tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAt The Movies: The First Hour

At The Movies: The First Hour


Diane and her husband, John had gone out to dinner at Luigies and decided to take in a movie as it was still early. The movies now playing didn't sound too good and they couldn't pick one that they both wanted to see. Seeing the movies listed that were playing at the X rated theater, they laughed at each other saying that the one playing at the Red Cat looked interesting. A couple of their friends had gone a few times and said the theater was actually quite good and most of the movies were worth seeing. They decided to take a chance and go one time just to see what all the fuss was about.

Paying the cashier, they entered the dimly lit seating area, which had people pretty well spread out all over. Once their eyes were accustomed to the dark, they could see two or three other couples sitting in the center section about the halfway point. The rest of the crowd seemed to be men with only one pair of girls sitting together in one of the side wings. There seemed to be a small area near the back, which was not occupied and didn't have anyone within three or four rows. Carefully, they fumbled threw the dark to a pair of seats and slumped into the plush cushions.

Settling in, Diane removed her jacket just as the next feature was starting. Obviously, the couples had been there awhile as they were necking fairly heavily. The two girls were a little in front and to their right, and they looked to be snuggling together, closer than you would expect for friends. Giving the elbow in the ribs to her husband, Diane pointed out that one of the girls gave the other a kiss. "Did you see that?" she said, and they both giggled.

Diane watched the movie unfold and there was certainly lots of beautiful skin. John commented on some of the dicks as they sure seemed to be bigger than most. The girls had bodies men only dreamed about and probably made most of the women in the audience jealous.

Her husband put his arm around Diane, and they necked and kissed in your own little world. Caressing her tits, he pulled the bottom of Diane's blouse out of her skirt, which allowed free access to her breasts. They were already more responsive than normal and she moaned whenever his hand brushed a nipple. Undoing the clasp of the bra, he slipped the lacy material off so it wasn't in the way any longer. Caressing the hardened nipples, Diane was really getting turned on and kept pushing up for more of his attention.

Then Diane's hand slipped down to John's crotch and began rubbing the raging hardon. Not to be outdone, he dipped his left hand down to the hem of her skirt. Diane immediately spread her legs to allow his hand to slip between the silky thighs. Her breathing was becoming ragged as his hand found the thin material between her legs. Pushing his fingers into the most sensitive pussy, he could feel the wetness right away. Moaning, she leaned into his neck and whispered for him to take it easy, as she were getting pretty hot.

He thought it best to take a trip to the washroom and then pickup some popcorn. The refreshments might keep their minds off sex so they could enjoy the movie. It was worth a try and he got up to leave. Diane asked that maybe he shouldn't go and leave her all alone, but looking around, everyone was watching the movie and not paying attention to anything else.

Shortly after he left, the guy sitting in the far corner to their left, came over to sit next to Diane in the seat vacated by her husband. Taken back by the bold move, she tried to shift as far over as possible. Suddenly his arm went around her shoulders and she tried to remove it with no success. Forcing her body close to his, he whispered quite sternly in her face, "Don't go making too much noise or all the guys in this place will be over here to fuck you." Looking very serious he said, "Now you just sit there and be a real good girl as your husband told me that your fantasy was to get screwed by a stranger." The lie sounded believable and Diane looked franticly around for any sign of her husband. He also said that her husband had arranged for this to be a special night and not to worry about anything.

Panic stricken, Diane looked around again only to see that nobody was paying any attention to what was happening. There was no one there to help her and she tried to get out of her seat only to be roughly shoved back into it by the stranger. Oh, how could her husband do such a thing? Just wait until she got him home, she thought, I'll make him sorry for arranging this. The stranger smiled upon realizing that Diane thought this was all pre-arranged.

All her heavy thinking made her prey for his next move. In a flash, his hand was under her blouse, which was already out of her waistband. Quickly, his large hand filled with a bare breast. When his strong, rough fingers closed over a tender nipple, Diane struggled harder to get away. Easily he held her deep in the seat and in a flash, had the buttons undone once again. Her perfectly shaped tits were exposed for this creature and he immediately dropped his hungry mouth to engulf a nipple hardened by the cool air. Sucking it deep into his mouth, he tongued it like it was the sweetest lollipop.

Diane was confused and unable to think of what to do to stop this stranger. Knowing she couldn't call out as none of these perverts were going to help her, she struggled to get out of his grip. If anything, the other men would join in the fun if they knew what was happening. Helplessly, she watched his head and fingers caressing her vulnerable tits. Oh John, she pleaded, please hurry back and stop this. How could her husband do such a thing, kept passing through her mind?

The truth was that three of this man's friends had gone to the washroom at the same time and were there to keep her husband away from the movie for as long as their buddy needed. They just stated the facts and said what the choices were; none of them were worth getting beaten over. Younger and stronger, they made a valid point.

Meanwhile, the guy was feasting on two of the most beautiful tits he had ever seen, let alone sucked. Jed had to admit, they had the biggest and hardest nipples. Diane shuddered with the realization that his caresses and kisses were having the wrong affect on her breasts, as he was certainly skilled at what made them enflamed. His one hand left her enlarged nipple and suddenly dropped into her lap. Unable to shift away, Diane felt his fingers search for the hem of her skirt. Finding it, they dipped under and onto her bare thighs. Struggling hard and still trying to get out of his grip, she held her legs tightly together.

Realizing her dilemma, Jed brought his head up to her face and whispered, "Be a real good girl and I won't call all the other guys up here to join us." Oh no, what should she do? Next, he nibbled on her ear and bit down hard enough to get her undivided attention. "Now do as you are told and open your legs so I can feel your wonderful pussy? Open your legs so I can put in fingers on your clit and finger fuck you," he whispered.

Unable to resist for any logical reason, Diane obliged his command and her legs opened slightly. It was all the space he needed and in a wink, his large hand was between her thighs. Pushing outward, he spread her legs, which gave him access to her private treasures. When his fingers pushed against Diane's wetness, it felt like someone hit her in the stomach. Her breath came short and quick, and she closed her eyes tightly. Maybe he would just go away if she kept her eyes closed and couldn't see him.

"I like them wet like this, and I love it when girls soak their panties," he told Diane just before his mean mouth found her lips. Oh, how right he was as she could feel the wetness great his intruding fingers. Damn, why did John insist that she wear these thong panties. Kissing her with a passion, his tongue tried to force her lips apart. A quick, sudden pinch on Diane's most vulnerable clit was enough to force her mouth to open in utter surprise. His tongue then went to work with demanding kisses.

His fingers went under the elastic and closed on the tender clitoris, rolling it in the juices, which already soaked the area. Diane thought, oh how could this be happening? Around and around he rolled the sensitive bud, and soon her hips were belying her resistance.

Guilt and shame washed over her body as she felt a few quick spasms rocket through her loins. Here this animal was giving her satisfaction completely against her will. His two fingers slipped deep into Diane's wet channel, capturing the protruding clit between them. He now moved his fingers vigorously from side to side, causing small animal sounds to escape her lips. If only he would stop, just pause for a few seconds, maybe she could regain some control and composure.

Diane could feel her face turn beet red as her hips thrust forward to meet his experienced hand. No, no, this just can't be happening! As unbelievable as it seemed, she felt a gigantic orgasm building deep inside her burning belly. Her hips yearned for his caresses and every muscle tensed in anticipation. He could feel Diane's desire and knew she was almost ready to cum.

Leaning into her ear, he whispered, "You are a real woman. I love your cunt and it's so wet and hot, ready for fucking." Then he ordered her to lift her skirt up all the way and to remove her panties. He wanted her naked to his touch and knew this would further humiliate her.

Sobbing and her body shaking from the crying she were experiencing, Diane again pleaded with him. "Please," she begged, "don't make me do this." Another wave of shame shot through her body as she realized that if he just sat there, she would do anything this utter stranger demanded. Diane's loins were inflamed and her cunt was on fire with desire, the likes she had never felt in her life.

Oh, how could this complete stranger be doing this to her, and then she reached for the bottom of her skirt, lifting it all the way to her waist. Another sob racked her lithe body as her fingers, shaking in anticipation, grabbed the elastic waist of the lacy panties. Raising her knees, Diane slowly rolled the thin material down her shapely legs, letting them drop to the floor. A tear silently ran down her flushed cheek.

Never had her body been so alive. Maybe it was the dirty talk, or maybe just the thought of not having any control over what was happening, but Diane shamefully leaned closer to this man. Feeling his body next to hers, she needed him to fuck her now. Low and with a slight moan, she begged, "Fuck me, fuck me." Every caress, every touch from this man gave her feelings she had not experienced before. Higher and higher he took her until he felt that she was almost to the point of no return.

Diane was so engrossed with what his fingers were doing to her clit that she didn't even anticipate his next command. He had determined that her next humiliation was to suck his cock. Without her knowledge, he had undone his pants and lowered his clothes to expose his hard, long cock. It needed hot, sucking lips and he was about to take care of that right away.

His next move shocked Diane back to her senses and her breath caught once again. He took her small, delicate hand and moved it to his burning meat. Wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft, he held them firmly so she couldn't move away. The hot skin singed her hand as she felt the long shaft he had place in her fist. Slowly he pumped Diane's hand up and down the long pole. Again she felt the guilt and she did not feel the fact that he was violating her, all that went through her mind was the size and hardness of his cock. He moved her small hand up and down and Diane remembered feeling that this was the biggest cock she had felt.

She began pleading with him to stop, leave her alone, please. Determined to regain some composure, Diane continued. Sobbing, she kept begging him to stop right now. It only made him smile and he could feel that she would not resist. She was a hot bitch and without anyone here to help her, she would do anything he demanded. When he saw her husband feeling those gorgeous boobs and then remove her bra, he knew she was ready for some sex. He watched her squirm and roll her hips when hubby fingered her pussy. Yes, this was one hot woman and he decided to get his buddies to help him with this one.

"It's time to suck baby," he told Diane and it took a few seconds for it to sink in. Meanwhile, his free hand moved to her head and guided it down. She opened her eyes wide and saw the monster, as her face got closer. Another nudge and the flared head was against her lips. Diane knew what was expected and didn't know of any way to prevent what was going to happen. Another little push and it slipped between her lips. With the help and guidance of his hand, her mouth was moving up and down his long cock. Diane could taste the salty pre-cum and the animal made sure to release a few more shots for her to taste.

Diane had to keep her fist around the shaft so she could prevent him from ramming his entire length into her throat. Almost like being in a trance, she obediently moved the cock in and out of her hot cavity. This made him extremely happy and soon his seed was building towards a final climax. No way out now, Diane sucked the monster, as he demanded. His hips began to shift back and forth in the seat as the impending orgasm neared. He just couldn't believe his luck in getting such a beautiful, sexy woman to fall under his control.

Suddenly his hips thrust up and held steady for a brief moment. Then the first powerful shot of hot lava rushed down her throat. Diane attempted to pull back but he held her head firmly in place as he now jerked his weapon up and down, releasing the venom into her captive mouth. Never one to give many blowjobs, Diane swallowed quickly so as not to suffocate from all the cum he shot into her.

Shamed by these filthy actions taking place in the public theater, Diane could feel her erotic emotions rising even higher. Unable to control the passion, her thighs pressed together tightly, squeezing her pussy lips in an attempt to put pressure on her clit. With her seated in her seat, then leaning over to put her mouth on his bulging cock, her big tits were exposed below her chest. Realizing Diane's heightened passionate state, he reached under her upper body with both hands, his fingers catching the hard nipples as her boobs swung freely.

The orgasm built and finally exploded as she swallowed the last shots of white lava. Never in her life had she climaxed without someone actually caressing her cunt. Here she was, experiencing a violent orgasm because this bastard demanded her body do so. Spasm after spasm rocked Diane's thin body and just by squeezing her thighs together, her pussy exploded. Thankfully, her mouth was full of his big cock so the loud moans didn't escape her throat. Sucking harder, she drained every last ounce of cum from his balls and he was amazed at the skill she possessed. No cocksucker had ever given him such an expert blowjob.

Eventually the explosions subsided in Diane's loins and her muscles began to relax. Fatigue and exhaustion were setting in and she freely gave in to his next actions. He grabbed her body, raising it up to his. Then he kissed her deeply, square on the lips and with his darting tongue, demanding Diane's reaction. Passionately he kissed, soon bringing the desired reaction from her tired body.

Skillfully, his hand reached down, down her sweaty body until his fingers traced a path across her flat tummy. Further down, the tip of his middle finger slipped between the soaked pussy lips to press firmly on the swollen clit. Instantly, Diane's cunt was on fire as he madly rolled the wetness under his finger. Now vigorously, he demanded her hips meet the speed of his caresses on the tender clitoris. Faster her hips jerked in retaliation and Diane sobbed as she realized this monster was taking her to newer heights. Unable to stop her hips from joining him, he controlled every facet of her being.

Leaning to the side and whispering in her ear, he said, "Fuck me baby, fuck me. I want your cunt now." Furiously now, he pumped the swollen clit and the orgasm rushed to a peak. Up and up he took her body and Diane was not able to resist in any way. Determined to not make too much noise, she attempted to keep her mouth tightly shut so the moans could not be heard throughout the theater. When his sharp teeth closed over a throbbing nipple, her orgasm exploded. Harder he bit down but the pain was quickly forgotten. Nothing in the world could have stopped this violent eruption and it seemed to go on forever. Fingers buried in her cunt, mouth over one nipple, and his fingers on the other, he possessed Diane's entire life in his control.

During the last few seconds of the passionate scene, one of Jed's buddies who had been guarding her husband came back into the seating area. In the dim light, Ron witnessed the perfect body going through the throes of a most violent orgasm. All he could think was how lucky Jed was to get his rocks off with this babe. Glancing around the theater, he could see that even the low sounds coming from the pair were noticed by some of the patrons. They were looking enviously back to the two lovers. A couple of the others were matching the pair with their passionate clutches. He could feel his raging hardon yearn for some of the action.

What the hell, Ron thought, who was going to stop him. Like a cat, he crawled over to where the two were seated. Taking the seat next to Diane, he quickly released the waistband of his jeans and lowered his clothes. Up popped his hardon, jerking proudly up and down but hidden by the darkness. Jed noticed his buddy and understood what his intensions were.

The spasms had quieted in Diane's body and she was sitting motionless, back in her seat. Her skirt was still rolled up around her slender waist and her blouse was completely off her chest. The sight made Ron even more excited and he instantly dove for her treasure. Luckily he was not too big a man, and he easily slipped between the rows of seats. Before Diane realized what was going on, he spread her legs wide to allow his body to fit between them. Lifting her head to see where the movement was coming from, she saw this other stranger attack.

In a flash, his hot mouth closed on Diane's pussy. Pushing his strong tongue between the lips, he attacked the protruding clit with a determined passion. Reaching down with her hands, she grabbed his head and attempted to move it off her searing crotch. Diane tried in vain to resist but the two men held her firmly in her seat. There was no room for her to struggle or to get this new assaulter to stop.

Ron's arms went over her wide spread thighs, reaching behind her to grab her flesh and easily holding her lower body steady. Looking down, Diane could see the top of his head and the helplessness of the situation caused low begging sounds from her throat. No, no she kept repeating as she wished him to stop kissing her exposed pussy. Hungrily he ate her cunt and every now and then would release her clit only to push his tongue deep into her vagina.

Almost as fast as he attacked, Diane's loins felt new shocks of passion. He could smell the sex aroma drifting up from her cunt and it was like a drug to his possessed mind. Reaching down between his legs, he grabbed the thick shaft of his cock with one hand and began pumping it for self-gratification.

Diane's body was reacting to the caresses and her head rolled from side to side as she felt the futile attempt of resisting these bastards. Hungrily Ron sucked and nibbled, all the while pumping his iron. Soon the flames of desire were roaring again and the orgasm started to wash over her body. Every nerve seemed to be extremely alive and these men were feasting on every one of them.

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