tagLoving WivesAt The Conference Ch. 03

At The Conference Ch. 03


Part Three - Final

It had been three years since the conference. In this time, the company owners sold up and my new employers asked me to take early retirement. The package they offered was considerable so I took it and found myself pensioned off at the age of forty-three.

Although I tried talking with Angie about those days in London, she was having none of it and flatly refused to acknowledge it ever happened so eventually I gave up.

My thoughts about that event actually turned nasty. I really did want to kill Sid for what had happened and if I were to meet him again, I planned to do just that.

We took the holiday I'd won and had a really good time on the Fiji Islands. Both of us loved the islands and would dearly love to return one day.

Life returned to normal, Angie kept her part time job going and I just chilled out with gardening, DIY and anything else that took my fancy.

In the June of 2001, I had to go into town to post a parcel for Angie and buy a few bits for a job I was doing in the bathroom. As I was leaving the Post Office, I was thinking I could have the job done before Angie comes home, this would please her no end as she now thinks I'm a lazy git through not finding another job. It's not that I'm lazy it's just that I've managed to do most of the things I'd set out to do. You know, the garden is up together the garage is tidy most of the house has been re-decorated so there wasn't much left to do.

Well there I was pushing the door open and in walks this slob of a man.

"Well I'm buggered," the man spoke shocked, "Peter, how nice to see you old chum." His face lit up and a smile formed on his lips that got wider and wider. I looked at the man who at first I didn't recognise but then it hit me and it all came rushing back.

"Hello Sid, what brings you this far south?" I asked not really wanting to speak with him. He was the last person I wanted to see. On the way home from London all I could think about was Sid and how I wanted to kill him.

"I'm down here looking for business premises," he replied, "Look why don't we grab a coffee we can have a chat. I'll buy, I just need to get a form from here and we'll find a café."

I nodded.

"Just a minute and I'll be right with you," he said with a smile. I could see the expectation in his eyes as he turned away from me. I waited outside wondering whether I should just go, return to my car and go home. He returned quite quickly form in hand. As he came through the door, I noticed that he was fatter, or should I say, his potbelly was larger and he'd lost more of his hair.

"So where's the nearest café?"

"Just up the road," I said pointing.

"Come on then," he seemed to command, "How have you been, blimey it must be three years nearly, since London?"

I saw the leer on his face as he reminisced those two nights in London. I felt embarrassed but glad Angie wasn't here for I am sure she would have died on the spot.

"Yes you're right," I replied somewhat at a loss as to where this was going other than the obvious, and the obvious was making me angry.

We entered the café and ordered our drinks, found a table and sat.

"So what have you been doing with yourself these past three years?" he asked with a slim smile.

"That depends on how you look at things. We had a good holiday on Fiji year before last. I'd actually won that at the Conference in London." I replied adding sugar to my coffee. "What brings you all the way down here to the West Country?"

"I've been here now for over a week looking for some business premises. I've thrown the old job in and set up with a couple of colleagues dealing with computer parts. The moneys rolling in and we need to find some decent premises instead of working from each other's garages."

"Sounds like you could be on a winner there. Just remember to make sure your source isn't going to let you down. Always have a backup plan."

We went silent and I could see he was itching to ask something, I already knew what it was.

"How's business with you then?" he finally asked though that wasn't the question.

"Six months after London the company sold out to some enormous Asian conglomerate and I was surplus to their requirements and so offered me a retirement package, one I couldn't refuse. I took the money and ran. Since then I've pottered about the house and gardens and loving every minute of it."

"Blimey that sucks, Pete. You were also top salesman that year as well weren't you?"

"I was but it didn't amount to anything. I was still beating targets when they made the offer. Beating targets didn't seem to matter; they got rid of me anyway. I've heard since then that whole sections of the business have been carved up and sold," I replied sipping my coffee and went on, "Still it's all water under the bridge now. We're happy, no mortgage, no money worries so I'm not complaining."

"And Angie, how's she?" he asked, it was a simple question yet the undertones were enormous.

"She's fine still got her part time job. Gets her out of the house for a couple of days a week," I replied, "Have you had any luck finding any premises?" I thought I'd try to change the subject, keep his mind off Angie.

"No not really. It's cheap enough around here but what I've seen so far hasn't been fit for purpose."

"So when are you due to leave the area?"

"Day after tomorrow, I drive up to Bristol and then on to Birmingham."

We fell silent again. He drank his coffee I drank mine. He was running his finger up and down the handle of the coffee mug as he contemplated his next question. Again his face flushed as his expectation grew, I could see it in his eyes the same look he had when I first saw him talking to Angie in the hotel bar in London. My problem was I didn't know how I was going to answer it when he does.

Then he spoke, "Look Pete you don't think you and Angie would like to come out tonight for a meal and maybe another session with her?"

His face coloured but he wasn't embarrassed just nervous, probably worried about how I would react.

"I don't know Sid. We haven't spoken about London since, so I can only but ask her for you."

There was a crash from across the café, looking over I saw a waitress had dropped a plate and made a mess on the floor. I looked back at Sid, "To be honest with you Sid I don't think it will happen."

He gave a weak smile in recognition but his eyes showed his disappointment. He'd asked the question and somehow I'd managed to answer it reasonably well.

"You have a great woman there Pete," he said frankly.

It was then I rather snapped, "Don't you mean I have a wife who's a good fuck?"

At first, he was surprised with my response but he shook the surprise off and said, "Yeah that's precisely what I mean a real good fuck. Pete I didn't want to be that crude but as you bought the subject up, she was and I bet still is. You know her cunny was nice and tight and as I rode her she came good on my cock, didn't she?" he said his voice turning mean as if he wanted to punish me, "And we did it the second night wow, did she sing while my cock was deep in her cunt."

His eyes were wide and bright with lust. It was plain as salt that Sid had never forgotten those two nights in London and the impact Angie had made on him. He wanted more and now that he has found us, I think he won't let go until he does. I gave a weak smile at his language and his method of trying to goad me into rushing home and getting Angie to agree to another threesome. However, I didn't bite.

"Then you climbed into the saddle didn't you Pete? I bet her cunny was slick and easy after I'd left it. You know her throat was just as tight as her cunt when you push it all the way in. And she did take it all the way in didn't she Pete? I'm sure you'd love to see that again; didn't miss a drop either did she, Angie swallowed the whole damn load -- what a girl!"

He lowered his head when he said the last part and I instinctively looked around to see if anybody had heard but the room was practically empty and no one was close enough to hear.

I stood up saying, "Well it was nice meeting you again Sid, maybe when you pass through this way again we might bump into each other."

"Hey hold on here's my card. Call me later once you've spoken to Angie. You never know she might want to feel my old man once again," he said with a lecherous grin.

I nodded unconvincingly.

"You will call won't you?" he asked desperately.

"I said I would ask her Sid and that's what I'll do. I can't promise anything will come of it."

"No, no you're right. But call me anyway whatever her decision, okay?"

I saw the desperation in his eyes. The lust had gone, replaced with a boyish need. I nodded, turned and left the café.

I was home twenty minutes later. I was dump struck about meeting with Sid. Everything that happened in London came flooding back in a rush as I sat with him in the café. Every sordid detail was there imprinted into my memory; the pictures just kept forming of Angie on her back with Sid on top of her, fucking her.

There I was sitting in the garden with one of the hardest erections I've ever had. I felt like a teenager with his first erection and not knowing how to get rid of it. When my brain finally succumbed to the idea that it was never going to go down I laughed to myself in the knowledge that it always goes down in the end. However, my thoughts were about Angie and if she were here now I'd fuck her.

What got me mad more than anything was his affront to ask me to have Angie again. Looking at my watch I saw that it would not be long before Angie was home so I set about preparing dinner like I always do only this time I was walking around with a tent in my trousers.

Over dinner Angie asked, "Did you get the things you needed for the bathroom today?"

"Yes I did, I should have it finished tomorrow."

"That's great dear; did you also get the other things I asked for from the Post Office?"

"Yes they are on the desk beside the PC."

"Oh great I can now re-apply for my driving license."

I swallowed hard and said, "I bet you can't guess who I met today?"

Angie looked at me confused, "Well I don't know it could be anybody. Was it Betty I haven't seen her for a while?"

"Nope, I replied with a knowing smile."

"How about Norman and Sarah I hear they've just had an extension built on their house?"


"Who then, I know Charlie and Amanda?"

"No, Charlie and Amanda moved to France."

"I don't know then," she said disgruntled, "Who was it?"

"I met Sid today."

"Sid, Sid who?" she asked unknowing.

"You remember Sid don't you? We met him in London," I said as normal as possible.

"London . . .," she replied her voice trailing off as her eyes grew wide as she remembered those two days in the capitol. "Oh that Sid," She got up from the table with her plate in hand and went to the sink.

"He asked after you," I said, "And we had a coffee."

"You had a coffee with him?" her voice was subdued and slightly submissive.

"Yes we had a chat; apparently he's looking for business premises."

"What here in town?"

"Yes but he can't find anything suitable, been looking for nearly a week. He moves on to Bristol and then Birmingham I think he said."

"Oh," she replied as she started to wash up the dishes.

"He wants to know if you're up for another session."

Angie stayed silent; I knew she was thinking it through, remembering the two nights in London, if she never really forgot them. The silence was thick with memories as I too recalled my wife on those two occasions. My recollections were clear and vivid as I saw her again in my mind's eye.

"Is that what you want?" She asked not turning round.

"I honestly don't know," I replied and that was the truth, we simply hadn't talked about it.

She went silent again and as time passed, she had the dishes washed, dried, and put away. I seriously thought she was going to say yes call Sid and get him to come over. However, she suddenly turned round with a plate in her hand and said, "No I don't want another session."

Angie stood there looking at me quite emphatically.

"Okay," I said getting up. I picked up my mobile and called Sid. He didn't answer so I left him a message. I never heard from him again.

From the kitchen, I went to the lounge and sat. I was confused yet somehow excited at the same time. Bumping into Sid today brought back a lot of memories and new thoughts. Images went through my mind of Sid and Angie together, but new images materialised of Angie with other men, faceless men all taking a turn with my wife's body. As these thoughts went through my mind so my cock grew.

Angie then entered the room and sat opposite, picking up the TV remote she switched on the TV. I thought it was now a good opportunity to get Angie's views about what happened in London.

"Angie don't you think it's time we talked about it?"

"What about?"

"About what happened in London?"

"There's nothing to talk about as far as I'm concerned."

"Isn't there?"

"No, what happened was a mistake and it won't happen again."

"I see, so actually doing it twice was a mistake. I could understand what you're saying if it happened just the once. But it didn't he took you twice and on two consecutive nights," I said, "That doesn't look as if it was a mistake."

Angie's face blushed at what I said. She obviously hadn't looked at it in that way, but I could see she was considering what I'd said.

"It was still a mistake and I don't want to do it again."

"Is that all you've got to say about it?" I asked not surprised at her response.

"I think so, yes."

"Okay, didn't you enjoy it?" I probed.

"Enjoying has got nothing to do with it. It was wrong and it shouldn't have happened."


"Besides you're the one who let it happen."

"How so?"

"You never made him stop did you? You allowed Sid to use me."

"Well yes in one sense I suppose you're right. But you didn't stop it either did you?"

"That's beside the point you let him have your wife."

"And my wife didn't make any effort to stop him either. You opened your eyes to see Sid above you with his cock in you Angie and you did nothing. You could have rolled or even try to force him off you. You just laid there taking it and he certainly took you didn't he? He actually brought you off made you come. Now that was the first night the second night it happened and again you did nothing to stop it. Again he brought you off so there was no mistake."

"It wasn't like that," Angie responded.

"Then how was it, that's what I saw."

"You're my husband and the only man I want."

"That's possibly true in one sense but let's face it Angie that second night you wanted it. You wanted strange cock up you and so you let it happen. That second night was a perfect opportunity to say no and make your feelings known."

"But at the time I thought that was what you wanted. After the first night and the way you allowed Sid into our room on the second night I thought you wanted it to happen."

"At the time I was thinking the same as you. Yet mixed up with feelings of jealously and lust. As far as I was concerned what we did that second night was out of this world."

"I don't care I'm not doing it again," she said categorically.

"Okay I understand," I said and I did.

We never discussed the subject again. Months went by and we went into a New Year.

In the April of 2002, we went to a friend's party. Actually, it wasn't a real friend more like an acquaintance, a friend of a friend. We thought afterwards that they had only invited us to make up the numbers; even our friends didn't turn up due to their baby falling ill. We left early and we're sure nobody missed us.

That summer we decided to have a BBQ of our own and invite all our friends. Angie while writing out the invitations asked, "Shall we invite the Armstrong's?"

I looked up from my newspaper saying, "What, the Armstrong's, we went to their party back in April wasn't it?"

"Yes them, the ones who invited us to make up the numbers."

"If you must, I suppose we ought too as they had us over. What were their names?"

"Frank and Celia, okay," she said sounding disappointed.

"Of course if that's okay with you?"

"No its okay, I just thought we weren't made very welcome that's all," she wrote the invitation, "And they ignored us all the time we were there."

"It wasn't even a very good party," I added, "I can't remember where we met them."

"It was at Mary's place do you remember she had a party just after Christmas?"

"I do now, that was a good party wasn't it?" I asked Angie as I recalled the event. Mary was a friend of Angie's who worked alongside her. Mary was a full time employee until she got married and had a baby. She has now left to be a stay at home mum. "Mary sure does know how to host a party."

"I haven't heard much from her lately I think I'll give her a ring later to see how she's doing."

"What do you expect she's just had a baby?" I said, "She won't want to have parties just yet not with a new born. I doubt hubby is that interested either."

"Maybe, Frank and Celia will probably decline our invitation," Angie said as she slid the card into the envelope.

"Maybe," I replied unsure as to where Angie was going with this.

"I don't like the man anyway, he gives me the creeps, and I really don't know how Mary got involved with him."

"That's a good point Angie," I said thinking through what Angie had just said. Mary was just twenty-six with a new baby and married to a fine young man. I couldn't get a connection between her and Frank. He had to be a relative of sort's because of the huge age gap. He was well over sixty-five possibly an Uncle.

Four weeks before our BBQ Angie came home from the Doctors. I made her cup of coffee upon her return and we sat in the lounge.

So what did he have to say, darling?"

"The results were back and the Doctor says I have a rare blood infection. I have to continue with the same tablets he's already given me although he has given me some more to take, twelve weeks' worth."

"Twelve weeks?" I asked surprised.

"Yes I know it's a long time, but the Doctor says that's how long it could take," Angie revealed, "I'm not allowed to take any other medication or tablets whilst on the course. The only medicine I'm allowed to take is aspirin."

"Do you have to go back?"

"Afraid so, in eight weeks I have to have another test to determine if the tablets have worked. But whatever happens I have to finish the course."

"Oh well let's hope it the tablets do the job."

"Doctor sounded confident; he said nearly all cases are cleared up in the due time. It's just that if they don't catch in time then it could cause serious problems and would have to stay in hospital for a week or two. But he said I was at an early stage and the course of tablets I've got should do the trick."

"Okay, just take it easy okay?"

On the Monday before our BBQ, we were in Wells in Somerset visiting friends. My mobile rang and I answered it just as we were heading for a pub meal.

"Hello," I said wondering who it was as there was no name on the screen of the mobile phone.

"Peter it's me Jake," said the voice on the other end of the line.

"Hi Jake what's up?" I asked. I don't think I've ever had a call from Jake before I was surprised.

"I was wondering whether you and Angie would witness my signature of my will. You see I need two people to witness my signature."

"Well of course when do you want to it?"

"How about today I could come round," said Jake expectantly.

"We're out at the moment, we're in Wells in Somerset won't be back until this evening about tea time."

"Oh, I see," he replied disappointed.

"You can come over tonight about seven thirty if you like?" I added feeling a little unhappy that I was letting him down.

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