At the Feet of My Mother


"I... mom listen I ummm."

I was stopped by mom raising her foot, and placing her toes directly against my mouth. This time I didn't hesitate at all; the second mom's toes pushed against my lips, I opened wide and sucked three of her toes into my mouth. I whimpered like a small child as I swirled my tongue around the tips of her toes. Mom let out a long sexy moan that caused me to stop licking and begin sucking on them.

"Oh Billy," Mom sighed. "Oh honey that is so good!"

I knew this was wrong, but as I sat there with my mother's toe in my mouth, and her foot rubbing my cock, there was nothing in me that wanted to stop. Mom then pulled her toes from my mouth and as I made a sound of protest said;

"You can suck on them again Billy, but I want to tell you a story and I just won't be able to concentrate if you keep doing that." She returned her foot to my lap and was now rubbing both of them across my painfully hard cock.

"Why don't you go back to rubbing them while I talk?"

Without needing to be told twice, I reached down and started rubbing the tops of her feet again. I also pushed down as I rubbed causing them to press harder into my cock. Mom didn't seem to mind as she began speaking softly;

"That's right Billy, I caught your father the same way. See we always had a lot of fun in bed but for whatever reason your dad was afraid to tell me he liked my feet. He would rub them every night and get horny over it. We'd have sex but he never told me it was my feet that got him going. Oh, you do like them don't you Billy?" Mom paused to ask as she pushed down into my raging hard on.

"I love them." I gasped out still stroking the tops of her feet and staring at her toes which were wet from my mouth.

"Ohhh, and I love you loving them." Mom answered."But see the thing was I loved my feet being played with and would get excited over it but not say anything either. Then one day I'm going through your father's draw putting some shirts away and I find..." She held up the stained stocking. "A pair of my black nylons with cum stains all over them!" She smiled

"So I did just what I did to you, I let him rub my feet, then put him on the spot and after that we had a lot of fun enjoying my feet." She winked. "All my sexy shoes, and stockings, and polish. So when I found this Billy I guess I should be mad but all it made me was horny."

Mom looked away for a second, and for the first time seemed to hesitate herself before looking back at me, and whispering;

"I miss it Billy, and the couple of guys I've been with wouldn't understand just like I bet your silly little girlfriends wouldn't. So go ahead and suck on them again Billy. Kiss them, lick them anything you want, their all yours."

Mom had barely gotten that last part out when I lifted both of her feet to my face and, slowly one at a time, flicked my tongue around all ten of her perfect toes. Mom gasped and moaned each time my tongue slid between them, and started to rock her hips up and down on the couch.

"Oh just like that Billy, oh nice and slow oh yes." She moaned the breathed out "Oh, now suck on them honey, oh show me how much you love your mother's pretty little toes."

My eyes rolled back in pleasure as I took mom's big toe into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I slid it out of my mouth and moved to the next one. For the next few minutes I worked each one of mom's toes into my mouth licking sucking and thoroughly enjoying each one of them. Spurring me on were the moans and sighs coming from her as she lied there loving every minute of the attention I was giving them. Finishing with her last toe, I held her feet up higher, and not caring if it seemed weird, placed my tongue at the base of my mother's heel and very slowly licked the entire length of her foot.

"Oh my God Billy!" Mom exclaimed. "Oh honey, that is so fucking hot!"

Egged on by that response, I repeated that move with her other foot. Pulling her feet from my grasp mom dropped them back into my crotch again, and after rubbing them along my cock, said;

"Oh you loved that didn't you Billy? Sucking on my toes got you all hard didn't it you bad boy?"

"Oh yes."

"Hmmm got me hot too baby, see?"

Reaching down mom pulled the bottom of her dress up over her hips, and spreading her legs open exposed the red thong she was wearing.

"Oh my God." I breathed out, as covering the entire front of the thong, was a large wet stain.

"Take your cock out." Mom said abruptly.

"What did you...?"

"You heard me Billy. Stop acting like a little kid. You've had sex before now take your cock out for me."


"Billy I am not asking."Mom shrugged and added; "How else can I put my nice soft feet around it?"

Mom pulled her feet from my lap, and moving quickly before I lost my nerve, I stood up, and unzipping my jeans, pushed them and my underwear down causing my trapped cock to spring free.

"Oh look at that." Mom whispered as I stepped out of my clothes and stood up. My cock, which was standing straight up, was glistening from the precum that had been dripping out of it and was so swollen the head was purple. Licking her lips mom said softly.

"Oh what a beautiful cock."

I felt a sense of the surreal come over me. I was standing there completely naked, not only naked but hard as a rock, in front of my mother and was totally turned on by it. I sat back down and as soon as I did mom stretched her legs back out, and wrapped her feet around my bare cock. I looked down and groaned at the sight of my hard dick nestled between the insteps of her feet and then moaned loudly, as squeezing them tightly around my shaft; mom started pumping her feet up and down. I leaned back my heart pounding as I watched my mother jerk me off with her feet.

When her feet got to the tip, mom wrapped her toes around the head of my cock and squeezed. I let out a loud moa,n and my hips twitched as a line of pre cum squirted out of my cock.

"Oh there you go." Mom whispered as she quickly rubbed the sides of her feet across the head of my dripping prick. "Oh yeah let's get that nice and wet!"

Mom started pumping her feet up and down again, but this time they were slick with cum and felt even better. I reached out, and grabbing her ankles, began to pump her feet up and down a little quicker. I stared into my lap transfixed by the sight of Mom's glistening feet with their green toenails working their way up and down my cock.

"Oh yeah baby? You like that? You like watching your mom give you a foot job?"

I couldn't believe mom was talking like that! Not that anything here was believable but hearing her talk that nasty was almost as much of a turn on as what she was doing to me. Almost, I thought as I released a startled moan of pleasure, as taking her left foot, mom placed it under my balls and wiggled her toes against them.

"Hmmm. Oh that is nice." Mom whispered. "Ohhhh"

At the sound of that moan I forced my eyes away from the incredible sight of mom's feet around me and turned to look at her. I gasped, as I saw that mom had slid the thong to the side exposing her pussy. As I watched, my cock throbbing between her feet, Mom reached down with her other hand and slid two fingers through the lips of her perfectly smooth glistening pussy.

"Oh!" Mom moaned as she started to slowly rub her clit. Looking up at me she said;

"Give me your hand."

Putting my right hand on her calf I slowly slid it up the length of her long smooth leg. When it reached the top of her thigh, Mom grabbed my wrist, and with no hesitation, placed my hand on her pussy.

"Oh Goddamn!" I exclaimed as I felt how hot and wet she was.

"Oh go ahead Billy! Play with it!"

"Play with it." I repeated numbly.

"Yes baby! Oh please play with my pussy." Mom pushed her lips out into the pout. "Oh please make me cum Billy!!"

I paused, part of me wanting to just pull my hand away. This was my mother! As if reading my thoughts Mom looked at me and said;

"Billy I know this seems wrong and it probably is but honey it feels so damn right! Oh please Billy? No one will know honey! No one will ever know it will just be our little secret!"

I moaned as Mom started moving her feet faster along the length of my cock.

"Oh Billy think of how much fun this could be! Oh we can be so good to each other!" She paused to moan as I slid my hand through her incredibly wet pussy.

"Oh Billy! I need it! I need it so bad!!" Looking at me with those big lust filled brown eyes, Mom whispered; "Make your mother cum Billy."

Everything about what mom had just said was totally wrong, but I had never heard anything that sounded that good. Abandoning all thoughts of wrong or right I slid my hand down and pushed two fingers into my mother's sopping wet pussy. Mom's pussy was incredibly hot and surprisingly tight. I started to work my fingers in and out, and as I did, I could hear a moist sucking sound coming from her pussy. Goddamn she was wet! Pushing my fingers all the way in, I placed my thumb on her swollen clit and started rubbing it in slow circles.

"Oh hell yeah!" Mom cried out as her legs clamped around my hand pinning it between her thighs.

As my hand worked her pussy, mom's feet wrapped even tighter around my cock and started pumping them again. I moaned, and using my free hand, grabbed her right ankle and started guiding her feet to move even faster. I looked up to see that mom had reached up, and sliding the straps from her shoulders, pushed the dressed down causing her tits to pop out.

'Oh mom, their beautiful." I said softly as I stared those small but still well shaped tits.

Mom's nipples were rose colored, and at the moment looked as hard as my cock felt. As I continued to stare Mom licked her fingers, and grabbing her nipples, began to slowly twist them back and forth. As she did she gasped, and I felt her pussy clench around my fingers. I looked at mom's face and saw her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. I started pumping my fingers in and out faster and pushed harder on her clit. Mom groaned and started bucking her hips up and down forcing my fingers even deeper into her pussy. Mom had stopped moving her feet, but I didn't care. Right now my only focus was on hearing and feeling my mother cum.

"Oh Billy, oh yes, oh honey just a little more!"

Taking a chance, I added a third finger inside of her pussy and began thrusting them in even harder than before. Leaning over, I reached out with my free hand, and gently pushing mom's fingers away from her right nipple, started rolling it between my finger tips.

"Ohhhh," Mom groaned. "Oh sooo close."

Getting braver, I gave her nipple a slight pinch. Mom let out a long loud moan and arched her back up off the couch. I kept my thumb on her clit and my fingers buried in her pussy, as with a sound that could only be described as a wail, mom tossed her head back and began bucking her hips wildly. As I continued to rub her clit I gasped myself as, mom wailed again and her pussy began convulsing around my fingers. I moaned, as I felt her juices gush out around my fingers as she thrashed and moaned on the couch. I had never seen a woman cum this hard! Not even in the movies. Mom let out a tiny whimper and her body went limp. As she slumped back into the couch mom looked up at me and I couldn't help but smile. Mom's face was completely flushed and she was sweating to the point her hair was sticking to her face. She looked stunned, as if even she couldn't believe she came that hard.

"Ohhhh did I need that." Mom panted. "Oh Billy that was soo good!"

Mom then looked down at my cock;

"Awww someone is all hard and needs to cum." She looked me in the eye. "You want that Billy? You want to cum all over your mom's feet?"

"Oh I do!" I moaned, as I slid my hand out from between her legs, and her feet started pumping me again.

"Tell me baby, tell me what you want."

"I..." I paused, but hearing mom's voice in my head saying not to act like a kid, I swallowed hard and said;

"I want to cum all over my mother's sexy feet."

"Hmmm that sounds good!" Mom said. "Go head Billy fuck my pretty little feet show me how bad you've wanted them!"

I held her feet still and as I started thrusting my hips as hard as I could, looked down and sighed at the amazing sight of my hard dripping cock sliding in and out of the sexiest feet I'd ever seen. I groaned as I felt my cock begin to twitch, and knew I was getting close. I started to slow down a little trying to make it last but mom said;

"Just cum Billy, nice and quick, that way you'll be able to last when you fuck me!"

When I fuck? Oh my god I was going to fuck my mother! I... all thoughts were cut off as my cock exploded. I cried out, as a tremendous shot of cum went up into the air and came splashing back down on top of mom's feet. I stopped thrusting, and mom immediately began jerking me off with her feet again. I moaned and whimpered, as each time her feet pumped me, more cum sprayed out of my cock. I stared down in awe at the sight of my swollen prick shooting all over my mother's feet. I gasped and slumped back into the arm of the couch as mom gave me one more pump and a little more cum dribbled out.

As I lay there gasping mom lifted her legs up and my cum began to drip down her feet.

"Oh my look at that!" Mom said softly. "Oh I forgot how good that hot cum could feel."

Mom took her feet, and placing them flat on my chest, started rubbing them back and forth. I could feel some of my cum dripping onto my stomach but could care less. I was just sitting there stunned listening to mom talk.

"Oh Billy, oh how good that looks." She was breathing heavier again and suddenly said;

"Billy I need to cum again."

"Anything for you mom." I said with a tired smile, and leaning forward went to slide my hand back up into her pussy again.

"Hmm-mm" Mom said shaking her head. "Get on your knees."

"On my...?"

Mom nodded, and pointing to the floor, raised one of her feet, and hooking her ankle behind my head pulled me forward.

"That tongue felt really good on my toes Billy," She said with that evil little smile. "Let's see what it can do down there.

I looked at mom stunned, I don't know why, at this point nothing should be surprising me, as I hesitated Mom pointed again at the floor and said;'

"Do I have to come out and say it?" She laughed softly. "Fine, Billy get down on the floor and lick my pussy."

I dropped to my knees so fast that it hurt. Mom smiled and turning around so that she was sitting the right way on the couch raised her cum soaked feet, and placing them on my shoulders, spread her legs open. I placed my trembling hands on the inside of her incredibly soft upper thighs, and leaning forward, placed a kiss gentle kiss at the crease of her thigh. I inhaled deeply and groaned at the intoxicating scent of my mother's wet pussy. Mom was rubbing her left foot back and forth and I could feel my shoulder getting wet from my cum dripping from her foot.

"Ohhh damn." I whispered, as sliding my hands up and using my thumbs, I gently spread mom's pussy open.

Mom stopped moving her foot, and I could feel her thighs tense up in anticipation under my hands. Leaning in, until my lips were mere inches from her pussy I opened my mouth and blew softly on her clit.

"Ohhh Billy," Mom groaned. "Oh honey please don't tease! You can take your time next time, I promise!"

Next time? At that I lost all pretense of trying to go slow and plunged my tongue directly into my mother's dripping pussy. We both groaned as my tongue swirled around, probing her hot flesh. I sucked hard, and found my mouth filled with my mother's sweet sticky nectar.

"Ohhhh honey!" Mom gasped.

Holding her pussy open, and keeping my tongue rigid, I started moving my head back and forth sliding my tongue in and out of her deliciously hot box. Mom let out a yelp as I did it;

"Oh look at you tongue fucking me! Oh you are soooo bad!!"

I buried my tongue deep into her pussy, and once again breathed deep loving her musky scent and completely smooth wet flesh being pressed into my face. Keeping my tongue inside, I swirled it around and mom's hips twitched shoving her pussy even harder into my face. Removing my tongue, I paused to suck on it, groaning at the taste of my mother in my mouth. Pushing my tongue back out I slowly slid it up between her soft wet lips, and finding her swollen bud flicked my tongue across it.

"Oh!!" Mom yelped thrusting her hips into my tongue. "Ohhhh that felt good!"

As I started tracing slow circles around the edges of her clit, I lowered my right hand, and slipped two fingers into mom's sopping wet pussy. Once again I could hear them sliding in and became aware of the fact that I was hard again. After swirling my tongue around her hard clit several more times, each time enjoying the soft sigh of pleasure that mom would make, I took her clit between my lips and started gently sucking it in and out of my mouth. The effect on mom was amazing. Letting out a loud moan, mom started rocking her hips back and forth in time with my slow steady sucking and reaching down she started running her fingers through my hair.

"Ohh, ohhh Billy," She cooed. "Oh that is just right! Oh you soooo know how to take care of me don't you?"

Spurred on by that, I began pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy also in rhythm with my sucking and mom's slow thrusting. As I maintained the slow steady pleasing of my mother's pussy I became aware of how warm it was, and how I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. Mom was sweating as well, her thighs were moist against my cheek, and the heat from her pussy was incredible. As I had before, I added another finger into her pussy and feeling my cock throbbing between my legs decided to pick up the pace. After all, mom said we could play later, and the sooner she came the sooner she would let me fuck her.

Mom's moans were turning into one continuous whimper, and I could feel her thighs begin to tremble against my cheeks. I started sucking harder on her clit while really beginning to thrust my fingers in and out of her. Mom's fingers wrapped themselves into my hair as she began to grind her pussy harder into my face. I opened my eyes and looked up to see mom with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as she moaned. My eyes lingered on her beautiful rose colored nipples, and reaching up with my left hand, I grabbed her right nipple, and as I thrust my fingers and sucked her clit hard into my mouth, gave it a hard twist hoping it wouldn't be too much.

Turned out it was exactly what she needed. Mom let out a high pitched squeal, and digging her nails painfully into my scalp thrust her pussy into my face.

"Ohhhh yes!!" Mom cried out, and then released the longest loudest wail I'd ever heard.

Mom's thigh's clamped hard around my head, and still holding me by my hair, she drove her hips up and down smearing her pussy into my face as her back arched and another loud squeal escaped her. Somehow I managed to keep my tongue on her clit and my fingers buried in her pussy continuing to please her as she came. Mom's pussy suddenly contracted around my fingers and she seemed to pause for just a moment, then with another cry of pleasure, I felt her pussy gush, and my face was suddenly full of her juices. With a whimper that I swear was sexier than all the loud screams, mom let my head go and dropped her feet to the floor.

I sat back on my knees, panting for breath, and wiping at my soaking wet cheeks. I looked at the couch and whispered;

"Holy shit."

There was a huge wet stain on the cushion just under mom's pussy, and her pussy itself was literally dripping. I wiped again at my face and was hit by the thought that my mother was a squirter. Mom was slumped back into the couch also gasping for breath. Her face was beet red and slick with sweat and her hair was plastered to her right cheek. Her chest was heaving and I watched transfixed by the sight of her perky little tits rising and falling with each breath.

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