tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAt the Riverfront

At the Riverfront


We've talked for a while, sharing our dream, our desires, and each time we talk I grow a bit more fond of you. But it's still with a stomach full of butterflies that I approach our meeting spot. Walking up to you, I see a sweet smile as you catch sight of me, your eyes sparkling as they meet mine. My arms open wide and envelope you into a big long hug, you smell so good and feel so good in my arms. Our lips meet too, and that first kiss is always so sweet. My lips linger on you mouth, sucking your lower lip, tugging it out, my tongue sneaking inside, doing a quick dance with yours. With your body so close to mine, your hands entwined in my hair, it's as though the world has faded away, nothing left but our kiss.

A loud "harumph!!" pulls us apart as a tiny, blue-haired grandmaw shuffles by, her nose upturned at our passionate display. We both just laugh, who knows how long it's been since her dusty lips have touched another?!

So excited to finally meet, we walk hand in hand towards the car. The heat is scorching, but still I've got the tops off the car, I want to soak up the sun. The wind buffets your hair, yet still you look perfect to me. We decide to head to the river, laughing and flirting the whole way. I can't help but notice your skirt riding up higher and higher. You reach out to grab my hand and place it on your thigh.

We get to the river with the sky amber from the setting sun. Walking to the railing overlooking the water, we're awestruck by the streaks of red and gold and orange spreading out like some awesome stained glass window. We stand there, I'm holding you in my arms as the sun continues to drop, it seems so huge. The sky slowly grows darker, but huddled together I can see you just fine. It's hard to compete with the natural beauty of a sun setting over the river, but compete you do. My finger slowly traces a line along your face, from your ear down along your cheek, then on to your chin. Turning your head until you're looking at me, your eyes alive with desire. I move closer again, I need to kiss you, feel your lips on mine. Slower this time, with just the barest hint of pressure, my tongue starts to part your lips, and as it touches yours, a very soft moan escapes you. My fingers sweep through your hair, pulling your mouth more closely into mine. My other hand softly strokes your neck, then eases under your top, smoothing along the skin exposed. My fingers soak up the silkiness of your skin, warming up each spot they touch. Gently circling your breasts, can you feel the fire heating up within?

"I'm so glad we finally met" I whisper in your ear, finally breaking from our kiss. "I've been thinking about you for a while" and then my lips close around your lobe, sucking gently, as my fingers draw tiny circles around your nipples, starting to poke out through your shirt, my thumb stroking that smooth smooth crevice in between each breast. I kiss down along your neck, nuzzling gently, my lips so warm and soft. My tongue tickles underneath your chin, then licks up to your open mouth where it's promptly sucked in. Our kiss becomes more urgent now, the hunger has set in.

I push your top off your shoulders, freeing your breasts. We're drinking each other in, absolutely devouring one another, we've been starved of lust for far too long. I feel rather than hear another moan from you as my hand cups your breast, my fingers capturing your nipple. It amazes me just how soft your skin is, and why do sparks fly each time I touch you? Our kiss continues, as does the journey my hand is taking...moving lower now, slipping up under your skirt. I grab ahold of your thigh, and slowly move upward. You can feel the heat of my thumb on your skin, and suddenly it's right there, grazing against your sodden pussy. You bite my tongue, and your hips move, it's like I hit a switch. I want to feel how wet you've become...no, I NEED to feel how wet you've become, so I slide my fingers over. God baby, you are soaked, my fingers sliding all over, and finally slip inside you. Mmmmm, such a lovely spot, certainly there is no finer place then right at the center of your wetness. Pulling my fingers out briefly, I raise them to my lips, I love the way you taste, and we both share the gift my fingers offer.

Suddenly you become aware of where we are, still outside right by the river, any passerby could see us. You start to protest, tell me no, tell me let's take it inside somewhere.

I don't want to hear that. I grab your hair and yank sharply.

"Listen, you want me, I know it, you've been teasing me all night and you're soaked...so now you are going to get me."

And with that I turn you around and press you tightly against the railing, you gasp as your bare breasts come into contact with the cold steel. My hand has a firm grasp on your neck, pressing you down, and you hear my zipper open.

I kick your feet apart, and suddenly you feel my warm, thick cock rubbing against your ass. I can feel your wetness seeping along your thighs, along your ass, and it only makes me more hungry.

I thrust in...oh fuck that pussy feels good, my teeth sink into your neck.

Now your pushing back against me, trying to get more of my cock inside you. Now it doesn't matter where we are, or who can see, fucking is all that matters.

You feel my cock thicken, you feel my balls slapping against your ass, you feel my fingers pinching your nipples.

I hear your breath start to shorten, I can hear your moans grow louder, I know you're almost there. I know what will send you over the edge, I know what you want to feel...and I give it to you. My thumb presses into your ass just as my cock explodes, you feel my hot lava flooding your tight pussy and you cum with a shriek!

My arms collapse around you, holding you tight as you lean your head against my chest. The world around us begins to come back into focus, the sounds and smells reminding us of just where we are once again.

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