tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAt the Amusement Park

At the Amusement Park


It's July 4th, and there is going to be a fireworks display at Six Flags. Not just any display. This year they hired Liberty Fireworks, the best fireworks display group in the nation. We've been looking forward to this event for a month.

The fireworks are still an hour away, so we are wandering the park, enjoying people watching, trying to knock down some cupie dolls, eating fried dough and cotton candy, and getting all sticky. Such fun.

We arrive at the ferris wheel, where there is not much of a line because a lot of people are taking the good viewing spots near the fireworks, on the other side of the park. We know that the fireworks are visible from anywhere, and we love the ferris wheel, so we get in line. In 10 minutes we are strapped in and moving. When we are at the top, the wheel stops. We assume it's to let more people on. I look down, and see that there appears to be a problem. The operator yells up "I'm so sorry, folks, there's a gear problem. Don't worry, there is no danger, but it will take a few minutes to fix." I say "damn", and look at you. You don't look upset at all, and I can see that mischievous look on your face. Oh, I think, as I read your mind, what a great idea.

You say "we're both thinking the same thing, but I want to take it to a different level. Let's both get completely naked." Whoa, I think, this is as risky as it gets, and I am immediately hard just imagining it. "Well, what the fuck? Let's".

So first we look to see if there are folks in the cars in front and behind us. There are young couples in both. They will only be able to see us from the waist up, because of the design of the car, but they will know what is going on. What a rush!!

You and I begin to get undressed. In order to invite the minimum attention too early, we undress from the bottom up. We remove our shoes and socks, and set them aside. We unzip and pull off our jeans, trying not to lift ourselves too far off the seat. I sneak a peek, and your panties are wet. You sneak a peek and see the front of my briefs pointing straight up. We both laugh. I remove my briefs first, casting them on top of my jeans. I am as hard as I've ever been, and I know you love the naked from the waist down look, as do I. You pull your panties down and off, but since you are already very wet, you put them under you so that you don't have to squish around on the seat.

"OK, now the risky part." I unbutton my shirt and slip it off as inconspicuously as possible. I am now completely naked. You unbutton and do the same. As you are removing your bra, I glance at the car in front of us, and the young man has figured out what is going on, and is trying to look at us without triggering the attention of his girlfriend. I love that he is staring at us. You are now completely naked, wet, and your nipples are very erect. He's only about 15 feet away, and I know he can see you clearly, and that he must have a big hard on by now. His girlfriend glances at him, and he tries to quickly turn his head back to face front, but she knows something is going on, and she too glances back. She sees two people naked from the waist up. She yells "Hey", but her boyfriend jabs her in the ribs, and whispers in her ear. She quiets down, and now both of them are staring at us.

I glance at the car behind us, and they have seen the whole thing, but can't get a good view. I know they would REALLY like to see what is going on, but can't. They are hoping the ferris wheel is fixed in time for them to be able to see us from above before we can dress again.

"Well, we have a nice audience. Let's do it". You lower your face toward my cock, and take it in your mouth. I stare straight ahead at the couple in front, I even smile and wave at them. They stare wide eyed, knowing what is going on, but unable to see the act. I laugh at their frustration. You suck on my cock until my eyes grow droopy, and I reach under you to stick several fingers in your pussy. I remove one and plunge it into your ass. I keep one in your pussy, and I use a third to massage your clit. This triple whammy is something that can drive you over the edge quickly. You raise your ass up high to give me better access, and I can see that the couple is delighted that they can now see your ass, your pussy, and my fingers plunging in and out. The young man reaches over to his girlfriend and starts to massage her breasts. She doesn't resist, so he knows he can go further. He unbuttons her shirt, and removes it. He starts to remove her bra, and thinks he'll get resistance, but she doesn't fight him at all. She is now naked from the waist up. I say to you "Linda, you're giving a great show, but you're also missing one. Want to take a break?" You sit up abruptly, forcing my fingers out of you, and sit back down on your panties. You stare at the girl's breasts, she stares at yours, and both of us men are transfixed by what is going on.

You get a wacky idea, and stand up. This is WAY over the edge for us, and I'm loving every minute. Now both couples can see your full naked body. I take a hint, and I stand up. My cock is pointing straight out. The eyes of the girl in front go wide. Her boyfriend doesn't seem particularly pleased, but he knows this will be a very hot night for him, so he doesn't attempt to stop any of the action. He reaches over to unzip his girlfriend, and she begins to unzip him. In moments she is naked and he is naked from the waist down. They both stand up. He is hard now, and you are staring at his erection.

What next? I reach over and start to play with your pussy. He does the same to his girlfriend. You reach out to stroke my cock, and the girlfriend does the same. Monkey see, monkey do. Apparently we have found our risky sex soulmates just 15 feet away from us.

I can only guess what the couple behind us are doing. HAHA.

I pull you in front of me and enter you from the back. You are leaning over the front of the car, and your breasts are hanging down. People on the ground can see you if they are looking, but I'm trying to balance, so I have no idea if they are looking or not. I certainly hope they are.

He bends his girlfriend over, and enters her from the back. You have beautiful large breasts, but hers are even larger. They hang down quite a way over the rail. Both of us men start to pump, and I can hear both you and the girlfriend moaning. Both couples have to be careful not to upset the cars, so we move gently, and this adds to the excitement.

We're all getting very hot, and it seems that anytime we could climax. At that moment we hear from the ground "OK, folks, the problem is fixed. Please stay seated and we will start the ferris wheel"

Shit. Now what. The 4 of us stare at each other, and we pull apart and sit down. We continue to stare, with hangdog looks on our faces. You say "Fuck it" loud enough for them to hear, and you move closer to me, lift your body, and sit yourself down on my cock. You start to move up and down. The other couple gets it, and does the same. The ferris wheel starts, and the vibration adds to our excitement.

We're moving closer to the ground, so I'm sure the couple behind us is getting the full view now. The first fireworks go off in a blast. We're vibrating in the cars. We are all close to climax. We get to the bottom, and the ferris wheel operator cannot believe what he is seeing, and instead of stopping the wheel for us to get off, he freezes and the wheel continues to go back up. We don't even look to see if there are other people looking, but I bet there are. We start to go up the other side, pumping, breathing, hearing the exploding fireworks, anticipating the exploding inside of us. You start to shudder and quake, and then you come with a scream. I follow quickly. I look to see that the other couple are in the throws of a powerful orgasm. It seems like there is quivering enough among the four of us to shake the ferris wheel.

We are now at the top, starting to come down the other side. You lift off of me, and she lifts off of him. We all realize that the next time down, there might be security guys waiting for us, so we hurriedly put our clothes back on. When we get to the bottom, all 4 of us are dressed, and putting on our shoes.

Fortunately, the operator never called security. The other couple gets off the ferris wheel, pretending that nothing has happened. We get off next, and walk up to them. There are introductions all around, and a lot of laughing. I take your hand, and he takes his girlfriends hand, and we walk off together to get something to eat. All that excitement has made us very hungry.

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