tagSci-Fi & FantasyAthena Ch. 01

Athena Ch. 01



This short series, the Athena Trilogy, is about an exploration ship, the Athena. That much is obvious. Now, the Athena is crewed by all females, although there is a dick in the shape shifter biotechnician present, and as they travel from planet to planet... lets just see what happens. The first chapter is entirely sexual about the relationships and interactions of the various crew members. I borrow heavily from Hentai, in this case about futanari (chicks with dicks) and also some BDSM in the first chapter. Hoping to cater for other tastes later on in the series! Enjoy!

The Athena had been in space for a little more than a month now. The first all-female crew for a space exploration vessel... with one exception, a shape shifter, although she was female most of the time. Most.

Chief Biotechnician Moelle Tian was right then placing both her palms over her loins, and from between the thumb and forefinger knuckles sprang an erect cock. Opening her eyes, she smiled in response to the giggles of her lover. Cargo Technician and Security Chief Alicia Masterton arched her back as a cock finally was thrust into her after so long with only grinding pussies, she opened her mouth to a silent scream of pleasure.

Alicia was a small framed, busty red head with emerald green eyes. She was the youngest of the four woman crew, at age twenty two. And arguably the one with the tastiest screams and unaugumented pussy juice: Ever shapeshifting Moelle Tian, age unknown, had once modified her biochemistry to leak maple syrup from her pussy, so that was cheating.

Both her limber legs - already wrapped around Moelle's waist, tightened, pushing the overly long and thick member into her body. "Mmm, yes! Moelle! You're just what I need." Shoulders rolling as she writhed underneath her friend's ministrations, Alicia moaned as she felt Tian's tongue lick her nipples. They were wrapped together in their quarters, atop Moelle's bed.

"Fuck me, Moelle!" Alicia smiled, kissing the shapeshifter as she wrapped her arms around the 'woman's neck. The shapeshifter smiled, thrusting hard into her lover's pussy, before setting a steady, slow rhythm of sex. Alicia whimpered, as she lusted after hot, primal fucking rather than this almost loving and tender cadence. She squeezed Moelle's waist a few times before her friend smiled, biting onto her nipple harder as she began to thrust harder and - more importantly - faster.

Moans turned to screams as she began to near climax, and Moelle watched as she grabbed the woman's ample breasts and began to juggle them in her hands. Alicia reached up, returning the favor amidst the sea of sensation she was drowning in. Screams turned into a banshee howl as Alicia felt orgasm rake her body, back arching and pussy pulsating as her feminine honey spilled out.

Moelle joined her as she finally triggered her lust, modified biology spewing out a thick white cum as she ejaculated into Alicia. They couldn't worry about pregnancy, as the shapeshifter/biochemist had only 'programmed' her testicles to squirt cum, no sperm. It was like having a coffee without caffeine, but it looked like the real thing. Alicia giggled as she saw a gob of blue cum leak out of her pussy. "Eww. You never really got it right, did you?"

The two broke into laughter as Moelle shifted around, and both cleaned each others genitalia with their tongues. Soon it had gone from that to Moelle fucking Alicia's throat, with the former getting some good sensations from the again shapeshifting tongue. The almost reptilian tongue was about a foot long by the time it was again flooded with honey, and had grown cartilage ribs.

Sucking the muscular limb back into her mouth, Moelle sighed as she placed her palms on her ribs, focusing and readjusting her body again. The penis, foot long and two in girth, became a bare pussy. Her mouth, bulging from the seven inch tongue, shifted as it became more normal again. Alicia turned around again as Moelle tapped her shoulder. It was never polite to stare at someone shapeshifting, even more so than watching someone get changed.

"Well, the Captain didn't catch us this time... where is she, anyway?" Moelle sighed. Alicia made a face. "She's probably in the brig. You know that control freak's lucked out with Jeanette"

- - - - -

"Please, mistress!" The energy chains were suspending her nicely in mid-air, and Jeanette Prussad, the blond haired Flight Engineer, howled as she was again struck by the riding crop. That was the fifteenth blow across her red backside, and that added to a total of twenty strikes, if you counted the ones that had caused stinging pain to her breasts. Pussy juice already dripping from her pussy, the slave felt the dildo finally enter her pussy.

"My my, dear slave. Are you already so dripping wet?" A finger scooped up the syrupy secretion, and a popping sound confirmed that Captain Lorna Sylvana had just licked up the girl-cum. Pushing the oversized synthetic member deep into her slave's pussy, Lorna almost smiled as she began to pump the false penis in and out of Jeanette's 'fuck hole', as the two had termed it, the Captain marveled at her luck.

She had never expected to find any such submissive personalities around the Explorer Corps, especially one sheathed in a body such as Jeanette's. Although her breasts were big, they weren't nearly as big as the Captain's DD cup. Jealousy would have ruined their relationship, and as she spread her slave's butt cheeks, revealing the small black hole - a very amusing term for them - of Jeanette's anal tunnel.

Pulling out the dildo - earning a pleading whimper from Jeanette - Lorna smiled as she again mounted the stool in front of her slave. "Lick." Immediately, the blindfolded blond began to lick the shaven pussy of her master, hoping to earn the dildo again. Throwing back her short cropped, dark brown hair, Lorna smiled to the air as she listened to her slave lick and thrust. When the younger woman slowed, the riding crop would come, slithering out to snick at the blond's buttocks. Servitude turned her on, and after riding through one orgasm Lorna spotted the steady drip of pussy juice from Jeanette's pussy.

"Stop." The slave stopped. Amazingly fast, too. It earned a rare treat: praise. "Good girl."

Getting up off the stool, Lorna went around back to Jeanette's ass. The young woman was suspended, parallel to the deck. Spreading her asscheeks apart, the dildo was first dipped in pussy juice before being rammed into Jeanette's black hole. A howl came up as tight flesh was stretched wide, trying to accommodate a three inch thick cock, and a quick slap silenced her cries. It hurt, but saying that would hurt even more.

Lorna smiled, moving the dildo in and out of her living fuck-toy. She began to verbally describe what was going to happen next, her silky smooth voice like a calm particle cloud masking an asteroid field of doom. Dildo twisting around in her anal hole, the blond shuddered as she felt herself close again with an orgasm. She twisted and writhed against her bonds, feeling her dripping pussy turn into a steady dribble as Lorna began to pump the dildo in and out of the tight hole.

"P-p-permission to cum, Captain!" She managed to stammer.

"Granted. But do it quietly, slave."

Jeanette breathed out a shaky thanks before half-curling up against the flexible bondage, her pussy's dribble turning into a short spray as she shuddered through an ever harder silent orgasm. She felt the Captain's tongue on her pussy, and the intensity doubled when that was combined with the still twisting dildo. A short, gargled cry went out, and both pleasures were immediately removed. There was a brief moment where Jeanette could feel the cool air of the brig flow into her anus, before she felt the sharp lick of the crop.

Suffering through another five strokes in silence, she gasped as she felt her anal hole invaded by the tip of the stick.

"Again, but remember: Silently." The little leather tongue in the end began to swivel around, and again Jeanette began to cum. Her back arched and her fingers clenched into a white knuckled fist, mouth opening to a gaping maw, but no scream or sound came from her as orgasm shot through her system. Finally done, the blond collapsed. She had half fainted, and only managed to breathe the words: "Red light."

Game over, Lorna stepped outside and pressed a few buttons. The energy chains lengthened, and let down the young woman. Unharnessing her, the captain checked on the AI. "Lovey, system check." The entire ship seemed to hum for a second, before the response came, in a basso male voice.

"Check complete: no errors." Good. Jeanette handed Lorna her clothes, and the two re-dressed.

"Alerts?" The captain asked.

"Destination two approaching, the jungle world tagged as FL-045. Approximately 0.6 Astronomical Units from the star FL-04, it is the fourth planet sized body orbiting FL-04. The entire surface is covered in either ocean or jungle. Geographically speaking, there are few seismic activities to create mountains or deep abysses, so this should be a short stop."


What is to come in the stop at Primodis?

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