At Last


This is a story of a loving couple, exploring her authority and cuckolding. If this offends you please restrain from commenting. I would love to hear opinions from those who are interested in this subject. Thank You, and Enjoy this is my second story to be posted.


The mood is loving, soft, gentle, quiet. We are alone in our usually chaotic house. Taking full advantage of our time together. I draw Michelle a warm bath, adding bubbles for fun. Lighting candles around the room, and on the shelf above the two person Jacuzzi tub. Turning off the lights, The flickering candles excite me to what I am hopping will follow.

I step out into the breezeway to find Michelle standing there looking at a picture of us on the wall. We were much younger then, in our early twenties. She was so Beautiful. No, She was HOT. Beautiful is how I describe Michelle now. The same radiant long brown hair, reaching the mid of her back. The same sexy brown eyes. The same pretty smile perfect lips. A few more curves added to her once perfect body. Now Voluptuous is the best way to describe her. She worries about the added pounds the years have left.

think they have improved her. She feels soft, like a woman should. The body she was once so proud of, now changed. Her perky breasts, barely a handful when we met, are now curves that excite me to look at, to play with, to mold and hold on too. The same perfect nipples like a small marshmallows between my teeth, light brown areolas half dollars in size accent them perfectly.

"Your beautiful" I compliment her as I reach around hugging her from behind. Inhaling deeply as I embrace my wife lovingly. Her hands go up onto my forearms, bending her head back slightly, kissing me softly on my cheek.

"Oh, thank you, Glad somebody thinks so!" she retorts back to me.

On the other hand, I look much different. Balding, having gained sixty lbs since we met, weighing in at three hundred pounds. My side burns are greying. Crows feet cornering my eyes. My same dimple still forms when I smile. I guess I look at my self with the same criticism she looks at herself with.

She would say I look great, she loves a big man. That I carry my weight well. At six foot five inches tall, with a large frame, I would look sick if I were too skinny. However I am not saying that If I lost that extra weight, she wouldn't like it. She would say that my crows feet and silvering side burns are sexy, and that my bald head is appealing when kept trim.

"What happened to those kids?" she asked.

"We grew up, had kids of our own!" "I am not old yet, common I'll show you." smiling I pull her away grabbing her hips. Walking backwards playfully tugging her all the way to the bathroom, showing her my surprise. She reacts most favorably stepping forward embracing me now, kissing me passionately, before breaking away.

"Close your eyes and turn around!" I did as I was told. "I am trusting you." She warns. I hear her pants unzip. "Can I help with that?" "NO!!!" she exclaimed. "You know better, no peaking."

Hearing her jeans slide down her legs I long to look, but do not, respecting her modesty. I hear a few footsteps, then the splashing of water as she climbs in. After a sigh of relief from the warm water covering her body, I remove my clothes and await her invitation to join her.

"Are you going to join me, or just stand there like a scared forty year old virgin?" she teases.

No time wasted, I jumped in like an excited puppy. Her outstretched leg holding me at bay, I settle into my side of the tub facing her. Allowing my foot to rub her naked hip as I relaxed next to her. Gazing into her eyes I feel nothing but love for her. Smiling at each other, she closes her eyes, lays her head back to relax. I admire her beauty, like a masterful piece of art. The bubbles hiding her nudity, disappointing, yet all the more enticing at the same time. I follow her lead and do the same. I close my eyes and relax. Immediately replacing the blackness with images of her.

After fifteen minutes or so, of silence, warmth, and comfort. She changes the mood, reaching forward sliding her hands up my inner thigh. I tremble from her touch and inhale sharply from the surprise. She settles on her target, a handful of my balls and my limp cock.

"Oh darn your not ready for me." she teases in a disappointed tone. Squeezing my manhood between her fingers and palm.

"Don't you want me, or find me sexy anymore?" she continues, while gently squeezing and massaging whats trapped in her hand. "I guess I am just an old hag. No man would want me anymore, or would they?" "Do you think any Man out there would want to fuck me?" She questions in a playful manner.

My cock jumps to her last question.

"Wow what was that honey?" "Do you want me to get fucked by someone else?" She continues her questioning.

Again my cock twitches in excitement. "You know, I have never had any trouble turning heads. I have always had My pick of men!" My cock getting harder as she teases. leaning in her lips positioned over the head of my cock protruding from the water.

Looking up at me. "Would you want me to suck his dick too, Like this?" she asks seductively. As she sweetly softly takes the head of my erect cock into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around, she then comes off quickly with a 'pop'!

Laying back again in the tub, she smiles at me. Licking the corners of her mouth seductively. while seeing the desire and lust for her in my eyes.

She knows, she just acted out a scene from one of my deepest fantasies. We have talked many times over the years, starting out with my desire for her to dominate me, to be my Goddess. She never understood what I wanted.

I then introduced her to my desire of tease and denial, the hope of her locking up my cock and wearing the key around her neck. keeping me from getting myself off. Whether at home alone, or while away at work, on the road and away from her control. To orally give her orgasms and make love to her while locked away, at her mercy for my relief. Obviously playing on my desire to be dominated by her.

My fantasies then evolved to wanting her to cuckold me. My ultimate sacrifice and admission of my submission to her. For her to take a lover, and enjoy herself with him. To indulge herself totally. To show her power to satisfy another mans lust and sexual needs, while I am left waiting for her love. The ultimate acceptance of her authority, becoming my Goddess!

While everything in the past actually pushed her away, she felt the whole dominance thing jaded. The latter actually caught her attention. She is intrigued by the idea and excitement of having a discrete lover, while not having to allow me the same privilege.

She is feeling proud of herself for stepping out of her comfort zone. I am feeling exhilarated by the innocent taunting. She then asks, with honest curiosity, while pressing her foot into the base of my cock and balls. "You really do want this don't you?"

Starting the whole conversation up again. My main concern is that she understands my desires in this. That her ultimate pleasure is my goal, but I do need to hear all the details of her excursions. To be involved in some way, teased, denied, and then ultimately given pleasure myself. My own pleasure, to be the reward of her freedom. Only to be given, as she sees fit. That as long as I am not replaced or neglected, I seriously am turned on by the whole Idea. To see My Wife as this strong, beautiful, sexual creature capable of satisfying other men.

Both of us now extremely horny! I must have convinced her I was serious. She turned the tides on the evening, in a way I never thought possible from her at this time.

"I would like my feet rubbed now then", she said sternly with a playful smirk. Placing an outstretched leg before me. Switching feet periodically, for the next thirty-five minutes. She pulls her foot from my hands, "You did a great job honey." "I think you need a reward, go to the bed room and wait for me there!" "Oh yes, and I expect to find you on your knees, at the foot of my bed." "I want your dick ready for what ever I want it for, if your dick is limp You will NOT be happy!" "Do you Understand?"

"Yes Dear."

"Good, I also want my box of toys laid neatly on my bed stand!" SHE COMMANDED.

I couldn't believe my ears, who is this changed woman before me? I thought to myself, I need to get the Kids gone more often! I hurry to follow her orders and await at the foot of her bed as instructed.

She lays back in the tub smiling, pulling out a book she begins reading.

Ten minutes go by, I am now getting uncomfortable on my knees, My cock no longer hard at the thought alone. I stroke myself to get hard. Twenty minutes go by, I still periodically stroke myself. Precum dripping from its tip, I have edged myself half a dozen times now. My lower back starting to hurt I sit back on my heels. Twenty-five minutes, and the door burst open.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" she yells. catching me with my cock in my hand and me sitting on the back of my heels. "I thought you wanted to obey me?" "You cannot even go ten minutes without playing with yourself, knowing I am coming in here for you tonight!" "You cannot even kneel for your Queen, How can I place you at my thrown?" She Questions, Her tone making me feel bad for disappointing her, and that I was in serious trouble!

"I am sorry honey, My back was hurting and tired, I couldn't stay up any longer, and I had to stroke myself to stay hard, as you wanted from me." I pleaded.

She must have accepted my answer. Climbing onto the bed and laying down in front of me. Her legs spread apart, knees in the air. Her feet resting on each of my shoulders. "You are now kneeling at my thrown." she exclaims. "Do you like your new place in my house?" Exposing to me her beautiful womanhood, I longed for so very much. The source of all her power, the source of my weakness, my kryptonite. Looking down at me through her open legs.

"Are you sure you want to grant me this freedom, this power over you?" "Remember, this will be real. My desires, My way, not the fantasies in your head!"

"Yes, I am sure." I do not know what else to say, I cannot believe your doing and saying this. "Is this really for real?" I ask.

"YES! I have been thinking about this for the past few months, and I actually love the idea of experiencing other MEN." She said confidently.

"Now," she warns. "This is your only chance. Say yes, and I will be seriously looking for a lover!" "We both know who I have in mind for my first conquest I think. Do I need to mention his name?"

"No, I have been thinking about the two of you for a year or two now. I just cannot believe this may happen." I respond.

She lays it all out. "I will try seducing him! If you say yes, this well no longer be a choice of yours." "Say no, and never mention your fantasies again!" "Your call, I hope you do not disappoint me." She has never given me an ultimatum before.

"Emmmm." "Yes, I am sure." I respond with a crackle in my voice unsure of my decision. This is a new reality at hand.

"Her fingers now massaging her clit before me. I see her wetness, reality that she was enjoying this game, Game? "come up here and show me your serious then." She invites.

I eagerly begin with soft slow kisses, as she holds the back of my head. Pulling my head in tighter, I begin working my tongue even quicker. Moans fill the air as her hips rock into me. "Ohhhhh....Ohhh fuck me now, I want you to fuck me now...Ohhhhh yaa...emmm!"

I pull away to move up Her body, she pulls my head in even tighter. "No, I want my boyfriend, use my boyfriend. Do not stop what your doing." she demands. I fumble in her box of toys, finding her favorite dildo. Its three inches longer then me, and has more girth as well. Made of soft rubber, feeling as real as possible. I slowly work its head into her pussy, her excitement and wetness takes it in easily. Her hips rocking harder accepting the temporary boyfriend on it own, while I continue licking her clit.

Deeper and deeper, I continue to work this cock into her, stretching her. Now all the way in, I use my chin to hold it in place. I whip my head back and forth as I eat her pussy. Her boyfriend is fucking her. Her own body meats each thrust, rocking against the cock inside of her. Ultimately thrashing against my face. Her moans of pleasure get louder and louder. "OHHHHHH...OHHHHH...YAAA. FUCK MEEEE!" Michelle yells out in great pleasure.

I want her so bad, I cannot help my self humping the bed. Seeing this she places her foot under my cock. Working my balls with her toes. I fuck the top of her foot, as she enjoys my presence between her legs.

Pulling her foot away commanding me to stop, knowing I will cum with her if I continue. Pulling my head in tight with both hands she lets herself go. Almost screaming I've never heard her cum so loud, fucking the toy still pinned between my chin and her pussy. My tongue laps at her clit. Her legs clamping in on my head quivering. She suddenly relaxes, her legs spread collapsing to the bed. Pushing my head away, now entirely to sensitive to have me kissing her. One last gasp of pleasure as her boyfriend slips out.

I lay next to her now, waiting patiently for my turn. Proud to watch her breast heave as she catches her breath. Knowing she is satisfied, the look of a great orgasm on her face. Opening her eyes smiling, she whispers. "Good night, I love you Honey." "Would you please put my toys away and cover me up?"

I cover her up tucking the blankets in around her, still hoping this isn't over. I go wash my face and her boyfriend, my cock still sporting a raging hard on. Wanting relief, I give it a couple quick pulls and return to the bed room. Climbing into bed, I lean in to hug her, Kissing her cheek.

" No, I said not tonight." "It may be a while." She warns in a soft straight forward voice. "You need to learn some discipline, and enjoy watching me getting pleased without expecting anything." she continued.

"I said this would not be easy." "This is what you asked for, remember that!" She reminded me, as if to absolve her self of any guilty feelings she may be having now and in the future for denying me, while fucking her lover.

"There is one more thing, that we haven't discussed yet. I think you need to think about before this actually happens." She states, "I am not a dirty whore! I will only permit my lover to cum inside me!" "You need to get that through your head, and what that will mean for your cock." After all, this is for you to witness, My pussy full of his cum!"

"I thought you would use condoms?" "that is what you have always said in our past conversations." I point out, confused and a little nervous to the suggestion.

"Not with Galen, he is different. I trust him. I want him to feel me as you have!" "how does that make you feel? knowing he will be allowed to ride me bareback, knowing I have been making you wearing condoms lately?"

"That is enough now." she says ending this conversation.

"Good night Honey, I love you." Michelle says leaning in kissing me. Smiling knowing what she just said is going to play in my mind all night.

"Good night my love." I close my eyes and play the moments of the night over and over in my mind. Unable to sleep, I am so turned on. Happy, excited, Horny, surprised, and worried!

Amazed, that this night happened, and what it meant was coming in the very near future. My final thought before drifting off to sleep. At last!

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