tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAt the Office – She Sends Pics

At the Office – She Sends Pics


I'm on my way to my office on a regular day off. I need to catch up on a little work.

As I arrive and get out of my car, I see a fellow employee pull up beside me. It is Cynthia. As soon as she gets out of her car my eyes are drawn to her. It is a day off so neither of us is in our usual professional clothing. Instead of coat and tie I am in shorts and polo-style shirt, and even my sandals versus shoes. She has on short shorts and a rather tight blouse. As Cynthia gets closer I can't help but catch more than a glimpse of her cleavage flashing out of that scoop neckline of her shirt.

Okay, I've had a look at her more than once in the office when she wears a nice skirt or pantsuit, but never to the point of ogling. I think I'm ogling this morning.

I unlock the door for the both of us and ask, "So what are you doing here on such a beautiful non-work day?"

"I suppose I could ask you the very same question." She smiles up at me as I wave her into the building. "Why thank you."

"Yes, I'm sure the answer is the same for both of us, catching up a little."

"Yeah, I need to do a few things. Have reports due this coming week." Cynthia says as she walks by me and I do a bit more ogling at her taut backside as it wiggles on inside the building.

"Well, don't work too hard," I say as I go straight to my office down one end of the hall and she goes the other way a few doors down.

As soon as I get to my desk I open my computer, check my mail and find I have among a hundred other work related e-mails waiting on me, there is one from my, well, should I call her my on-line erotica writing buddy, Carol. It arrived just twenty minutes ago, as I was on the way here to the office.

I open her e-mail and it reads... "I know you said you may be working on your day off today and I probably should not have sent this to your work address, but I took a chance you may just want to see the present I made for you. Click on the attachment and I hope I get a smile out of you...or something much bigger!" There were several smiling and winking emoticons trailing down to the attachment. Carol has never sent me an attachment before. It must be more of her exceptionally erotic writing, I think. But then I notice it is a jpeg file and not a Word document.

Suddenly my heart starts to pump faster. I feel myself getting warm all over.

I lean into my monitor and click on the file.


My jaw drops. My eyes bulge.

There Carol lies on a couch, on her stomach but she is naked as the day she was born, as naked as the night we first made love in my mind on-line. (...okay we have cyber-chatted between a couple of our writing critique sessions!) I can hardly believe it! My mind races a million miles an hour and all I want right then is to get to her and be with her in the most lustful and intimate way.

I am already hard and straining against my khaki shorts with my right hand still on the mouse as my left hand drops under my desk. My cock swells as my mind races ahead of what is already displayed on the screen before my eyes. I can hear my own breath quicken as I stroke myself through my shorts. My eyes are fixed on the screen studying the image in detail before I finally take a breath and reach for my keyboard to reply.

I type... "This was a big surprise! You are one sexy lady! And...mmm...you look so good. I am so hard for you. I keep looking at the picture and even just seeing your cute bared butt cheeks I visualize my hard cock sliding between them. There are only a couple of people in the office today, but if they only knew what I was doing to myself here at my desk. Thank you! Thank you dearly."

I hit the 'Send' button and sit back in my high-baked office chair. I stare at Carol's mostly nude picture for a few moments more before I take a big breath and click off the image and her e-mail.

I try and work on my spreadsheets and presentations, the most unsexy things you can imagine. But even several minutes later I still find myself with a hard-on. For the next half hour or so I continue to swell, tingle, and throb. I savor the sensations, but as much as I want to masturbate right there at my desk I am able to hold off somehow.

That is until I hear the familiar 'ding' of an incoming e-mail.

No sooner do I click back into my mail account and I see Carol's name in my Inbox. I feel the moisture leak from the tip of my cock head and trickle down my thigh inside my shorts.

I open her e-mail..."You have a problem at work huh? Maybe you shouldn't work on a day off."

I smile.

I reply..."I haven't gotten a thing done. I can barely think straight. You have me so wound up!"

So here I sit at my desk, my computer monitor in front of me, day dreaming about Carol. Yes, I am so thoroughly turned on! Damn am I ever turned on! I've found my brain in over-drive all week thinking of the sexiest ways to please this woman virtually. I feel my cock continue to grow as I become more aroused. I am so hard that I find myself instinctively rubbing my erection against the inside of my pants.

I almost immediately hear another 'ding' out of my computer.

With a sense of urgency, I lean up in my desk chair and click on the next e-mail from Carol.

Her words..."You want to see more? Take a look at these."

I smile and raise an eyebrow as I see four or five more file attachments...jpegs!

I click on the first image.

Damn! It's a shot of her on the same couch but now she is laying back her front exposed, her breasts bared to my view. I click on the next image and it's a closer view of her top half. I can clearly see her nipples are hard and standing tall!

My mouth waters as my cock stiffens even further.

I click on the next file and immediately another colorful image begins to form on my monitor. I blink at first not understanding what I'm seeing. Then...oh my gosh! It's a full view close-up of her pussy. She calls it her 'girl'. Her bush is non-existent, no mass of dark curly pubic hair like my wife. Carol is bare and clean except for that little thin 'landing strip' up top. In the very next shot her hand reaches down and two fingers slide down her slit where she holds it open.

My cock throbs involuntarily as I get a full view of the pink slit. It's obvious it is damp, too. The pink is shiny and glistening. I have always known myself to be a considerably naughty voyeur, but watching my on-line lover appear image after sexy image on my computer is seriously be the biggest solo turn on I have ever had. Back in college my masturbation sessions usually involved a lot of girlie magazines. Of course, like most of us horny college guys that used to jack off over a slick paper fantasy we've all graduated to wanking to a face and body of a woman on a computer screen.

I am drooling now. I am hard, so hard that it hurts. I know I have to do something about it. I also know I am taking a huge chance here but I am truly thinking with the wrong head. I literally want to rip my clothes off. But in compromise I slide the zipper down on my shorts, reach in, and take out my cock and start to masturbate. I am so turned on that it all seems to make sense as here I am jacking off in my office, in the middle of the morning and not even thinking twice about my co-worker I came in with this morning just a couple offices down the hall.

I give it a stroke and then another. I finally push back in the chair and slide my other hand down the waistband of my boxers and down they go. I reach down with a finger and touch the pre-cum on the head of my penis. I smear the clear liquid all over until the swollen purplish head is shiny as the glistening pink of her pussy. I know I shouldn't, but I can't stop myself. With my manhood in my hand I watch as the next picture of my naked on-line lover appears on the screen.

Carol is sucking on the end of her vibrator, the vibey she talks about using late at night while we chat on-line.

My head is suddenly high in the stratosphere. Both of them are actually! My eyes close in pure pleasure.

I can feel Carol's mouth make its way down my hard shaft kissing me every inch of the way. My hips arch up to meet her wanting more. She understands what I need and what my manhood wants. Soon her lovely mouth is engulfing my length. She is sucking my hard shaft, rubbing her tongue on the tip while in her mouth. I hear myself in my head screaming out in pleasure. In reality I'm nearly holding my breath and biting my lip to hold back from making any noise at all.

Damn, I want to be inside her for real. But I also wanted to taste her. I want to lick that sweet pussy I see on my monitor with my hot eager tongue.

I open my eyes just enough to see the wet pinkness of her 'girl' come into view. I lean up, stick my pointed tongue out toward the screen and close my eyes once more.

I lap at her womanhood. It tastes as delicious as I knew it would.

I can swear I smell her musky aroma and man she smells so good!

The only thing better than how she smells is the way she tastes. She is absolutely delectable!

As I lick toward her picture on the screen I swear I can really feel the tip of my tongue flick her pussy, between those deliciously wet lips and on into deeper still. I fluttered my tongue through her labia and up across her clitoris. I can so taste her sweet feminine juices.

I want more!

I find myself practically climbing up on top of my desk as I hunch closer still, leaning forward with my face touching the computer screen. At the same time, with my hard cock in my left hand I imagine myself guiding it into her hot waiting pussy. I know it is physically impossible to place my tongue and cock in one woman's pussy at the same time, but in my oversexed mind I have done that more often than I can count.

Man, Carol's pussy is so hot, it virtually burns both my tongue and my cock and it feel absolutely fantastic!

I sense Carol moving her body up closer as I plunge in and out of her wet pussy. Her hands are on my head and my hips, pulling both my pointed tongue and steel hard shaft harder and deeper into her still.

I am about to cum so I quicken my pace. I know I am about to cum. My cock is about to explode but I try to hold back to prolong the pleasure.

As my tongue and cock move together in my lover in total rhythm, I can feel Carol about to cum, too.


I hear footsteps outside my office door. I hold my breath.

My eyes are still clamped shut and the nakedness and warmth of Carol is still before me. I am so glad I thought to shut and lock the door before I started this somewhat illicit masturbation session. I begin to stroke my cock and tongue into her waiting luscious body again...

Then the door handle to my office jiggles.

My eyes shoot open and I see the door actually start to open.

What? I know I locked it!

But no sooner do I sit back in my desk chair than my door opens all the way and in walks Cynthia.

"Don, I'm sick of working this report over an over only to be missing data. I'll never get this thing done by Tuesday." She continues right on in and plops herself down in one of the two chairs I have sitting in front of my desk.

I hunch up as close to my desk as I possibly can. My shorts and briefs are still down at my ankles as once again that morning I can't help but look at Cynthia. She has both bare feet up on the seat and has wrapped her arms around her legs. The short shorts she is wearing come up really high and right before my eyes she is exposing her underwear to me. They are plain white, but other than that there was nothing plain about the view.

Neither is there anything plain about the heated and tenuous situation I am in. I am bare butt in my office chair with a raging hard on. I am glad there is a large wooden desk between us. For I know if I look down right now I'll see my cock with its one eye looking back up at me.

Cynthia sits there caressing her bare shins as she rants on, "I have to have another couple of days on this thing. I can't get it done even if I were to work through the entire weekend."

Its then I realize my computer screen is still on and the picture of Carol's hot moist pussy is staring me right in the face. I can feel my hard cock throbbing under my desk. I so want to reach down and rub it, but I also don't want Cynthia to know I am masturbating while she is sitting right in front of me.

"So, do you think I can get an extension?" I hear her voice but I still am distracted by the total focus on Carol's body and the stiff rod between my legs. "Well, Don, what do you think?"

Finally I look her in the eye.

Cynthia is looking at me as seriously as I've ever seen a look on that pretty face. She literally has no idea what I've been doing and more that am sitting here with my penis fully erect only six feet in front of her. Its throbbing so hard I feel it nearly waving between my legs. I need to cum so badly.

I swallow hard. "Uh, I agree, and well, let's plan on giving the client a call Monday morning." I almost felt guilty about being this horny right now in front of a coworker that is, until I glance over at my monitor again and see the half picture of Carol behind the juicy pussy pic. I can see Carol's face. She is smiling and looks so absolutely sexy. She is the one that got me hard and now almost has me to the point of cumming.

It is Carol I am so hard for and want to cum all over.

"I'll call. I'll call Monday, Cynthia." I hope she cannot hear the breathiness in my voice.

"Thanks, Don. I really appreciate it." Cynthia says as she gets up.

I suddenly start and nearly jump back at her sudden move. But I quickly catch myself and slide up as far into the desk as I can, hoping nothing at all was noticeable. She turns and walks toward the door.

I almost let out a gasp of relief as she is leaving.

As she reaches for the door handle I find myself looking back at Carol on my screen and move my hand between me and the desk reaching for my pulsing hard on. I swear I am to the point my cum is near the tip of my cock and ready to explode.

But then Cynthia stops and looks back at me. I instinctively bring my hand up on top of my desk so she doesn't get suspicious.

"I'll see you later then. And Don you are the greatest, really." The woman says with a smile. The look I know isn't meant to be seductive but with the condition I am in it still causes my cock to twitch and hit the underside of my desk drawer.

I wince in pain as she turns and walks out of my office.

I don't even wait for her to completely shut my office door before I reach my left hand under my desk and start rubbing my cock again. Even my nipples are rock hard by now and I reach under my shirt to play with one as I stroke my cock sitting back in my chair. Tiny electric sparks shoot from my tweaked nipple directly south. It only takes a few strokes before I can feel myself ready to cum.

I grit my teeth so I won't hopefully have a chance to make a sound.

I squelch back the longest groan I have ever had as the longest orgasm in so very long grips me. My hips thrust up into my fist and one after another the volleys of ejected cum spray everywhere. Every couple of thrusts and my cock head hits the underside of my desk drawer. I feel the pain but the pleasure of the climax outweighs anything else.

I finally collapse back in my desk chair and lay my head back.

When I open my eyes I am looking downward and can see under my desk...the cum really is everywhere! Some must have squirted up and as now it is dripping from the bottom of my desk drawer back onto my hand and very slowly wilting cock. The rest lay in a puddle on the floor between my feet.

Moments later when I regain enough composure Carol and I exchanged a couple more e-mails...

I wrote to her..."Hi Girl, sorry I was away so long. Um, but I came so fast and so hard I couldn't type. I'm back now! :)"

Wasn't a few seconds later when I got back..."LOL!!!!! Well it is only natural. I have been teasing you all morning! And to be honest, mmm, I could see it and feel it throbbing for me. In fact, I already came, too. I came so hard I squirted here in my chair for you! *wink* **blush**

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