At Last


She breathed a sigh of relief. After all of the back and forth in her head, all of the nervousness and hesitation, the evening had arrived. Li parked the car in a spot not too far from the building. Her heart was pounding with nervous anticipation. She was terrified, but it was too late to turn back now. His flight was due to land within a half hour. She walked across the corridor toward the gates; glad it was finally a little cooler. October was a nice month.

Going past the counters, she headed for the tiled floor by the gates. All around her, people stood, waiting to greet friends and family. Would she recognize him? They had decided to wear their color, just in case. Some people share a song. They had a color.

She fidgeted with the necklace he'd sent her, her fingers twirling the amethyst pendant. It was a habit she'd acquired over the months. The reminder that he was a stable and caring presence in her life soothed her in ways she'd never expected.

It was still some kind of miracle to her, the way they had met. She'd been looking for somebody else with the same name when she'd found him online. She'd written a brief note, and he'd written back to say she had the wrong guy. Then, uncharacteristically, she wrote again. They had continued writing, telling each other bits and pieces of their lives. They came to discover they had a lot in common.

Their friendship had grown steadily, and they had flirted back and forth a little bit, but she hadn't realized she had a crush on him until he'd acquired a girlfriend. She admitted to herself she was a little jealous, but had dismissed the entire thing. They were just Internet pals. Then, the girlfriend had dumped him, and she'd felt outraged and defensive. She'd made another uncharacteristic move, offering to call him.

Then, he'd become jealous when other guys started trying to get involved with her. They quickly realized there was something more to what they shared than just an internet friendship. They went on to become a couple, despite her resolve never to get romantically involved with anybody again. She'd had a terrible relationship five years before, and had turned away every guy who came along... until BJ. And now, they were going to meet in person, after the rather lengthy time they'd communicated from afar... and Li was completely freaked out.

Over the walkway, at the edge of the gate, there was a monitor displaying various flights. His was on time, due to arrive in five minutes. Five minutes! She tried to sit, but nervous energy wouldn't allow it. She paced a little, and then headed for the restroom. She adjusted her hair, but it was still at an awkward length, and looked like a puffball anyway. Three minutes. He wouldn't even be off of the plane for ten. She stuck her tongue out at her reflection, and said, "Quit being so goofy. It's BJ. Your BJ."

She went back toward the gates, deliberately forcing herself to just sit down. She tried not to stare at the time; certain that would make it stop, just for her. Then, the people started coming. For a split second, she panicked. She wanted to leave. She wanted to hide. She wanted to... he cell phone rang. She answered.

"I'm here," he said. He was off of the plane and walking down a hallway with the many other passengers. A few people were pausing to take off their jackets. Even in the carefully regulated air of the airport, it was hot and humid.

She nodded automatically before realized what she was doing. Quickly, she said, "Yea... where?" She peered through the gate. So far, there was nobody at all. Then, the first- a toddler, sort of running from a frantic father. Close behind them was the beginning of the crowd.

"Uh, walking..." he answered, following the procession of other passengers. She peered into the group, and then she saw him near the back of the bunch. Tall, wearing glasses, and the purple tie she'd sent him. Again, a moment of panic. He said, "I see a big open area. Are you over there?"

She nodded again, saying, "Yea... I'm hanging up now."

"Okay," he answered, right before spotting her. She was fidgeting with the necklace, and he couldn't see its flash of purple, but it was Li. Short, chubby, dressed in all black, carrying a purse with something weird, big, and sparkly dangling off of the strap. She was looking at him, with an expression he hadn't seen in any of her pictures. It didn't look happy. He wondered what it meant. "Huh."

He walked out of the hall, stepping into the brightly lit area, and she closed the distance. Before she could change her mind. She closed it by wrapping her arms around him, pressing her forehead against his chest. "My BJ." He smiled, and then hugged her back.

Around them, other people were greeting each other in various ways, oblivious to their special moment in time. Suddenly, Li was afraid to let go. What if he was just hugging her to be polite? What if she pulled back to see disappointment in his eyes? What if... She took a deep breath, inhaling the scent she'd been wrapped up in when they were on the phone. The scent that had been carried by his shirt, the shirt he'd worn for days to put his scent on it, just because she'd asked him to. This was her BJ. She trusted him. She looked up, saw him smile, and smiled back.

They walked to the luggage area, and she tried to settle her nerves by asking about his flight. They stood at the baggage claim, chatting about his trip and her morning, and then went to her car. He put his bag in the trunk and they headed out of the garage. She was still anxious, her mind still full of every negative potential outcome that could possibly happen. He looked at the radio expectantly when she started the car, but it didn't come on.

"I turned it off when I got here," she said, chuckling. "I didn't want it to overload you with noise." He nodded, and then started talking about random things as she drove toward the exit. She'd been so worried about it being awkward when he arrived. She'd been prepared for silences and discomfort on both of their parts. This was going remarkably well.

She drove and listened to him as he rambled on about things. He was really good at that sort of thing. He seemed quite content to talk about whatever was on his mind, explaining it as fully as he could, to make certain she understood him. She envied and admired that quality, being a rather quiet person, herself.

They drove until they reached her office in Daytona. She was a massage therapist and had come up with what she hoped was a brilliant solution to her nervousness. She was going to give him a massage. She'd given plenty of massages before, and seen a lot of naked men, but this was the first time she'd seen him undressed. It had been her idea, though, to give him a massage right away to help them overcome any awkwardness. That didn't make her any less nervous now that the moment had come.

With clients, she always left the room while they undressed and redressed, because it helped keep that boundary up. It kept things professional. So she decided to stay, uncertain if she should look at him or away from him. She decided to do both, fussing with this and that as he undressed. Then, the moment of truth had come. He hesitantly pulled down his underwear, and her eyes skimmed down his body before widening a moment. She attempted a smooth recovery from her obvious faux pas, and blurted out something intended as complimentary. "Aww, it's so cute!"

She clapped a hand over her mouth before finishing the sentence, but it was already out there. He shifted from one foot to the other awkwardly in front of her, as if he didn't know how to respond- and he probably didn't. She grabbed a towel from the table and handed it to him, guiding him to the hydrotherapy room.

The hydrotherapy room was basically a large shower with a table. The walls and floors were tiled, and there was a drain in the floor. She had him stand while she warmed the table with hot water, then took his towel and had him lie on a mat that covered the cold tiles. She performed the body scrub quietly, not feeling the need to make silly small talk. He tried to relax and enjoy it, but it was all a little weird for him.

She finished the scrub and toweled him off before guiding him to a table. "Okay, now lay face down. I'll be right back." She left him and cleaned the hydrotherapy area, then returned. He was prone on the table and she took some time to admire the view. Smiling, she commented, "If you're wondering, I do think you have a nice tushie."

Now that he was on her table, she was feeling more confident. This was her turf. He responded, but she couldn't hear it. She guessed he was probably amused. Somehow, his ass came up often in their conversations. He'd teased that she was obsessed with it. She contemplated biting it, but figured it might be a little soon for that.

She started the massage, kneading his muscles with practiced hands. She used medium pressure. He wasn't the kind of person who got massages, so hard pressure would probably hurt, and light pressure seemed to come across as more erotic. This was just about getting more familiar with each other. She just wanted to get used to him being around, and to get him used to her touching him. After about a half hour, she got a pillow and told him to turn over. She slid the pillow under his head and adjusted the towel over him.

They chatted a little, and he could tell that she was more relaxed. That weird expression that had flickered over her face so much at the beginning had vanished. He was glad. It had felt really weird in the car, trying to talk to her while she stared strangely ahead, barely responsive. He knew she wasn't that focused as a driver, as they'd talked on the phone several times while she'd driven. This was starting to feel more like the Li he'd gotten to know.

She kept the massage very professional, and the conversation was platonic but friendly. Once the hour was over, they both felt quite a bit more at ease with each other. He got dressed again and they grabbed some lunch. The place was crowded, so she suggested they head for the beach, since it was only a few minutes away. There, they watched the waves and talked about nothing in particular.

It was with comfortable silences and pleasant random conversation that they drove back to her house. He was shown the guest room, which was right next to hers. That night, when her daughter was asleep, they sat in the living room and watched a movie, snuggling on the sofa. Some time before the movie was over, they'd forgotten it and had their first kiss. They had both agonized previously about who should start it, and what the best way was for it to happen. In the end, it had been sweetly simple, as such things should be.

The next morning, she left before he was awake to take her daughter to school. Then, she returned and went into the room where he slept. He was generally more relaxed and content when he was just waking up, so they'd agreed she should try to come and spend time with him in the morning. She grabbed a few things to occupy her time, because she was really terrible at just sitting still. Armed with a book, sketchpad and pencil, and her water ball full of glitter, she entered. He was still asleep, lying on his belly. His face was to the wall and his legs askew.

She slid into the bed and curled around him. It had been years since she'd done something like this with a man, and even though the act was innocent, it felt far more intimate than the massage or the kisses. He was stiff a moment, waking. Then he turned over to see her smiling at him. She smiled slightly and said, "Hi."

"Hello..." he still sounded sleepy, and his face didn't look quite awake yet. He looked very cute and little-boy like. His eyes were only half open. "It's still dark."

She chuckled quietly. "It's darker in this room than the rest of the house. Small window, facing away from the sun- but it is early. No need to get up."

He nodded at her, and lay silently, his eyes closed. She thought he was asleep, but then he started talking about how he'd expected to be attacked by mutant lizards or roaches as he slept. He didn't trust the critter population in Florida. She giggled at him, and he smiled lazily at her giggle. They faded back to quiet, and she managed to get a little drowsy. They snuggled and lay in this half awake state for a while before getting hungry.

They spent the day missing parts of movies, making out on the sofa. After she got her daughter from school, they all went to the park. She took a couple dozen pictures of him, because he usually looked too uncomfortable in pictures she'd seen. She wanted to send him home with nicer ones. Then, he got on the Internet while she spent some alone time with her daughter. They spent the next couple of days exploring local attractions that she'd never had time to see. On Friday, she took him back to her office for another massage.

This time, it was a little different. She wanted him to experience a light touch massage, which was what a lot of her clients requested. It was a little more erotic, though she had always been completely professional with her customers. With BJ, though, it was a little different.

Once they finished the scrub, she sprinkled him lightly with powder. She ran her fingers so softly over his skin, he almost wasn't sure she was touching him. She let her hands move a little farther on his inner thigh than she would have with a client. Her fingertips grazed his balls slightly every now and then. Then, she had him turn over. She carefully trailed her fingertips over his skin from his shoulders to his ankles. They moved near his groin, never actually touching.

He was semi-erect, and as she got increasingly closer to his dick, it slowly started hardening, until he lay firm under the towel. She gently removed the towel, liberating him from its pressure. His dick followed the towel's motion and was soon standing at eager attention. Li smiled at it and lay a hand lightly over his balls. She used just enough pressure for him to feel her body heat and a hint of a caress. She glided her fingers down over them slowly, exploring their curves and the creases of his delicate skin.

Li lifted first one, then the other, familiarizing herself with their weight and just enjoying the way they felt. She bent down and placed a soft kiss on each, inhaling and exhaling slowly so he felt the warmth of her breath move over each hair follicle and pore. Using her fingertips, she then explored his dick in the same unhurried fashion. Slow light touches moved over every tiny bump and crevice, teasing his nerves with just a hint of pressure.

She gradually used more of her fingers, rather than just the tips, letting them curve around his hardened flesh. Her other hand moved again over his balls, teasing with the barest of touches. His dick hardened more as he watched her slowly and quietly enjoy him. She leaned forward, running her lips gently along the underside of his dick. She was not kissing or licking, but just feeling the soft sensitive skin against her mouth. Her lips were soft and full, and he could imagine them parting to swallow him.

She glanced up at his face, as if suddenly remembering he was even there, attached to the flesh she was admiring. She smiled at him before looking back down. She let one of her hands grasp the base of his dick, slowly wrapping around the shaft. She kept her grip loose, continuing the very gentle touch she'd been using, and slowly moved upward. The other hand slowly moved from under his balls to the top of them, very lightly rolling them against her palm. That hand then made the same circle at the base, and began moving up just as the first one slipped off the head of his dick. The first one made its descent to rest on his balls in much the same position the second had been in.

She used both hands in this way, slowly moving up and over him repeatedly, caressing his balls and dick. She watched her hands perform their motions, glancing at his face occasionally to gauge how he was feeling. Soon, his hips were lifting from the table, following her beckoning fingers. This was when she stopped and lightly smacked his testicles. She firmly said, "Stay still."

Then, she began again, this time moving in the opposite direction. Her fingers were closed only a little, increasing the pressure that wrapped around his sensitive flesh. This time, instead of recreating the feeling of moving outward, she made it feel as if he was pushing slowly and deeply forward and in. When his body moved again under her hands, she smacked his balls just a little harder, and with a stronger tone of voice, said, "I told you to stay still."

She took him into her hand, wrapping her fingers around it a little tighter. This time, she moved up and down slowly. The pressure was still very light, so that there was room for more. Drizzling a little oil onto their skin, she continued the motion. The lubrication coated him with wet heat. Her pressure increased gradually, as did her pace. His breathing came faster as she tugged, and soon, he was lifting his hips yet again. She slapped his balls this time, and there was a definite audible smack as she stopped stroking. BJ groaned.

"This is very disappointing," Li said. "All I asked was for you to stay still. It would serve you right if I never touched your little dick again. Maybe I'll just keep slapping your balls, instead." Her hand tightened on his balls threateningly.

"Unh, please..." BJ whimpered.

"Please? Please touch your dick?" asked Li. Before he could get out a yes, she spoke quickly. "Or please slap your balls?"

"Yes... No... Ahh!" he got out, as she squeezed a little more.

"Yes? No? You don't seem to know what you want. I think I'll just do both," she replied. Li started moving her hand over him again, the tempo slightly faster than it had been. She shifted her position and bent down, her mouth pressing soft kisses onto his torso. Her hand continued its up and down motion, pumping his dick. He felt his balls tightening and groaned. His dick stiffened in her hand, and Li chose that moment to slap his balls.

"Unh!" He half-shouted. She gripped him tightly so he couldn't cum yet, and just enjoyed feeling him throb in her hand.

"Oh, didn't I mention? You're not allowed to cum until I say you can," she whispered against his skin.

"I can't cum?" BJ panted, struggling to catch his breath. Li shook her head, waiting until she was sure he wouldn't cum before releasing him. She began stroking him again, and then slapped his balls. He twitched, his hips rising from the table. That earned his poor balls another slap, for not being still. He grunted loudly, his breath fast and heavy. "Please?!"

"I don't think you deserve it," she said. "All I asked was that you stay still, and you couldn't do that one little thing." She moved her thumb over the tip of his dick, the pre-cum slick on her skin. She moaned softly at the feeling of it. Turning, she switched hands, licking it from her thumb. "Mmm. You taste good, Pookie."

BJ moaned, watching her lick his pre-cum from her thumb. She glanced at his face. "Would you like to know how I taste?" He nodded at her, and she slipped her hand into her waistband. Sliding it lower, she parted the curly hairs at her pussy and probed two fingers into the very wet slit. Her clit was swollen with lust and slippery. She closed her eyes and moaned at the contact, sliding her fingertips up and down on either side of it.

It felt so good; she had a hard time stopping, wanting nothing more than to jerk him off with one hand and to bring herself to an orgasm with the other. She opened her eyes again; saw him watching her with interest. Taking a deep calming breath, she slipped her fingers back out, extending her hand to offer it to him. They were coated with her fluids, shining slick and clear. It was obvious she must be incredibly aroused by what had been happening.

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