tagLoving WivesAtlantic City Ch. 02

Atlantic City Ch. 02


Marie stared at the sight of me firmly implanted in her friend's asshole with shock. As I slowly dismounted Lisa, her asshole was gaping and my cum started to run down her pussy. Marie watched in amazement as Lisa's asshole slowly closed up. I realized that I had only a split second to turn this into the defining moment of our sexual relationship or the end of it!

I looked sternly at Marie and then at her hand as I dismounted Lisa. Marie looked down at her hand and then back up at me in panic as she realized that she was still holding the rigid cock of her best friend's husband. Suddenly, my predicament did not seem so important to her! Things were happening fast! Marie's head was obviously spinning and she began to sputter, not knowing what to say.

"So Ray, how does my little wife handle a cock?" I asked as I winked at him.

"She's the best Rick, a real cock-hound!"

Marie now looked like an innocent deer caught in the headlights. Her best friend's husband was calling her a slut, a term she never thought would be applied to her.

"I'll bet she is aching to wrap her sweet lips around that cock." I said staring directly into Marie's eyes.

She was frozen in place her had still grabbing Ray's throbbing erection for dear life. At this point, Lisa sat up and turned, taking all this in.

"I'd love to see this little slut suck my husband's cock. But does she even know how to do it?" she said in a teasing voice.

"She is a great cocksucker, one of the best, although you would never know from looking at her." I answered

"I'll bet she can't do this!' Lisa replied as she crawled over to her husband and wrapped her lips around the cock that my wife was holding out to her.

By this time, Marie was lost in another world. She stared mesmerized at her naked girlfriend unabashedly sucking her husband's cock while kneeling on the bathroom floor like a whore. I truly believe she was no longer aware that I was in the room. I looked at Ray and nodded my head as if to say, 'Turn up the heat'.

Ray didn't skip a beat. He began caressing Marie's back and, as he did so, unclasped her bra. Her pert little tits were no longer confined in the sexy leopard print bra but were only covered by it as it hung loose from the shoulder straps.

As if in a coordinated dance, Lisa gazed up at Marie with a look of lust and daring, her mouth still riding her husband's cock. At the same time, Ray gently pushed on Marie's shoulders. She knelt down submissively joining Lisa and never taking her eyes off of her cock-sucking friend.

I found this to be one of the most stimulating sights I had yet seen in my life. My innocent wife, who would not even dream of watching a porno flick, was being drawn to this highly charged sexual scene like a moth to a flame. It was like an impossible dream coming true. My own Marie in a custom made porn movie that I was now directing in real time!

I roused myself from my reveries and realized that if I wanted this to work out right, I needed to take control. I crawled over behind Marie on my knees and put my arms around her, nuzzling her neck and, sharing the sexy view of Lisa's exceptional cock-sucking demonstration, began gently kissing her ear. This had the advantage of soothing her and making her feel secure while holding her in place. Now I had a front row seat. So far so good!

Lisa locked eyes with me and then gave Marie a nasty look. She dropped Ray's cock out of her mouth and began rubbing the saliva-slicked monster on Marie's cheek. I could see Marie's facial muscles slacken and a look of lust settle in. Her eyes were in a daze and her lips parted slightly and she began moving her cheek against Ray's member in time with Lisa's slow rubbing. Lisa again took Ray into her mouth, never breaking eye contact with my wife. By this time Marie had relinquished her hold on Ray's cock to her friend and her hands were on her thighs.

I inched my hands up from around her waist and gently began cupping my wife's breasts under her unclasped bra. I was startled when I sensed movement right next to my head. It was Ray! Fucking Ray! I had forgotten all about him! At that point the only thing in my world was these two sexy women and this big cock.

Ray gently slid the straps of Marie's bra off her shoulders. As I suspected, this broke her concentration. She had never been naked in front of anyone but me before, let alone another man! She tried to keep the bra from falling by tightening her arms against mine. Lisa sensed what was happening and dropped the cock out of her mouth and gave Marie a sensuous, soul-stirring kiss. I lifted Marie's arms and the bra slipped to the floor as the two friends engaged in their first lesbian embrace.

I again gently cupped Marie's breasts as she returned Lisa's kiss. I could see, no, almost feel their tongues stirring in each other's mouth. My dick was hard against my wife's back and my wife and I were cheek to cheek as she and her girlfriend traded tounges

I though I was going to cum right then and there. They broke their kiss and Lisa quickly engulfed Ray's cock again.

Ray's hand was now on the back of my wife's head, pushing her gently towards his wife's face as it fucked his engorged cock. Lisa gave Marie a taunting look as if to say, 'You can't have any of this.' Marie just stared as if in another world, slowly allowing Ray to push her closer to the action. Lisa's eyes softened a bit as she again dropped her husband's cock out of her mouth, again rubbing it against my wife's face. This time however, she rubbed the wet member across Marie's lust-parted lips. Marie gave Ray's cock an almost imperceptible kiss as Lisa rubbed it repeatedly across her lips only inches in front of my eyes.

I looked up at Ray and saw that he was grimacing, obviously trying to suppress his almost uncontrollable urge to cum all over my wife's cheek. Maybe he was calculating bridge stresses for all I know, but he succeeded. As I looked up at him, I silently offered my wife's cupped breasts to distract him. His index finger began tracing circles around Marie's left nipple as I held her breasts up to him like a votive offering.

When I looked back down, Lisa was again wolfing down Ray's cock, but now she was deep-throating it almost to his pubic hairs. I felt Marie's head move in closer to this obscene display. I could tell my wife was hungry for cock. Any cock!

Lisa spit out Ray's cock and this time placed it right at the opening of Marie's mouth. Marie didn't hesitate for a second as she succumbed to Ray's gentle pressure on the back of her head and Lisa's meaty offering. I was amazed as I watched the head of another man's saliva soaked cock pass her sweet lips for the first time. I almost came all over her back I was so sexually stimulated by this sight!

Now, as I said before, despite Marie's normally prudish nature, she is a great cocksucker, the only problem being that if sperm gets anywhere near her face, or God forbid, her mouth, everything grinds to a halt.

This was the first time I had a front row seat to watch her five-star technique. I was fascinated as she captured Ray's swollen, purple head in her sweet mouth and then roll her tongue around the underside darting out occasionally to lick his frenum. I began to wonder how long Ray could hold out to this onslaught, and what would happen if he didn't! I looked up at him with a pleading look as if to say 'Hold on buddy, you can do it!' He just rolled his eyes up into his head and clenched his jaw.

I let go of Marie's right breast and brought my hand down to her crotch. The gusset of her thong was soaked! In all our years of marriage I had never felt her pussy so wet! Her juices were actually running down her thighs. I gently pushed aside the fabric and massaged the outside of her pussy, cupping it and stroking it. As I did this, Lisa nuzzled up to my wife's breast and began gently nursing on it. Whether it was my ministrations to her pussy or Lisa's gentle sucking of her tits, Marie's head began bobbing more vigorously on Ray's cock.

I was so excited it was like an out of body experience. I could smell my wife's arousal as my fingers began penetrating the hot, buttery interior of her cunt. The sight of my wife taking Ray's cock, of Lisa sucking her pert tits, the whole scene was like some dream that I never thought would come true!

By now I had one finger curved up into Marie's pussy and I was rubbing the coarse skin of her G-Spot probing the smooth interior tissue underlying her now engorged clit. Marie was moaning on Ray's cock taking it deeper and deeper, shaking her hair from side to side with more abandon than I had ever experienced. She was literally fucking him with her face and at this point Ray was holding her head with two hands, arching his back and rocking his hips to intensify the sensation.

Suddenly, I felt another hand on Marie's pussy. Lisa, obviously an expert on female orgasms from her previous solo demonstration began vigorously flicking Marie's clit. Marie's eyes began to bug out of her head and a muffled scream rose out of her throat. At first I was afraid she was in pain or gagging, but her fucking motions became slower and more deliberate. She was about to cum but she was not going to let go of Ray's cock! Without missing a stroke on my wife's clit, Lisa crouched down and began licking and sucking her husband's balls as Marie was coming down the home stretch.

It was at that moment that I felt Marie's entire body against mine as it began to tense up. She stopped bobbing her head, but keeping Ray's cock in her mouth rolled her eyes up. Lisa, sensing that the time had come, stopped rubbing and cruelly pinched Marie's clit.

That did it. My wife began to vibrate like a tuning fork. I jammed three fingers into her hot pussy and kept the pressure on it almost as if I were fisting her! I could feel her vagina pulsing around my fingers and her stomach started rippling under my other hand.

Marie's body-wrenching orgasm and combined with Lisa's mouth on his balls sent Ray over the edge. His cock swelled up as if it was ready to burst and semen began pulsing down its length into my wife's mouth, just inches from my face.

All of a sudden, my fingers were drenched. It was almost as if Ray's cum went down her throat and immediately exited from her pussy! She had squirted! An ejaculating female orgasm -- her first! Although it wasn't a big one, it felt like half of a half-cup of sticky liquid was drenching my fingers as they squelched into her cunt.

Ray's rapidly deflating cock fell out of Marie's mouth and with it strings of spunk. Marie was breathing so rapidly she was hyperventilating. We all stood stock-still holding onto her for dear life. Marie wrapped her arms tightly around Ray's waist and buried her head in his crotch. Lisa was cooing and petting her trying to slowly bring her down and Ray was stroking her hair. I knew that she had just experienced a spectacular orgasm, but I began to worry what her attitude would be when she came down from that tremendous high. Would she cry? Would she be disgusted, with herself and with us? Would she be angry?

I was still holding her and cuddling her from behind. I must have given Lisa a worried look. She smiled at me, then reached out and turned Marie's head toward her and spoke.

"Well kitten, how did it feel?" she asked gently.

I strained to catch the expression on my wife's face. She slowly released her grasp from around Ray's waist and turned toward Lisa. Tears were trickling down her cheek.

"Thank you, thank you!" she gasped as she embraced her friend, raining kisses all over her face. "I never knew it could be like this, thank you!"

Lisa held my wife in an embrace that usually only lovers enjoy and then began to passionately kiss her tears away. They were both in a world of their own, completely oblivious to the presence of their two husbands. Lisa started licking her husband's cum off Marie's face and pushing it into her mouth like a mother bird. Marie couldn't get enough of Lisa's tongue and Ray's sticky cum. They were kissing and licking each other with abandon.

I realized that Marie had just swallowed cum for the first time and it wasn't mine! For the first time that night, I began to feel a little jealous and edgy. Watching my wife in Lisa's arms made me feel like a little boy watching his mother hold his newborn baby sister. I wanted this experience to reflect on me, not Lisa. Why wasn't she thanking ME? Why wasn't she kissing ME?

I realized how foolish these thoughts were but the feelings were still there. I hugged Marie even tighter, and, as they pressed their bodies together, I felt their smooth skin, their luscious breasts and their hard nipples rubbing against the backs of my hands. They let their hands wander lightly over each other, kissing and gazing into each other's eyes. I realized that a power exchange had just taken place. Our sex life had just been reborn and that I was no longer in control.


As I held my wife lovingly in my arms watching her and Lisa kissing passionately, my mind was reeling. I was witnessing one of the most erotic moments of our sexual history; yet, I knew I had to think clearly because what happened in the next couple of minutes would affect our relationship forever.

There was no way I was going to let that bitch Lisa become Marie's sexual director. Yes, their lesbian tongue kissing, their sexual fondling was highly erotic, but somehow I knew that it was threatening to me and to my ongoing sexual relationship with my wife. Not that I had any problem with Marie exploring any bi-sexual tendencies she might feel - but I knew Lisa! She was a controlling bitch and a smart one at that! I was beginning to suspect that she had an agenda tonight and that I was not high on her list!

Ray had left our foursome and was washing his cock in the bathroom sink.

"I'm beat," he said, I'm headed for the sack.

'You wimp!' I thought to myself. 'Now what do I do?'

Quickly I made my decision. I stood up grabbing the elbows of both women.

"Let's go you two sluts, your night has just begun."

Lisa and Marie were still gazing longingly into each other's eyes. I was getting slightly pissed. They seemed oblivious to the fact that I was there and my rock-hard penis was aching for relief.

I insistently lead both women out of Lisa and Ray's bathroom and into our adjoining room. As we left through the connecting door, I glanced back at Ray lying face down on one of the beds.

Walking into our room, I began gently massaging both women's asses, letting them know that I was running this show. Lisa seemed preoccupied, her brows knit, her dark eyes veiled, obviously wondering how she could get the upper hand in this situation. I could tell she wanted a piece of my delectable wife, and she appeared afraid that I was going to derail her attempts at seduction.

Marie was beaming after her experience in the bathroom. She was fully primed and ready for more. I flopped down into the overstuffed chair and pulled Marie into my lap. She started giggling and squirming as I held her fast to me facing Lisa.

"What are you doing?" she asked with a smile.

"It's not your place to ask, just to do as you're told!" I said in a mock serious voice.

I arranged the two of us so that her feet were on my thighs, her legs spread wide and our heads cheek to cheek. I began nibbling on her ear and kissing her neck. Lisa was standing with hooded eyes staring at Marie's gaping cunt.

"OK slut, kneel down and suck my cock!" I commanded as I stared intently into Lisa's eyes.

She looked at me defiantly, then looked at Marie's, sweet, dripping cunt, then back to me. A slight grin appeared. She knelt before us between my legs and took my cock in her hands. Marie was quiet, her eyes riveted on Lisa.

Slowly, deliberately, almost defiantly, she took hold of my cock and began to slowly suck on it. Each bob of her head took more and more of me into her hot mouth. The sensation was fantastic; this gal was obviously a world-class cocksucker. However, Marie's obscene posture and her obvious fascination in watching her girlfriend suck me off was one hundred times more thrilling.

As Lisa sucked me off, she stared erotically into Marie's eyes and alternately stole glances at Marie's sweet pussy. Her hand was wrapped around the base of my cock and her knuckles were practically in Marie's pussy. When Lisa realized the possibilities of this position, she proceeded to hold my cock upright so that it was almost touching Marie's open gash and manipulated her hand so that her knuckles grazed the outside of Marie's cunt lips as she slowly jerked my foreskin up and down. I could hear the wetness of my wife's cunt slosh against Lisa's knuckles and stroking hand.

"Put it in slut!" I growled in a low, passion filed voice.

Lisa took my cock out of her mouth and stared at me defiantly. Slowly she moved her hands off my cock and began spreading Marie's cunt lips. I glanced at Marie and could see that she had closed her eyes and was reveling in the sensations of Lisa's dainty fingers spreading her flower open.

"But first lick that pussy, get it nice and wet for me so that I can fuck her good."

Again, Lisa looked defiantly into my eyes. She tentatively licked up one side of Marie's vaginal lips and down the other then looked up at her. Marie's eyes were slits. I began gently making circles around Marie's nipples with my index fingers.

"Did I tell you to stop licking?" I hissed in a nasty voice.

That did it. It was if something clicked. Lisa grabbed onto my cock as she held it out of her way and practically dove into Marie's cunt, using every possibly tongue stroke to bring Marie to orgasm. Marie's butt began to move involuntarily in my lap, hunching up into her friends face.

"That's enough slut, now put it in!"

A low groan escaped from Marie's lips as Lisa stopped her oral ministrations. Lisa roughly yanked my cock and began slapping the head against Marie's clit. I thrust my hands under Marie's butt cheeks and lifted her lightly so that Lisa could insert my throbbing penis into Marie's wet and waiting cunt.

"Go ahead, stop playing around, stick it in her pussy"

Lisa spread Marie's cunt lips wide with one hand as she worked my cock into that warm inviting hole. The sensation was like heaven itself! My wife was wet, warm and ready to be fucked. I thrust myself up into her as she ground down onto my pubic bone.

"Uh, Uh, Uh, "Marie grunted as she rutted on my cock like a bitch in heat. She was pushing up with her feet on my thighs and I was ramming my cock up into her cunt.

"Suck her clit and get her off slut" I commanded to Lisa who was staring at the obscene spectacle we were presenting to her.

Lisa began licking both of us. She started at Marie's throbbing clit and slowly worked her way down the base of my shaft all the way down to my hanging balls. What a little slut! She really knew what she was doing! I was in heaven watching Lisa service the two of us - husband and wife with bitch Lisa as our little sex slut, ready to do anything to get the both of us off.

Lisa began focusing on Marie's clit and soon Marie was experiencing such intense feelings it seemed almost like she was in pain. It as so intense that my shy little wife grabbed her friend's head and held it to her clit as she clenched her eyes shut. She spread buttery thighs out to the side of her body, her feet still on my thighs. This obscene position had the effect of opening her cunt as wide as possible to allow Lisa full access to her wet pussy.

Her legs started to tremble and I knew that was the signal that she was close to cumming big time. I grabbed both of her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and began stretching her tits out. That did it. Marie howled as I pounded up into her, driving my cock home. I thought she would break it in two she was pounding so mercilessly.

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