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I moved to take a new job. I have been a computer programmer for about 15 years, and I was really excited about this new opportunity. The job was really good, and paid well, but the cafeteria in the building wasn't all that good. So, I started going out for lunch, and looking around the neighborhood for places to eat. I was working near the airport, and along with the restaurants and fast food places, I saw many X rated adult bookstores and topless bars.

I hadn't seen so many different adult bookstores in the other cities I had worked, and I decided to check some of them out during my lunch break. The bookstores were all pretty sleazy, except for one really large nice bookstore. I visited that bookstore a few times, but I was more interested in live women and what they could do than in any pictures or videos. About once a month, I would have lunch at one of the different topless bars, and see what it was like. One was real dark and dirty, and I didn't feel comfortable there. The others were expensive, and too nice. The dancers just wanted to dance, and not let me touch them.

Finally, I found a topless bar where I could enjoy myself. I had hesitated going to this particular place because of the name, Babes. I thought it would be another dark and dirty bar, but it was clean and well lit. I looked around the bar, found a table by the stage, and sat down to watch the show. There was only one other customer. The dancer on stage was pretty, but she seemed like she was just going through the motions. When her two songs were over, the next dancer came on stage. Her dancing was much better, but she didn’t make much eye contact with me. The third dancer didn’t move around well, but we made eye contact several times. After her songs, she walked over to my table and sat down with me. She was wearing a red bra and panties, with matching stockings and shoes.

She leaned over towards me, showing me all of her cleavage. "Hi, my name's Melody."

"Hi, I'm Bert.”

"Would you like a couch dance?"


We walked over to the couch, and I gave Melody $40. She unhooked her bra, and sat in my lap. She let me fondle her breasts and nipples, and she fondled my cock through my pants a few times. After a couple of songs, we walked back to my table. She gave me a kiss, and sat down with me. We talked while I watched the other two dancers. At the end of my lunch hour I got up to leave. Melody gave me another kiss goodbye.

I started going to Babes for lunch about once a week, and get a couch dance. I met all of the regular afternoon dancers. Usually, there would be only one or two other men in the bar during lunch, so the dancers had plenty of time to talk. As I got to know the dancers better, I would ask them to smoke for me, let me suck on their nipples, or to let me kiss their feet, during the couch dance. Melody and one other dancer, Sandy, seemed to enjoy fulfilling these requests more than the other dancers. After a couple of months, Melody and Sandy were the only dancers I wanted to spend time with.

Melody is a pleasantly attractive 27-year-old dancer. She is about 5' 10" tall, and weighs about 140 lbs. She has shoulder length straight brown hair and brown eyes. Her breasts feel like soft oranges, and she has sensitive large nipples. Melody seemed to enjoy my kissing and licking her feet, and she would smoke for me and blow smoke in my face as I sucked on her nipples.

Sandy is a very attractive 22-year-old dancer. She is about 5’ 6” tall, and weighs about 130 lbs. With heels on, she is a little taller than I am. She has long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Her breasts feel like firm grapefruit, but her nipples are smaller than Melody’s and not as sensitive. Sandy would tie her hair in two ponytails when I asked. When she did, she looked like a 17-year-old cheerleader. Sandy really seemed to enjoy blowing cigarette smoke in my face, and she would let me suck on her nipples and fondle her breasts while she blew smoke in my face.

I visited Babes weekly at lunchtime over the next couple of months. During one particular visit I saw Melody, and asked her for a couch dance. We walked over to the couch, and I sat down. I sucked on her nipples while she blew smoke in my face. After the songs ended, she stayed sitting in my lap.

"You really get turned on by dominant women, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you live alone?"

I wondered why Melody was asking me these questions, and I answered, "Yes, I do."

Melody took a puff of her cigarette. "Would you like two dominant women to move in with you?"

I could tell she was serious. I thought for a couple of minutes. It didn't help that Melody was still sitting in my lap topless, smoking. I thought, why not go for it?

"Yes, I would," I answered.

"Good. Sandy and I want to move in with you at the end of the week. Let's meet for dinner and discuss the arrangements."

I couldn't believe my luck. I was going to have two dominant women move in with me. We met for dinner at a nearby restaurant to discuss the arrangements, and we came to an agreement. We agreed to each pay one third of the apartment rent and utilities, and I’d buy all the groceries.

Melody and Sandy moved into my two-bedroom apartment a few days later, on Sunday. They arrived with just one suitcase. I showed them around the apartment. They liked the patio and the kitchen, and they loved the master bedroom, with a queen size bed, a walk in closet, and a large bath and dressing room. They decided that they liked the master bedroom. They put their suitcase on the bed and started unpacking, while I moved my clothes into the other bedroom. I slept on the other bedroom floor for a couple of weeks until I could get a double bed and dresser delivered to the apartment.

They have been living with me for over a year, and so far the relationship has been working out well. I work from 8 to 5 on weekdays. Melody and Sandy still work at Babes. They have moved to the night shift, and they work from 7pm to 3am on Tuesday through Saturday nights. From Tuesday through Friday, we hardly see each other. When I get up in the morning to get ready for work, they're sleeping. They’re leaving for work when I get home from work.

Mistress Melody and Sandy have complete control over me while I’m in the apartment, even when they aren’t home. If I disobey, or don’t do a good job, I accumulate demerits. On Tuesday through Friday evenings, I make myself a light dinner, and then I clean and straighten up the apartment. If the apartment is not clean when they get up in the afternoon, I get two demerits.

I may masturbate after I’m finished cleaning the apartment, but I must first take off all my clothes and kneel in the corner of my bedroom. Then I must call Mistress Melody at work with the cordless phone and get her permission before I start. If I masturbate without her permission, it’s five demerits. Most of the time she can’t come to the phone or she says no. Then I get up from the corner and go to bed. Sometimes she says yes. I have one picture of Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy naked, holding a whip, which I am allowed to look at while I masturbate. Usually, I just close my eyes and imagine serving Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy while I masturbate. Occasionally she chooses to direct my masturbation over the phone. She will say, “Yes, you may masturbate when I say so.” I masturbate when she commands “Start," and I stop when she commands “Stop." I must describe how hard I am and how close to orgasm I am getting for Mistress Melody. I must ejaculate into a large pickle jar that Mistress Melody put in the corner. I usually take a shower and go to bed about 10. I must sleep in the nude.

About once a week, sometimes twice, when Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy get home from work especially horny, they come into my bedroom naked and pull the cover off me. Then they tie my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the footboard, with ropes already attached to the bed. Sometimes I'll wake up while they're tying me up. If I'm still asleep after they have bound me, Mistress Sandy will stroke my cock lightly until I wake up. They both lay beside me smoking a cigarette while I suck on their nipples until they are both aroused. Then they take turns straddling my face while I lick and suck their vagina. They tickle my cock to tease me while I’m eating them. They usually have about three orgasms before they are satisfied. They untie me and go to their bedroom to sleep

On Saturday, I get up and get dressed, being careful not to make a lot of noise and wake them up. I spend the morning sitting in the living room watching a four-hour videotape that Mistress Melody made for me at a local community college. I have headphones plugged into the TV so that the sound doesn’t disturb them. The first thirty minutes of the tape is Mistress Melody, dressed in a white blouse and a navy blue mid length skirt, standing in front of a whiteboard, instructing me on what qualities make a good slave. The rest of the tape is several sessions of Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy making love with each other.

Mistress Melody has commanded me to watch the tape every Saturday morning until I can watch it all without getting aroused. So far, I have not been able to do so. I try to concentrate on being a good slave, but I can only watch about an hour of the lovemaking before I get aroused. If I touch my cock while watching the video, even through my clothes, it’s two demerits. I usually sit on my hands to keep myself from being tempted. If I were to masturbate while watching the video, it’d be eight demerits.

Around noon, I start making breakfast. Usually Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy are up and sitting at the table, but sometimes I'll wake them up when breakfast is ready. They sleep in the nude, and walk around the apartment naked. Even after a year it still arouses me to see them naked. I serve pancakes or muffins, with orange juice. I stand by the table and watch them while they eat. After they are finished, I clean up the table and the kitchen.

I do the grocery shopping in the afternoon, and run errands for Mistress Melody and Sandy. I keep the apartment stocked with plenty of cigarettes, chocolate, chips, diet sodas, and light beer. If we run out of any food, I get a demerit. If they run out of cigarettes or beer, I get four demerits. I must be back to the apartment by 5 p.m. If I’m late, I get three demerits.

Once I’m in for the evening, I get undressed. I will remain naked until Monday morning. Then I put on my slave chains. Mistress Melody directed me to make them when they first moved in. They’re made from two handcuffs and a fifteen-inch length of chain. The ends of the chain are padlocked to the chain of the handcuffs. Both cuffs of one pair of handcuffs are locked around my cock behind my balls. Then I lock the other pair of handcuffs to my wrists in front of me. Once I lock myself up, I wear the slave chains until Sunday evening, unless Mistress Melody releases me. If I touch my cock while wearing my chains, even to pee, it's one demerit. I cannot move my arms or wrists much with the chains on. It helps me keep my mind focused on my Mistresses while they are away at work. I must work slowly and carefully, or my cock will be sore by the end of the evening.

I’ll clean up the apartment until it’s time for my Mistresses to leave for work. Before they leave, I must stop what I’m doing, pick up a lighter, and wait by the front door for them. They’re usually wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers, with their makeup, lingerie, and heels in a large tote bag. They both have a cigarette in their mouth, and I must light it for them before they leave. Mistress Sandy bends over so I can reach her cigarette easily, and I light it for her. She takes a drag, and then she might pinch my nipple, smack my bottom, or slap my cock. Sometimes she will grab the hair on the back of my head, move close as if to kiss me, and blow cigarette smoke in my face. Mistress Melody stands waiting for me to light her cigarette, but with the slave chains on, I cannot reach her cigarette with the lighter. She watches me struggle for a couple of minutes, yanking on my cock, trying to reach her cigarette. Then she smacks my cock several times, and bends over so I can light her cigarette. Then they leave for work.

I start doing the laundry. We have a front loading washer, so I can unload the clothes while wearing the slave chains. While the washer and dryer are running, I hand wash all of their work lingerie and stockings. I go into their room and get the hamper that has all of the outfits that they wore that week. I bring the hamper into the bathroom, and fill the sink with warm water and Woolite. I take one item out of the hamper at a time, step up onto a little footstool, and wash it in the sink. Then I step down, walk over to the bathtub, rinse the item, and hang the item on the side of the tub to dry. Sometimes before I wash a pair of panties, I’d sniff the crotch for a couple of minutes. After I finish washing their lingerie and stockings, and while they’re drying, I polish their work shoes. I return the hamper to their room, and get their work shoes out of the closet. I sit in the middle of their bedroom floor and polish them. I usually get very aroused while I’m polishing their heels. After I polish their shoes, I put them away, and finish the other laundry. Folding the laundry is very difficult wearing the slave chains, and it takes a long time. When their work outfits and stockings finish drying, I roll up the stockings and put them away with their outfits. Then I clean up the apartment, take a shower, and go to bed, still wearing the slave chains.

On Sunday, I get up, being careful not to make a lot of noise and wake them up. Sunday is the only day of the week we are all home together, so I can spend the entire day serving Mistress Melody and Sandy. I’m usually up early in the morning, so Mistress Melody will leave a note on the dining room table assigning me some task to keep me busy while they’re asleep. Usually it’s something simple but time consuming. I have scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors with a toothbrush. I have clipped coupons from the Sunday papers. I have been commanded to kneel in a particular spot until it’s time to start breakfast. Sometimes, the task is a little crueler. I have scrubbed the oven and the patio deck with a toothbrush. I have been commanded to kneel while holding the toe of one of my Mistresses leather sandals in my mouth, and to kneel with a blood and pee soaked panty in my mouth as a gag.

Around noon, I start making breakfast. Usually they are up and sitting at the table, but sometimes I'll wake them up when breakfast is ready. I serve pancakes or muffins, with orange juice. I stand and watch them eat, and when they are done I clear the table. I follow them into the workroom. Mistress Melody asks me, "How many demerits do you have this week?" This time I answer, "Four, Mistress Melody." She takes two four-ounce fishing weights, one ounce per demerit, and hooks each of them to a binder clip. She has weights with hooks from one ounce to two pounds available. Mistress Melody then puts a binder clip on each of my nipples. The clips hurt as Mistress Melody attaches them, but the pain subsides after about a half-hour. The most demerits I'd had so far in a week was eight, and I assure you that a half pound weight hanging from each nipple makes them very sore by the end of the day. Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy pick up a small whip. I follow them back to the living room, and they sit on the sofa.

The rest of the day varies, as I do anything and everything Mistress Melody and Mistress Sandy command me to do. Some of the commands are pretty simple and I learned what they wanted me to do quickly.

"Cigarette," for example, means that I pick up a pack of cigarettes and offer them to Mistress. After she takes one, I put them down, pick up a lighter, and light the cigarette. Mistress Sandy will lean forward on the sofa so that I can light her cigarette quickly. Mistress Melody usually leans back on the sofa so that I must pull on my cock to light her cigarette. Sometimes she bends her head forward, so it's almost impossible for me to light her cigarette without brushing my hand against her chest. If I do brush my hand against her chest, it's a demerit. I'll probably light about 15 to 20 cigarettes for each of them during the day.

"Fetch Cigarette" is a variation that means I kneel down by the cigarettes, pick up the pack of cigarettes with my mouth, crawl over to my Mistress, and wait for her to take the pack from my mouth. After she gets a cigarette and puts the pack back into my mouth, I crawl over to the lighter, put the cigarettes down, pick up the lighter with my mouth, crawl over to my Mistress, and wait for her to take the lighter from my mouth. After she lights her cigarette and puts the lighter back into my mouth, I crawl over to where I put the cigarettes down, and put the lighter down.

"Ashtray" means to get a clean ashtray for Mistress. I usually don’t wait for this command to put out a clean ashtray. If an ashtray has five or more cigarette butts in it, I get a demerit "Hold ashtray" means to pick up an ashtray, kneel in front of her, and hold it for my Mistress while she smokes a cigarette. I usually get really hard watching my Mistress smoke naked. If she gets up, and goes to another room, I follow her with the ashtray.

“Chocolate” means to put some chocolate candy in a bowl and place the bowl close to Mistress.

“Chips” means to put some chips in a bowl and place the bowl close to Mistress.

"Coke" means getting a diet soda for my Mistress. “Beer” means getting a light beer for my Mistress.

"Feed me" means putting a piece of chocolate or chip into my Mistress' mouth, and being ready with the next piece of chocolate or chip when she opens her mouth again, so that her hands are free to do whatever she wishes. If I miss Mistress' mouth, or if I'm not ready with the next piece of chocolate or chip, it's a demerit. Mistress Melody uses this command a lot. She leans back on the sofa so that I have to pull on my cock with each piece of chocolate or chip I feed her. Sometimes she will put a piece of chocolate on her breast, and I must pick it up and put it in her mouth without touching her. If I touch her breast, it’s a demerit.

Some of the commands seem to amuse my Mistresses.

"Closer" means to move my face close to my Mistress' face. Mistress Sandy uses this command to blow cigarette smoke in my face.

"Kneel" means to kneel in front of my Mistress. If she is sitting, that means kneel in front of her. If she is lying, that means kneel in front of her by her face. Mistress Sandy will lay down on the sofa and have me kneel over her while she blows smoke in my face.

“Feet” means to kneel in front of Mistress’ feet, massage them, lick her soles, and suck on her toes. I keep doing this until I receive another command. "Stool" means that I kneel down in front of Mistress, facing away from her, and bend over. Then she’ll put her feet on my bottom. I must stay in that position until she takes her feet off my bottom. Sometimes both of my Mistresses will put their feet on my bottom. Then I stay in that position until both of them take their feet off my bottom.

Some of the commands involve the bathroom and took more time for me to learn to do well.

"Shower" means that I follow Mistress into the shower and soap as much of her body as I can with a sponge. I can soap her feet, legs, lower back, and stomach, but I can’t reach her upper back or breasts because of the slave chains. Mistress Melody will command me to soap her breasts. She’ll stand there and watch me try to reach them for a couple of minutes, then she’ll slap my cock a couple of times and bend over to allow me to reach her breasts with the sponge. After she rinses off and gets out of the shower, I rinse off and get out.

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