tagAnalAt The Apartment

At The Apartment


I open the screen door to the apartment. It's hot, making the screen door necessary to keep cool inside. Standing on the doorstep I peer into the gloom but cannot see anyone in the lounge room. The TV is blaring away, but to no audience. I shrug and then enter. I am quiet as I pad down the carpeted hallway to the lounge where I drop my bag silently. Turning to the left there is another small hall with doors closed at each end. I walk over to the right hand door and push it halfway open.

She is sitting there, back to me in front of the computer. Her body hides the screen and she is so engrossed that she doesn't hear me enter. The Venetian blinds are down so that the second story view across the suburbs cannot be seen. I stand there for a moment, unsure of how to announce my arrival. I hear a faint gasp and initially think that she has discovered that I am there, but as she doesn't turn to greet me I discount the notion. Puzzled at what she is doing I take a step forward. From my new position I can see the base of the chair she is sitting on. I am surprised to see that she is naked from the waist down, her pants and knickers around her ankles. I can now see that her hand is in her lap, playing backwards and forwards, and her shoulders shake with each stroke. I am torn between continuing to pretend that I am not there or too announce my arrival, particularly as I am unsure how to do so without embarrassing her.

Eventually I take a couple of steps back and knock on the door. I try not to smile as she whips around, her mouth open, frantically trying to grab her knickers and pants.

'Fuck...wait' she half yells, then realises that I am already in the room. Her hands half cover her face as she says 'What about knocking?'

'I did', I reply a little facetiously.

'Before you enter. Idiot' she replies with a half embarrassed, half challenging smile on her face.

By this time she has given up on trying to retrieve her clothes.

'Lucky it is you' she finally states, as she walks towards me, stepping out of her clothes.

I grip her in a hug and give her a big kiss.

'Sorry to interrupt and all, you looked like you were enjoying yourself'. I smirk 'Don't stop on my behalf'.

I peer over her shoulder and look at the computer screen. As expected there is porn on display; it is a series of pictures of a girl getting fucked in her arse by a guy with a sizable penis.

'Mmm, nice' I say as she sees me checking it out.

She blushes and turns away to pick her clothes off the floor. I walk up behind her and as she bends down I run my hands across her tight cheeks. I slip my index finger between the cleft and scrape lightly down towards her hole. Her skin goose pimples and the hairs between her cheeks rise a little. She stiffens at my touch and for a moment I think she will pull away or tell me to stop. Instead she bends over further, spreading her legs a little, her head low to the ground, legs straight and cheeks slightly apart, allowing me further access.

'Do you like my bum?' She asks.

I don't answer but drop to my knees behind her and plant a kiss on her left buttock, and then on her right. In the half light in her room I can see the saliva on her skin where my mouth just was.

'Babe, I adore your arse'. With that I reach up and pull her cheeks apart further, so that I can see between them clearly. The cleft is slightly furred on the inside of the buttocks, and a little hair circles her puckered little bum. I rub a finger down from her lower back and straight down lightly stroking her arsehole as it passes and then under to the pubic hair surrounding her vagina. The hair is moist already, lubricated by her masturbation. I pry at her lips and slightly penetrate her.

'That feels really good' she murmurs from in front of me. Pushing my face closer to her buttocks I lick the curves of her bum, sticking my tongue into until it touches the bottom of the crack, above her hole. Encouraged by a gasp I poke my tongue out and with a deep breath my tongue meets the ring around her sphincter. I can smell her cunt, the aroma passing my nose mixed with an indescribable scent that is slightly rank but at the same time amazingly sexy. I have never been able to explain how that smell can arouse me like that, but I think that there must be pheromones at work.

Gently I lick around her arse, my taste buds slightly rough stimulating her. Then finally I reach her hole, closed but twitching. I push two fingers into her pussy and feel the muscles contract, warmly engulfing them inside her. My tongue licks and probes the wrinkled skin, trying to push against her ring muscles which defiantly hold firm, not allowing access into her rectum. She is moaning softly now, taking sharp breaths as I try to sodomise her with my tongue. By the time I am satisfied with my oral probing she is wet, wet enough for my finger to slide half a centimetre into her bum without any friction. Immediately the strong muscles in her arse clamp down, squeezing the tip of my finger. She pushes back against me, and I can feel that she is trying to open herself to me. I slide in further, now in as far as the first joint of the finger. I wiggle it, stroking the inside of her hole.

'Harder' she asks and I oblige, pushing hard and suddenly the muscles relax and my finger glides deep into her rectum. I am astounded at the heat inside of her and as her internal muscles squeeze and stretch it feels like I am probing the depths of her body. Her cunt is soaking now, and my two fingers are playing around her cervix. I can feel the wall between vagina and rectum, and can get an impression of my finger inside her bum.

'Ah fuck' she gasps 'I want you in me like that guy is in those pictures'

'Not yet' I whisper back.

I finger her like this for a few minutes before standing up. My cock bulges against my pants. She turns to me and kisses me hard on the mouth, her tongue plunging deeply into my mouth.

'That was amazing'.

'It's not over yet' I state as I undo my belt and drop my trousers and jocks to the ground freeing my cock which stands erect. She looks down and stares at it like she hasn't seen it before. When she looks back up she has a queer look in her eyes.

'I was just thinking about this when you walked in, deep inside my arse'.

She nudges me backwards and onto the bed, so that I am sitting on the edge of the bed, my arms at an angle behind me, propping me up. My cock twitches fully exposed as she drops to her knees between my own. She kisses the head lightly and strokes her clenched fist lightly down the shaft then cups my balls in her hand. Opening her mouth slightly she takes a tiny taste of the moisture that is oozing from the tip. She licks her lips, looks up at me and smiles. Her right hand grips the base of my cock as she lowers her head over the tip. I look down at the top of her head, shaking in anticipation of her mouth.

She doesn't disappoint me, taking the head inside her mouth and playing her tongue against the sensitive underside, just below the slit. Her mouth is incredibly soft and her saliva lubricates me as she takes a little more dick into her mouth. She begins to nod her head up and down, each stroke ending with her tongue flicking the hole at the top. I notice though that her downstrokes take a little more into me each time. I can feel her lips gripping halfway down my dick. I swell, blood engorging me further filling her mouth with hot, hard cock. Her sucking becomes more and more strenuous and my hips begin to buck uncontrollable, forcing my dick just a little further into the depths of her mouth. I moan as I listen to the sucking sounds that escape from her mouth. Towards the bottom of my dick the shaft broadens and she has to open wider to accept the extra width. She pulls her head back up to the tip, massaging my glans with her tongue. With ease she slides back down my pole, taking more of me into her warm mouth. I place a hand on the top of her hair and play with her hair as she tries to suck me dry.

I am not far from coming when she comes back up for air. Instead of taking me into her mouth again she licks the salty fluids on her lips, and then runs her tongue down the bottom side of the shaft, she uses the flat of her tongue, not the tip, so a wide section of my cock is stimulated. She starts to masturbate me as she licks my hairy balls, which are pulled in tight against my body. I take the opportunity to take off my shirt and lean back to appreciate the tongue bath. Her hands are skillful, using her saliva as a lubricant she rubs up and down, using her thumb to play with the veiny bit near where my foreskin is pulled back to, on the underside of my dick. I can feel my blood boiling and my legs tremble as I build slowly towards an orgasm. She pushes closer to my body, forcing me to lie back on the bed and readjusts her position on the floor.

With her unoccupied arm she pushes my legs apart and forces them to bend at the knee, raising my thighs to a 45 degree angle. Her tongue runs across the back of my balls and down to where my sack joins my perineum. I gasp as the tip licks that sensitive part of my skin and imagine the path of her tongue approaching my own arse. She doesn't disappoint, pushing my legs back towards my chest so that my arse is off the bed. Her hand continues to pull me off as her tongue gets closer and closer to where I hoped she was going. She reaches my crack, hairy but clean, and kisses the very insides of my cheeks. With a pause that seemed to last for an hour she gathers her breath and then very gently licks my hole.

I feel like I am about to melt as she rims me, her tongue passionately kissing my hole. It feels like each probing lick is penetrating deep into me; it tickles slightly, but each lick pushes my body into over-drive. I have to grab her hand as she pulls me as I do not want to come yet and feel dangerously close to shooting everywhere. Sensing the tension in me she eases off the licking, kissing my arse before moving back up to my cock. She is not willing to stop there though and when she finds a comfortable position she sucks me into her mouth again, swallowing two thirds of my cock. I pant as she goes to work again with her lips. I can only lie back, close my eyes and luxuriate in her oral expertise, massaging and sucking, licking and nibbling.

Reaching down I pull her up and away from my cock, she looks up with a look in her eye like a vixen being torn from her cubs. With a pout she says 'I was enjoying that'.

'So was I' I reply 'A little too much'.

She smiles at this, standing up and pulling her top over her shoulders and removing her bra with a flick.

'That is better than the porn' She smiles.

'Damn straight'.

She climbs onto the bed next to me, lying on her stomach her face near to mine as I lay on my back. I roll over and now am half on top of her, a leg across her lower back, just above her buttocks and the other on the bed by her side. Lying like this I can rub her shoulder and with the other hand play with her arse. My fingers pry, probe and poke down her cheeks slowly approaching her neglected bum. Using the other fingers as leverage I find the hole which is still a little open from my previous play and push my middle digit into her hole.

'Mmmmm...that feels so fucking good'. She murmurs. 'Keep going with that mister'.

Lying on the bed beside me, conveniently, is a tube of KY, apparently there from her wanking session. Taking my opportunity I grab it and withdrawing my finger from her bum I coat my fingers with the cool gel and press them against her again. She gasps at the slipperiness coating her arse. My finger penetrates even easier, and much deeper as I press further through her anus and deep into her. I stroke her silky insides for a moment. Meanwhile I have lubed up my cock with my free hand, covering it from base to tip with the lubricating substance. Once satisfied that she and I are both fully lubricated I withdraw my finger and suck it, then I roll onto her back so that my cock nestles between her cheeks. Using our wetness I rock back and forwards filling her crack with my cock. She tightens her buttock muscles and it is almost like I am fucking her. We moan simultaneously and I manage to ask 'Are you ready?'

'Yes-s-s' she gasps 'I want you in my arse'.

I kneel between her legs as she lies on her stomach, head turned to one side. I reach for a pillow and pull her hips up to place it underneath her. With the pillow in place her arse is raised, her legs apart pulling her cheeks open. I can just see her hole twitching in anticipation. I pause for second, hardly believing that my cock will fit into such a tight place. I move into a position where my dick is pressed into her skin, between cunt and arse. Using my hand I guide the tip to the hole and with a quick movement find a position where my cock can go straight up her arse. I finger her lightly again, ensuring that she is open.

Then gently pressing the head against her puckered, winking hole I nudge her open. As impatient as I am to fuck her, I take it slow, pressing the head into her a fraction and when she doesn't pull away, push a little deeper and deeper still. I can feel her muscles protesting as such a large object tries to invade her delicate insides. This is the difficult part, all my senses scream 'Push it all the way in' but experience informs me to take it slowly. Already the heat on the tip of my cock is incredible and her spasming muscles nearly send me into bliss. After a minute of gentle probing and the most amazing soft moans from her I feel her anal muscles loosen and suddenly, even with the little pressure I am applying my cock slides into her, half way engulfed in her sweet arse.

'Ahhhh...fuck fuck fuck' she wails 'Keep going...oh shit...'

I push in further, almost to the base, the tip of my cock going deep into her anal passages.

'You feel so fucking big in there'.

'Does it hurt?' I ask, ready to withdraw if requested.

'Almost.' She moans.

I lie still, my body screaming to start thrusting, and instead, just pulse my cock inside her.

'Mmmmm...keep doing that' she gasps and tightens her arse in time.

Her breath gets ragged as she lies there with my cock in her most intimate hole. To my relief she relaxes and her internal muscles loosen a little. I start to thrust, sliding just millimetres in and out. This gets her going and she starts to hump back, lifting her hips off the bed. I start to build a rhythm, sliding out further and deeper going back in. She pushes herself up onto all fours, doggy style, as we rock together.

'That's it, fuck me, fuck my arse' she groans 'Fuck me fuck me fuck me'

I oblige, really starting to thrust into her, gathering pace as her muscles contract around my cock, pulsing and gripping, like her cunt, but hotter with less lubrication so more friction. Her muscles start to spasm around my dick as she begins to come. She holds herself up with one hand and with the other hand she wildly masturbates, with dirty talk flowing from her mouth. I look down and watch my cock slide in and out of her hole, my hands on her buttocks massaging the tight muscles.

Our breathing is deep and wild, both gasping as I push the final centimetres of my hard cock into her, the head as far is as is possible, filling her arse, expanding the little tube. Fully engulfed in her scorchingly hot arse I can feel every muscle milking my dick. Suddenly all hell breaks loose in there as her orgasm completely overwhelms her. She is incoherent as she screams her orgasm, frigging herself all the while. I struggle to maintain control as I see her shake below me and my cock aches to flood her bowels with my come. Slowly she winds down, each thrust pulling away from my cock so that soon I am only just inside her. I am about to withdraw when she moans 'Keep going, fuck me until you come, but pull out so that I can feel you blow all over me' and with that she slides her arse back all the way down my shaft. It takes only the one thrust to send me nearly to the edge. She uses all her control to grip my cock inside her and the pulsations she provides are too much for me.

Pulling out off her arse I grip my dick hard and frantically pull myself, staring at her gaping arsehole. Suddenly the come sizzles from my cock, spurting in long trajectories onto her buttocks, between her cheeks and over her back.

'That's it baby, come all over me', she moans, masturbating as I coat her with my juices and coming again and again as I continue to pour out onto her.

When I finally grunt my last she rolls onto her back, sits up and without warning takes my failing erection deep into her mouth, taking me right down to the balls into her. I shudder and thinking of her mouth sucking the cock that was in her arse, feel a little more come slide out of me. When I am completely spent she pulls back and smiles brightly at me.

'Hello, it's a lovely surprise you dropping by'.

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