At Trinity Beach


I couldn't, so listened instead to the waking world: the occasional bird call, a toilet flushing, the rhythmic beat of a jogger pounding along the street, and the rattle of a key in the door between Amy's room and mine. The door creaked open, and clunked shut. I ignored both sounds. Then the bed lurched as Amy slid in beside me, her still-wet hair wet hair brushing my neck. She threw an arm over me and snuggled in close to my naked back.

I lay there wishing the satin pajamas I could feel against me didn't exist.

"Hey! Charlie," she murmured. "Can I have a cuddle?"

"I've kept one spare, just for you," I responded.

Amy twisted and turned, and somehow got even closer. "I don't feel so good," she croaked.

We lay like that, entwined, for a long time.

"I think I need to throw up!" she groaned, before crawling out of bed and stumbling across the room to the ensuite. I listened to her retching and felt no sympathy. The bathroom sounds of earlier were repeated- toilet flushing, water running - before she was back in my bed.

I managed to decipher the words 'thanks for the use of your toothbrush,' from amongst the moans and groans as she scrambled to get comfortable.

"You really don't seem up to a day at the nursery?" I commented.

"I've felt better," she agreed.

"Big night, huh?"

"Too big. At least I won't be doing that again."

"I can go on my own," I offered. "I'll try to book a room for the rest of the day where you can sleep it off."

"You'd do that for me, after last night?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"There are some things you don't know about, that might change your mind."

"Oh really. Well you had better not tell me then," I challenged.

Amy went quiet for while, before asking, "What if I need to talk about them? You know, like you said on the way up here."

"Well, if I'm any kind of buddy. I would listen."

In the pause that followed, I made a mental note of where everything was. I lay on my back, my nakedness covered by a sheet pulled to my waist. Amy's hand was under there too, her fingers fidgeting with the strip of sparse hair just below my navel. I doubt she knew she was doing it.

"I ended up sleeping with Gunner last night," Amy began nervously.

I said nothing.

"Say something, Charlie."

"I'm here to listen."

"God, Charlie, I hate you sometimes. Are you trying to make me say it again? Well all right. I slept with Gunner. And even though I'm not going to do anything like that again, I don't know if I'll get over it."

"Oh come on, Amy. You know it will be all right. Just because he's got a horse dick...." "It's not that, Charlie," she interrupted. "Anyway, what is it with you men, and your obsession with size? Not that you have got anything to worry about! I could have a perfectly good time with this." Her hand slid down and grabbed my cock.

"I suppose I haven't had any complaints," I replied, rather pathetically.

"Not even from Jess?" she probed.

"I'm not telling, with her being a buddy and all," I responded.

Amy wasn't relenting. "Tell me this, then. Do buddies do it? Or is that against one of your rules?" For the first time on the trip, I sensed I was in with a chance, if I got my words right. That wasn't going to be a problem. I had rehearsed for this scene may times before. "Buddies have been know to spend some time joined at the hip," I explained. "Not moving, mind you, just joined. I've had some sweet times like that. It's not sex until someone decides to move."

"I couldn't do that - not with you. We have to work together," Amy reasoned. "Anyway, what would be gained from it?"

All of a sudden, my confidence had gone out of the window. I had to get this thing back on track, which meant getting her back thinking about the fucking she was party to the night before.

"Not that much to gain, I suppose. Unless...."

"Unless what, Charlie?" Amy seemed keen to know what I was thinking..

"Well, you know what they say about horses. If one throws you, get right back on another one."

"Yeah, well I don't think it worked," Amy replied.

She realised a moment too late what she had disclosed.


We both went to the nursery after all.

Somewhere between the Grevilleas and the ground covers, we almost collided with Bill chatting to some clients.

"Get me out of here, Charlie," Amy pleaded.

I did- into the car and down the highway towards home.

Conversation dried up. I was too busy wondering if I wanted to know what else happened, and I guess Amy was trying to get her emotions sorted out before arriving home to her fiancé.

Not far out of our home town, Amy sought reassurance that what happened up there would remain our secret.

"I really need to hear you say that, Charlie," she begged.

"I'll say it this once, Amy," I conceded, and did. Then I added, "From now on, it goes without saying what happens between buddies stays that way."

Amy's expressions didn't suggest she was overcome with relief. So I may be making too much of her parting words: 'I think I'll need to talk with a buddy soon about what else happened up there.'

I hope not. Making too much of her parting words, that is.

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