tagRomanceAt Last! For Two Friends Ch. 6

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 6


I awoke sometime later when the sun hit the loungeroom window, I soon realised that Rach and I had fallen asleep after our second round of lovemaking. I lay there behind her with my arm over her hip and my morning erection buried in the crack of her arse. I took a deep breathe and smelled the scent of this lovely woman in my arms, I realised how much I wanted her in my life other than my best friend and I was not prepared to ever settle for anything less than being her lover from now on.

I slowly got up from where I was laying and I heard her moan as if she had lost something as she settle in the lush cushions of the couch, I grabbed a quilt and draped it over her and looked at this beauty one last time before I went towards the bathroom to have a hot shower.

I relieved myself at the toilet and then turned on the shower and brushed my teeth at the sink, then I turned and got under the stinging hot spray of the shower, I turned my face in towards the hot spray, relaxing in the pleasure of the hot water. I then took the soap and washed my body, when I was washing my cock I remembered with a huge smile the feel of Rach's mouth sucking on it last night and those thoughts proceeded to give me another raging hard on.

I was in the process of washing my hair when I heard the bathroom door open. I look up and see a naked Rach standing before me with a look of lust in her eyes.

"Is that for me?" she says as she looks and reaches for my hard cock.

I gasp and moan "If you want it... yes!"

She doesn't think about it and flies into the shower with me pounces and invades my mouth with her tongue. She wraps her arms around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist and impales herself on my big, fat 10 inch hard cock.

I moan at the sheer speed in which she does this and I can feel her tight pussy engulf me to the hilt, I hold onto her arse cheeks as I slowly gyrate my hips to meet hers. She tell me to stand still and looks me in the eyes and says "I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before!"

"mmmmmmmm" I say "Is that a challenge?"

Her response is to pump her hips a few times and say "Shut up and let me fuck you."

Well who am I to complain I stand there with this beautiful woman impaled on my cock and am powerless to do anything but let her fuck me. But I can't help myself I have to give her a little more pleasure than what she is already getting from my big cock inside of her now wet and hot pussy. I already have my two hand firmly on each of her arse cheeks so I spread them as far as they can go, I reach under and rub her puckered arsehole with my forefinger, this in return forces her to growl in my shoulder where she has her head places, "oh yessssssssss" I hear her growl.

At this stage I am finding it really hard to even stand, let alone speak! The feeling of her tight pussy sliding up and down my cock is doing things to me that have never been done before, I am amazed at the feeling of her pussy. It is so god damn tight, It feel wonderful to me. I can't help myself I push a little further with my forefinger and feel it start to pop inside of her arsehole, she is writhing around on my cock now,

"ohhhhhhh yesssss baby fuck my arsehole with your finger... mmmmmmmm... yeah that feels sooooo good!!"

Her sphincter relaxes a little and gives me a little more access to her behind, I push my finger inside of her sweet hole and wiggle it around so that she knows I mean buisness.

At this stage I am finding it incredible hard to hold back my impending orgasm as her tight cunt muscles tighten even more on my cock in anticipation of her own orgasm. I fuck her arsehole with my forefinger a little harder now she is really going to town on my cock by this stage yelling and screaming ( I am surprised my neighbours don't call the cops. LOL) "Ohhhh yeah baby... give it to me fuck me... fuck me hard!."

My responce is to tell her "Rach babyyyyyyyyyyy... fuck my hard cock... It's yours... milk it for me baby?."

"Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh" she says as she fucks me harder.

By now my finger is all the way inside of her arsehole and I am really fucking it into her hard and she loves it and lets me know this by tightening her cunt muscles on my cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh Baby I can't hold on much longer... I am gonna cum" I say.

"Wait for me... pleaseeeeeee I want to cum together" is her gasping responce.

My cock is bucking a twitching inside of her hot pussy by now and this send her over the edge she lets out a holler that would wake the dead and goes rigid on my cock and her mucsles tighten up and grasp my cock with such ferocity that I have no other choice but the shoot the biggest load of cumm right up inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh... baby I am cummmmming!" I scream and hold her to me tightly.

She in turn is screaming "yessssssssssss oh god yesssssssssssssss!!"

I can feel her pussy milking my cock of every last drop of my cum and god I have never felt anything quite so good.

She clings to me and I hold her tight as our breathing comes back to some kind of normalcy. She takes my head in both of her hand and brings her lips towards mine and gives me the most passionate and loving kiss and continues to hold me tight.

When we have finally come back to earth we look at each other and in the same instant we both say "Now why did we wait so long to do that to each other?."

There is no need for answers. We have each other now and we silently accept we will stay that way for a long long time.

I place her down on the shower floor and we start to wash one another, after we have completed that we both step out of the shower and dry each other off and head towards my bedroom where I intend to make slow and passionate love to the woman of my dreams.

I carried her in my arms and placed her down on the end of my bed, I knelt down in front of her and placed my head in her lap with my arms around her behind and we sat the holding each other for what seemed like hours. I looked up at her and said "Rach... I love you so much and I don't want this to end?"

She responded with "Jim baby... if only I knew what I had many years ago... I would never have suffered all those heartbreaks... I love you to... very very much and you won't ever loose me."

We looked at each other and did not need to say a word, she moved up the bed so her head was resting on a pillow I crawled up in between her legs and kiss her in abundance our tongues were dancing with each other and our hands were wandering all over each others body. I looked deep in her eyes and asked her "Rach, ummmmm I took a lot of notice how you reacted when I ummm fucked your arsehole with my finger just before. Ummmmmmm I really ummmmm Oh damn it... I want to fuck your arsehole Rach... will you give me that?"

"I thought you would never ask!!" was her smiling responce.

There was a new urgency in our love making now she pulled me on top of her with such force I was speechless there for a minute until I realised that she really wanted to feel my cock in her arse.

She put her mouth the my ear and whispered "I want you big cock filling my arsehole, I want to feel you cum up inside of my arse, I want you to fill me up... NOW!."

I slide down her body until my mouth was just above her now clean, although very wet pussy, she spread her legs which tells me she wanted me to dive in and take her pussy with my mouth, so of course I could not resist, I love the taste of her juices.

She bucks her hips when my tongue caresses her clit. I spread her pussy lips open and poke my tongue inside her wet whole and proceed to fuck her with it. I flatten it out and bend the tip up as far as I can and tickle the top of her pussy which in turn sends her in a quiver, her whole body shaking on my face. I with draw my tongue and inset a finger inside of her pussy hunting her g-spot when I have found it I lower my head a little and lick at her puckered little arsehole, which send her into oblivion.

She tells me "Now baby... I need you inside me now!"

I reach into my bedside table a produce a tube of lubricant and squeeze a fair amount onto my forefinger and reach down and rub at her little arsehole. I do wander if I can fit my big 10 inch cock in there, but her encouragment is all that I need and my worries are put aside.

I insert another finger inside of her arsehole and spread them open which in turn opens her arsehole for me to look at.

She flips over onto her belly and brings her knees up so that I have a clear view of her now open arsehole. Ohhhhhhhh god it looks so inviting, my cock is as hard as a telephone poll I can't wait a second longer. I squeeze some lube onto my hand and rub it on my cock and kneel up behind her and place the head of my cock at her entrance. She shivers when she feels me push inside of her. Mannnnn... she feels so good and so tight. I give her a little time for her sphincter the adjust to this intrusion and for her to adjust to the feel.

I feel her backing up onto my cock trying to get more on me inside of her, I take that as a sign that she has adjusted to the feel of me inside of her.

I push a little more of my cock inside of her arsehole every time that I pull out and then push back in.

"Ohhhhhhhh baby... your cock is so big... I feel so full... fuck me... fuck me now please?" she demands.

I put my hands on her hips for leverage and slowly start to fuck this beautiful woman's arsehole. I never once take my eyes of this sight before me, the look of my cock disappearing into her arsehole is all I can take. I start fucking her really hard now and I can see that she is gripping the sheets underneath her as she moan and pushes back on my inward thrust. Her hand goes down to play with her clit as she starts to really grind her arse back against me. I can tell she is loving it so I lose all of my worries of hurting her and I let go and pound into her with such force that she screams "Ohhhhh Yeah... fuck my arsehole Jim... fuck me hard."

I respond with picking up my spread, sweat is poring of me and I can feel my balls slapping against her fingers on her little clitty.

This must send her over the edge because she starts to groan deep and loud and then she lets out this almight holler "oh yeah oh yeah... that's it... fuck me... oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm cummmming baby... fuck me harder!!??!!"

This is just about as much as I can take as I feel her muscles clench my cock and I also let out a holler "Oh yessssssssssssss baby... OH YEAHHHHHHHHH... Cummming Rach... Cumming sooooooooooo hard!!!!."

I feel like I have run a marathon and it takes what seems like forever to gain some sort of control of my muscles and senses, she is shaking before me and I hear little sobs coming from her. By now I am a little concerned, I withdraw my now wilted cock and lie down beside her and ask her if I hurt her.

"oh no baby... that was the most wonderful experience of my whole entire life." she says.

"then why are you crying baby?" I ask.

"because I love you so much and I now feel totally connected with you I now know that you are my soul mate."

I am lost for words. I snuggle in closer to my best friend who is also now my lover and I hope soon to be my wife.

All is good with the world as I have truly found happiness.

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