tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAt The Movies: The Second Hour

At The Movies: The Second Hour


The Climax done, Jed told Ron to stay with Diane and he would go see how things were going in the restroom. This made her wonder, what was going on and were they doing anything to her husband, John? That would make sense. Although Diane had given in to these two creatures with the belief that John had asked them to force her to have sex with them, she started to wonder if they had not tricked her. Looking to the rear, she noticed Jed disappear into the lobby. Turning back to face the front, she heard the sounds of Ron putting his pants back on. Blushing, the memory of the last few minutes passed through her mind. How willingly she sucked his cock and gave him the satisfaction he dearly wanted. Shame and guilt followed and Diane just had to get out of this place.

Now was her chance, Sally, one of the two lesbians sitting in the wing off to the right, saw what she believed was Diane's husband going into the lobby? The girls had noticed them enter the theater and couldn't take their eyes off her luscious body, which was probably the reason for mistaking Jed for her husband. When they saw the second man enter the theater and join the erotic couple, it gave Sally reason to peruse her fantasy. She asked her friend, "She is doing it with two guys, why not two girls?" What she wouldn't give to feel that body raced through Sally's mind and she whispered more thoughts to her girlfriend. Seizing the opportunity, she rushed to the lobby and caught Jed just as he was going to enter the restroom.

"Excuse me," she said and went on to say things that had a sudden impact on Jed. She asked if he wanted to see his wife get fucked by her and her friend. She told him they would fulfill any man's dreams of having their wife make love to another woman. Jed was shocked and unable to say a word for a few seconds. Once her words sunk in, he smiled and thought of the luck just presented to him. Now all he had to do was come up with a plan to see this fantasy happen. The funny look on his face and monstrous smile once the thought sunk in, made Sally a little apprehensive. She shook it off right away as the chance to kiss Diane's treasures overcame any risks.

Thinking fast, Jed came up with a plan that he hoped would work. Saying he had to quickly go to the washroom, he told her that she should go back to her seat. He would signal her when his wife was ready and that would give him enough time to make the arrangements.

Hustling off, Sally almost ran back to her seat and her emotions were enflamed. Putting her loving arm around her friend, she kissed her and whispered softly in her ear, "I did it. Hubby was all for it and he agreed to let us make love to his wife." The girls kissed passionately and both felt the excitement of the upcoming affair. Eventually the kiss broke and Sally continued, "And the beautiful thing is that he said his wife has never had an affair with a woman." Both girls felt the butterflies flutter in their stomachs.

Entering the washroom, Jed asked his buddies how things were going. They said all was okay and that the husband was not any problem. One buddy always kept his hand in his jacket pocket and had indicated he had a weapon, which made John very hesitant to try any escape. No sense getting hurt in a public place and nothing too serious should happen to his wife while he was held captive. They surely wouldn't dare harm his wife with so many other people around.

Jed told his pals that it would be another half hour or so and promised that they would be getting some of the action. Taking one bubby aside, Jed whispered so no one else could hear, "His wife believes he set this up and she is suppose to have sex with us." A chuckle came from his throat and he continued, "Once we get her ready, we'll get out of here and we can all fuck her." This would appease his buddy and that would give time for Jed's plan to work.

John wondered what he meant by 'getting some of the action' but quickly let it slide. What kind of action could he have meant anyway, cope a feel or a kiss but nothing else with people around. He would just wait them out, as the movie must be at least half over so it shouldn't be much longer before they released him.

Returning to the darkened theatre, Jed quietly slid into the seat he had previously vacated. Oh no Diane thought, he probably wants to force her to do something else. Sitting up straight in her seat, Jed had to lean over to whisper in her ear. "I am going to tell you this once and once only," he said with a stern voice. Then he lied, "Some of my buddies are holding your husband hostage and if you don't do exactly as I say, he will be cut up real bad. Now all you have to do is follow my directions and we will gladly let him go unharmed," did she understand, he asked?

Diane sat there motionless, unable to move a muscle because of what Jed had just said. Her face was made of stone and she stared straight ahead at the screen. The numbing thoughts flashed through her mind as she now understood how all this happened. John didn't set anything up; they just realized an opportunity and acted on it. How stupid of her to submit to these bastards. Oh what would John say when he found out? No, he must not find out. Geez, she had to do what they said or else. Numbly, Diane nodded her head and he continued.

"Ron," as he motioned towards his buddy, "and I are going to take a seat right behind you. A couple of our girlfriends are going to join us and they want to show you just how sexy and attractive you are. If you don't sit and do whatever they want, I'll make sure that hubby is not the same good looking gent he was when he went to the washroom," he told Diane in no uncertain terms.

Grabbing the front of her now buttoned blouse, he brought Diane's face directly in front of his. "Do you understand or do we have to leave and take care of hubby?" he asked. This sudden show of force had an astounding affect on Diane and her shoulders slumped in a sign of submission. Looking back into his dark eyes, she realized this stranger owned her sole.

Oh no, what should she do? After what they had already done, surely they meant whatever they just told her. She just had to do whatever it took to ensure that John was not harmed. With a shrug of her slim shoulders, Diane nodded her head indicating approval. Smiling, the two villains quickly hopped over the seatbacks and sat in the seats directly behind Diane. Fuck, this was great; a fantasy come true was all that they could think of.

Sitting quietly for a few moments, Jed then motioned for the two girls to their right that things were ready. Hearts beating faster, the two swiftly made their way over to the row where Diane sat. Sally leading the way stepped over Diane's legs to take the seat to the left while her friend slinked into the empty seat on her right. Like a zombie, Diane sat motionless with her heart beating very rapidly. She closed her eyes and hoped that this would all go away.

Sally was the first to move and Diane flinched as her arm went around her shoulders. Pulling Diane closer, Sally nestled into her neck, kissing as she went. Her darting tongue left a wet trail as she brought her lips next to Diane's ear. Whispering, she told Diane how beautiful she was and that she was going to make mad passionate love to her, only the way a woman could. Then she asked Diane if she had been with a woman before and franticly Diane shook her head. Turning her head, Diane looked her in the eye and begged Sally to leave her alone. "Just sit back and relax and your husband would get the show of his life," Sally told her.

Diane felt like screaming, 'that man is not my husband'! He's a jerk who just forced himself on me and that she didn't even know the man. Before Diane could get out any words, Sally suddenly kissed her lips, demanding retaliation with her hot tongue. Pushing hard, she eventually forced Diane's lips apart and her kiss began. As Sally brought her body next to hers, she held Diane's left arm down, between the two bodies. Her friend, Joan knowing exactly what to do, easily placed Diane's other arm back to allow her access to her upper body.

Trying as she might, Diane was unable to twist or move her body and get away from the attack. Holding her breath, she felt nimble fingers undoing the buttons of her blouse. Next, the cool air struck her chest and her nipples reacted instantly.

Diane began to plead for them to stop. Softly she whispered, "Please don't, please don't," over and over again as sobs shook her lithe body. The girl silently pushed the shear blouse to the sides, allowing her to view the two gorgeous tits and Diane fretted for not putting her bra back on after John had removed it. Joan held perfectly still for a few seconds, admiring the beauty. Sally felt Diane's body tense as her friend opened the blouse and Diane's feeble pleas seemed to give her more encouragement.

Once again Diane's breath caught as Joan lowered her mouth to rain kisses all the exposed breasts, skillfully avoiding the now hardened ends. Then she flicked out her wet tongue and coated the very tip, then blew softly over the moistened bud to make the nipple yearn for more. Her caresses were so soft and tender, not like the previous rough treatment from the aroused men. While continuing to plead for them to stop, Diane could feel the betrayal of stirrings from deep within. "No, no, please," she sobbed.

Sally wasn't keen on the heavy breathing coming from the rear but was determined to put up with the animals. To be able to feast on such a lovely woman was worth the inconvenience of having the two men watch. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a hard cock being fisted by a large hand.

Sally kissed Diane with tenderness and used the tip of her tongue to caress the most inner reaches of her mouth. Then she moved to Diane's face, neck and shoulders, which gave her immense joy. The kisses of a woman were new to Diane but they felt like no other. All of a sudden, she felt shaken by the rising passion these two girls had created in her. How quickly they brought Diane up to a point where she felt lost in desire.

Without warning, Sally's hand dropped into Diane's lap and it was like someone hit her in the stomach. Feeling the short skirt, she grabbed the hem and began rolling it up. Reaching the point where Diane's hips stopped the travel, Sally's hand reached under her thigh, prodding lightly to indicate that she was to lift. Caught in her spell, Diane obliged by raising her body and allowing Sally to lift her skirt up to her waist.

The feel of Diane's sexy body was turning Sally on and she was extremely happy with the way Diane was co-operating. Sally sensed the vulnerability and slipped her hand into the now naked lap. Diane's hips jerked wildly as her fingers traced paths through the neatly trimmed bush, dipping slightly to just barely touch the top of her pussy slit. Every time she did so, her hips would thrust up to meet the demanding fingers.

Somehow this dyke had taken over Diane's body and was now in control. Her every caress was causing the passion to increase and she felt small spasms begin to rush through her loins. No, this just couldn't be happening. Fighting hard, Diane was determined to regain some measure of control and stop this rising tide of ecstasy.

Her hand was commanding Diane's body to react, yet caressed her vulnerable areas in the way only a woman would understand. Her head suddenly lowered and her hot mouth struck the flat tummy. When she kissed and licked the flaming flesh, Diane's hands dropped to her head and began to push it lower. Her body now begged Sally to continue and to take her as she wished. Sally smiled with satisfaction and realized the need now in Diane's body. Over the rolled up skirt, her tongue wet a path to riches.

It was time to consume the luscious body and her hands went between Diane's thighs, pushing them slightly apart. Once they were spread, she swooped down and immediately began sucking the most private part. Tenderly, she sucked and licked the slit, paying special attention to the most sensitive clit. Diane's breathing was now short and ragged and Sally felt her body react to the skillful sucking. Her face deep in Diane's pussy, the juices now coated her hot skin.

All of a sudden she stopped her attack and rose up to begin kissing Diane right on the lips. Diane was now kissing the lips that were only seconds ago eating her pussy juices. Somehow the scent of the erotic juices and knowing that it was hers, made it more arousing than it should have been. The degrading act had a profound affect on Diane and without hesitation; she returned her kiss with a fury beyond any she ever experienced. The tongues joined and each took the other higher.

All the while, Joan was enjoying the enlarged breasts. Her intense caresses had hardened the nipples so they burnt with desire. Now she devoured each in turn, causing Diane's chest to push up to meet her hungry lips. Right in the midst of one of Sally's kisses, Joan nibbled on the enflamed buds to cause deep moans to escape Diane's throat only to get swallowed by the demanding mouth.

Sally's hand had replaced her mouth on Diane's pussy and now both girls were fucking her with lesbian lust. They felt the orgasm rise from deep inside her womb, and rush up to meet them. Diane's body jerked out of control as the violent explosions erupted. It happened so quickly; it caught the girls slightly off guard.

Sally had wanted to prolong the climax for as long as possible but Diane was beyond the point of stopping. Sally started fucking with her fingers and kept her thumb pressed firmly over the enlarged clit. Diane's hips thrashed madly to meet her demands and the most powerful orgasm of her life continued. Joan sensed her urgency and nibbled harder on a rose bud with her sharp teeth. Pinching hard on the other, the pain she caused was turned into immense pleasure and Diane rocketed onward through newfound territory.

The men were spell bound and sat with mouths wide open at the erotic sight of the three women. Watching the two dykes take Diane over the top was more than any man could dream about and each held their throbbing cock in their fist. The gigantic orgasm rushed through Diane's lithe body and they witnessed a lifetime fantasy of lust. The pre-cum from Jed's long cock soaked his crotch and he felt the most powerful need to fuck. His devilish mind was working feverishly to come up with a plan to fulfill this dream.

The girls felt small self-made orgasms shoot through their bodies as knowing fingers masturbated between their own thighs. Eventually, the spasms subsided in Diane and sweat trickled down the valley between her swollen breasts. Each girl clung to her and held her in their arms as long as possible, not wanting to leave their new lover.

Slowly, Sally straightened up and kissed Diane lightly on the lips. This was her sign of approval and love, which Diane understood immediately. Then she moved to the side of her face and whispered so softly, "I love you." Diane's heart stopped for a brief moment as the token of admiration had a profound affect. Sally hugged Diane in her arms and she felt the comfort of her love, as a small satisfied gasp of air escaped her throat.

Then Sally's lips returned to Diane's and tenderly kissed, the very tip of her tongue caressing the outer regions of her lips. Somehow this girl held every emotion and the electricity flowed from Diane to the soft lips. Past experience told Sally that Diane was now completely devoted to her and although she did not say it, returned her loving words with her body actions. Always one to hold something back for a measure of control, Diane's body quivered from what Sally was doing and she gave everything to this woman.

Sally smiled and decided that she would do anything in the world for a chance to possess her new lover. She had lesbian experiences with many women over the years but none had turned her stomach into a quivering pit like tonight. Yes, she would do anything to feel Diane's lips on her love box and for Diane to succumb to lust with a woman. This chance meeting during the movie would fuel many fantasies in the days to come.

The movie was drawing to a close and the time had flown by faster than expected. Jed had to move and move fast. The promise to his two buddies guarding her husband that they would get some action would include the two innocent lesbians. He could satisfy his raging desire with Diane while leaving his buddies to fuck the other two. It would take some doing but he was satisfied the plan would work.

When the movie ended, he would have to convince Diane that her husband wanted her to leave with them and John could meet them later. Then he would have to persuade John that he was to go with Ric and Lonny, his two buddies, for the intended rendezvous. Getting the two girls to join them would be the easiest part as he had noticed the loving affection Sally had adorned upon Diane. She was definitely love stuck and from what he overheard her say, would do anything in the world for Diane.



This is my second post and hope it passes the test. Please email me with your comments and suggestions as I appreciate anything you have to say. I am planning to submit other posts soon and hope they are as well received as this series. I am also starting on the next chapter in this series. It will be called 'At The Movies - After The Show' and you can tell I have set the stage in the final two paragraphs.

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