tagLoving WivesAt Last Ch. 02

At Last Ch. 02


At last was the first chapter. written months ago, sorry for the delay. This is a continued story on cuckolding. Please refrain from commenting if you are not into this. I would love to hear from those interested in this topic Thanks, please enjoy. Many thanks to my editor!!!

The next morning was brutal, as I was so tired from not sleeping well. I still wanted my wife extremely badly, but she was still asleep, and I knew my parents would be dropping the kids off any minute.

I slipped out of bed to take a long relaxing shower, thoughts of last night still playing over in my head. Obsessing, excited, blue balled, tired from a poor nights sleep, the feelings and thoughts became somewhat of a curse, since I could not make them stop. These images were in my head and fueling the fire burning in my soul, and all of the sexual desires I had been lusting for.

Her own words last night were, "I am not a whore, only my lover will be allowed to cum inside me." I focused on this statement, and wondered how the hell I could be so turned on by it.

Gaylen's hands all over her body, his cock making her moan with pleasure, his cum filling her pussy -- these were the images I replayed over and over. Finding myself stroking my cock lathered in soap as I thought of this, and of not being allowed to fuck her.

Was it the challenge it left for me, or the control she demonstrated with this denial? Was this really going to happen? Was that a game last night, an open threat, or a promise?

My legs felt a little weak, as my orgasm grew nearer I continued stroking my cock. I contemplated what I was doing. She will never know I thought to myself. It may be a while if I do not finish now. I knew she didn't want me to cum. God, I wanted to so badly, the argument went on in my head.

My fist continued to pound my cock.The door swung open without warning, I quickly released myself. Turning in the shower, I acted as if I was rinsing the soap from my hair, hoping like hell that I had not just been caught masturbating through the glass shower door.

"What are you doing?" she asked with a playful tone. "You would not be touching yourself, would you?""No!" I responded quickly. Too quickly. My defensive response tipped her off."Turn around then. I do not believe you. You danced around rather quickly when I came in here," she said accusingly. A slight teasing laugh followed.Hesitating, not really wanting to turn around, humiliated that as a grown man, I was just caught masturbating, I turned slowly, hoping that a miracle would set in, that I would be limp as I turned around. This moment was the only time in my life I ever prayed for an erection failure.

Opening the the shower door, she looked down at me, seeing my stiff cock. Looking back up, staring me straight in the eyes, she raised her eyebrows.

"Uh-huh. That is what I thought," she said softly, stepping into the shower, giving me a nice good morning kiss, and embracing me. She reached down, grabbed a hold of my manhood squeezing firmly, and began stroking my stiff cock.

"So, how did you sleep last night, I bet it took you a long time calm down, didn't it?" she teased. "Follow me," she said, stepping out of the shower and heading straight for our bedroom. I eagerly followed. She was lying down on the bed looking up at me seductively.

"I figure your parents will be late as usual, so we have a few minutes to play, that is, if you want to?" Lying on her back, she spread her legs for me, as I lay down atop her. I began kissing her passionately, her lips, her cheeks, her earlobes, her neck, her shoulders.Lower, lower, kissing her breasts, slowly suckling each erect nipple as they passed my wandering lips, I heard a soft gasp of pleasure escape her lips.

Kissing her cleavage now, and upward I went, her increased pleasure my motivation to continue exploring her body. Her skin was covered in tiny pleasured bumps. Kissing her neck, nibbling her earlobes again, I continued back down her neck, her breasts, paying more attention to her breasts this time, I gently squeezed and massaged them, cupping them in my hands, slightly pinching her erect nipples between my finger and thumb. I passionately devoured her breasts, as my hunger for her grew within me.

I worked my way back up her neck, still fondling her breast, kissing her chin, then finding my way back up to her lips, meeting in a fury of passion, our tongues dancing.Reaching down, I positioned my wanting cock, slowly working myself into her. Still passionately kissing my wife, I pushed myself in deeply. A muffled gasp of pleasure escaped from her. My rock hard cock easily slid in and out of her wanting pussy a couple full strokes. God, she felt so good, tight, wet, hot! Breaking away, she stopped kissing me as I thrust deeply into her for the third and fourth time.

"No, stop!" she said in a pleasured voice, taking in a deep breath, as I pushed in yet again. I retracted my hard cock its full length. "Put a condom on, please," she asked, taking in another breath of pleasure as I again pushed myself into her. Stopping at full depth, I held myself in deep.

"Really, do I have to? You feel so good, I want to cum inside you so bad. You know how much it turns me on, knowing I am inside you all day, please!" I pleaded, full of desire and lust for her.

"No, I do not want you to, you know that. Please wear a condom, I do not want your cum inside of me." she insisted.

"Okay, honey." Leaving myself in her, I stretched out to the nightstand, awkwardly fumbling for the condoms, before snagging one. I brought myself upright, stealing a few more repetitions; I pumped myself into her until she asked me to stop again.

Reluctantly I pulled out, covering myself with this thin rubber, feeling stealing, cum catching condom. Damn thing anyhow!On my knees, I was ready to go. I brought her up to her knees, turning her around to take her from behind, our favorite position. Her pussy rubs my cock so well, fucking her from behind, her ass checks cushion the crash of our bodies. My hands lock on her hips, as I pull her back into me. We can both rock and thrash, meeting each other's thrusts with precision timing.

I gave her a playful slap on the ass to get things started, leaning back to take in the sight. I loved looking at her this way, seeing her in this position, her round ass high in the air, her back arched low, tits dangling free to swing when we start fucking, her head lying on the bed buried into the pillows, arms out stretched in front of her. She was ready and wanting me to take her. Then wouldn't you know it, just as I repositioned myself and stuck my cock into her, the door bell rang.

I grabbed her shoulders and pounded into her hard not wanting to stop, ignoring the doorbell, knowing if I stopped it would be game over. My parents had arrived; the door bell was fair warning they were coming in.

If only we had not stopped to fuck with the condoms, I would be done, and she would be wiping up right now. Damn it, I thought to myself, as Michelle began to pull away, telling me to stop. Taking a deep frustrated breath, I stood and walked over to my closet. I quickly get dressed as Michelle pushed me to hurry. Tucking my still hard dick into my pants, I got to the hallway just as the kids burst in, obviously using their keys.

"Hi guys," I said, with a half hearted attempt to sound excited to see them. My parents are always late, why not now, why not this time, why me? I questioned the circumstances one by one.

"Good Morning guys! How was grandma's?" I asked as a big group hug forms. "Great! We had so much fun! When can we go over again?" they asked.Now would be a good time, I thought to myself, but refrained from saying so, and just said, "Whenever Grandma and Grandpa invite you again."

Mom and Dad walked in, we all say our good mornings and move to the kitchen. Inviting them for breakfast, we visited as I began preparing some scrambled eggs. Michelle soon joined us. She was in a good, playful mood, slapping my ass as she passed behind me at the stove. They stayed for an hour or so, and it honestly ended up being a nice visit.

The rest of the day went smoothly, with the usual bickering that comes with a bunch of kids. We spent much of the morning doing yard work. They were all getting old enough now, all the extra hands made everything so much easier. Coming in for lunch, I gave the kids the afternoon off to watch movies or play video games.Michelle pulled me aside to plan out our afternoon. Once the door was shut in the privacy of our bedroom, she began to tell me her plans, smiling broadly.

"While you were outside this morning I called Galen." Pausing to measure my reaction, she continued. "We talked for over an hour, and in the end, I asked him if he wanted to hang out for a while tonight, meet up at the casino. He said yes, sounds like fun, but I think he is assuming you're coming. What do you think?"

"I ah...I think...I ah...I hope you will have fun." I was not sure what to say, surprised that this is happening so fast. My stomach did a flip flop, my hands got cold and clammy, while my cock twitched, growing at the thought.

"I am not sure how far we will go, or even if he will do anything with me. After all I am married, and he is friends with both of us. I think you should come with us for a while, have a few drinks. Then excuse yourself to come home to the kids, as your way of leaving us alone. I also hope, well, want you to break the ice for me, and let him know you are willing to share me. Please, I do not want him to think I am the kind of girl that would cheat on her husband. He needs to know he has your blessing to play with me." Showing me her soft brown eyes,as she asks.

How could I say no? Again not knowing what to say, and surprised by this request, I said, "Okay, I guess. That will be an awkward conversation. yes I will think of something, some way to let him know he has my permission..." pausing before finishing my sentence, "...to fuck you." Smiling, I wink at her.

"Thanks, honey!" That put a big smile on her face, as if a large weight had been lifted from her shoulders. "I am going into town to get a few things for tonight. Some new lingerie for his eyes only," she teased.

"Can I go with you? It would be fun helping you pick these personnel items out. As I have shared with you, getting you ready for someone else is part of the allure for me! Please may I go? The kids will be fine for a little while." I pleaded my case in hopes of going with her.

Smiling, she replied, "Ya, I suppose it may be fun."

"Awesome! Let's go!" There was no hesitation from me.While out, I could not believe all the fun we were having. Flirting with each other like we had just met, the doors were open to something new and exciting. We were both feeling young, and beautiful again, I felt as if our marriage was being rekindled. Michelle bought some very sexy things to wear for Galen that night, and my excitement grew.

I hoped things would work out for her. I hoped he would be receptive to this, that he would take her home and bed her well. The excitement grew all the way home. Hoping that in a little while I would be assisting her, as she prepared for her first date. I was hoping also to be given the chance to warm her up a little before we left.

Turned on yet again, a pain built in my blue balls.

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