tagRomanceAt Last! For Two Friends Ch. 5

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 5


Basking in the afterglow of the best blowjob he had ever received Jim was lying on his couch with Rach in his arms. As he stroked the small of her back and gently massaged her shoulders he could feel his manhood raising to attention once again.

He could also sense that she herself was getting aroused as she was grinding her behind into his now engorged cock.

He slowly brought his hand around to the front of her and slowly traced his hand up towards her waiting breast, she moaned when he touched her erect nipples and slightly pinched them between his thumb and index finger, she continues the grind her arse into the cock and the more she did it the more aroused he seemed to be getting.

He slowly traced his hand down her flat, toned belly inserting a finger into her belly button and encircling it as well as playing with her belly ring, she seemed to love that as she pushed her gorgeous hard arse harder into him.

He worked his hand down a little further until he could feel her trimmed pussy, she tensed in his arms and let out a moan that told him she was enjoying all he was doing.

He slipped out from behind her and placed her solidly on her back, she spread her legs a little for him so that he was comfortable as she awaited the intense pleasure she knew was coming. He leaned forward and placed his lips onto hers spreading her lips with his tongue and devoured her mouth while slowly caressing her breast. He rubbed her now extremely erect nipple in between his fingers as he slowly moved his mouth now to her neck, he slowly traced little circles with his tongue around the sensitive part of her neck then slowly he worked his tongue over the her left ear all the while never losing sight of those hard nipples. She was arching her back in extreme pleasure when he inserted his tongue into her ear and treated it as if it were her pussy (Which he would get to later. LOL!) jabbed his tongue in and out of her ear, licking around her ear lobe and it was sending her through the roof, Rach was thrashing about underneath him moaning her pleasure as she scratched his back and tried to pull him closer to her.

Jim slowly left her ear with his mouth and traced his tongue down her neck and over her shoulder until her was heading towards her very sensitive breasts she pushed his mouth down toward her nipples telling him that she wanted him to suckle on her breasts, so of course he would oblige.

He gently took her left nipple into his mouth and instantly felt her stiffen and groan, "Oh mmmm Baby... suck my nipple hard!"

So of course I did, I took her whole nipple into my mouth and rolled my tongue around the whole outside feeling her shake underneath me as the pleasure intensified, all the while with my hand I was piched and tugging at her right nipple, by now she is gasping and pushing her nipple and breast further into my mouth.

I hear her gasping and she says "Oh baby that feels so good but pleassssse I want to feel that tongue of yours on my pussy... eat me pleasssse now... I can't take much more of this... I need to cum!!"

The sound of her begging me to eat her pussy was just about all I could take I nearly came there and then so I slowly traced my tongue down her belly until I was just above her beautiful pussy, I can smell her arousal as I bring my hand underneath her bottom and hook them around her legs to spread her pussy lips, I am speechless when I see how wet and beautiful her pussy looks, I can't wait to bury my face and tongue inside of it and fuck her with it, but I also want to tease this woman and hear her beg me to make her come.

I slowly lower my face towards her dripping pussy lips I lick all the way from the top of her slit to the bottom and I thought she was going to come there and then because her reaction was amazing, she bucked her hips so high and squeezed her legs around my head so hard I had to pry them away for want of being able to breathe. I asked her to try and relax and enjoy it, knowing full well that she would and how hard it was for her to relax.

I looked at her pussy once again and brought my right arm out from under her behind and touch her lips with my finger, I push just a little so the I was able to feel her opening, Oh My God she was so wet and her smell was amazing, almost intoxicating. She bucked her hip trying to insert my finger inside of her pussy but I had other things in minds. I asked her to get up onto her hands and knees for me.

She obliged and twisted around and the next thing I knew I could see her perfectly formed bottom before me and because she was now on her hands and knees I could see right inside of her wet gapping whole which I could not wait to touch so I rubbed my hand all the way from the top of her crack at her arse all the way down to the dripping pussy that was before me. I leaned my head down and blew short bursts of my breathe onto her clit and I could feel her shiver. I lowered my tongue onto her clit and wiggled it around a couple of times getting the desired effect I was looking for, when she had finished grinding her pussy into my face I lifted my hand and jammed two fingers all at once inside of her hot dripping pussy, the scream that escaped from her lips was a pure turn on to me and I dripped pre-cum from my cock in huge amounts. She thrust her hips toward my fucking fingers panting and breathing in short little bursts, I leant my face down towards her butt crack and licked her from the top all the way down to her puckered little arsehole, I could have sworn it winked at me, telling me to come and get it (But that's part of another story!).

I licked around her whole which sent her into gailing little groans of pleasure I darted my tongue inside of it a little and wiggled it around while I fucked her pussy with my fingers which by this time were three, I rubbed my thumb up and down on her little clitty hearing her moans of pleasure.

"ohhhhh ohhhhh I'm gonna cum" she screamed.

I upped the anti and fucked her pussy at a faster rate and poked most of my tongue inside of her arsehole, this sent her over the edge and she screamed and bucked as she climax and came all over my fingers.

She half turned and held my face the her arse as she bucked her hips trying the get my tongue deeper inside of her all the time she was sreaming "Ohhhhh ahhhhh I'm cummminnnnggggggggg fuck my arsehole with your tongue... ohhhh that's it... harder... mmmmmmm... fuck my pussy with your fingers... harder... harder... ohhhhh yesssssssss!!

She collapsed onto the couch in a shaking, heaving heap, I was wearing a tremendous grin, being able to pleasure a woman like that give me a huge sense of pride. (Not to mention a big head... pardon the pun. LOL)

"Ohhhhhhhh Baby " I hear her say "That was absolutely amazing, you made me come like I have never before... thankyou!"

Once again we cuddle up together on the couch awaiting the next round.

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