have hypnotized her two or three times a week. She would swallow once in a while as a special treat, she now loves the taste of my cum. I have found out that I was indeed the first to ever get her off all those years ago. I have fucked her in the ass in every position I could think of and she loves it. My favorite is with her on her stomach with a pillow under her hips. I’m able to penetrate deeply, control the strokes and she can masturbate without straining. Her favorite may sound sick to some but it drives her wild. She is always at her horniest during the heaviest days of her period. I draw the line at eating bloody pussy but we now have an even better way for her to get off. After a shower and a tampon, my greased up cock isn’t in her ass thirty seconds before she starts to cum repeatedly.

That’s my story and needless to say, I’m a very happy man. I’m fifty years old, fucking like I’m twenty and in a wonderful pussy and asshole now. She lost fifteen pounds and loves the fact she has one more way of pleasing both herself and me. My other fantasy has been to have a threesome with the hot looking woman that lives next door. I’m sure she could benefit from hypnosis and the good wife is explaining this to her as I write this. I think another chapter is going to need to be written.

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