tagBDSMAt the Commander's Disposal Ch. 00

At the Commander's Disposal Ch. 00



Five years before...

"The door's locked Macy."

Her hand had already tried the knob at least a dozen times, but in the back of her mind she knew that she wasn't getting out of this dungeon looking room without his permission or key. She shuddered. The tight dress she wore did nothing to hide the betrayal of her arousal, which was probably the idea he had in mind when the man paid someone to deliver it too her first thing in the morning.

"Do not move until I give you permission, do you understand? You will respond with, 'Yes master.'"

Macy shook her head at the thought of saying such ludicrous. She would have never thought in a million years call a gown man master. She had too much pride to sink to a level that reminded her of a dog obeying its master.

"Respond Slave!" he ordered.

"My name is Macy McCullin master in case you have forgotten that little detail." She snapped playfully.

"That's one," his sensual voiced teased. Macy felt his presence behind her before his masculine arms wrapped around her, the heat of his hands resting on her hips.

"One what?" Macy was surprised by the huskiness of her own voice. She was turned on by a dominate male, a man who was into that Alpha he-man crap, a Dom. What had her world come to?

"Punishment of course," he said, his lips teasing her ear. "A flogger is an instrument I use for naughty girls who disobey their master." Macy froze. A flogger? Was he kidding?

"What...what...if...I don-don't want that?" she mewled huskily as his teeth snagged the bottom of her ear. It was the mixture of pleasure and pain, something Macy could see herself getting use to. He chuckled deeply, smoothing his hands up and down her body, stopping just above her ass.

"Oh you will Macy. I can guarantee it." A sharp sting ranked through her body. She yelped, jumping away from the jerk who just smack her ass...hard!

"Ow you jerk! What was that for?"

"Turn around and face me Macy." He growled, only spiking Macy's arousal to a higher level she hasn't reached in...ever. She was so hot and bothered and he barely even touched her. Macy turned, looked up slowly taking in his a body that looked sculpted from the Gods, and her mouth dropped once her eyes zeroed in on the man who made her wet with words.

Neil King, her six-foot four, drop dead gorgeous, large and in charge boss stood in front of her with a sly smile that made her knees want to buckle. She had never realized how huge and powerful he was until now. his deep blue eyes were clouded with lust and dominance. Unfortunately those eyes were trained on her and looked as if they wanted to eat her alive. His dark brown hair teased his brow and shoulders only making him more delicious. Why was she having impure thoughts about her boss? Because he's thinking about commanding your body in so many ways you won't even remember your own name! Her mind screamed. Macy ached at the thought of it.

"Neil you're my boss, you realize that right?" Macy found herself asking as she went to the doorknob behind her. She tried the knob once more and once again the attempt was useless.

"Take off your clothes," he replied roughly. She shook her head.

"No. Neil you are my boss for Christ-Sake." Neil merely shrugged taking a step closer.

"I've realized that. The thought has crossed my mind many of times, but that sinful body of yours has been teasing me since your job interview over a year ago. My dick has been hard only for you five hundred and sixty five days now and tonight I want relief." Macy's eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"I'm not someone you can fuck because you have an itch that needs to be scratched, Neil!" She yelled at him and before she knew it she was pinned against the door, hands above her head with Neil's body pressed against her. His face was mere inches away from her, the anger evident.

"You are so far from a fucking itch. You belong to me Macy." What a total Alpha thing to say, Macy thought as she rolled her eyes.

"I belong to myself. Never forget that." Neil barked out a laugh and turned her.

"You." Slap. "Belong." Slap. "To." Slap. "Me." Slap, Slap, Slap. Macy's ass stung, but oh how it felt so good. She never liked spankings when she was a child, but this was something different. Way off the rector scale to the vanilla sex she was use to. Macy liked vanilla sex, it was easy, predictably, and somewhat pleasing when she wasn't faking an orgasm with a guy who was too soft for her liking. Over the past year her vibrated, Pablo, has been her best friend, confidant, and the most amazing lover. He never complained once, never talked back, and he listened to everything she had to say without having to repeat herself.

Neil hiked her dress up leaving her, now rosy colored flesh, exposed for his eyes to see. She hissed as he massaged her burning cheeks with a possessive roughness that made her whimper. Slowly her hands began to descend, but a sharp slap told her that was the wrong thing to do.

"Leave them up there." He ripped her panties from her body and dropped to his knees behind her. Her breath hitched as she spread her legs apart, feeling his hot breath on the core of hers. Her cheeks flamed at the imagined sight of her dripping wet in front of him, her cream coating the insides of her thighs all because of him.

"You're enjoying this," he stated with a self-righteous grin.

"Am not!" Macy retorted breathlessly. He ran a long, thick finger from the back of her slit to the front, briefly coming into contact with her swollen clit. She moaned in protest as he abandoned her pussy.

"Your body is, my sweet. You're wet for me and only me Mac. Your body belongs to me, answers to my commands and the sooner you realize that, you will be fucked thoroughly."

"Never!" she gasped as two fingers plunged into her heat. The scent of her arousal washed over him. He inhaled deeply, his cock jerking in the confinements of his jeans. He pushed his fingers deeper, until his palm rested on her weeping clit. His fingers and palm worked together in perfect unison, bringing her to the brink. Her cries for more were music to his ears as he moved faster, pumping into her with urgent thrusts.

Adding another finger, was icing on the cake. She sobbed his name rocking back and forth, pleading for permission to come. So she did know she couldn't come without permission. It was a punishable offense in the BDSM world.

"You may not come, Macy or that's going to be two. Believe me, I am counting." Slap.

Macy's found herself losing all since of control just by this man's fingers lusciously pumping into her. She felt the connection of her body starting to belong only to him. How could this be? Why wasn't she coming in spite of him? Because this feels too good and you don't want him to stop ever! Oh God, her mind was right. She didn't want this to stop, but she also didn't want his fingers bringing a mind blowing orgasm. She wanted his cock slamming into her with total abandonment.

His lips moved up her body, gently nipping her cheeks on his way up to her shoulders. He bit, hard, at the same time his free hand pinched her clit painfully, but oh so delightful. The throb was hard enough to have her screaming in pleasure as the violent orgasm rocked through her. Head thrown back, he watched as her pleasure took over her. He watched as her eyes clouded with bliss he couldn't wait to see what she looked like with his cock actually inside her.

He watched the waves of sexual bliss rippling through her body as she still rode his fingers. The clenching of her pussy had him groaning. She trembled in his arms as she began to come back to earth. The smile of satisfaction that spread across his face only made his oath that much stronger.

She belonged to him. He owned her, he just had to convince her of that and sex was the main factor in that equation.

"Oh God!" she breathed, leaning forward, her head resting on the door. She sighed in contempt as he slid his drenched fingers from her, her body still quivering from the best orgasm of her life. Her eyes fluttered close as she dots began floating around her eyes. In a matter of seconds her knees buckled and Neil was right there to catch her.

As he looked down at the woman who eyes were closed, her lashes resting against flushed skin, he couldn't picture his life without this woman in his arms every night for the rest of his life. She may be one of the best agents he had in the field and he may be her boss, but from this day on they would be lovers. She would only know his pleasure. He grinned at the thought of her thinking this was it, that this was the only pleasure he was going to give to her tonight.

He was so far from over.


Macy woke up, her muscles ached in a good way, her head resting on her shoulder, eyes closed. She felt the warmth of a body against hers, hot breath surrounding her neck in a gentle caress, bringing her body and mind fully awake.

Something bound her to the bed as she struggled to sit up. Rope. Rope encircled her wrists above her head and a pillow lay underneath her ass, while ropes tied her feet to the bed post in a spread eagle form.

"What the-?" Macy turned to look at her wrist. "What is this Neil? Tying me to the bed because I won't give you what you want? Did I bruise your male ego that much you have to force me to take your pleasure?" she yelled bucking against the restraints finally realizing she was bound, naked and exposed to anything Neil wanted to do.

"You passed out earlier and Mace you know for a fact I could fuck you anywhere and anytime. I wouldn't have to force you and that's two."

"No! I do not want this Neil." Neil laughed moving in between her legs. He placed two fingers on her labia, pulling the swollen lips apart slowly. Macy tensed as he adjusted himself, her legs now resting on his shoulder.

Neil flatten his tongue against her lips and began to make, a rather painfully, slow swipe through her glistened flesh. She cried out as he repeated the motion over and over again.

"I'm going to lick every drop of honey from this sweet pussy Macy," his voice sounded raw, hunger and dangerous. She couldn't take the slow tortuous movements of Neil anymore. Maybe it was time to demand what she wanted. She arch her hips, grinding against his mouth in a faster pace that surprised him.

"Faster Neil!" she snapped.

"Stop moving. You will take the pleasure I give you!" he demanded, gripping her hips firmly, halting all movement.

"Pay back is a bitch Neil remember that." Oh he'll remember that and then some. Macy had challenge written all over her face as he continued his slow torture to hell. God she hated this, God she loved this. She looked up, dazed with pleasure. She looked into eyes that were hot and hard. She grew wetter just from his gaze, a gaze that made her body trembled.

He felt her need to climax through her quivering legs that locked against his shoulders. His tongue ate at her entrance catching the flood of juices spilling form her delectable body. He lapped at her with hunger, catching her clit between his lips, his teeth bit at it, knowing his woman liked pain. The sounds of her screams only encouraged. He sucked her clit hard before moving back to draw in her sweetness back onto his tongue.

"Neil please...please let me come." He was going to let her come all right, but she was going to come with him inside her. He sat up, angling his cock at her entrance. He teased her with the sliding motions of his erection rubbing against her folds.

"Please," she begged, her dazed eyes looking up at him, her lips parting. "Please Neil. I need you inside me."

"What do you want inside you Macy?"


"You can do better then that." He growled impatiently. She shook her head and he slapped her ass.

"Beg me Macy. Beg me to fuck you. Beg to have my cock pound into you, hard and fast, slow and gentle. Beg for my cock Macy or you get nothing." Her eyes widen in shock.

"You wouldn't," she whispered. He titled his head and watched her. With a shrug he began to move away from her.

"No! please don't go. I want you in me. I want your cock fucking me hard and fast. I want to feel you inside me Neil. Please." With one quick thrust he was inside her. Her breath caught. He felt huge inside her, she was surprised he fit. She moaned at the sensation of pleasure and pain mixing together as began to pump through her with animalistic hunger that had her gasping for air. Oh God the pleasure was too much. It was devouring her soul, her mind, her sanity. She had no clue how she was going to survive this.

The deep throb of his cock inside her felt so good, everything felt so good. Neil's mouth latched onto her nipple sucking hard. His lips felt glorious as he pump into her. So many fantasies about this man coming to life at this very moment in time.

She gripped the rope holding her wrist together as she lifted her hips to meet thrust after pleasurable thrust. Neil watched amazed as he came over her, as sweat coated their flesh. A breathless scream left her lips as he pummeled faster into her, bringing his hand down through their touching bodies to toy with her clit, sending the sensation for her higher. He loved seeing the pleasure he gave to his woman, he loved how responsive she was to his every touch, every look, every command.

"Oh fuck...yes Macy. Take me." he groaned against her lips. He held her firm, driving his cock inside of her, hard fast strokes, the sounds of slurping flesh filling the room.

"Oh God Neil..." he slapped her left breast and the right, not hard, but leaving a delicious sting that caused her to cry out, her body bucking underneath his.

"Mine,' he slammed into her with such force her legs lifted off of the bed.

"No!" she screamed.

"Yes." Slap, slap, slap. She started screaming as her pussy began to spasm, clutching his cock. She felt the hot, burning sparks of joy hike through her body. She wanted this forever, she want him forever, she wanted this feeling of being whole to never leave her soul as it called out to him as his finger clutched her ass. He slammed into one, two...

"Fuck yes baby." His seed spilled into her with a final thrust that left them both breathless in a mind shattering climax that intensified with the slightest movement. Macy tried to scream, but no words came out.

"Mine," she heard him whisper before darkness took over her sight.

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