"Well come on in, then," Direlilith whispered in a sultry voice. The big beast of a man behind her lumbered forward into the empty front hall of the nanotech's apartment.

Smirking, Direlilith watched as the white door slid closed, sealing the apartment from the sounds and smells of the city. She turned on one booted heel and moved toward the door at the end of the hall. She could hear the thudding steps of the engineered man behind her and knew he was following. Obediently.

"Now be careful in here," she cautioned him. "Some of these items are very precious. And they're all I have." She teased him with a smile, knowing he had been bred to be cautious naturally. The chances of him knocking any of her carefully hung artwork off the plasteel walls was very unlikely.

His name was Wrench, and it was an appropriate name. He was a labourer under her lover's control, his bodyguard, his maintenance man, his man servant. Tonight, he had been given the charge of escorting Direlilith home from the shopping district. The city could often be dangerous, but the nanotech knew it wasn't the rebellious clan members that her lover feared; rather, he wanted to make sure his precious baby girl felt protected, taken care of – and watched over.

This kind of behaviour only served to make Dire feel smothered slightly. The feeling didn't last for too long, she knew she'd asked to be attended to and that this was the best she could expect sometimes. A servant in her lover's place.

Well, she thought, watching Wrench move carefully around the office desk in the middle of the apartment, how much of her lover's place could this labourer take?

With no shame, Direlilith began to peel her carbon armor from her tall and lithe body.

"Fold these, please," she commanded of Wrench. He picked up each item as she dropped it and piled them into her storage closet.

Direlilith's pale nano-injected skin felt rough, so she took up a small tube of lubricating cream and handed it to the servant standing quietly nearby. He tried to take it but the nature of his creation had left him with short, fat fingers better suited to holding socket wrenches and heavy guns. The cap of the tube was proving to be an impossible obstacle to him. Dire rolled her eyes and reached over to unscrew the cap. Then she unrolled a powdery sleeping mat and pressed it against the welded tiles of her apartment's floor. It was a perfectly comfortable place to lay down, the powder making it smooth without being moist. She rested her cheek on one of her arms, head sideways, waiting for Wrench to begin.

When nothing happened, she looked over her shoulder at him.

The giant man was standing with his legs apart over her ankles. His thighs were so huge that he really didn't have a choice, he'd never be able to close his legs all the way like other humanoids. He held the tube of cream in one hand and in his other cupped the entire contents. Wrench hadn't been created for subtly like this; strength was checked of course but without exact instructions, engineered servants like himself would have to calculate certain strategies on their own. Getting the cream out of the tube was just too delicate of an operation for someone with hands larger than Dire's head.

She sighed and rolled onto her back. Her ire quickly dissipated. There was something exciting and erotic about lying naked on her mat at the feet of this huge monstrous creature. He was a mass of muscles, with shoulders as wide as the desk he stood next to. He could crush Dire in one embrace, and probably tear her head off with his teeth. The idea of being vulnerable to him just now, naked and without a single pistol in grabbing range, made the nanotech quiver. And there was no doubt in her mind that a large part of her excitement was that her lover had entrusted her safety to this man servant of his, had given instructions that she was not to be harmed. How far could she push this creature to do things he was not instructed to do, before he began to react as something besides an automaton?

Direlilith watched as he lowered himself to straddle her legs. Wrench roughly dumped the contents of his hand onto her smooth belly, and began to rub the cream all over. His gruff hands smoothed the lubricant over her hips, her thighs, her shins, her feet, then back up again. She forced herself to spread her legs, trembling at the feeling of his thick fingers pressing along the intimate folds of her privacy.

Servants of his breed were engineered to be sexless. To have no interest in lust or to even have libidinous thoughts. So how come he seemed to be so much more gentle with her pussy lips than he was with her jutting hip bones or her rib cage? She pushed the thought away, not wanting to make her own excitement obvious – not yet at least. The game had only begun, after all.

Wrench's fingers moved up over Dire's abdomen, then over her ribcage and onto her breasts. They were not large tits, she hadn't ordered any special implants for them yet. That would come in time, once she was more secure as her lover's only mistress. When the time was right, she would willingly modify her body to suit his sexual needs however he might wish. By then she should know him well enough to anticipate his exacting desires and be able to please him with her body modifications before he even requested them. The idea of that future always elicited a smile from her previously, but now, with Wrench's suddenly gentle ministrations across her nipples, she wasn't thinking of her lover at all.

Engineered servants were supposed to be androgynous, having no sex parts. Direlilith had honestly never seen a naked servant before. Her mind whirled at how she might at least answer some of her own curious questions before commanding the servant to return to his master. For now, she allowed Wrench to move his hands around her collarbone, her shoulders, and even around her neck. Then she rolled to her stomach on the mat, letting him continue his lubrication of her sensitive nano-infused skin.

Nanos were everywhere on this planet. The people themselves existed as replications of their original bodies. They were all copies, more or less. Descent to the planet directly would tear the physical cells of any living creature apart. To combat this, advanced forms of technology quickly replaced every physical molecule with highly intelligent and vastly specialized nanos. Bodies were reformed in a special chamber in the Medical building each city had, and each person's consciousness was re-established into the nano-body once again. Direlilith appreciated this, though most humanoid life forms on the planet found it an odd way to live. She was a nano-mage though, and a student of the thorough nature of nanos. She existed to manipulate and command them, all in the name of The Company. She could sense them in her own body, and could be at one with them at will. Still, as Wrench's hands moved over her buttocks, almost inadvertently massaging away the day's aches and pains with his huge palms, it was she that felt it. The nanos were unaware or unconcerned. Dire felt the excitement thrilling through her systems, not the nanos. They just responded in the same way her once flesh based body would have done.

He was done now, having finished at last on her soles. He sat back on his knees, off of the mat, and watched as Direlilith stood up. She rolled the mat back up and tucked it away, then went to her storage closet. It was filling up fast, so many gifts and precious things acquired from her lover's vast wealth. Not too many trinkets, she noticed as she put on rings she had purchased herself. But the tight black leather miniskirt with so many revealing holes, that was one of his purchases. And the glittering metal top that sparkled with a light of its own as it hugged her breasts and sides, he'd bought that as well. She hadn't had much opportunity to thank him for it, but that would come, she knew. In time.

For now, she was focused on the game.

"Wrench," she said in a firm voice. "Come here."

The servant got to his knees and lumbered over to where she stood. Dire studied his face. He had an almost tribal-based tattoo over the right half of his square jawed visage. She also noted that his left eye was opaque, likely sightless. Had he lost vision in it through some daring feat his master had sent him on in the wilderness outside the city? Or perhaps a fight with the reckless clan folk who defied most things Company-based and had no care for who they hurt in the process? She didn't know and doubted she ever really would. It wasn't really important how this particular wound happened, not to Direlilith. What mattered to her was the completely intimidating look it gave the man. She put her hands on his curved chest.

"I have a question for you," she purred up at him.

"Yes, mistress."

His voice was monotonous, dull and uninterested.

"I want to know what...servants...such as yourself, look like."

He blinked at her.

"I want to know what you look like...down there," she added, pointing to Wrench's crotch.

The change on his face was slight yet very obvious. Given that his kind expressed no real emotion unless in the heat of battle, to see his one good eye light up in interest was a big deal. Grinning with pride at her success, Direlilith dropped to her knees, hands clasped expectantly infront of her.

"If you want to know," came Wrench's voice, bearing an unfamiliar tone, "then you will need to find out yourself."

Direlilith's mouth dropped open. He was not going to obey and immediately remove his leggings to accommodate her command? She was shocked beyond belief.

That didn't mean her curiosity was any less, though. Quickly the nanotech recovered herself and looked at Wrench's leggings. Then she looked back up at him.

He stood with his fat hands on his slender hips, his groin almost pushed out in a demanding manner. He really expected her to do the work herself, and the very idea was so foreign to Dire that she found her hands moving without thinking. She reached up to his belt and began to fumble it open. Then she unsnapped his buttons and slowly peeled down Wrench's leggings to his knees. She lifted her eyes to his, and only then lowered them to his groin.

Servants were supposed to be sexless. They did not exist to give pleasure, nor to take it. They were engineered for sheer brute force and blunt tasks that required little finesse.

Yet before her dangled the largest cock she had ever seen!

" is this possible?" she demanded.

"My master," Wrench grunted in response.

"He had you implanted?"

"No, mistress. He engineered me this way."

"You were born this way? Made to have in your pants?"

Direlilith was incredulous. The cock was just a bit longer than a lengthy humanoid penis on a man of proportionate size. But it was so fat, so thick, veiny and so flesh like. She couldn't resist. Her small mage hands reached out and tried to encompass the giant member infront of her.

"What, how...does it get hard?"

Wrench grunted again. "Yes."

She looked up at him, almost begging with her eyes and surprising herself with the wanton tones in her voice. "Show me?"

"Show you what, mistress?"

"Show me what it looks like when it's hard. Teach me how to make it hard?"

She couldn't believe how things had turned around. She had intended to tease the poor lummox into a befuddled state and then send him home to his master, as a lesson for her lover to learn about leaving her with only servants to play with. But now she was on her knees before this rare individual, practically begging for sexual satisfaction – for HIM!

Wrench reached down with one of his fat hands and stroked Dire's cheek. The touch was so gentle. She closed her eyes, leaning into his large hand. Then he cupped her cheek and guided her to her feet with the slight but insistent pressure on her face. She was a tall nanotech, and almost as tall as Wrench but not quite.

Staring into his face, she wondered what he would do. Would his programming short out now, would he give her neck one twist and end her life? She could feel the pure power surging through his body and right into his fingers as he held her face and studied her.

"What do you want, mistress?" he asked quietly.

"I...I want to see how it feels..." she stammered.

"Are you sure? It will hurt. It is very big." He pointed with his other hand to his limp penis. Direlilith gulped and met his gaze again.

"Yes, I am sure. I want to know, I must know!"

Wrench nodded then, and his hand gave way just enough. He reached down with his other hand, gripping the fat penis in his fingers. Direlilith watched, amazed as the servant stroked this strange almost appendage-like cock into a full hardness. Then suddenly, it grew in width and length. Incredibly, the cock grew even bigger than before.

Direlilith gulped, suddenly wondering what she had got herself into. But it was too late to stop now. Wrench slowly rubbed the head of his dick against her skirt, leaving a long trail of precum on the web-like surface.

"Turn around," he said. He turned her slowly towards the desk in the middle of the room, not waiting for her to obey.

She put her hands out instinctively, not certain of what would come next but absolutely sure of how this would end. Where had her curiosity taken her now, she wondered, panting slightly.

Wrench shuffled forward. His hands gripped the hem of Dire's skirt, slowly pulling it up until it was gathered at her waist. Then he looped his thumbs in the side bands of her thin panties and tugged on them. When they resisted the first touch, he tugged again, harder. They snapped and fell to the floor.

Behind her, Dire could feel Wrench moving to his knees. He was breathing hotly against her skin, smelling her. When he moaned with pleasure, she felt her whole body quake. She had never expected to have such a reaction to his attention. And she really wished that her own lover paid her more of the same. Maybe then she wouldn't have been throwing herself at his servant!

Wrench slid his hands between Dire's legs, forcing them apart. The heels of her black pumps slid along the metal tiles of the floor until her legs were wide apart. Wrench's hands moved up the insides of her thighs until they just barely touched where her sex was. She was swollen with desire, she knew, but she couldn't help it. Everything that was happening was so erotic and thrilling, and so unexpected! Just the way she liked her adventures!

Wrench removed his hands but replaced them quickly with his thin lips and tongue. She felt the plump length of his tongue entering her and was sure that was the size of a normal penis. If his tongue is that size, she thought, what in all the galaxy have I gotten myself into?

With his strong hands gripping her hips, Wrench began to mouth at Dire's pussy. He forced her to bend at the waist, over the desk, as he thrust his lips and tongue further into her slick folds. She would have cum right then but he stopped, suddenly. When she moved to get up, he pushed her back down with one hand on her slender spine. The servant behind her put his fingers into her pussy juices, scooping them up and rubbing them over the head of his dick.

She lowered her head to the desk, pressing her cheek against the cool desk top. She could feel him moving closer behind her, could feel the insane power of his muscles as his thighs and knees touched the back of her legs. It was time, she knew. She was about to get her wish fulfilled, her question answered. Now she would know what it felt like when that –

Suddenly, he was pushing inside her, ripping her open. Her body objected, her legs tried to close but it was no good. Wrench was too big, the head of his cock massive and bulbous as it pushed between her swollen labia. She bit her bottom lip, refusing to cry out. She had asked for this, this was what she had commanded him to do, she reminded herself. But as he pushed deeper, further, stretching her to insane proportions, she wondered who was obeying who just now. Who was in charge, she asked herself as she gulped hard for air.

Wrench grunted in satisfaction as he hammered his cock home to the depths of Direlilith's cunt. He only stopped when he felt the head of his member bang against what must be the woman's cervix. There was no uterus to speak of, no womb to invade, but there was still the ending of the vaginal canal. He could go no further, he knew, not even if he tried. Slowly, he began to withdraw his dick.

Direlilith clawed at the farther edge of the desk, barely maintaining consciousness. The pain was incredible and overwhelming, taking her to a state of near fainting. Then, he was thrusting into her again, harder this time, faster. And he pulled out sooner, only to repeat his thrust again.

Her body had stretched for him, and she hadn't bled. But it would only be constant fucking that would keep her lubricated and keep her flesh open to him. Accepting him. Wrench moved one of his hands over Dire's buttocks, cupping her ass firmly and massaging it as he continued to fuck her tightness. The sight of her cunt lips stretched around his cock was exciting to him, though that was all part of his engineering. These feelings were intended to maintain his erection. It was working out just fine.

Direlilith gasped out loud at last as Wrench pried her ass cheeks apart. Carefully he pressed against the button hole of her ass with one fat thumb. Then without waiting for acceptance, he pushed it into her bottom. She was unable to stop him, too confused and shocked to object. The pleasure of the combined pressure of his cock and his thumb were intoxicating, and at last the pain in her sex began to numb. She clutched the desk top, willing herself to enjoy the fucking she was getting. It didn't take much. She could feel her pussy getting wetter, despite the impossible stuffed situation it was in.

Wrench continued to fuck Dire. Then he removed his thumb and reached across her back to grab one of her hands. Without giving her room to pull away, he moved her hand between her legs.

"Touch yourself," he commanded.

Shocked, she could do nothing but obey. She moved her fingers to the bud of her clitoris and began to rub it. Even there she could feel the pressure of his cock bulging behind her pubis, banging into her depths. She closed her eyes, openly groaning now.

He could tell she would come soon. It was what he wanted. And he would cum with her. He put his thumb back on her asshole, pushing it until it popped in and joining its rhythm to that of his thick dick in her pussy.

Direlilith came then, unable to control herself. Her whole body shook as she used both hands to grip the desk. Inside her, the monstrous cock was undulating and pulsing, the veins even more prominent and causing yet more stimulation as Wrench dragged his dick in and out. Great gushes of empty semen poured into Dire's sex, and soon her thighs were drenched.

Wrench waited until his cock was done throbbing and bouncing before gently pulling himself from Direlilith's aching and blood red pussy. As soon as his limp dick slid out of her and slapped against his thigh with a moist plop, the nanotech slid to the floor. He pulled up his leggings and redid the snaps and belt before reaching down and scooping up the woman into his arms.

Nearby was a long divan. He carefully laid her trembling body there and stood off to one side, an obedient servant once more.

Direlilith slid into a restless sleep, one where she was but a small gear in a much larger machine. Her ears throbbed with the sound of the thump thump thump of the machine's hydraulics. Or was that her own blood pounding in her ears, she thought. Wrench watched over the nanotech for many hours before finally heeding the call of his master and his genetics and leaving the apartment, and the slumbering woman, alone.

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