tagLoving WivesAt the Pool

At the Pool


Anne is amazing.

It was hot. July is always hot. Work was finally done for the week. 5:00pm on a Friday - quittin' time. Chris, my old friend from college, was in town for the week visiting his parents and I was ready to head to our pool and drink some beers. Joe, a friend of mine who also knew Chris, was going to meet us at my house. Men, beer, pool. What could be better?

I hurried home to open the pool and clean it up before the guys came over. I saw my wife Anne's car in the garage, but when I walked through the house to get changed, I didn't see her anywhere. I put on my swim suit and hoped she had already taken care of the pool. I grabbed a brewski out of the fridge, enjoyed the sound of the bottle opening signaling the start of a weekend, and allowed myself one quick swig before heading out to the pool.

Instead of seeing a pristine pool all set up for entertaining, I saw a pool with the cover still on, uncleaned, and no patio furniture set up. But I did see my gorgeous wife tanning on a patio lounger. She was wearing a tiny black bikini. Well half of one anyway. My wife loves to lay out and is a bit of an exhibitionist. There weren't too many neighbors who can see the pool area, and if they haven't complained about her nudity by now, they weren't going to. Her top was sitting on the table next to her chair along with a half finished margarita. Normally, I love just taking her in, and then offering my services to oil up her long, thin, body, but right now I was perturbed that the place was a mess and I had friends coming over.

Sure she works hard and is a great wife, but you know those days when you really were hoping someone would have something done and not only isn't it done, but they are being lazy and taking care of themselves first? That was today. No, I didn't ask her to do it, so I guess it was my fault, but still...

I started grumpily hurring to get things ready while she laid there.

"Hi, honey," she said not realizing I was grumpy

"Hi," I said shortly.

"Want some help?" She asked

Of course I did, but when I am grumpy I like to bear my crosses.

"No, I'm fine."

She knows me well enough to know I'm going to be grumpy either way so she didn't say anything and just let me be me. I pushed around furniture, uncovered the pool, opened the cabana, checked the chlorine and started sweeping the pool. I heard the car pull in out front and knew Chris was here.

"Honey, can you cover up, get Chris a beer, and bring him around back while I clean the pool.?"

"Sure." I could tell she was a little annoyed at my attitude. And my wife retaliates in... different ways than most.

She put her top back on but didn't bother with anything else. I did smile a little to myself imagining Chris' face when he opened the door and saw my glistening wife in nothing but a bikini. Sure beats the hell out of a friendly "welcome" mat. Chris had met Anne a couple times before, but they didn't know each other that well.

Anne and I like to fantasize while we are having sex about bringing another person, or persons, into our sex life to help get our motors running, but it had never really been suggested seriously. So I figured she would show off a little and then tease me later in bed. When Anne gets excited, she likes to be fucked. Hard. And she knows nothing gets her fucked harder than talking about other guys in bed. "Oh, I bet Chris has a big dick. I bet he could make me cum hard."

Yeah, its a little twisted, but I have never met another girl who is as enthusiastic and energetic about sex as Anne. I've never met a girl who is as turned on by the same sick and perverted fantasies as me. Right down to the completely male-dominant "Call her a slut and and a whore and make her beg to suck my dick or get fucked in the ass." Simply incredible.

I waited a few seconds, enjoying my imagination of what was happening inside the house. Eventually Anne appeared with Chris in tow. She was strutting confidently, obviously having picked up on the fact she was turning Chris on with every step. I could tell when he walked out that he was trying not to stare at the ass wiggling in front of him.

"Jake!" Chris yelled out to me.

I yelled back and he walked over to where I was, leaving Anne to return to her perch. We clinked beer bottles in a mini celebration. I was still fishing leaves out of the pool and talking to Chris when Anne started to whine.

"Honey, will you oil my back when you are done."

"Oh, I have to clean all the pool and then take care of you too?"

"Puh-lease" she said in a very fake pouty voice. I looked over and noticed she was lying on her stomach with her top undone. The sun, while still up, was losing intensity... she didn't need any oil. She was daring me. And I don't get pushed around.

"I'm busy. I'm busy because you wouldn't help me. Maybe if you beg Chris you will have better luck."

"Chrissy...." she said in a pleading voice.

"um..." Chris replied unsure of what to do.

He looked at me and I gave him a nod and a smile. Hey, if it saves me time, right? Ok, so maybe I just didn't want to back down to Anne. And maybe I was turned on by the thought of another man getting excited by my wife. And maybe, just maybe I liked the idea of my wife getting pleasure... a little "strange" as the kids say. Besides, she would tease him for awhile, maybe show some tit, and then send Chris home with a case of blue balls while I fucked her hard for being such a bad girl. Win-win, right?

Chris made his way over to where Anne was sunning herself and waited for instruction, clearly hesitant about exactly what he was going to do.

I pretended to completely ignore them. I wouldn't show one bit of jealousy, not to Anne. I was going to pretend like I was completely unaffected. At this rate, I was going to have the cleanest pool in history.

"Chris, lets go, I'll burn. Put the lotion on my back and rub it in.

Chris sat down on the edge of the lounger and started squirting tanning oil on her back. His hands started rubbing the warm oil onto her already bronze skin. First tentatively, but with a little verbal encouragement from Anne, he started doing it properly.

"That feels really good Chris... make sure you get everywhere"

Even from where I was, I could hear the emphasis. I felt the beginnings of an erection in my suit. I'm sure Chris was fighting a much worse situation. I couldn't see where his hands were, but Anne made sure he, and I, knew just how good it felt.

I didn't want to hurry my cleaning, but I made my way around the corner of the pool so I could have a better angle. Making sure to never get caught by Anne while watching her little show. His hands were on the backs of her thighs now, and Anne was spreading her legs to encourage him to go even further inward.

She was moaning openly now, not hiding her pleasure.

Chris suddenly stopped. I think he realized this was going too far... at least for most normal couples. "I think that's enough for now Anne," he said.

Anne pleaded "noo...."

She gave me a pouty face knowing she needed my help. I love when she needs something from me. I've learned over the years that Anne always enthusiastically pays me back for my little favors.

"Chris," I said loudly. "Don't start something you aren't going to finish. If you want more free beer you are going to have to earn it."

My tone was playful and Chris didn't need any more reassuring to know he wasn't crossing any lines with a good friend. Don't you love a good friend?

At this point, Anne voluntarily flipped over, not bothering to hide her tits. She has the most amazing little perky tits you have ever seen. Tight, proportional, and my god when she walks right they bounce perfectly. On top of that, she has pencil erasers for nipples that stick out really far when she is excited. I have no idea how many guys love that kind of thing, and frankly I don't care - they excite the hell out of me every time I see them.

Anne motioned to her tits with her eyes and Chris' hands went right for them. She moaned while he massaged her tits. Any pretense of UV protection was gone. If it had been high noon my poor wife wife would be burned head to toe except for two extremely white, hand print shaped spots on her tits.

"Honey, Chris has been such a good sport. Do you mind if I pay him back? Something... special?"

Ah the special. While Chris was probably expecting a massage in return, I knew just what she meant. My wife gives the best blow job I have ever had. She loves cock. In her mouth. I love hearing her stories of all the guys that she sucked off before she met me. How she spent time figuring out how to position her body, how to moan, how to lick and suck balls, the head, the shaft. How to deep throat. Amazing. She sucks my cock at least once a day. Whether I want it or not. At first I loved it. Then I started feeling guilty for taking advantage of how much time her head spent on my dick. I told her about it once and she started crying, claiming she was worried she wasn't good at it. My jaw almost fell off my face that day. Since that conversation, I don't think there has been a Saturday where I haven't been waken up by the feeling of my cock in her warm, wet, mouth.

Anyway, as soon as she said "special" I almost spit the beer out of my mouth. Damnit, she saw that. She loves getting a rise out of me, especially when I am determined to act nonchalant. I recovered quickly, but I could see the twinkle in her eye as she celebrated a little victory in her head. I had to retaliate. Go big or go home.

"Well if you don't care that Chris finds out what a cock-sucking little slut you are, then do whatever you want. What do I care?"

The air was sucked out of everyone's lungs. I could tell poor Chris thought he had just wrecked our marriage. Meanwhile, the look on Anne's face was priceless. Total shock. I have probably called her worse than that on weekly basis during our romps in the bedroom, but I have never used that kind of language about her in front of anyone else. I guess it's a day for firsts.

The look on Anne's face slowly turned from shock to smiling at the challenge I just issued. Whenever I see that smile... Well, lets just say Chris was about to get the blow job of his life - even if Anne had to tie him down to give it to him.

"Chris, stand up"

"Um, I dunno..."

"Chris, shut up and do what I say."


"Chris, shut up and do what she says."

Chris may still have been a little tentative, but Anne was not. She ripped into his belt buckle like a possessed woman. It took her a few seconds of fumbling to get his fly opened, which made me laugh, and I knew made her mad as hell. Finally, Chris' cock sprang into view. It was smaller than mine, which actually made me a little disappointed. I would have loved to watch Anne choke herself on a huge cock. But if Chris lacked in size, he made up for it by being obviously and painfully, rock hard. Poor guy. Anne grabbed a hold of his shaft and looked at it with lust. Then she looked directly into my eyes with a wildly defiant and sexy look, and put her tongue against the base of his cock on the underside. Anne has told me her favorite thing to do is feel the ridge that runs from the base to the head of the cock with her tongue. Seriously - I don't know what planet this woman came from, but she is amazing.

I watched as she explored the underside of my friend's dick with her tongue - all while staring directly in my eyes. I don't know if I have ever loved my wife more.

When her tongue got to the head, she licked his slit clean of a large drop of pre cum. She took a minute to fully appreciate the taste of new semen.

"hm... mmm.. Chris, your cum tastes really good. Will you make sure you get as much in my mouth as possible when you are done fucking my face?"

She was in total slut mode now. Chris was stunned. I was in heaven. Anne was in her element.

She easily slid Chris' cock into her mouth. Slowly sucking it back out, moaning softly. Anne has known for years just how I like my dick sucked and I watched with an impressed awe as she quickly explored her new piece of flesh. Sucking slow, fast, hard, soft. Licking here. kissing there. Finding out what produced reactions she liked, and what produced reactions she didn't like. She made sure to slowly slide her fist up and down on his dick, jerking him off, as she began to caress his balls with her tongue.

Before I met Anne I always considered having my balls licked and sucked an optional extra. I liked it, hell, I loved it, but until you have had a woman who craves having balls in her mouth do it, you don't have a clue. In fact, after Anne and I would finish fucking the hell out of each other she always made it a point to lick and suck my balls in an amazing, loving way that completely disabled me from moving. Total paralysis. Heaven.

After having properly paid attention to his balls for awhile, she returned to the main event. Around this point, I realized she had spent most of her time looking at me. I loved it. It was amazing. But it donned on me that we were being poor hosts.

"Honey, don't you think you should at least look into the pair of eyes attached to that cock you are sucking once in awhile? He is our guest."

Enough said. As she stared up into Chris's eyes I found myself wondering what it feels like to fuck the mouth of your best friend's wife while she intently stared back at you. Thinking about that actually made my cock harder.

And right about then is when I heard a voice from behind me say, "hoooolllyyyy shit."

Joe had arrived.

My plan, if there ever was one, was to let Chris ogle over Anne for a little while and then have things return to normal by the time Joe showed up. Kinda forgot about that part. I froze. Joe froze. Chris froze.

Anne never skipped a beat.

"Hi Joe!" she mumbled never taking Chris' cock out of her mouth.

Chris, embarrassed, tried to pull away. Anne was having none of that. She grabbed Chris by the balls and dug her nails in just enough to let him know she meant business. She literally pulled him all the way back into her mouth by his nuts. Good times!

In a voice that was completely unintelligible to anyone else who hadn't spent years ordering Anne to talk "with her mouthful" as I liked to put it, Anne told me to quit being rude and get Joe a beer.

"I guess she's not stopping. You thirsty Joe?"

Where Chris was shy, Joe was not. "Hell yeah! Damn, I've never seen girl suck cock like that outside of some crazy Internet porn shit!"

Joe was a little crude, but it was part of his charm. Joe and I had been drunk enough where I may have mentioned that my Anne was the best little cock sucker I've ever known. I could tell whenever I mentioned Anne and sex, he was always more than happy to listen.

I got Joe a beer while he plopped down even closer than I had been to the action.

"Suck that cock, girl!" He egged Anne on.

"Anne, tell him what you are." I ordered

"I'm a whore" she mumbled onto Chris' dick.

"Shit! You weren't kidding! She is a real piece of ass buddy!" Joe said enthusiastically. "Can I get in on that when she is done with Chris?"

"Sure..." I started to say. But Anne cut me off.

"Why wait? Drop your pants and show this slutty mouth what you got."

"Oh lord" I thought. If this stops with blow jobs I'll be surprised.

Before long Anne was sitting on the end of the lounger with a cock on either side of her. Furiously going back and forth, trying to be fair to each piece of meat.

After a few minutes of of that, I could tell she was getting frusterated.

"Anne, if you are such a whore, why is it that you are only sucking cock?"

It was time.

Anne had probably been begging me in her head the whole time to give her permission.

She pushed Chris down onto the lounger in the reclined position and attacked his cock with her mouth on all fours. She made sure to lift her ass high in the air as she pulled the strings of her bikini bottom, letting it slowly fall away. A big smile came over Joe as he got a look at her bare, wet pussy which was wagging itself at his cock.

Joe made a move for it, stopped, and turned to me.

"You sure?" he asked as a last warning.

"Make me proud, buddy. Fuck that slut."

"hell yeah!" he said.

In seconds he was in position and his cock was pressing at her pussy lips.

"holy shit this pussy is wet!" joe exclaimed. "She must really get off on sucking dick!"

"Joe," I said, "you have no idea."

Joe pushed his way in with a slow, long thrust. The moan coming from Anne's mouth was gutteral. Her moaning on Chris' dick made Chris moan.

"Yeah ha ha ha ha." Joe said as his dick plunged all the way into her. I had the perfect angle to see her pussy lips enveloping Joe's cock as he plunged into her.

Joe started in on her pussy nice and slow. Even, rythmic strokes. "Damn, your lady feels good!" he said to me.

"Trust me, you don't need to tell me."

After a few minutes, Anne started getting impatient. Her mouth popped off Chris' dick and she looked back at Joe and said "is that all you have? Fuck me like a man and make me gag on your friends big cock!"

I could see the surprise in Joe's face as he realized she meant business. This was a challenge Joe accepted readily. He hoisted her ass up higher with his hand, practically pulling her knees off of the chair and into the air. In this position his thrusts were more directed at Chris' dick. After a couple test pumps, Joe began to jam his dick harder into Anne's little pussy. The sounds were so wet I could practically taste her cum from 10 feet away. Joe made sure that each thrust jammed Anne down hard on Chris' dick. Anne had a hold of Chris' cock at the base and her mouth was slamming down onto her own hand as Chris began to time his smaller thrusts so he was getting his cock as far down Anne's throat as possible.

On one end, Joe's cock noisly slapped into Anne's wet pussy with every thrust. On the other, Anne grunted onto Chris' dick with each thrust. Chris, having been paid more attention thus far, couldn't hold out any longer. I saw his eyes roll back and his head point skyward. I couldn't see it, but I could tell he began shooting thick wads of cum into my wife's mouth. I could tell from the excitement in her face the exact moment the first taste of cum flooded her mouth.

She expertly milked Chris of all his cum while Joe continued his assault on her cunt. Anne's face looked a little funny as she slowly slid Chris' dick out of her mouth. It took me a minute to realize what she was doing. It was a little game she liked to play with me that she was now going to share with Chris.

She reached back to slow down Joe. Then she let Chris' dick slide out of her mouth. After a quick minute to position herself, she opened her mouth to show Chris the load of cum he had just deposited into her. It took Chris a minute to come to his senses and realize what was going on. "Dude... awesome..."

"What?" Joe asked.

"She still has all my cum in her mouth. What a slut!"

"Is she waiting to spit?"

Thats when I chimed in. "She won't swallow until she has Chris' permission."

Their heads both turned to me in slight disbelief. I could tell they were so focused on the horny slut between them they had forgotten her husband was sitting neadby.

I smiled. "Its a thing I taught her... never swallow without permission from the uh... owner."

A big smile came over Chris' face as he realized his power.

"Sweet." he remarked. "You may swallow, you little whore."

Anne took a big swallow and then gave a refreshing "aahhhh" like she had just taken a big swig of coke. "Your cum is delicious, Chris, you can shoot a load in my mouth anytime!"

Chris was pretty floored. Having cum he was still a little dazed. Anne still held Joe to a slow pace while she lovingly licked his softening cock clean and gave his balls the once over as a little finale.

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