tagNon-EroticAthos Ch. 05

Athos Ch. 05


A Holy Knight Asks for Help from Another

Meanwhile Bernard searched for an Inn to spend the night. There were a few Inns in Berry but none were close enough to the la Fère estate, Bernard wanted to be as close to Monique as possible in case she needed help. The stubbiness of a lover's heart can take over the brain and make its own decisions when faced with separation from the one it beats for. Although Bernard knew there was no where near the la Fère estate, save for sleeping in the woods or in the grounds, he still searched knowing no where would be close enough to her unless he could be by her side where he'd been since she saved him from the overseers whip. Finally, he came to the last building on the main road leading out of Berry, The Golden Sun Inn. This place would have to do for now, with some difficulty Bernard check in and wondered what he would do next.

He and Monique had never been separated since she'd freed him, even when they'd returned to her home. His room had been opposite hers, yet he rarely slept there because monsters from his past would find his dreams in the dark he would sneak into Monique's room and sleep on the floor next to her, where the nightmares wouldn't find him. Monique had offered the other side of her queen sized bed countless time but he'd refused, something told him it wouldn't be acceptable. So Monique had used her monthly allowance to buy Bernard his own mattress and sheets, during the day his bed would be hidden under her bed and at night Monique would take it out ready for when Bernard would come in.

As Monique was lead away to the maid's quarters she heard le Comte send for Anne de Breuil. De Breuil? This will make things easier; I must speak with Agnan's father. By the time Monique arrived at her temporary home she'd learned Senior Comte had taken to his bed with gout and no one is permitted to see him. I will wake until everyone has retired. Monique sat on the floor in the warm sun beam coming from the small window and cleared her mind...


As the full moon raised in the starry night sky, Agnan's father settled into his large oak bed just as sleep begin to claim his body he heard the door to his room open. He saw a small figure approach in the dark as quite as a mouse creeping in the kitchen for scrapes of food.

"Messier le Comte, my name is Monique Sinclair I'm from the Order." The small mouse whispered as she turned her right hand to reveal a gold ring, it bore the coat of arms of the Order of The Holy Knights, two hands protectively covering a beaming sun, the old Comte looked at his own family ring flipping up the de la Fère code of arms to reveal the same symbol on Monique's ring.

"I didn't know the Order allowed women in."

"They had no choice, but that is not important now I have been sent to capture a runway nun and priest who are wanted by the church."

"Their crime must be great if the Order is looking for them, what have they done?"

"You know has well as I do they do not tell such information to Actaeons, I do know how ever that they were seen here in Berry."

"Other spies?"

"Yes and by your son, I do believe he is taken with the traitorous nun."

"Anne de Breuil? She and her brother arrived here yesterday."

"First I must allow Anne to entrap herself and her lov...accomplice, then she will be the rightful property of the Order but I will need your help Sir."

"How so?"

"As a maid I can not know everything that goes on in this house, as a newcomer the other workers will be suspicious of me I do not have time to win their trust, you however have full access to everything in your household."

"I see, you wish me to spy on my own house."

"For the benefit of the Holy Knights Messieurs, any information regarding Anne de Breuil."

"I shall see what I can do."

"Thank you Sir, now I must leave in case I am seen missing."

Before the old Comte could open his mouth to speak the little mouse that entered his room had disappeared into the night.

Oh how I wish my debt was fully paid, she thought before settling in for a night of restless sleep.

She woke 18 years old again lying on the marble floor of the dinning hall in her childhood home. All around her were the massacred bodies of friends and relatives, cold and drowning in blood. Through the haze Monique remembered gracefully dancing around the room with her father, her white wedding dress flowing like dove's wings caught on a genital breeze. The wedding was arranged to help her parents pay off their debt, Monique knew nothing about her "husband" but the love of her family couldn't see them go hungry, so she agreed to the marriage. Her only joy was Bernard had decided to stay with her, despite his obvious hatred of the man she was to marry, but the happiness of the day was destroyed when an army of men dressed in black stormed the château killing everyone in the household, even the bride suffered a fatal stab wound to the heart.

Monique woke with a start, breathless and drenched with sweat from the nightmare of the memory of her parents death, which had haunted her for four years. Why did I survive? An old question creaked slowly through mist of a fading dream, Monique felt cold and afraid for the first time in years old night terrors from her childhood taunted her from the dark, terrors Bernard had kept away every night since they'd met but he wasn't here.

"Where are you?" she whispered into the night

"I'm here with you." She heard him reply in her mind

"No, your not here you left I am now truly alone" she replied back to the blackness focusing on a human shaped shadow in the corner.

"I'd never leave, ever, I'm here with you whenever your hurt I'll come running just as you did all those years ago"

"Bernard, I..."

"Hush now Mistress, lay back down and rest I'll keep the nightmares away"

Monique felt suddenly tired again and feel back into a dreamless sleep. Meanwhile in a room at a small inn Anne de Breuil plotted to steal a priceless artefact, one more valuable than the items she'd tricked her "brother" to take from the convent something which could help her on her way to the rank she deserved.

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