tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAt the Gazebo Ch. 01

At the Gazebo Ch. 01


This happened to me about five years ago, but it's not the kind of thing you forget. Sofia and I had gone to one of our parking spots overlooking the city of X. (in Europe, as you'll see), but it was a warm, even sultry night, so we got out of the car to get some air. There was half a moon behind thin clouds. I pinned Sofia against the side of the car and kissed her, and pressed my hand to her breast. Another car drove up. That wouldn't necessarily have stopped us, but we decided to go for a walk in the woodsy park nearby. We had walked there once in the day, and we knew there was a cute little gazebo in a secluded spot not too far away.

There were two other couples there, 20-somethings (we're in our 30s), maybe double dating, though not sitting side by side. The gazebo was hexagonal, with wooden benches and railings. We took a place in the empty third, equidistant from the others; we said a quiet hello. The others had been chatting and perhaps making out; the men had their arms around the women's shoulders, but everyone still had all their clothes on. Sofia and I talked softly, in English, about nothing in particular, just to get the feel of the situation. The other couples started kissing, and that was good enough for us. We did the same, but we knew we were being watched, which (as always) excited us. Soon my hand slipped off a shoulder to cup a breast, and slowly fondled and pressed and caressed it through Sofia's t-shirt.

Did I mention that it was a lycra t-shirt with a provocative series of (designer) holes in it, worn without a bra? And that Sofia has beautiful full breasts? The men must have seen me stroking those shapely titties, and I just loved pushing them around through the lycra and sometimes lining my fingers up with the holes for a feel of skin. I could feel Sofia's nipples become erect, and I knew they could be seen clearly poking against the stretchy fabric in the half-moonlight. I was turning Sofia on -- I could tell by the pressure of her kisses and the way she leaned her head back and raised her chest to me -- and I slipped a hand under her t-shirt until I had a breast full in my fingers. The feel of that hard nipple made my cock throb. Sofia read my mind and put her hand over my cock, hard as a bone inside my jeans (for convenience sake, I was going commando).

I stole a look at the other couples. The girls had their eyes closed, but the guys were watching us. I smiled at them. They both started stroking their girls' breasts as I watched. That made the girls open their eyes (and I looked away, but I knew the girls would see what I was doing to Sofia). Knowing I had an audience, I dropped my fondling hand and began to raise Sofia's t-shirt. That made her take notice. She saw that the others were making out too, and I knew what she wanted. In moments I was sucking one, then both nipples and then kissing her on the throat so the other couples could her a good look at her heaving chest, at those beautiful tits and those fully erect nipples, just glistening a little from my sucking. I knew that the guys would be feasting on the sight.

Sofia surprised me by suddenly swinging a leg over mine and straddling me and kissing me hard, her t-shirt still rolled up over her tits. She was wearing a thong and a loose, pleated skirt. I could feel the heat from her crotch right on top of the bulge in my pants: the lap dancer's pose. I held her by the shoulders and buried my head in her breasts, sucking her nipples to my heart's content and (I knew) sending her into a zone of no return.

I dropped my hands to her ass and slowly and deliberately gathered up the fabric of her skirt. I could look over her shoulder at the other couples. One girl's blouse was all unbuttoned and her bra was raised and her tits were being pawed. The other girl was stroking her boyfriend's pants as her rubbed her between the legs through her shorts.

Soon they were all watching Sofia's skirt being raised. Sofia didn't mind. She was beginning to rock on my cock, just a layer of blue denim away. I tucked Sofia's skirt into the top of her thong, fully exposing her firm, round cheeks. That left my hands free to caress that ass and to play with that thong. I slipped my finger underneath it, then all the way underneath until I felt her hot, wet pussy. My middle finger was wet and slippery, and I dragged it across Sofia's rosebud and let it lightly massage that tender spot. I could feel the heat as I let my finger linger there. Sofia responded with a sigh and a couple of dragging thrusts up and down the length of my cock.

The other girls suddenly straddled their men to do the same thing! We were playing Simon Says, it seemed. Simon says take your top off. I slipped Sofia's t-shirt off over her head, and soon the other girls were also naked to the waist. They were both sexy girls, one with a tattoo at the base of her spine. I wanted to get a better look at their breasts, but I was already occupied showing Sofia off. Down came the thong, requiring Sofia briefly to stand, She was gorgeous half-naked in her skirt, and she knew it.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and out sprang my engorged cock. Sofia was on the pill; no need for a condom. I didn't expect what came next. She knelt down and started to suck and stroke me. The other guys had a side view and were watching intently. One of the girl's pants were already peeled down, exposing her lacy panties. Then they came off. I took my shirt off. We all realized it was too hot to keep our clothes on.

Sofia stood up and sat on me. I slid into her: so smooth and satiny, and my shaft was as hard as an axe handle. She began to ride me immediately. I unhooked her skirt and twirled it off. She was completely naked now. She didn't care that she was being watched; on the contrary, I knew she enjoyed it. And what the others saw -- and they were all looking, the girls back over their shoulders -- was her long back and swelling ass plunging down on my swollen cock from tip to base, again and again.

Sofia was moaning now too, and I was out of my mind with excitement, holding her by the shoulders, by the hips, or letting my fingers drift down her back and brush past her anus until I met the wetness flowing out of her and brought it back up on the return trip and deposited it on that tight, hot, puckery spot in full view of the watchers. The touch of that oozy liquid there at the tip of my probing middle finger began to bring on orgasm, and as she began to ride hard and come, I pushed my finger into her (which triggered my own intense coming) and right there in the woods she gave a cry of pleasure so loud it frightened all of us. She shook, and she rode on; she was still coming, and her cries broke into something like sobs and then into sighs.

The other girls wanted the same experience, and I watched them do their best to get it. They took charge of those guys and used them, and I got the impression the guys weren't used to that level of aggression from their girls. The girls grabbed the wooden railings and came down hard and fast on those men. The sight was so sexy to me that I was soon stiff as a rail again myself, and Sofia took full advantage. I don't know who came first or last, but that gazebo was rocking. I noticed that our sounds had attracted a couple of voyeurs. They kept their distance but saw the triple double climaxes at the end; and added their own.

Feel free to join them.

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