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At the Movies


The evening was a typically hot, sticky Georgia summer night, with the temperature in the mid-nineties and humidity to match. Kim mopped her forehead with a wet washcloth, then squeezed it, causing some of the cold water to run down her face, over her chin, and into the dark valley formed by her voluptuous breasts. At 34, she still had a great body, due to her disciplined devotion to working out regularly. Her long legs were muscular but sexy, and her firm stomach and tight ass helped compliment her perfectly formed 34C breasts.

"Jesus CHRIST it's hot," she moaned. The thin pale yellow tank top she was wearing clung to her braless tits, accentuating them, and her prominent nipples, which stood out from her sweat coated body like small cocks.

"Sorry that fucking air conditioning guy didn't show up, babe. He must be swamped with calls," Rick said. "Are you really hot, baby?"

"Hot? I'm sweating like a pig, Rick. God, I can smell myself, and yes I'm hot. You know how randy I get when I get hot, honey," Kim purred, reaching down to cup her crotch, feeling the squishy dampness in her pussy beneath the blue satin jogging shorts and thong bikini panties.

"Are you really HOT hot, babe? Cause if you are, maybe we can go somewhere to cool you off."

"Like where, hon?" Kim cooed, sliding over next to her husband on the family room sofa where they were watching the Braves on TV. Fucking baseball. Borrring.

"Well... you know that movie theater I go to? On Sunday mornings?" Rick began.

"Your fuck film, jerk off place?"


"Yeah. So. What about it?" Kim asked, toying with her nipples, tugging on them gently, liking the sensations it created in her pussy.

"Well... maybe we could go there tonight. Together," Rick suggested, feeling his cock twitching with excitement.

"I thought it was full of fags. You told me the reason you like to go there is so other guys can see your dick while you're playing with it," Kim said, noting the growing bulge in Rick's shorts. "Isn't that why you wear those old panties of mine? The pink ones you cut the hole in so your cock could stick out through it?"

"You know about those?" Rick asked, surprised.

"Jesus, honey. They're so full of cum stains I can smell them whenever I go into your closet. I found them weeks ago. Don't you ever wash them?" Kim asked, remembering the first time she'd discovered the scummy panties. She'd gone into Rick's closet to get his dirty clothes hamper and had immediately detected the scent of fresh cum and stale piss coming from the corner of the closet. Investigating, she soon found the dirty pink lace panties, a style she hadn't worn in years. Holding them up, examining them, she remembered them as some she'd worn when she'd been pregnant, before the miscarriage. Rick must have found them, and had been wearing them, judging from the looks of the hole cut in the crotch area and the still damp, sticky cum stains all around the hole. Had he been wearing these to that dirty movie theater he went to on weekends? She knew he went there to jerk off, and probably to play with other men as well, but this... this was really kinky. Still, God knows! she knew Rick was dirty enough to do something like this. She resolved to ask him about it when the time was right, and now it was.

"I... I didn't want to tell you about that," Rick said sheepishly.

"Why not, Rick? Because I'd know you let other men jerk you off while you play with their cocks?" Kim grinned.

Rick looked at her, and realized she wasn't angry. Surprised, he said, "If that really was true wouldn't you be mad?"

"Mad? Why? Just from a little mutual masturbation? Jesus Rick, all guys jerk off, and I suspect most have done it at one time or another with other guys as well. Didn't you ever have any circle jerks or something when you were younger?"

"No. I never did," Rick said, his eyes becoming glazed as he began to think about some of his experiences at the movies.

"But you do now, don't you, Rick. Admit it. You let guys play with your cock at those movies, don't you. I'm not stupid, Rick. When you wear my panties to a porno theater, and when you let other men see you playing with yourself, and you show them your hard cock, and when you come home with my panties all stained with cum I'd be pretty stupid to think you didn't let them play with it, too, wouldn't I?"

"Yeah. I guess," Rick said quietly.

"Then it's true. Isn't it. You jerk off other guys while they play with your dick. Don't you, Rick."

"Yes!" he hissed, his cock growing so fast it startled Kim. "I do. God help me, I do, and I love it. I love the feeling of another guy's cum shooting out all over my fingers while I'm jerking him off, and I love the feeling of it when it splashes on my naked thighs, on my panties, and on my cock." Rick reached down inside his shorts and began fondling his cock as he spoke, finally raising up so he could lower his shorts and free his cock completely.

"Is that how you do it at the theater, Rick? Do you lower your shorts like that so your dick and balls are totally exposed to all those other men?" Kim asked, panting now, masturbating herself as she watched her husband's cock continue to grow.

"Yes!" Rick hissed, his dick so hard now it was curling upward toward his stomach.

"Do you do more, Rick? Do you ever... suck a cock? Or let a guy suck you?" Kim panted, her own eyes glazed with excited lust.

"I... I've never sucked a guy. Not yet. But I've let a couple guys suck me off," Rick admitted, his voice coming out in a whosh, his breathing irregular, excited.

"God. I had no idea you'd taken it that far," Kim moaned.

"Do... do you care, baby? Oh God it makes me so fucking hot to expose myself like that in public, and to fuck around with other guys like that. I've wanted to tell you about it for sooooo long," Rick moaned. Pre-cum lubricant was dripping out the end of his dick now, and Kim knew he was going to come soon if she didn't stop him.

"Rick, STOP! RIGHT NOW! Take your hands off your dick, Rick. That's it. Like that. My God, look at your cock twitching. You must really be hot, baby," she said, staring at his cock as it Rickbed and weaved in front of his belly.

"Oh God, Kim, I'm so hot, so excited to be talking to you about this. I've wanted to tell you about it for so long, baby. Does hearing it make you hot, too?" Rick gasped, fighting hard not to come even though he wasn't even touching himself.

"Yes. It does, darling. My pussy is positively dripping just from thinking about seeing you with other men like that."

"You can. If you really want to. But it might be dangerous for you," Rick said quietly.

"How. What do you mean, baby? If we go to the movies, you mean?" Kim asked.

"Yeah. Those guys there... most of them are just like me. They'd prefer to be playing with a woman, but hardly any women ever come in there, and the ones that do... well..."

"Well what, darling? Tell me! What happens when a woman goes there?" Kim asked, excited, close to coming herself. "What if I go there with you tonight? What would happen to me?"

"Anything you wanted, baby. You could play with other guys' cocks... suck them if you wanted to... or even let them fuck you if you're daring enough," Rick said.

"And how would you feel about that, Rick? How would you feel, watching me getting fondled by a bunch of dirty old strangers. How would you feel if you saw me playing with their cocks, baby," Kim said, her fingers flying over her wet cunt now, pausing occasionally to rub her swollen clitoris. "How would you feel if I took my clothes off for them, baby, and exposed myself to them like you do? Would it excite you? Would it excite you to see me sucking one of them, baby? Or maybe even fucking them? Or letting them come all over me... all over my face? My tits? Would it, Rick? Oh GODDDDDD!!" Kim screamed, her orgasm blasting into her, creating a white hot heat inside her so intense she felt herself gushing all over her fingers, staining her satin shorts with her "cum."

"Oh babyyyyy," Rick moaned, his cock erupting, spewing cum all over his stomach, some of it shooting all the way to his chest.

"Let's do it, baby! Let's go to the movies tonight and do it, Rick. All of it. Oh god, I'm so fucking hot, baby. Let me be a slut for you tonight, Rick. Okay? Let me get really nasty with all those naked cocks. And let me watch you jerking off a guy while he plays with your cock, too, okay baby?"

"Oh KIMMMMMM!" Rick moaned, grabbing his cock now, jerking on it until another huge burst of cum shot all the way to his face, hitting him on the chin. Immediately Kim moved next to him, pushing the cum into his mouth with her pussy juice coated fingers.

"Eat it, Rick. Suck his cum. Suck the cum that guy just shot all over your face, darling. Go on. Taste him, Rick. Taste his cum," Kim urged, pushing the cum into Rick's mouth as he eagerly sucked her fingers, chewing and finally swallowing the hot cum.

"Oh Kimmmmmmy," Rick gasped, shaking, totally lost in the fantasy she was spinning for him. "Oh god, yes, feed it to me, give me his cum," he moaned.

"Here, Rick," Kim said, scooping some of the cum from his stomach onto her thumb. "Here it is, darling. His cock. Suck it, Rick. Suck his cock for him while it drools cum into your mouth." Holding out her thumb, she watched as Rick's eyes focused on it. Then she moved it to his lips and he opened his mouth and began sucking the cum-coated thumb, pretending it was another man's cock.

"Oh yeah, baby, yes, yes, yes, Rick, do it, suck his dick, suck him, Rickny. SUCK HIS COCKKKKK!" Kim cried out, coming again as Rick's cock shot yet another rope of cum into the air and all over both of them.

After a few moments of silence, Rick grinned at Kim and said, "Baby, that was so fucking hot, what you just did to me."

"I know. You loved it, didn't you, you queer cocksucker."

"Yes! I did. You know I did. Do you mind?" Rick asked, stroking Kim's long, straight blond hair from her forehead, kissing her tenderly there.

"God no. I loved seeing you getting that hot, baby. And I want to see it really happen. In person. I know you've just come and all, but I'm still horny, Rick. Can we still... can we go to the movies tonight, Rick? Can we? Oh GOD I want it so fucking badly, darling. Can we, baby? Please?"

Rick's cock had begun to soften, but hearing his gorgeous wife's pleas, it began to grow again. "Yes, baby. I want to do it, too. Let's go. Right now. Come on," Rick said, getting up off the sofa, holding out a hand to Kim.

"Oh God, yes. But first I want to dress you, baby. Come with me," Kim said, walking down the corridor to their bedroom. Inside she rummaged through a bottom drawer in her dresser until she found what she was looking for. Then, turning to Rick, she said quietly, "I want you to wear these, Rick. If we're going to do this, want to do it right."

As Rick stared at his beautiful, sexy wife, and at what she was holding for him his cock continued to harden. Kim was holding up a black garter belt and black stockings, along with a pair of red lace panties. Silently, Kim walked over to her husband and had him step out of his Docksiders. Then she pulled down his shorts and underwear, taking them off him.

"We need to put this on first, darling," she said, stretching the garter belt around Rick's waist, hooking it closed. "I know it's tight, but it's stretchy, and it isn't too bad. It's an old one I've had for years, before I lost weight. Now sit down on the bed and let's get your stockings on." Kim rolled up the stockings, over Rick's toes, then over his heel and ankle, and finally all the way up his legs, clasping the garters from the belt shut over the tops of the lacy black stockings.

"That... that feels nice," Rick whispered, his cock rock hard again.

"And so will these," Kim said, pulling the pair of red lace panties up over Rick's legs, making him stand so she could pull them up to his waist. "They're crotchless, darling. Perfect for letting this stick out through them," she said, grasping Rick's cock, sticking it through the cut-out in the crotch of the lacy panties.

"Oh baby. This... this is so fucking kinky," Rick moaned, watching as Kim adjusted the red panties around his erect cock, so obscene looking as it extended out through the cut-out slit in the panties.

"Now let's get you a pair of jeans instead of your shorts, okay? I don't think we want you walking around with wearing nylons for everyone to see, do we. Those are for our special friends at the movies."

"Ah, I... there's just one more thing," Rick said.

"What, darling?"

"Ah... when I go to the movies, I ah... I... I usually take a special jar of Vaseline and baby oil I've mixed up to use to jack off with. Can I take it?"

"Of course, darling," Kim said. "Get it and let's go. I can't wait..."

As the entered the darkened theater, Rick and Kim stood in the aisle for a few moments until their eyes became accustomed to the darkness. Dim lights overhead along with the light coming from the screen provided some visibility, but not much. Kim was entranced by the scene on the screen, which showed a blonde who didn't look too different from Kim being fucked by two men, one in her mouth, the other from behind, in her pussy, as she knelt on her knees between them.

"God that's hot," she whispered, as Rick finally began leading them down the aisle. He found an empty row, and allowed Kim to move in a few seats, leaving room on the other side of her, with a few empty seats next to himself as well.

As they sat there in silence for a few moments, Kim began to detect the sounds of men jacking off all around them. Two rows in front of them she suddenly saw a head appear from out of nowhere right next to another man.

"God, Rick... was that guy sucking the other guy?" she asked, excited.

"Probably," Rick said quietly, unzipping his jeans, eager to get started. Kim watched, as he lifted up off the seat, taking his jeans down to his knees, exposing his cock, which was growing again. Rick reached into his shirt pocket and took out the small jar of lubricant, then dipped his fingers inside. Sitting lower in the seat, he spread his legs and began rubbing the slippery concoction over his cock, then up and down it as he continued with what was obviously an often repeated process.

"God that looks hot, darling," Kim moaned, squeezing her tits. Suddenly a man moved into the row in front of Kim, stopping to stare down at Rick's exposed cock. He sat down in the seat in front of her, and she heard him unzip his jeans. Turning to stare first at Rick's exposed cock, and then at her, he moaned when he saw that Rick was doing nothing to try to hide what he was doing. Neither did the man in front of Kim, and as he turned in his seat, Kim could see his cock sticking straight up out of his pants.

"Oh God, Rick, I can see his cock," Kim moaned, as another man joined them, moving into their own row, sitting down right next to Rick. The man immediately took out his cock and began masturbating as he watched Rick, then tentatively, very slowly, moved his hand toward Rick's cock.

"Oh fuck, Rick, he's going to touch you!" Kim gasped, reaching inside her shorts, inside her panties, to slide a finger up into her wet cunt.

Rick raised up on the seat and pointed his erect cock toward the man next to him, signaling him that it was okay to play. The man instantly reached out and grasped Rick's cock in his fingers, squeezing it, jerking it off as Rick reached over and touched the man's cock in return.

"Oh yeah, baby, play with him. Jerk him off, Rick. Oh God, Rick, yes, baby, do it, stroke his hard cock for him," Kim moaned.

The man in front of Kim turned all the way around in his seat now, staring at Kim as she masturbated in front of him. As he watched her, another man moved into the row next to the man in front of Kim, and he, too, immediately took out his cock and began playing with it.

"Oh Godddd!" Kim moaned. "Darling. I... I want to expose myself, too. Can I, baby? Can I undress, too?"

"Yes!" Rick hissed. "Take everything off, Kim. Do it. Get naked. Right here. Show them everything," Rick moaned, his voice strangled, husky, totally turned on, just as she was herself. They both were hot, very hot, and Kim knew they were going to do some outrageous things before they were through. In a way, it scared her, but more than anything she was excited and eager to let whatever was going to happen simply happen.

Reaching down to the bottom of her tank top, Kim began slowly pulling it up past her stomach, then higher, over her braless tits, exposing them to the men in front of her. Someone from behind her whispered in her ear, "Here, let me help you with that," and she felt her top being pulled up and over her head, then handed to her. She sat there naked from the waist up now as the man behind her began to play with her sweating, naked tits, squeezing them, fondling them, tugging on the nipples, causing her to moan and masturbate harder.

"Can I help you with that?" the man in front of her asked, his hands all over her thighs now, touching her, moving higher, closer to her cunt.

"Yes. But first help me take my shorts and panties off," Kim gasped, crazy with desire, thrilled by the danger involved in what she was doing, looking over at Rick as he and the man next to him watched her as they masturbated each other.

Lifting up off the seat, Kim allowed the man leaning over the seat in front of her to strip off her shorts, then her panties. She was naked now, except for her shoes, naked and dripping with sweat. Because the day was so hot, the theater's air conditioning system wasn't functioning as well as it should, and everyone was sweating. She felt trails of sweat running down from her armpits, and again she could smell her body, smell her excitement, the familiar delicate scent of warm fish floating up to her as the man in front of her now began to dip his fingers inside her cunt.

"Oh GODDDD!" she moaned loudly, watching as the two men who had been engaged in oral sex when they first arrived turned to look at her. Then they, too, got up and moved into the row in front of her. There were four men in front of her now, and then Rick said something to the man next to him.

"Excuse us, darling," Rick said, standing, moving over next to the wall, where he took a seat, allowing the man he'd been playing with to sit next to Kim, leaving her naked and now completely surrounded by strangers who were openly masturbating their naked cocks. Someone moved immediately in next to her and sat down. Kim looked over and saw that the man was a huge black man, and she shivered with delicious excitement. Was it true what they said about black men, she wondered. Did they really have bigger cocks?

"Hi baby," the black said. "Ever see a black dick?"

"Noooo," Kim moaned, fucking into the fingers of the man in front of her who was fingering her.

"Well you're gonna now, hole. Take a look at this," he said, pulling out the largest, thickest cock she'd ever seen. It must have been nine or ten inches long, perhaps more, and it appeared to be at least two or three inches across in thickness.

"My God!" she groaned, staring at the huge weapon.

"Want to touch it? Go ahead. Touch it," he said. Kim reached out and tentatively felt of the huge dick, feeling its velvety softness, moving her fingers around it now, squeezing it, stroking it. She felt the Brillo pad wirey texture of the man's pubic hair, then reached down to examine his balls. They also were huge, like one large ball, similar to a black grapefruit, or a softball.

She turned to see Rick's reaction, and was shocked to see him leaning over the man's lap next to her, stroking the man's cock, rubbing it over his face. Then Kim jumped in her seat as the black next to her leaned over and began eating her, eating her cunt, right there in the theater. Oh God it made her hot. She knew she was out of control now, and loved the feeling, loved the sensation of totally letting go. She knew if he wanted to she would probably let the black man slide up her body and fuck her with that huge cock, and knew he just might do it, but for now, she was exploding with lust as he ate her, and as Rick rubbed the dripping cock of his "friend" all over his face, licking it and sucking it openly in front of her.

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