tagRomanceAt Last! For Two Friends Ch. 3

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 3


I awoke to the clatter of someone in my kitchen. It took me a while to remember that Rach was staying with me. I big smile crossed my face when I remembered my last thought before I finally fell asleep last night.

I lay in bed daydreaming about this beautiful amazing friends of mine until I could stand it no longer, I just had to see her in the flesh.

I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom before I went to investigate what the noises were that were coming from my kitchen, although I did have a fair idea.

I walked down the hallway and entered the kitchen and I had to stop in my tracks and look at the perfect sight that stood before me, bending over in the cupboard underneath the sink looking for a frying pan, was the most perfect bare arse that I had ever seen in my entire life. Rach just had on a long T-Shirt, I stood there in amazement, I could not believe that the sights of all of my fantasies were standing there right in front of me. My cock rose from fast asleep to a raging hard on in a matter of a millisecond. I could not control my voice either I let out a tortured moan which made Rach aware that she was not alone any longer.

She turned her head to look at me but did not get up from her position under the sink,(which really did amaze me then!) and said to me "Good Morning sweety" with a mischievous grin on her face. I knew that very second that she had heard my masturbation last night and my declaration that it was all for her. Heat rose to my face as I stood there gazing at her, I was standing there like an idiot with my mouth wide open.

"Ummmmmm good morning sweety" I say as I try to control myself. She then gets up from her position under the sink and asked me where I can find a frying pan.

I redirect her to the cupboard where she would be able to find one.

She has this devilish little grin on her face as she tells me that breakfast will be ready in about 15 minutes if I would like to go and have a quick shower and freshen up.

I take the opportunity to do so as my hormones are running a little rampant at this stage.

She notices my hard on, I see her gaze go down my body and hold on my hard cock for a little longer than is the norm. I turn to walk back down to the bathroom and have a shower. I am tempted to masturbate with a fury but I have a feeling that things might be getting a little heated between Rach and myself before long so I avoid the temptation.

As I get out of the shower I can hear her humming in the kitchen, she must have heard the shower and she yells to me "Breakfast is ready and waiting"

I yell back "Will be with you shortly".

To my utter amazement and absolute astonishment she has set the kitchen table for two and is sitting there eating her breakfast naked. She notices my shock and looks up at me and say "Well......what are you waiting for?" She is acting at if it is completely normal for her and I to be eating breakfast naked and we have been doing it for a long time. She doesn't blink of bat an eyelid. So I take that as a sign of what's good for the goose is good for the gander. So I stand there in the doorway and proceed to undress myself once again. LOL

I sit down opposite her and try to concentrate on what looks like a very delicious breakfast. (Including the company!)

It is almost as if last night never happened with her and Jason, I am a little shell-shocked, although it is also a pleasant and refreshing sign. (I hope!)

"What's on the agenda today?" she asks

"Oh I thought we might go for a look at the local market and then go and have lunch somewhere and maybe see a movie, and then maybe bring home some Chinese to sit and relax to the movie on TV. tonight?".

"Sounds good to me!" she says.

To my utter amazement again we finish our breakfast in silence, I take my plate to the kitchen sink and kiss her on her cheek to say thank you and head into the lounge room, bending over at the door to pick up my discarded clothes that I had left there, I made sure that I bent over just enough for her to be able to see my balls and my arsehole, which of course turned me on and I proceeded to get hard and horny once again.

I was determined that I would not masturbate today because I wanted her to have it all, all my hot, steamy, white cum, where ever and if she wanted it (which I thought may be a distinct possibility!)

I had clothed again and was watching some television when she came through the lounge room on her way down the hallway. "I'm going to have a shower.....Give me a half hour and then I'm your for the day?".

Hmmmmmm now how and I supposed to take that statement? I look at her with a look in my eye and my eyebrows cocked and say in the sexiest voice I know off "mmmmmmmm Ok?"

Sure to her word, half an hour later she was showered, dresses and looking magnificent as always. We headed out the door for our days adventure.

Our day was filled with wandering through the local market and chatting with a number of friends that we saw there, then on the a little cafe on the beach where I live for lunch, then a wonderful stroll on the beach where she tucked herself in under my arm and we walked as if we were lovers and had been for years.

Then we went into the city and watched a movie. Sitting so close to her for two hours and smelling her spicy smell was driving me crazy and I had to lean over and run my finger on the side of her cheek which then bought her head to rest on my shoulder for the remainder of the movie. I added the finishing touch by grasping her hand and holding it close to me for the remainder of the movie as well.

Now at home after stopping at our favorite Chinese restaurant we are sitting together on my couch watching a movie and relaxing after our long and wonderful day together.

"Jim?" she asks

'Hmmmmmm" I say as I am so relaxed I am almost falling asleep.

"We've been best friends for over 15 years now haven't we?"

Hmmmmmm yes" I say wondering where this is leading.

Ummm how come you have never told me that you find me attractive and are in love with me?"

Now that just shot me bolt upright on the couch and I looked at her with a shocked look on my face. I didn't know what to say, so the only thing I could do was gently raise her off the floor where she was sitting and onto the couch with me, I put a hand to her cheek and slowly brought her face to mine and kissed her ever so gently.

When I look my lips away from hers I said "It never seemed the right time".

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and I thought I had said the wrong thing, she kisses me on the lips one last time and then she says "I think I had better go to bed".

And then she was gone, I was left all alone on my couch in my lounge room with the most beautiful girl in the world sleeping the bedroom only doors away.

I was speechless and because I knew that she needed some time to be alone and come to terms with what she had just said to me, I let her go to sleep as I promptly fell asleep on my couch with the television still going.

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