At Last


Sex had been scarce for Lola the past week since her husband Aran had had a few extra jobs to do. They ran their own business and it was beginning to pick up and they were never free for very long at the same time. But today was Sunday and they were both free for the entire day. However Aran was gone to play basketball with his best friend. Lola was flipping through their collection of porn magazines, and beginning to feel her pussy throb. She picked up the portable phone from the table and dialed Aran's cell phone.

He assured he that he was already on his way home. Lola's mind was at it's creative peak as she hung up the phone. Knowing that she only had about fifteen minutes to do what she needed to do, she ran through the house to their bedroom. She flung open the closet door and pulled out two large duffle bags and a metal case. The first duffle bag contained her favorite array of toys. Lola grabbed the pink jelly vibrator and check it's batteries. IT worked just fine and she placed it on the night stand by the bed. Next she pulled out a long, slim, black dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. She walked over to the wall across from the bed and lined it up with her pussy and ass. She stuck it to the wall and made sure it was there to stay.

Then there was a brown dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. This was her favorite because it had a nice, African color that made a good color combination with her ivory skin. She placed this one on a thigh high island in the room. The island was used for sexual purposes but could be covered up for guests. The rest of that bag was movies. No time for those now. The next bag she opened contained more items. She removed three candle holders. Then she fished around for the candles and lighter for them. She lit the candles and placed them close to the bed. These weren't for light, but for the hot wax that she loved.

Next she found an audio tape that she had made for Aran. She ran into the living room and put it into the stereo that piped music throughout the house. She placed the tape on repeat play. Back in the bedroom Lola searched through various leather items she liked. She finally decided that getting a blindfold out wasn't such a bad idea. She retrieved the soft blindfold and put it on the bed. Next she went for the metal case. She popped the locks on it, hearing the tape begin to play. The sounds of her own moans made her cunt wetter. Inside the case was a camcorder. She set the tripod up and positioned the recorder on it.

Then she pulled out a magazine from the bag. This one was set aside from the other collection on the coffee table because it had her favorite shot. A side view of a black cock entering a girl's ass and her pussy dripping cum down her thighs. Outside she heard the distinct sound of the diesel engine of Aran's street car pull up. She double checked everything with a blink of the eye. She climbed on the bed with her ass facing the door and got on her knees.

Her ass cheeks spread giving Aran an instant view of her tight rosebud and large, swollen twat. She grabbed the magazine and laid it carefully on her open ass. Balancing that she grabbed the blindfold and slipped it on as she heard the front door open. She heard Aran begin to say something until he heard the tape's screams and moans. The door shut and she heard Aran making his way quickly to the room. Lola heard the door fling open and Aran make the sweetest grunt she had ever heard. She felt him move up behind her. There was the rustle of clothing being shed.

Then she felt him scoot up on the bed with her. Aran balanced himself on his knees and pressed his hard dick to the back of her pussy. He began to stroke it slightly for her pleasure. Lola groaned as the slight tip of Aran's black cock opened her pussy lips. he picked up the magazine from her ass and gently dropped it on the floor by the bed. He dipped his dick into her sloppy cunt and pressed it up to his balls. He stroked her fat cunt slowly, getting her ready. Then he pulled out and aimed it at her ass. Lola moaned as Aran leaned forward slightly.

Throwing his weight into his cock. It slipped into her tight ass. Aran gave a load moan as her ass clasp around his monster, black prick and sucked it in deeper. His dark hands grabbed her fifty-nine inch hips and rocked them back onto his cock. His nuts slapped her open cunt as he rode her ass. Lola began to scream his name and other vulgarities.

"Aran, yes, baby, yes," she slammed her wide ass back onto his dick. "Fuck me. God fuck me!"

"Oh, baby, I'm gonna nut," was Aran's only response.

Aran's rhythm became faster as he felt his orgasm build up to peak. It flowed over him in waves and spilled out of his prick into Lola's abused asshole. He crammed his cock deep into her ass and thrust until he had gotten the first orgasm out.

He collapsed onto her back and lay still for a moment. He reached up and removed the blindfold. Aran looked his wife in the eyes and saw her pleasure as she panted with red cheeks. He had always liked how red her cheeks and titties became right after a nut.

"Let me do you," Aran said as he began to lay down on the bed. Lola knew exactly what he had meant and was thrilled he had offered. She stood up on shaky legs maneuvered herself over Aran's face. Then she lowered her body so that her wet, white cunt was on his mouth. Lola held on to the head board as Aran's trained tongue slipped in and out of her twat. His tongue moved the length of her cunt and tickled her clit. Then he got serious.

Aran's tongue made slow, painfully sweet circles around her clit. Circling her protruding clit and then flicking it quickly with his tongue have Lola all the persuasion she needed to nut again. As her cum came quickly she bore down on Aran's face the way he liked for her to and bucked on his tongue. After the last wave of the orgasm left her she fell helplessly off his face. Even as she rolled into a comfortable position Aran had already moved and was straddling her. She smiled at him and opened her mouth wide. Aran leaned over just a bit and met with her mouth.

His long, hard brown cock slid down her throat. Her tongue pressed against the underneath side of it. Lola sucked it first. Just lying there sucking, not bobbing her head. Then she began to scale it with her lips. Taking his cock all the way to his balls and then pressing down with her lips and dragging them back up to the head of his dick. Lola moaned against his cock with her enjoyment. Aran took his own method and began to rock against Lola's mouth.

She moaned her okay. Aran began to fuck Lola's mouth, using the head board for balance. His cock slipped in and out of her pink wet mouth and tapped the back of her throat repeatedly. When he couldn't hold back any longer, Aran let loose his cum in her mouth and felt it shoot down to her stomach. His wife sucked and swallowed the load until he was done. She smiled at him again after he had removed his prick form her mouth.

To Be Continued...

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