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At My Pleasure


Ah my sweet curvy pet. At last, here we are, alone in a hotel room. We are over the initial meeting of minds through the Internet and emails. Then at last, even if only for once, the actual physical meeting taken place, kissing, cuddling, talking, walking, taking tea in one of the coffee shops.

I whispered, in public, in a Starbucks, that I would massage and stroke you, using the same bottle of lube that I used on myself, when you dared me to indulge in anal play on myself. Your rising blush, and heaving bosom, told me all I needed to know. You would play. Our emailed dares have been hotter than I could ever have wished for, or hoped you might suggest.

And now, at last, I have you to play with, here in the anonymity of this hotel room. Freshly showered and dried, and now laying back on the bed. Your normal modesty had you bring a dressing gown with you.

You had worn it as you stepped from the bathroom, padding across the floor to me, sitting by the window. Your eyes had not even seen the rest of the room as you came to me. I stood, whispering your name, before kissing you, hungrily, openly, wantonly. Your hands, those shy soft sweet little hands, instantly began to undress me till I stood before you in my boxers, and then you knelt, tugging them down to my feet, as you stroked my semi erect shaft with one hand.

With soft caresses, I pulled you up, and loosened the belt of the gown, untying it, till I had slipped it out of the loops and into my hands. I slid the gown from your shoulders, marvelling at your nakedness, the smooth curve of your belly, the soft skin of your shoulders, your breasts slipping into view, cleavage enhanced by your arms pinning the gown to your sides. Slowly I slid the dressing gown from you, till it lay, pooled at your feet, like a large footbath of milk. Your eyes dropped to my erecting shaft again, and you reached for it. I took your hands, and placed them behind you, as I bent to kiss you, softly, gently at first, then more powerfully, feeling you responding, sucking my tongue, pressing your hot smooth sweet flesh onto mine. The difference in years meant nothing -- I, the teacher, had found a pupil, and you, you seemed so willing to learn, so needy to explore, so hungry for release.

Your eyes looked into mine questioningly, and then nodding acceptance as I tied your hands behind you, acquiescing to my needs. You began as if to kneel before me, but I simply tutted, and lead you back towards the bathroom, stopping at the worktop in front of the tall mirror. I watched you watch me, as my hands caressed and stroked every inch of your torso, describing every detail of your wondrous curvy body, even turning you to the side, so that you could see my palm cradling the cheeks of your bum. You purred, I murmured, both in appreciation of your beauty. I knew this was new for you, but I wanted you to see what I saw, the natural sensual woman, hidden for oh so long, and now about to be released to the day light again, even if only for this once.

I let you feel my fingers open you, and slide across your hidden treasure, as I asked if you trusted me. You nodded, your eyes following my finger in the mirror. This time, in rebuke, I pulled your head to me, looking in your eyes, and asked you the question again. "Yes . . . Master" you replied. I lifted the finger to your lips, as if to hush you, but you understood, and you licked at it, tasting of yourself. I turned you back to the mirror, and lifted the towel which had hidden from you my assortment of tease, please, and release implements.

You stepped back, my hand in the small of your back pushed you forward, as I watched through the mirror. Your eyes -- wide open -- took in the array of vibrators, creams, love eggs, whip, blindfolds, and other toys, arranged in display for you to feast on, and to register. I watched you, your eyes mesmerizingly attached to the display, as I reached for the large bottle of lube, and pooled a good helping in my hand to warm it. You still shivered though, as you felt it being anointed to those perfect shoulders, my hands reaching, smoothing, caressing, massaging every inch of your body, from the shoulders to your knees. Your legs trembled as I swiped and passed your open juncture between your legs each time, never staying too long, just ensuring that every inch of you now glistened.

I whispered in your ear, as I reached for the blindfold, telling you to look hard and long at each toy, each delight on here, and that I would be laying you on the bed, your head at the foot, near the edge.

You simply replied "Yes, Master, please, as you will" The blindfold was placed over your eyes, and I wished I could be inside your head, to feel what you felt, as I laid you carefully, and arranged you on the bed. Your hands tied, you were now helpless and at my mercy. I strode to the window, opening it. The net curtains afforded us privacy, but the sounds of the outside world invaded the room, making it almost surreal.

I leant down, whispering in your ear, to imagine that you were outside, lain on a picnic table, and about to be ravished. Your breath caught, and I knew that you mind was filled with many visions, hopes and fears. Annointed with the lube, your body shone. And shook, as you hear a buzzing, wondering which toy it is I have chosen. You gasp as it nuzzles and then electrifies the nipple held between my fingers...

Your pussy glistens, with lube and your juice, and your legs part as you feel my hand there. Another buzzing. Your lips part, as the tip seeks to burrow inside your tightness. Lubed, the smooth cold cylinder invades you, your belly shiveringly ripples as you accept it, and I kiss you, your tongue wet, your lips parted. You sigh, as the toy on your nipple switches breasts, your back arching away from your tied hands behind you, forcing those orbs up at the temporary loss of the feeling.

As you relax to contentment, another sigh, as my other hand withdraws the toy from your pussy.

A different buzz. Then, as I am knelt over your body as I stand at the foot of the bed, my cock brushes your mouth, your tongue licks me, your lips open as your mouth seeks me. A softer-feeling (larger?), toy now invades you, brushing your lips apart, burying into you. You shiver as the blood filled labia sucks it in, deeper, till you feel the clit tickler on it reach your nub, and you jerk, in shock, in pleasure, in delight, then subside to try and get fulfilment in your crotch.

Still you lick and suckle my cock head, and you smile and purr at the slow teasing. I know that you now want the release that an orgasm will give you, that peak and beam of light and delight ...

I pull my cock from your reach, leaving you gasping. The nipple tease stops also, the buzzing stopping. Your back arches, then drops ,as you feel a slip knot encase the nipple, my fingers twisting it up, the other hand tightening the knot. In dismay, you moan as your over-worked pussy forces the toy inside you out, bit by bit, your clit losing the nibbling vibrations of little rabbi ears first, you feel it travelling down the walls of your pussy, trying to clutch at it, till the tip slips out, brushing your tight bum as it drops to the bed.

As all this is happening, you do not register that both nipples are captured, till the cold of a chain drops on your chest between your bountiful breasts. You feel me kneel, my thighs either side of your head, you sense my cock above you. My legs hold your head firmly, and I am teasing you with the brush of my leaking head across your lips, your tongue trying to taste my juices, my seeping seed. Your legs are pulled up, your thighs clamp on my hand as a cold palmful of lube hits your pussy. You feel the heel of my hand on your clit, teasing, as my fingers spread the lube through the fine hairs, round and down, over your bum cheeks, over your twitching little star, till there is no friction between my skin and your desire. Silently you hump against my hand, my arm, my fingers.

Ah those lubed, oiled, slippery fingers. You movement makes one enter you, in your pussy, in your bum, it matters not which, so slipperily annointed are we that either is easy, and both delight you. I succeed in teasing you my Pet.

"Please" you whisper. You feel my other hand lift the chain and gently tug. The fire in your nipple jerks your head up, and onto my cock, which slides into your hot little mouth. I plunge into that moist hot vacuum. You take it, and you suck me and tease me, and I look down. Your face, half covered by the blindfold, is intent on taking all of my shaft into your mouth. I allow myself to be pleasured for a while, as I decide the next course.

Another buzzing

As you greedily suck me, the chain falls to your chest, the sensation in your nipples conveying straight to your open hungry cunt lips, parting, wanting, almost gaping. They will be -- when I am finished with you.

A smooth tipped toy hovers between them, up and down, from your clit, to the ridge of nerves below that beautiful pussy, over and over, till - it rests, softly humming where no one has ever been. Another buzz, another tone of hum, this one pressures on your clit. Selflessly, my cock is pulled from your mouth, allowing me to hear the "Oh" from you, as - without pressure - the anal pleasurer slips sweetly into you there.

I withdraw away, completely, from you, and remove the nipple clamps, after a playful tug on the chain. The toy in your bum slows, to almost a murmuring, the ring of muscle holding it in there. I pull the other toy away from you clit, and adjust the speed of the small anal delight. Your legs, still in the air, tremble slightly. I watch you, you are shaking, moaning, on fire, whimpering. I know that the one toy in you will hold you on the edge now, just below release.

For now.

After taking in the sight of your body, sheened with oil, and sweat(?), I marvel at you, the curve of your belly, those soft delightful playful hips, your breasts, the curve of the cheeks of your bum. I sense you are getting ready, your legs fold onto your body. I lean over, and gently blow across your parted lips and your stiff little clit, tapping the end of the vibrator twice with my finger, delighting in the little squirm and shimmy that travels across your body, through your body. I wonder what picture is in your mind right now.

After only a minute or so of watching you (how long did it feel to last for you!) you feel me move on the bed, Your furrowed brow, and pursed mouth says it all. What now? Buzzing, the soft toy again? You cry out "NO" as you feel it brush your clit, then part your lips, the tip right at the opening, the leaking opening. Gentle tugging, you realise I am pulling the other toy from your bottom, but you want it to stay there, but you also want it out! You just can't decide!

A silent "Oh" almost escapes your mouth between pants, as it is removed. But instantly your pussy accepts something, (newer, bigger?) powerfully vibrating. Are you trying to remember each toy as it was on the top? Can you remember how many there were? Gently but insistently it enters you, not roughly, but constantly. You feel it stretching, pushing. You think it too big, and my mouth covers yours in tongue-wet kisses, as the lips of your stretched, filled, pulsating cunt wrap around the base. Immediately, I leave you, only for you to cry out as my tongue flicks your clit.

You begin to shudder, silently at first, till you work out that I am again stood over you head, leaning down your body, to lick lap and suck at your clit. You start to moan, vocally insistently louder, so that I am forced to feed you my cock in an attempt to quieten you. I can feel it there inside you, for there is a tingle in the taste of you, and I know what it is.

Suddenly, you have realised that I can see you, wanton, open, ready, needing. Your cunt is stretched, filled, I can feel the vibrations of the pleasure giver, even though it is deep within you. You know I am holding the base of it, even though it is impossible, we have both sensed that you would take this man-made phallus of seven inches deeper within you if you could - but you can't, yet still I hold it. I trail on finger of that hand down, and brush, lightly backwards and forwards, over your other opening, which is pulsing in a rhythm, and you sense that I am watching that also. Normally you might feel shame, embarrassment, but here, you are you, the you that wants, the you that needs release.

On my elbows, mentally and physically stretched as I am, with your mouth alternating between moaning and sucking on my cock, I fight myself to stop the boiling need inside me. There will be time for me yet. Reaching with my other hand, my fingers find a nipple as I lick, and suck your clit hard. And you cum!

Oh how you cum. A loud plop before you wail out loud, as I free my cock from the sucking of your mouth, before the point of no return for me. Your body shudders and writhes on top of your bound hands, and I trail flurries of kisses all the way up your body, stroking all along you with my hands, kissing you fully, gratefully, thankfully, on the cold of orgasm upon your lips. The loud buzzing of the pleasure giver fills the room as it is expelled from your channel by the rippling of your inner muscles. I turn it off, discreetly, moving it, and the other toys, aside. Before you can recover, I sit you up, untie your hands, and cover your nakedness with your gown, before slipping off the blindfold, and kissing your eyelids as the sudden return to brightness makes you blink. You are still shaking as I hold you, then carefully lay you on the bed and spoon into the back of you, holding you, caressing you, helping you regain control.

You do not fully realise it, but there is so much more we can do to each other...

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