tagGroup SexAtonement! F1-2

Atonement! F1-2


Atonement! F1

"If there's anything you liked, you wanna see again; we'll do it. Any ideas you got, any fantasy you've had; we'll do it. I'm willing to try anything you can think of..."

"Really?" He had to ask. "Anything?"

"Oh, yeah." She nodded keeping eye contact with him. "I've been lonely and horny, and little girl toys aren't going to cut it anymore."

That conversation and their experiences that night set his mind to ticking and the line that she said demurely, "I want that cock in your jock chock up in my sock." Drove him to draw on his fantasies to fuel a healthy sex life for awhile. Suffice to say he started out freaked out, but his frisky intrigue out-weighed anything his sense of the weird could whisper in his ear. They began meeting, at both their places, and had highly exploratory sex, but as he moved to night shift it didn't happen too often.

Still they were both satisfied with the level of their intensity. This went well without them even having discussed the nature of their relationship. They did eat out together a couple of times and shared a certain unspoken monogamy, it was thought, until a snag came up. Then another and another.

Technically much of what they did together -- actually all of it since they were unmarried – was illegal in their state, but unlike most of the time; time spent with her was off-work for him. Not the same could be said for her and her burgeoning career. Almost a month went by before it came up. His shift captain brought him a copy of the student newspaper from two weeks before, turned to an article featuring ... his name and picture. She, as a journalism student, contributed to the student paper. The article, authored and credited to her, detailed his night reporting potential DUIs from the across-from-campus bar. They had screwed each other's brains out and she still had the wherewithal to write up his operations, with name, rank, and photo. The article did present a positive light to the police trying to keep the roads safe, but still it was obviously a warning to all on campus to watch for him at the bar. It blew his cover. He'd been planning another similar operation, but obviously that was going to get dropped. Then there were questions. His captain was unhappy and wanted to know whom he'd talked to about his operation. He hadn't actually told her about his activity, but the story quoted some of the drunk drivers who were out on bond. She had ultimately put it all together herself; impressive, yet harmful, potentially, to his position.

Already set in his mind that there would be a discussion about this, he set about figuring out a good time for it when the next issue came about. He read the city newspaper regularly and one day, the weekend after, he spied an article about the police department's upcoming activities. She hadn't heard it from him, but it seemed she did write a little bit for the city paper for profit. Whatever the sources it did blow the department's effectiveness again and it directly mentioned the sobriety check that his division were going to have that week. This forced another redirection of resources and activity, but it was nothing like the third even almost a week later.

To fill out his activity log after so many blown plans in the papers he was sent as a part of a pair to watch for regulation coverage at a gentlemen's club. It was ladies' night, it turned out, and the male revue usually did a good job of following the rules. Tonight was no exception. During the first round the male dancers did what was expected in a state where revealing too much was forbidden. She turned out to be the kink that, unchecked, could have gotten the establishment in trouble. Only having dressing rooms for females the club had had to convert the men's rooms to dressing rooms for male dancers. During the early act a couple of college girls in front had created a sensation by kissing each other, and one of them kept reaching for certain dancers' crotches. Contact had been made and once the female had managed to hook her fingers in to the dancer's brief. The "shorts" were pulled hard enough to rip the material and spill out one large penis before the crowd. An extra round of cheers went up among the ladies assembled, but no others crossed the line and the dancer dutifully excused himself to the restroom/dressing room. The DJ called out a reminder to the ladies that the rules were for look-don't-touch. The club did all it could, the dancer was in the right; all that was left was to contact the woman or women responsible and figure out what to do from there. His partner signaled he'd do that, so things were still going well until a bouncer approached him with a new situation.

A young woman from the front of the crowd had just followed the last of the dancers into the dressing room where preparations were underway for the next round of the show. He headed that way across the crowd to see if an arrest, technically necessary, needed to be made. This took a few moments as much of the crowd was moving towards him and the rest were standing still. By the time he reached the men's room door his partner called him to say he missed his "perp". Suddenly the sergeant had a suspicion that both situations came from one in the same. He pressed open the door.

Two of the dancers, still in their spanky pants, came out past him holding hands; a thinly veiled industry secret. The scene did not reveal itself until he came around a corner, then before him all was laid out quite plain. Three of the male dancers stood around a lone woman with very dark hair down to below the shoulder. Other dancers stayed in the stalls perhaps knowing that she was nothing less than trouble. She was dressed for it. She also, just then, knelt to the floor for trouble and next spoke for it, "Which of you needs a fluffer for the next act, then?" One well built man stepped closer to her right, and that brought his string bikini to almost her nose. She started by turning to face him and by raising one hand all the way up to caress his well toned pects. The woman appeared young enough to be in college and had the appearance of a tiny bit of extra weight. The hair still shaded much of her face, but her outfit had opened at the center with the raising of her hand to allow a side view of one large, creamy yellow half-asian breast. The shiny iridescent one-piece outfit was very loose-fitting in a way that was meant for such revealing moments. It was backless, flouncy and included a mid-thigh skirt, but right now its most revealing feature was the cut of the front which descended in a V from shoulders to about navel. With no space for a bra and nothing to stay it the sleeves, when raised all the way up, almost had to force appearances of even full breasts. Even in its normal position a lot of cleavage was put out there.

The hand caressed its way down the man's pectoral and abdomen muscles, and one of the men in the stalls yelled, "Kick her out, Tony, before there's trouble."

'Too late.' He thought as he stepped fully into the bathroom. Her hand arrived at the man's sole garment and pulled free a pretty large hunk of meat that was stirring to life as the assembled watched. She wrapped her left hand around the base as Tony declared, "I think this bitch'll really do it." Her right hand came up to finger her longish black hair behind her ears. Her mouth, held pouty, opened and slid right onto the largish head.

Damn it, he should have known that she'd arise to complicate things again. But what did she think she was doing now!? He finally gathered himself and stepped forward, automatically moving his jacket to reveal his badge. He stepped into view of Tony first who exclaimed, "Aw, shit!"

Thinking he was mentioning something else she closed-eyed nodded her head, mouth still full of Tony's head and she applied the suction. She opened her eyes and wound up with her face right by the badge. Wide-eyed she suddenly backed across the restroom floor. Without her glasses it took her a moment to focus her eyes so his face swam into view slowly, then she also declared, "Aw shit!" herself and with her right hand slapped her own forehead.

"Tony, you're getting ready for your show and nothing else, understand?"

"Y-y-yeah, yes sir." The exotic dancer turned, tucked and headed for a stall.

The sergeant fought being too angry to keep up an appearance, and he grabbed the scantily clad femme by an elbow to get her to rise to her feet. By the arm he convincingly escorted her from the bathroom and out across the floor of the club. Just out of the bathroom door someone beckoned to her, and she yelled over her shoulder, "Lynette, I'll call you in a few minutes."

"Did you do it?!" came a further cry from Lynette.

"Let's say you owe me $25!" She replied. He rolled his eyes at this and kept the pace to the front door. He stopped her at the door and showed her to a pair of bouncers.

"This young woman is being ejected from you establishment – please ensure that she does not reenter for your code-compliance."

"Yes, sir." Said both and one, the bouncer who'd told him about the bathroom intruder, approached them and informed them further while he wrangled her out of the building holding her elbow and patently not listening to protests about her jacket and her purse. A moment later they were at the side of the building and he moved her toward his unmarked police cruiser.

"So, a bet, is that what it was? A bet?"

"Well, yes, well a – a dare." He had let go of the elbow to propel her towards the car and place her inside the front seat.

"Sit here," he looked at the front of the club for his partner. Then he went inside for a moment. He gave a sign that all was OK, but that he'd be at the car for a bit. 'OK' was the signal back. He could also see the infamous Lynette with two purses and two jackets in hand. He waited a moment for her and she recognized him, "Hey, what the hell do you think you were doing with my roomie?!" She pushed him towards the bouncers. He fell back only a foot then took his ground while again showing his badge. Lynette gawked open-mouthed and asked, "Is she in much trouble?"

"Well that depends, if one of those is her purse maybe you'd better follow me." He led her to the car where Lynette could see that her roomie was Okay, though she was about to cry any moment.

"Okay, you know what she did, she didn't mean any harm by it, I pretty much put her up to it. Is there any way she can be, like, not in trouble?"

"What's it to you? From what I gather you were both making quite the scene in there. Not only were you 'all the rage', but some of your antics were the kind of thing that loses a place like this its licenses."

"What, oh my God?!"

"Well, that's why they let, even ask us to come through." He said, "Maybe we should get a little more level-headed and all sit down." He opened the backdoor of the police cruiser for Lynette to sit down.

Immediately there was an exchange of , "Lynette, I'm so, so sorry."

No, no, I think I got you in trouble," then as he got into the driver's seat, "Look, what can we do or say here to keep my girl here out of trouble?"

"First, let's not jump to things like that," he said and let a pause slide through the air, "I need first for you to know what could have happened back there. You," pointing at her, "could have cost this place its business and liquor licenses in one fell swoop. That's why the business came to me to let me know something was wrong."

"Oh God, I suppose we just didn't think." She said and she looked at Lynette then back to him. "Look, yes, she dared me, but I could have said'No'. So she's not to blame."

"Well, there's more, seriously. Things like that get crowds worked up. This could have become dangerous if one of those customers had been a male who really responded to that scene you put on at the front of the crowd. He would have followed you out of here – or even some other woman. That's another reason to have police on the premises and why rules on these clubs are so strict." Both girls stared at him agape. "So I need to know that you get that and will be more careful in the future."

"Oh, God yes, yes." Both agreed.

"So for you," he said pointing at her, "what sign can I get from you that you are willing to atone for tonight's antics? In fact," he leveled narrowed eyes, "there are a few items of police business I need to discuss with you."

Her eyes rolled up, "Oh, I am so sorry, I'm so mad at myself. Oh!" The teary look was still in her eyes belying the truth in her words.

"You, you're him. Hey, oh my!" Lynette realized now the significance of their meeting. "Look, what you saw in the bathroom is so not what's up, really she's into you!" Lynette spoke fast trying to impart the importance of her words.

"Oh, so you know what we do or something?"

"Yes, I've told her about us." She said sheepishly. "Look, I'm so sorry about what you saw back there, I ... I don't have any good excuse for what I did. I should have known I would wreck things ... it's stupid, but I do ... just ... oh, I just fuck up. I know we haven't done anything to commit and all, but I don't want to stop what we do."

He had barely thought of that yet, but here it was ... Lynette started in, "Yeah, don't be hurt by this, she didn't mean anything about you.

"I ... I'd do anything to know you're Okay with us and all. You want me all to yourself; Okay. You want to hear me say I'm sorry; Okay. You want to punish me to show me what it's like, sure. I just want what you got, baby."

He looked oddly at her, then at Lynette in the back seat who nodded with a sincere look on her face. As she saw him settle into thought Lynette added... "Hey, give me a minute to explain something."

He used the car to call his partner and ask if he was Okay. "Yeah, you?"

"Okay here, real tired; I might bug out." Are you Okay with that?"

"Yeah, I suppose – it's real tame in here now. You're on extra innings anyways. If I need the car, how will you get home?"

"I'll get a cab in a minute. Let me check out with the management."


"Okay, you two, we have to leave here, but you explain something to me in a minute." He left the car to check out with the club owner. Upon his return he told them to give him their keys. Lynette handed him the keys to a late 1990s Toyota, and they all departed the cruiser for that. Not wanting to worry about alcohol impairment he offered to drive, and they took him up on it. "I still think I should tell you something." Lynette added.

Atonement! F2

"Okay, you two, we have to leave here, but you explain something to me in a minute." He left the car to check out with the club owner. Upon his return he told them to give him their keys. Lynette handed him the keys to a late 1990s Toyota, and they all departed the cruiser for that. Not wanting to worry about alcohol impairment he offered to drive, and they took him up on it. "I still think I should tell you something." Lynette added. He didn't reply as he started the car and guided it out of the club's lot, but going in the wrong direction. She turned to look at the club and reminded him which way the university was, but he was already pulling into another parking lot only a couple of addresses away.

"Okay, Ms. Lynette," he said pulling behind the building of an abandoned gas station, "what is it you think I should know?"

"Well, can we talk about it alone?"

They got out of the car and walked around it, and in hushed tones Lynette laid out a story about what was powering her roomie's behavior. It seemed Lynette had stolen her boyfriend some months ago, and now the other girl had seemed strangely driven. She was mad at Lynette at first, but had changed. Now it seemed like they would keep the friendship going, but she always acted like she had something to prove to Lynette – how to show her up, take her dare, maybe be more macho. She then explained that the girl in the car desperately needed what she and he had. She had talked about it, enjoyed that it was so informal; spontaneous yet dependable, and seemed to have worked out many of her frustrations through it. "In short, when she says she'd do anything, she means she'd do it. In her condition right now I'll bet she'd be happy to hurt if it made you just keep fucking around with her. It gives her something she can have – she'd even share you just to have you." When he thought he understood he went back to the car – Lynette walked to the trees surrounding the building on three sides and lit a cigarette. She waded into the woods to find a spot to pee.

He climbed back into the car to find that she was a little upset about what had happened and was still, as Lynette had emphatically stated, willing to do anything to keep him around. She reached for his leg and rubbed hugh up very gently. He took her hand and held it, but took it off his lap. He explained that he'd stay as she wanted him to, but shied away from offering her more. "You're right I think I need something from you. I'm not sure yet what it will be, but if you really want what I can give you'll have to let, or even help me, come up with something. I'm not just talking about tonight, I'm thinking about the articles in the papers, too. I'm talking about some acts of ... atonement. Do you get me?

She nodded and even smiled a bit.

"Now, I have to gather Lynette and I'm going to ask her something else, Okay?" When she again nodded he stepped out of the car and started to look around for the other girl. He remembered that she had stepped out of the lot and into the trees, and he could still smell her smoking so he followed what he thought should be her path.

It had taken her awhile to find a spot comfortable enough to pee, and so she was still at it when his shadow entered the trees about her. She was still leaning back against a medium sized tree with her slacks down on her legs in a deep sitting position when he could see her well enough to know she was there. The last of her urine was done by the time he was within a foot or two, and he asked what she was doing.

"Oops, sorry." He said when it became apparent, and he started to look away.

"Hey it's Okay." She replied and in waving her hand to gesture that same message. Lynette's hand reached him and stayed his turning away.

"Oh, Okay, I came to ask if you had any ideas on what she needs to do for me to seek my forgiveness."

"Oh, I think she wants you to put her through something. That way," Lynette was now trying to unbalance herself from the tree to eventually stand up. This was hard as she hadn't pulled her slacks up yet – nor could she with the tight angle of her bent knees which were even with her shoulders. As his eyes adjusted to the dark he began to see her form. She was a bit taller than her roomie and much slimmer, skinny even. He was also beginning to be able to see her exposed vagina. "I think I can think of some things, be a dear," she held up her hand for help finally. He let her get his hand, and she pulled too hard and in a wrong direction. This rotated her on her feet, but with her pants binding her knees she still couldn't get up and wound up kneeling. She landed fully on her pants and still couldn't pull them up yet. Her flouncing around in the dry grass and twigs kept them from really hearing the car door gently closing in the distance.

Lynette was still nowhere near able to get up and so she tried reaching up again and hooked his khakis right where his shirt was tucked in. Seeing she was still having trouble he grabbed her wrist to help, but she didn't push up yet. Lynette's cigarette, held between her lips during all this movement, had smoked and ashed in her eyes when she fell forward, so she paused to take it out of her mouth and stayed there blinking a moment. They were still in this position when the other girl's creaking through the brush caught up with them. As light from a car filtered past through the trees her angle of approach showed her Lynette's bare pale smooth ass. She also saw how close before him the girl was kneeling and that her hand was at the waist of his pants, holding on by the buttons. His hand appeared to be even directing hers.

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