tagFirst TimeAt the Villa Ch. 03

At the Villa Ch. 03


Chapter 3 -- Diana

This is part of a series of adventures which took place at the villa, after some of the girls were involved in three previous adventures, two, ON THE BOAT and one, AFTER THE BOAT TRIP -- VICTORIA. So read the previous stories and continue to enjoy the ladies hunger for the pleasures of the flesh. There are more to come.

I hope you enjoy them. They are all fiction. I don't beg for votes or comments, but they are most welcome.


Relaxed by the pool after a few lengths, I admired the happy ladies with their bare tits bouncing as they walked around. Some were swimming as others were relaxing to the most modern music. The music was flowing out of the installed loudspeakers hanging from the trees above, connected to either radio or CD player inside. They all looked gorgeous and happy; well this was just their first day, and I only hoped that they will stay as long as they had suggested, three weeks.

I had already worked a program in my mind so that these incredible beauties would not get bored. I thought that they should visit some of islands historical sites, such as the Ancient Greek Settlements, the City and the many other sites from ancient settlers. A trip on the boat or two and a couple of days of freedom on the beach can keep them happy and in the mood. The rest of the days, sure would be enjoyed here at the Villa, fully occupied in the bedrooms, round the pool and in some other parts of the huge garden. We can also hideaway either in the Gardner's Lodge or in the Servants Quarters.

I was waiting for Padme to give me the signal that Diana was ready. I was very anxious and excited even after I had made love to Lydia to go back to Diane. Continuing where I had left last night, while we were on the boat was making me very horny. The anxiety was filling me with desire to get down between Diane's legs and explore again her virgin pussy. She was very hot, hotter than expected and by the time Padme will finish the preparations she should be already in the higher heavens.

As Padme came out, I stood up and had a little chat with her about the evening meal and other matters before I walked straight towards my bedroom where Diane was there already lying on the middle of the bed, her legs wide open and her ass already popped up on a cushion. I just moved slowly on to the bed, looked into her eyes. Her look said a million. Her lips were just closed together, but the sweet smile was there. She was ready, her pussy had been totally shaved. Padme had left not even a single hair. I examined it again, staring and worshiping its' beauty, appreciating the way Padme had prepared it, massaged with a coat of baby oil, ready to be loved, pleasured and penetrated for the first time.

Diane's tiny sweet butterfly lips slightly curled as they protruded out from between her pouty swollen lips; were incredibly beautiful, all shining with a mixture of baby oil and the natural juices which flowed probably from a heated session between Padme and Diane. They were not only covered with love juice but more seems to be still flowing, down along between her legs. I put a finger down there very close to her arsehole and started to pull back, diving the palm of the finger between the drenched lips, pressing down into the bottom of the valley and slowly gyrating it against the still virgin entrance. She just pulled back, seemed shocked, reluctant, especially while she felt it invading into her most intimate part of her body.

I looked again into her eyes, another smile; my finger was still there at the entrance, then her lips opened.

'Sam, I'm more than ready... no need of any foreplay... just let me enjoy it.' Diana said.

'It looks like Padme had done a very good job. Did you enjoy what she had done?' I curiously asked. I was more than sure what Padme had done.

'She's incredibly fantastic, Sam. She's a very good masseur, great with her hands and superb with her body, not to mention her mouth and lips. My body never stopped shaking. I just went wild, fire burning all over my body...' She answered enthusiastically.

'So you're already satisfied, eemmm?' I asked.

'Only when... I feel your little monster wilting inside my body.' She stated.

Her eyes were shinning with desire, with anticipation and the crave she had to be filled with my hard raging hardon. Yes it was waiting, eager to enter her as much as she was ready to receive it, to feel its head entering, pushing inside until it meets her virgin barrier and then the final push, break the barrier until the gate will be wide opened, forever. This special female's secret, which so many males of every age dream about, that at least once in a lifetime they have this special privilege. I am lucky I had enjoyed quite a few of such privileges.

'Please Sam; I'm in your hands now. You are going to be the protagonist who will let me... and help me cherish these unique moments. This special occasion will only happen once in my life. I like to enjoy what I had dreamed about; and maybe more. Please me, Sam... and don't let me down.' Diana pleaded.

'I sure will, my dear. Until now, hopefully, none of the others were disappointed.' I answered.

'I know Sam. From the little I heard, they all had enjoyed every moment since you came into our lives.' Diane continued.

'I'm pleased to hear so. That gives me great satisfaction, as sometimes different women have different tastes.' I stated.

'Yes I know Sam, but your way of making love to a woman seems, it hits the right areas and the right spots with the right strokes. You miss nothing and Padme is a pleasure to be with. I think... I don't like to wait longer. This time I'm sure I'm ready.' Diane implored.

I looked at her, looking into her eyes, her smiling lips, her waiting relaxed body, her legs moved and opened wider. My finger was still there, just inside the entrance of her portal of love, slowly moving inwards, intruding, probing and searching for the barrier. Soon it touched the fragile membrane. I touched it carefully; it felt slick, covered with the love juice that was flowing. The liquids of love were making her wet, ready, lubricated. Her body was preparing for the initiation. Preparing to be penetrated; to be coupled to her male counterpart in preparation for the biological moment, to receive the male sperm and satisfy the specific duty for which it was programmed from the moment of her conception. But not exactly! She was not prepared to become pregnant as she had taken precautions. She was prepared to enjoy all the carnal pleasures with responsibility.

She looked lovely and radiant, her beautiful naked body, endowed with those beautiful mamaries, the hard nipples, showing her excitement, her sexual desires to make love for the first time and to understand what happens when she, for the first time would be joined together with her male lover. I just stared at her beautiful body, devouring its beauty, its readiness for what to happen, soon.

My hardon's intensity and craving for this virgin pussy was immense. I decided it had to wait. I just wanted to enjoy her virgin beauty, concentrating on her readiness and calmness although I knew that inside, she couldn't wait. My finger was still feeling just inside the entrance of her vagina, the flow of love juice was enough evidence of the sexual energy flowing throughout her body; she moaned as my finger moved around, then I pulled it out of her vagina, moved it along her well lubricated valley of love towards her clit. I pressed the little engorged button, hard against the little canopy until I could enjoy her pulsating heart, beating strongly and faster as her blood was flowing through her veins.

She moaned and wriggled on the mattress, pulling her legs backwards, spread eagled as she opened them as wide as she could. I moved on top of her straddling her; the raging hardon hanging down between my legs to her eyes delight as my mouth slightly kissed the little bud as my finger moved. She moaned and cried as my mouth intensely started sucking hard on her clit. My wet finger crawled down again ploughing between Diane's swollen lips, collecting as much vaginal love juice as it could until it flew over her perineum on to her rose bud.

'Samm...I'mmm cumming... cumming... cumming...Sammm ... aahhhhh. Yessss... aahhhh ... fuck me Sam... fuckkk meee. Fuckkk meee... pleeassse... fuck me.' She cried and her body shook as it erupted into a mind blowing orgasm.

Diane's body trembled, as her sexual energy erupted, I pressed my mouth harder against her clitoris which I was still sucking and teasing with my lips, sometime the use of my tongue lapping at it. Sometimes I pulled it harder between my teeth while giving it a few squeezes.

As her climaxes were getting stronger, I pushed my wet finger straight into her arse hole with just one strong thrust. She cried and shouted, first with the shock, then with the little pain and then of course with the pleasures that followed, following the insertion of my finger in her behind. Diane's body was now on fire; my dick hanging over her mouth was being intensively massaged with one of her hands. Her body haven't stopped gyrating on the bed while pleas for fucking her had never stopped.

I started thrusting my finger in and out of her ass while her hands grabbed my head and jammed it against her pussy while her legs closed from the sides holding my head tight, while her body was going through one hell of a climax. I just wanted my head out from there but I was locked, imprisoned with my mouth still licking and sucking between her swollen lips. The more she cried and moved, the more her sexual energy became electrified. I liked to stop what I was doing as I knew. and I was scared that she may black out. I tried to push my body forward, my mouth away from her vaginal area, so maybe she could start to relax. I gave a strong push forward, then backwards and out of there I was. Immediately I moved my finger out of her ass.

I turned around and lie there next to her, looking at her still trembling body. I wondered from which planet she was returning. It took her rather some time to relax and open her eyes.

'What happened, Sam?' Diane asked

'You should tell me yourself; to which wonderland had you been?' I asked.

'I have no idea, all I know it was fantastic, I couldn't believe how great it was, much better then what happened when we were on the boat.' Diana answered.

'So, you still remember?' I asked.

'That's something I won't ever forget very easy, but this was magnificent. It was more than wonderland.' Diana explained.

'How do you feel?' I asked.

'Exhausted, I must say.' Diane answered.

'Not ready for more?' I asked.

'You know I am Sam.' Diana answered with the sweetest smile as she slightly parted her lips.

I moved closer to her, got closer as I started licking her lips slowly, while holding her in my hands like a baby. One hand was under her neck while the other was massaging her chest just below her breasts. Nipples were still hard and her heart hasn't yet relaxed, the beatings could still be felt and heard. It was still pumping above normal. Our lips met and we kissed. My tongue snaked between her lips into her mouth were it met its' counterpart. She was slowly relaxing, her eyes were wide open, shinning with the pleasures and climaxes she had enjoyed. Her heart beats got slower and softer.

'Sam, make love to me, put your finger into my pussy, check me out?' she ordered as soon as out lips parted.

'Are you still, in such a hurry?' I asked.

'I think I waited far too long, Sam. Now I want to be filled, to feel your manhood inside my girliehood. I want to know what happens when I receive your hard dick and kick my maidenhead as you make me a woman. I want us to make love Sam together, real love, slow and nice. I like to have majestic orgasms like I haven't yet achieved. Break me Sam. Put your hard dick at the door of my vagina and push it slowly inside my pussy.' She pleaded.

I kissed her again and took one of her nipples between my fingers, then squeezed it hard, hard enough to feel her body enjoying some pain. There was pain, yes there was. I felt it too as she cried into my mouth as we were locked together. My hard dick was raging, waiting to enter another virgin vagina. Lucky he was; he had two today and Lydia was fantastic. Whenever I remember Lydia I still get the biggest hard on. When we broke the kiss I crawled backwards on my knees. I licked her nipples one by one and then kneaded then with my teeth and moulded them between the teeth making her hotter and hotter with a mixture of pain and pleasure as I also squeeze then between my teeth.

'Ohhh Samm! That's wonderful, aaauch it hurts... yes it hurts Samm. My pussy is burning, I'm so hot Samm, sooo hottt. I'm cummiinngg again... again. Make love to me Samm. Pleasssee.' Diane continued pleading.

I moved further back, still on all fours until I licked her clit. Her legs were wide open, her pussy lips were also separated and the love juice was flowing between her legs, wetting the insides of her thighs and down towards her asshole. I wetted my pointing finger while my lips and my teeth were still working on her engorged clit. My finger found her anal hole and I slowly pushed it all the way while she cried in pain. The more pain the more her body started to tremble and shake.

I just pulled my finger out of her ass and took my hard dick in my hand and moved it slowly towards her tight virgin pussy. I moved it up and down the valley of Venus, sometimes pressing it against her clit. At other times I pushed just a little through the door of the cave of love and fire. Yes she was on fire. She's becoming wild as her body was building again breathtaking eruption.

'Hi Diane; are you still here?' I asked.

'Yes.' Diane answered.

'Good.' I pushed the head slowly inside her vaginal opening. This time it entered very,very slowly and very slowly opened the door to Diane's temple of love. I pushed a little more and there I met the barrier, the barrier which she had conserved, left it intact until that very moment. I'm the lucky guy, ready to break it once and for all, opening her golden gate to maximum carnal pleasures.

'Are you sure you want to receive my manhood... all the way inside your vagina or you want to wait, and leave your maidenhead intact?' I asked Diana as I had my eyes focused on her's.

My manhood's head was still inside her just lightly pressing against her barrier. As I had just finished my question she gave me the answer by pushing her pussy upwards, pressing her barrier harder against the head of my hard dick. There was no verbal answer, so I pushed the head slowly in against her maidenhead until it started to tear. I could feel it breaking.

'It's happening Sam... it's breaking. Aauch... it hurts Sam... it hurts.' Diane cried.

I did not stop, but kept pushing very slowly. Then she cried again. It was a rather a thick maidenhead. I just stopped and looked into her eyes which were focused on mine. There was a little fear. I pulled backwards and held my hard bulbous head just inside the door, touching. Then I started to push back in again, not much but a little. I could see that she didn't feel comfortable, so I pulled backwards until the head was at the very entrance. I started to fuck her slowly. The neck is the most sensitive and soon her body started to react. Then I pushed back again, this time a bit faster until I met the barrier again and gave a slight push. There was more tear of the hymen, but not totally broken. I pulled back out and as there was blood on the head I knew that it was more than broken. She had cried again and again but I went in again, this time I gave a sharp trust and the head crossed the barrier.

'Aaauuch. Aauuch Ohhh Samm it hurts. Aauuch.' She cried as I continued pushing.

The head had gone through and more than half my raging hardon was deep inside her vagina, which was not anymore intact. It was broken forever, ready to enjoy the fruits of love making, the ultimate pleasures of her carnal desires. I slowly pushed the rest of what was left outside.

I relaxed myself while my raging hardon was totally embedded inside her burning crater. Her cries and moans as another climax was taking her to higher limits were significant in her body movements. Her vaginal muscles woke up and started to contract around my phallus, opening and closing while her heart was beating very intensely. I just waited, enjoying the feeling of her climax as it was reflecting also on my body. My wand of light, deep into her temple of love was transmitting and receiving; exchanging all the sexual energy flowing from our bodies, sending more powerful signals, sending the ultimate pleasures we both were immersed ourselves in.

I looked into her closed eyes, gave her a light kiss and whispered in her ears. 'Diane... are you ok?' I asked.

'Yes Sam... it is ok now, the pain had subsided and the pleasures are growing. I had even cum. The pain was too strong to take, but now it's just pleasure. Thanks Sam.' She said as she hugged me and kissed me.

'Now I want you to suck my dick, clean it from the mixture of your virgin blood and love juice, while I suck your pussy lips.' I sort for asked.

'I hate blood! Do I have to?' She asked.

'Yes you have. It will be a remembrance of out first intimate coupling, between your virgin body and mine.' I did not wait for an answer I just pulled out of her pussy and quickly lied down on my back and helped her get on top and in a sixtynine position, so that I would suck the juices straight out of her vagina. The fluids were flowing out in abundance as she was still going through the last of her eruptions.

As my hard dick was resting over her mouth she started to lick the love juices mixed with her virgin blood, which had stuck to the body of my hard dick. Her tongue was moving along the length and around collecting the love juice as much as I was enjoying the juice flowing into my mouth. Soon she pushed the foreskin back with her lips as she engulfed most of the bulbous head into her mouth playing around it with her tongue.

Her sexual energy was again emerging so I asked her to turn around and lower her pussy over my hard dick. She quickly acted accordingly and very slowly and carefully lowered her vagina over my hard cock which was pointing upwards. She continued lowering herself until her swollen lips came in contact with my pelvic area.

'Oh Sam, it feels so wonderful now.' Diane moaned.

'No pain?' I asked.

'No, nothing, just pleasure!' Diane lowered herself down on my body and while started kissing me she started to make love to my hard dick, by squeezing it with her vaginal muscles. Then up and down she started to thrust moving her body up and down as my hard dick slide easily between the wet walls of her portal of love. Diane's lips were locked on mine as she reduced the movement of her ass going up and down to a rather slow motion, experimenting with her vaginal muscles, opening and closing them trying to find the best tension while enjoying the pleasures of what she was doing.

As her lips moved away from mine she looked at me very relaxed and asked. 'How do you like this Sam?' Diane asked.

'I think that you are a born fucker. You really know precisely how to make love. A very quick learner, I must say. How does it feel being in control?' I asked.

'The worst is controlling my orgasms. I'm ready to blow out, again. Aaaahh Sam; I'm going to cum; again...I'm cumming Sam...cummmminng... aaaaahhh Sam.' She moaned and cried as she tightened her vaginal muscles tight around my shaft.

She dropped her body over mine, squeezed her muscles hard around my raging hardon and froze. She was lost in a delirium of sexual energy; energy which had overtaken the whole of her body. The pleasures she was enjoying were evident in the way her body movements had lost total control together with the cries of pleasure, which were flowing out of her mouth.

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