tagRomanceAt Last! For Two Friends Ch. 4

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 4


I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of bare foot steps on my hallway floor, I knew exactly who it was and why those footsteps were heading directly to me. I decided to play a little trick on my beautiful little vixen Rach.

I did not let on the her that I had heard her and I pretended to be fast asleep when I felt her hand run up the inside of my shorts. there was no hesitation in her hands in the least, she was determined, so instead of stopping when she felt that I was not wearing any underwear, she proceeded right on up to my now semi hard cock, I had to struggle to suppress the instant moan that caught in my throat for I still did not want for her to know that I was awake.

She found my semi hard cock and let out a small moan of her own when she realised how big it would grow and how much fun she could have with my big piece of cock meat.

She wrapped her hand all the way around the width of my cock, although a tight fit, (Sorry.. I'm not one for bragging. LOL) she moved her hand up and down rubbing the little drop of precum over the head of my cock which only added to the lubrication effect. By now I was at full mast, by now my cock was hot and throbbing ready to take whatever she had to offer. As I had my eyes open a crack I watched her put her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and slowly take them down over my hips.

I had no other choice but to let her know that I was awake then because the moan that came out of her mouth would have woken the dead.

"mmmmm... OMG... Rach" I moan.

Her response is the grab my big cock once again and stroke it and ask me if I like it.

"Oh baby yesssssss... don't stop" I say.

She pulls herself up onto the couch as I spread my legs so that she can crouch down in between them, she stokes my cock with one hand as she rubs at my cum filled balls with her other hand. "Oh god baby... that feels so damn good". I say with clenched teeth.

She then lowers her head to the tip of my cock and pokes her tongue out and licks at the little drop of clear pre-cum that forms on the top, by this stage I am in a state of utter frenzy, just the thought of her beautiful mouth on my cock had me ready to shoot my load all over her face. I tell her I can't take it and I sit up to forcefully grab her face and kiss her with so much passion that I wonder why I never told her how I felt about her earlier.

Our tongue are wrestling which each other and our hands are roaming all over each others bodies, she is only wearing that little T-Shirt that she was wearing this morning so I take fate into my own hands and run my hands down her body and lift it over her head and now she sits before me completely naked, I draw in a breathe that tell her I like what I see.

She takes the bottom of my T-Shirt in her hands and lifts it over my head, now I am naked to my waist and she can't wait, she pulls me to my feet and drops to her knees in front of me and takes the rest of my shorts off by lifting my feet up one at a time, now I am standing before my best friend completely naked. I pull her up so that we are both standing and the look in hers and my eyes tell us both what it is that the other is wanting. I only have on need right now and that is to have this beautiful woman in my arms, so I step closer to her and take her in my arms and lower my mouth to hers and kiss her with such sweet and loving strokes. I can feel her nipple hardening against my chest as I work my tongue in and out of her mouth, my cock is now rock hard and is poking her in the stomach, she can feel this and pulls away from me, she goes to her knees again, looks up at me and tell me she wants to feel me in her mouth. Who am I to refuse, I spread my legs a little as I know that when she get that luscious mouth around my cock I am going to need as much balance as I can have.

She takes me in her hand and strokes it the full length a few times to pry the huge amount of precum out the head and she uses it to lubricate her hand, by now my breathing has gotten quite shallow as the anticipation of the moment is almost unbearable. She slowly lowers her head to the tip of my cock and runs her tongue around the crease just under the head, this send me off balance and I hold onto her head for a little support, this girl is driving me crazy and we have only just begun.

She takes half of my cock into her mouth and sweetly caresses the underside of my cock with her tongue... OMG... I love this woman... and her mouth feels so good, I can only imagine what her pussy feels like wrapped around my cock... and god help me... her arsehole!

She takes a little more of my cock into her mouth, by this stage I am completely lost, I have my hands firmly planted at the side of her face and I am slowly moving my hips so that I am fucking her beautiful mouth. Her strokes are gaining more speed and I can feel most of my big cock slipping into the back of her throat. OMG I think to myself, she is taking all of my cock into her mouth.

"mmmmmm" I hear her moan and I feel it on my cock all the way down her throat.

She reaches under me and caresses my balls with her free hand while her mouth is going a mile a minute on my now ready to explode cock.

"Rach Baby?" I ask

"hmmmmm" she responds

"I'm going to cum any minute" I say

Her response was to suck me faster and drive one of her fingers inside of my arsehole, now that was all that I could take, I exploded the biggest load of hot, steamy, white cum down her beautiful little throat, she took me out of her mouth and the next one hit her on the cheek, all the time she was stroking me at full speed she put her tongue out and the next one landed on her tongue and she swallowed it as fast as you could say Jack Robinson.

She wiggled her finger inside of my arse and that made me moan so loudly the neighbours would have heard, so she put her mouth around my cock again and I grabbed her head and fucked the last of my load all the way down her throat all the while I screamed... "baby... ahhhhhhhhhhh... that feels soooooo good... yes fuck my cock with your mouth".

"mmmmm Oh Jim you taste so good" she says as she slowly licks and cleans the remainder of the cum from my cock, which by the way is still semi-hard (still not one for bragging. LOL).

I pull her up at this stage and slide my tongue down her throat and taste the mix of her saliva and my cock in her mouth. I then pulled her onto the couch so that I could recover for Round Two.

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